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on November 25, 2006
The purchase of additional Nintendo Wii Remote controllers are the basic requirement for multi-player games. Strongly consider buying a pair of high-capacity NiMH rechargeable AA batteries along with each additional controller. The Nintendo Wii Remote consumes a lot of power because of the many functions it performs -- the Wii Remote serves as a motion controller, provides power to controller attachments, and generates sound and vibration effects. The included set of disposable alkaline batteries will last less than a couple of weeks for active players (six days in my case). This compares to a battery life of a couple of months for the previous generation of Nintendo's wireless controller -- the Nintendo Wavebird controller for the GameCube.

Many games require the additional purchase of a controller attachment for multi-player mode -- the Wii Nunchuk Controller or Wii Classic Controller, both of which plug into the base of the Wii Remote. In multi-player mode, the Wii Nunchuk is used for two-handed Wii games, e.g., Red Steel or the boxing game in Wii Sports.

The Wii Classic Controller attachment is currently used to play games on the Wii Virtual Console. Held sideways, the Wii Remote can serve as a game controller for all current Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx 16, and Nintendo (NES) Wii Virtual Console games. A Wii Classic Controller or Nintendo GameCube controller is required to play Super Nintendo (SNES) or Nintendo 64 virtual console games.

You may want to purchase a Wii Classic Controller or Nintendo GameCube controller (this plugs directly into Wii Console itself) to play Virtual Console titles anyway. The Wii Remote is diminutive, and a Wii Classic Controller or GameCube controller both offer better handgrip and button placement. Of note, a Wii Classic controller can currently only be used for Wii Virtual Console games, while a GameCube controller can be used for Wii Virtual Console games and all Nintendo GameCube games.

Each "Wiimote" has a nice touch of interactivity, holding up to 10 Mii avatars per remote. You can take your Mii character along with you to play games like Wii Sports on other Wii consoles by taking your Wii Remote along with you.

The one improvement I would make to the Wii Remote Controller would be to add finger nubs. The Wiimote can get a little slippery during gameplay because of sweat. Third-party manufacturers offer latex rubber / silicone controller gloves that fit over the Wii Remote to improve hand grip. I find these gloves are more hassle than they are worth because they are time-consuming, both to put on and to peel back when changing the Wiimote's batteries.
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The Wii Remote Controller is shaped like a standard TV remove, and has motion sensing ability. You wave it around, and your on-screen character waves their wand!

This isn't an add-on controller - this is the actual, standard controller that most if not all games on the Nintendo Wii use as their primary control unit. There is also a "nunchuck" that can be used in your off hand, but many games don't use the nunchuck.

The aim of the Wii was to make gaming as simple and intuitive as possible for the casual non gamer. Pretty much every person with a TV is comfortable using a TV remote. You point, you click. The Wii Remote Controller works in the same fashion. The motion sensors know what you are doing with the remote. If you're playing a baseball game, you swing at the ball. If you're playing a bowling game, you bring your arm back and swing it forward. Everything "makes sense". A sword swing? A light saber battle? Just move your arm and the character does the same thing.

There are only two buttons that really matter. There's an A button on the front that you push for most operations. There's also a trigger underneath that is the B button. Depending on the game, they will have you use one or the other button. There are also a few other buttons for more complex gaming. There's a D-pad. A "home" button lets you go instantly back to the main Wii menu if you're tired of playing. There's a plus and minus button, a 1 and 2 button. There's even a power button. You don't have to walk over to your Wii any more to turn it on or off. Just hit the power button on the remote and you're all set.

The remote runs on two AA batteries, so there's no USB plugging in or charging up, as with the other systems' remotes. You do get a wrist strap, though, so the Wii remote doesn't fly out of your hands while you're doing a super powerful golf swing.

There's even a speaker in the remote! This is great if you're playing a game against another player. Say I'm boxing my boyfriend and I am the winner. *My* remote says that I triumphed, to me. Neat!

I definitely love the Wii remote controller. It's light, it's super easy to use, it's intuitive and I can just pop batteries into it when it runs out, instead of having to wait for a recharge. Highly recommended. Just note that if you want to play a game that needs a nunchuck as well, that you have to buy that separately.
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on October 10, 2007
As fun as the Wii can be, it only gets better when you play head-to-head against family and friends. Since the standard Wii packaging only includes one controller, you will need to order a second device to experience the optimal level of game play.

Holding the controller reminds me most of holding a fishing pole. The thumb and index finger control the most essential functions of the players, with extra buttons only really coming into play during mode selection screens. During live action, players don't toggle between much more than two buttons.

Batteries seem to be an issue for many people, but not me. I suggest you turn off the "rumble feature" for games (the controller vibrates or pulsates during dramatic moments in games) as a way to save battery use. I've gotten about 30 hours out of each round of batteries on my Wii.

