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VINE VOICEon April 24, 2008

+Very involving games
+Mini games for the main games
+Controls are intuitive and inventive


-Sensitive controls in some games like Golf and Boxing
-Not the best graphics in the world

Wii Sports, if you live in America, is the pack in game that comes with the Wii. However, there is still a chance you might find yourself having to purchase it because either your game disc is so damaged (or broke) that you need to get another one, or you bought the system used and whoever sold it didn't package the game with it. There's also the possibility that in the future Wii Sports will not ship with the system and will have to be bought separately.

Anyway, as an introduction to the Wii, Wii Sports is a simple game to pick up and fairly fun to play. The Wii remote makes playing these games more fun. Before you boot up this game, however, you'll have to make yourself a Mii. The game is played using your Mii and as you play the games other Miis that have been created on your system will show up too. Wii Sports includes five games: Bowling, Baseball, Golf, Boxing and Tennis. All of them controlled with the Wii Remote exclusively.

Using the Wii Remote is what really makes playing these games a treat. In bowling, for example, your Wii Remote is your bowling ball. You'll have to make the motions of bowling to actually toss your ball in the game. In Baseball this not only serves as your bat but also the baseball when you pitch. In golf it is your golf club which you'll swing to hit the ball like a golfer would. In tennis it's your tennis racket you'll use to hit the ball. Boxing is the only game which requires the nunchuck. The Wii Remote is one hand, the Nunchuck is the other. None of these games are hard to pick up and play at all.

I'd love to tell you all five games are winners but that's really not the case. As stated, this game serves more as an intro to the system and getting you adapted at using the Wii remote. It's fun, but there are a couple of controls issues that come up every now and then. When playing golf, for example, you'll find the motion sensor controls aren't always pot on. You might swing forward on the back swing when it's clear that wasn't what you wanted to do. In boxing the controls can be somewhat touchy. You might jab using the remote or nunchuck but it won't respond. It's a great idea, but sometimes its annoying. Other times it works flawlessly. The Bowling game is easily the most enjoyable in the compilation while the Baseball may actually be the worst.

Another thing to keep in mind is that none of these games are pushed to their full extent. In Golf, for example, you won't play for eighteen holes and in Baseball you don't have 9-Innings. It's probably a good thing, however, because if you really get into it you'll find yourself tired out after a while.

Multiplayer works great in this game as well. Get more than one remote and nunchuck and you can take on your friend in boxing. You can play a two on two match in tennis or against a friend in baseball. Don't have more than one remote? You can still enjoy Bowling and Golf by switching off using just one remote and several Miis.

There's more to Wii Sports than playing the main games, however. You can also do training, which will help you improve your game. There are plenty of mini-games in training as well. You can practice power throws in bowling, where they slowly increase the amount of pins you'll have to knock down. There's a punching bag mini-game for boxing. A mini-game for golf where you can hit the ball and see just how far you can drive it. These are just a few examples. Each game has three mini-games outside the main game you can play. So there's more here than you actually think you're getting.

Lastly, there's the Wii Fitness test. This will pick three mini-games from the training at random and force you to play them. After the test is over they'll tell you your fitness age. The lower your fitness age, the more "in shape" you are. Each Mii can only take one fitness test a day.

All this is really fun stuff and the Wii Remote works really well with it. It is sometimes a little over sensitive at times, though. For those who are worried about having to work too hard you can relax. To do most actions requires a simple flick of the wrist and nothing more.

It's no surprise that Wii Sports doesn't look all that great. The Miis are very cute looking and the game itself is very cute looking. There are a lot of colorful environments but no real actual detail is given to them. It's just your basic looking game. It actually looks worse than some Gamecube games. Luckily the graphics won't bother you at all because the games are so involving. You won't have much time to notice the graphics anyway when your swinging at a tennis ball or trying to bowl a strike. The music is surprisingly good. Nothing you'll want the soundtrack to but it fits the style of the game very well.