Lastly, believe what people say about collateral damage with your Wii controller. I thought the stories of people breaking TVs, windows and fish tanks by accidentally losing grip of their controller during a strong tennis swing and sending a dangerous projectile through their living rooms were exaggerations. But it happened to me...and it will happen to you.
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on July 7, 2009
I have to say, the Wii remote is a great controller. Really simulates swinging you arm very realistically in baseball and the other Wii games. I had no problems with it, but over a week ago it began acting up and now the motion sensing stopped working completely. Funny thing is the cursor still works. I tried all the troubleshooting steps in the manual and nothing fixed it. Luckily I'm still under the 1 year hardware warranty so I sent it back t get a replacement controller (I've only had it 6 months and I only use it for about 30 min every other day). The customer support was a helpful and sent out a new one. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer! lol
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on April 12, 2011
1. I believe that the majority of the 5 star ratings are false and have been populated by the merchant and individuals that he knows personally. It is possible.
2. I received the Wii controller in a bubble wrapped envelope with no casing or instructions and just a Word Document typed copy of my Amazon Invoice.
3. The Wii controller does not work. We did everything that we did with the original Wii controller to make the controller work. We even used new batteries. It dawned on me that this controller was a RIP OFF and most likely a refurbished controller, however, the seller sold it as if it were new and unused.
4. I was highly disappointed and I emailed the seller back at least 10 times within a 5 month period with no response.
5. I just recently purchased another Wii Controller directly from Amazon and it dawned on me that I could try to contact the seller through Amazon and after 7 months I finally received a response, however, instead of apologizing for sending me a piece of crap, the guy accuses me of not installing the controller properly. Mind you this guy never said that this was a refurbished Wii controller and he failed to insert instructions with his cased bubble wrapped package. In the past two weeks this guy sends me at least five emails harassing me telling me that he refuses to give me a refund and will not tell me how to return the Wii controller until get this....I tell him why the Wii Controller does not work. Is this guy serious? That is no way to run a business and it's simply unprofessional.


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on November 27, 2012
As another reviewer posted, I'm convinced that a lot of the reviews on this product ( which date back to 2006 ) are either fake or for another product / OEM version of this WII REMOTE.

The remote I received was not as pictured here, although it did come in packaging that had a WII pictured on it. The box (naturally) was just cardboard with out any type of seal to show that it's " new ".

Inspecting the "new" remote showed visible dirt and grim / fingerprints / scratches -- and the plastic cover that it comes with smelled like the cheapest rubber available ( not the real hard kind that is meant for these controllers )

The port at the bottom of the controller is also rusted / dirty -- not the typical gold plated connector one sees in a true WII-REMOTE.

I wish I had spent the time to read the bad reviews before buying this ( I figured, oh hey there are SOOO many 5 star reviews this item must be legit... well I was wrong...

Luckily it was sold through amazon so I'm returning it and expect to get my money back hassle free. Just still quite a pain ...

DO NOT BUY THIS FAKE PRODUCT unless you plan on as others put it ( having it die in a few months ) or better yet ... get cancer from the shoddy materials used that haven't passed any kind of inspection.

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on April 3, 2015
I can not believe what I saw when I open the package. The controller itself is not just very old and dirty , the dirty wrist strap almost torn apart. I can not believe I paid $24.00 for something like that. It did not work after I tried at home so I am returning it!!
review image review image review image
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on November 22, 2006
When I first saw the Wii remote I was very skeptical that Nintendo could pull such a thing off, then, after seeing all the hype and others who got a chance to use it say that it was easy and fun, I began to turn a new leaf. I must say that this controller is the best controller I have used in many years. The Wii remote is very sensitive which is great because all the games require a high sensitivity for then to be played to the best of their ability. I currently own Zelda Twilight Princess, Rayman Raving Rabbids, and Excite Truck, each are very unique in their own in which they use the Wii Remote and are great fun to use. They only problem I have is that I can't seem to find a place to buy a second one!
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on February 3, 2010
2/3/10 I received this and it did not work. I tried it with new batteries, and still did not work. I took the batteries out of our working wii controller, and it still didn't work. I sent an email on January 24 and still have yet to receive a response. I don't really like writing a poor review, but they say they ship orders daily, but apparently do not respond to emails in the same time-frame.

2/17/10 As of today, have STILL not heard back from the seller. I guess I am just out $32....
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on December 31, 2006
The Wiimote (WII REMOTE) is a great item. Although, when you purchase a Wii, you receive 2 Panosonic Batteries (unrechargeable). I played the Wii for 4 days. On the 4th day it had a small amount of power left. I recommend you buy rechargeable NiMH batteries, just so you won't have to keep buying, and buying batteries. This is from my experience.

NY- Anish
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