In the end Wii Sports is a great introduction to the Wii. Chances are it'll still remain fun years later. There's more you're getting than you think, even though in some areas you still feel the game could be bigger. As an introduction to the Wii, this is the perfect game.
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on July 22, 2008
Im an indoor person and out of shape and overweight. Id love to be the kind of person who was fit and into sports but Im awkward and it hurts to get involved in anything. Not anymore!! I can have all the fun at sports in my own home! I love how the games are easy but challenging at the same time. I love the animation of the games. I love that I can wear what I want and get sweaty in my living room with nobody around and play for an hour at my own pace! My TV is no longer watched by me or my 3 kids. I got this game with Wii Fit and its the best money I have ever spent at one time! I highly recommend this product! If you get it, take it easy the first few days.. you wont be sore playing for hours the first day you get it but you wont be able to move your body for the next few days after if you overdo. It really is an excellent workout! And awesome fun too!
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on July 16, 2008
Traditionally, Nintendo has launched its new video game consoles with software titles revolving around Mario, Luigi, Zelda, Donkey Kong, or other big-name company characters. With the revolutionary Wii console, however, Nintendo instead chose to showcase the movement-based action of the system by packaging the console with Wii Sports. The game consists of five sports that players can try out:

Baseball: Quite fun, and the difficulty level goes up as you improve, making for engaging hours of gameplay.

Bowling: Much like the real sport, Wii bowling can be parts incredibly fulfilling and incredibly maddening, as one millimeter of wrist turn will register with the system and change your roll.

Tennis: Not being a big tennis fan, I play this game the least, but my brother has had hours of fun with it.

Golf: Once you learn the mechanics of the swing mechanism, this could become the most addictive part of the game for you, as (like real golf) it looks so simple until you try it!

Boxing: This one really gets you moving, as you duck, dodge, jab, and strike at your virtual opponent with the Wii controller and Wii nunchuck.

There is also a Wii Fitness Test mode that, while not at all indicative of your physical fitness level as it claims to be, does give you a good indication of how you stack up to your friends.

Overall, Wii Sports is a fun, engaging little game that will bring out the competitive juices in all gamers, whether you are a young child or senior citizen.
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on January 6, 2009
I'm a 54 yr, old grandma who never plays video games. I see the kids and grand children play and wonder how they do it. At christmas I went to my daughters to se my newest grand daughter and tried the Wii sports game and went throught each of the sports. Each one was fun and gave me quite a workout. Needless to say when I returned to my home I purchased my own Wii unit and games and am enjoying it. If it had not been for Wii Sports I would have never known how fun everyone of every age and condition can enjoy this game.
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on November 16, 2008
First of all this is the best game I have played on Nintendo Wii! The main reason I am leaving a review is for those who are looking for a replacement or to just get the game. As stated above by Amazon, you can order replacement disks directly from Nintendo Support by calling 1-800-255-3700. The cost of the game is $15 + $5 for shipping. So you can get a brand new game for $20. I am glad that Amazon listed that information, because I received a brand new copy for less than I could get a used version.

Advice: Get a BRAND NEW Wii Sports directly from Nintendo for $20.

Thanks, Amazon! Another example of why you the best online retailer.
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on April 10, 2009
We really like this game. It is user friendly and a lot of fun. It gives me the chance to exercise my upper body as I am handicapped and cannot do a lot on foot. I get a good workout with the games on WII Sports and thoroughly enjoy it. The grandkids do also.
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on July 10, 2008
Golf and bowling are especially fun. None of the games are particularly realistic but the wife and I spend hours with this. Bowling is probably the closest to the real McCoy. Keep the Wii level when you start out and you'll quickly figure out how to give it a little twist for curves. In golf, don't bother swinging like a real club. Instead, use the gauge on the left to practice the strength level you need for each shot and just use your wrist when actually shooting. I found tennis to be a hit or miss affair. It's fun in its own way but I've yet to really get the hang of swinging the racket. Boxing seems like simply an exercise in punching till the opponent is ko'd. A lot of exercise but the controls don't otherwise seem to give the control needed for uppercuts, hooks, jabs, etc. Baseball is a three-inning affair and thank goodness. Getting a hit seems more like luck than anything.
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this review is to help people who are disabled know what games they can play. If you have limited arm movement but you can still play two of the games in this bundle.

Wii tennis is the one I play the most often and it is loads of fun as long as you can move one hand and hold or tape the controller to yourself you should be able to play as it doesn't require any buttons to the pressed.

the other is Wii boxing as long as you can hold both the nunchuck & Wii controller you should be good to go.

The rest of the games in his bundle require some button pressing which on the controller for Wii is to near impossible for me.

I feel tennis is the most accessible game in the bundle as even if you can move only one arm you can play.

Oh, and as for the rest of you normal people this game bundle is loads of fun the best video game experience I've had in years!

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VINE VOICEon July 8, 2009
Wii Sports features five games (Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing) as well as a Training Mode and a Wii Fitness Mode. You can play each game by yourself or with up to four other players (depending on the game). Each game considers you a Pro after you receive 1,000 points (although you can easily lose that Pro status).

Tennis: this is a fun game. It is doubles tennis and this is one of the games where up to four people can play, although I find it fun to play by myself. It follows the rules of regular tennis and you can play either a single game, two out of three, or three out of five. While it is a fun game, it is limited - you control only one player (the back player) and you only control the swing, not the Mii's movement. Still, you do move physically around quite a bit and it is an enjoyable game.

Baseball: this is a one or two player game and is a watered down version of baseball. There are only three innings and you control just the pitching and hitting not the base running or fielding. You can control the pitch you use (you have a choice of screwball, curve ball, a splitter, or fast ball) but I've found that just moving the WiiMote slightly can result in a pitch, which can be frustrating. The batting option is the more fun option but even that is limited as you can't bunt and the ball call doesn't happen very often.

Bowling: My favorite game in the collection. It is just like regular ten pin bowling, with ten frames, strikes and spares. You can play by yourself or with up to four players. This is one of the more controllable games as you can position your Mii on the alley before throwing the ball and twist your wrist to control the curve of the ball.

Golf: Not a particularly easy game but it is like a regular golf game including how you hold the WiiMote. You get to pick what kind of clubs you use (although it is best to go with the ones Wii Sports selects). Wind is a factor as well as the terrain of the course. Up to four people can play and you have several game options: Beginner (3 holes); Intermediate (3 holes); and Expert (3 holes). You can also play a 9 hole game. You get as many practice swings as you want before hitting the ball.

Boxing: Easily my least favorite game. You need the nunchuk to play and you box three one minute rounds (this is a one or two player game). There is a life gauge that decreases when you get hit and when the gauge is gone you are knocked out. I found this game incredibly difficult to play and control.

Training Mode: This is a great feature that helps you practice certain elements in each game. In tennis you practice returning balls (if one is hit outside the court the game ends); timing your swings (try to hit the orange wall on each return); and target practice. In baseball you try to hit home runs (you have ten chances); practice swing control (try to hit the ball so it lands in the target zones - left field, center field, right field); batting practice (you simply try and hit the ball). For the bowling games you try to pick up spares; power throws (my favorite - you start with trying to knock down ten pins, then 15, 21, etc. If you get a strike you get double points); spin control - each game has certain barriers you try to avoid while throwing the ball. In golf the choices are putting (you have up to ten holes and try to put the ball in each hole with a single shot - you have five lives to get through all ten holes); hitting the green (you try to land the ball as close to the hole as possible); target practice - each target has points and you try to get as many points as possible. In boxing you work the bag (you try knocking punching bags from their chain); dodging (swaying side to side you try to dodge tennis balls thrown at you); and throwing punches (you try to hit training mitts). Up to four players can do the training mode (each going one at a time) and you "win" medals for each game - platinum, gold, silver, bronze.

Wii Fitness: this is supposed to gauge your "fitness age". You get three events from the training mode (if they are unlocked) and your fitness age is determined by how well you do at these challenges which are meant to judge your balance, speed, and stamina. This is fun to do, but not a true gauge of how fit you are.

In the end, Wii Sports has enough games and features to satisfy just about anyone and provides hours of fun.
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on April 23, 2009
This is definitely going to be a classic. It's a great solo game and a great party game.
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