Customer Reviews: Wii Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Arcade FightStick
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on January 28, 2010
I've been using the Hori Fighting Stick for the last 2 years and unmodified this is a much better stick. The artwork is awesome and the color scheme for the joystick and buttons isn't nearly as bad as the uber-boring SFIV SE sticks. This is a solid stick right out of the box, if you haven't been spoiled by Sanwa and Seimitsu parts yet then you'll probably think this is the best home arcade stick ever. The joystick is very smooth and responsive, not too loud either, the buttons are pretty darn good too. I'm not sure what type of parts they used for this stick but they are definitely better than the stock parts in all the other SE sticks from Madcatz, not as good as the TE sticks of course as those come with Sanwa parts already. You don't NEED to mod this stick to have a good arcade stick for your Wii...but it's a very easy stick to modify if you decide to. There is no soldering required if you use the right parts, you can get a Sanwa joystick that is a simple swap out and you can use Sanwa snap-in buttons or Seimitsu snap-ins if you can find them (discontinued, the threaded ones work too but are a tight fit in this stick). Basically, this is the best stick for the Wii...I doubt they will make TE sticks for the Wii unless the TvC game and stick do amazingly well, it's good enough out of the box and it's a LOT easier to modify than the Hori stick.
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on March 23, 2012
Having a PS3, HTPC and Wii, I wanted to find a good arcade stick that would work for all of these systems as I just can't justify buying one for each. I've been using it for the last couple weeks with a Mayflash classic controller/USB adapter (as others here have recommended) to use with the PC and PS3 and I've been really impressed by the results.

The build quality of the stick and responsiveness of the buttons (almost a little too sensitive) is definitely better than I expected after reading reviews of higher-end Hori sticks with Sanwa parts. I'm coming from the gray/yellow buttoned Namco branded Hori sticks from the late 90s, which were pretty decent for the price at the time, but this really blows it away. Before buying, I was thinking about changing out the gate/stick and buttons based on reviews where people talk about this, but unless I start having reliability issues, I'm really happy with the performance and doubt I ever will. It's very easy to repeatedly pull off quarter circle and angle moves, even with the square gate, so I'd definitely recommended buying it and trying it before immediately springing for alternate parts. Note that I'm not a hardcore, competitive player; I just like to have a reliable, authentic arcade experience to play casually with friends, and this stick definitely delivers.

As far as compatibility goes, as I mentioned, I'm using with the aforementioned Mayflash adapter to use on my PS3 (older 80GB unit with BC) and PC. As others have said, you'll need to input the Home+L or R command to activate the third column of buttons on PS3, but I definitely have access to ALL buttons in games like SFIV and Mortal Kombat. It also works great with the PC for emulators and otherwise with no special drivers needed (I'm using Win7 64-bit), it's plug and play. As expected, the stick also works great on the Wii, and playing Virtual Console games is now even more fun. The only snag I've run into is that I cannot use the stick to play PS2 games on the PS3, which is disappointing for all the classic game compilations available on PS2. Essentially because there's no PS button, one cannot activate the stick for use once a game loads. Some have said online that the Wii Home button should also work as a PS button, but this doesn't work for me. Unless there's some trick I'm missing, I cannot get the stick to register for PS2 games on my backwards compatible PS3. I didn't buy it for this purpose nor expect it to work in this fashion, but it would be a nice bonus, so let me know if you have any tips!

Lastly, the turbo function is nice as well. I didn't expect to care about or use it, but for playing games like Metal Slug and other arcade shooters, it's actually pretty useful and works well.

Finally, because this stick is so affordable, and especially since I'm not planning to mod it, I'll probably pick up a second one now that I've had a chance to try it out. Considering I was looking at a single Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 for $130 (that wouldn't work with the Wii at all), I'm feeling pretty good about likely getting essentially two sticks with better compatibility for less money overall. This is pretty much a steal for under $50, especially if it holds up over time.
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on June 16, 2015
The buttons quality are very poor and must be replaced the stick also came with a square gate which most people would agree is not the best choice. My biggest peeve was not getting the original packaging it came in a normal box with protection and thats it. If it came with the box id give it an 4/5
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on February 20, 2011
This is a great joystick regardless of the price! The joystick lever's accurate & the buttons are sensitive (in a good way). While the pushbuttons are a tad mushy, you can easily replace them w/a spring costing less than one-dollar each to make it feel similar to a Sanwa OBSF which is what Madcatz was going after for cloning. It uses the same manufacturer (Omron) for the microswitches as a Sanwa JLF joystick lever as well! Has a pretty hefty weight (given its size) & a smudge-free matte cover art. Only thing negative (if I had to really nit pick) is that I wish there was a bigger surface area to rest my palms on similar to a tournament edition joystick made by the same manufacturer, Madcatz but then again those things are one-hundred plus dollars so can't really compare the 2 fairly. BTW, this started off as an eighty-dollar joystick when it came out Jan. twenty-ten & now, you can easily get it for less than thirty-dollars shipped, brand new on eBay...
review image
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on January 24, 2013
This stick isn't perfect but for the price and system your using it for it will do the job. Some times lag during some inputs but might be due to the fact that the stick is connected to the WII remote instead of the console. Over all it still beats the WII controller any day.
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on May 10, 2012
I love this arcade stick. I wish I could use it for more systems! It's really sturdy, fun to use, and looks pretty cool to boot. It really feels like it's arcade quality.

The button layout is a little weird but pretty easy to understand after playing around with it for a few minutes. Other than that I've never had any qualms with it.

I bought two of these to play against friends and it's always fun. I'm really picky about arcade sticks since I also have an arcade cabinet at home, I've always been happy with this purchase.
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on February 1, 2010
For about the last year I've been using a MAdcatz TE Stick. MOst of the madcatz perpherils I ever bought where I stopped buying them.
The TE Stick was impressive, Sanwa Parts, and damn near heavy. I was super hesitant of buying it.. being branded as madcatz but I did.. and never looked back. I have also played the SE Sticks.. boy are those not what I expected... ultra light, flimsy, and somewhat unresponsive. Your better off with a HRAP3

The first thing I noticed was how heavy this stick was. Definitely and Noticeably heavier than the SE Madcatz sticks.. not as heavy as a TE (due to the size) but still.. this is good heavy. I don't want my stick jumping around when I play> This definitely wont.

The buttons seems a bit mushy (just like another reviewer said) but still responsive.. but there is a easy fix.

Buy some OBSF Buttons and the mushyness goes away. You can buy a complete set for about $20 including shipping. I bought light blue and white Sanwa OBSF's (4-each) because I like the original color scheme.

I can complain about the stick itself. I was considering changing it out but it feels solid, no need. The buttons where my main concern as I was spoiled rotten with sanwa buttons for my HRAP3 and TE SFIV Stick. IF you havent used either.. believe me the stock buttons will be just fine(as many reviewers have already mentioned) Its more of preference.

So basically IS best Wii arcade stick on the market. Very easily moddable (remove and replace- drop in swap parts- cant be more simple than that)

This is NOT the same as a SE SFIV stick.. this is like.. many said.. inbetween a SE & TE Stick. It is.. for the price.. a great deal considering it is waaay better than a SE SFIV Stick..

If you want to enjoy the bets fighting game on the wii, your going to have to get the best fighstick for the wii. and this is it.

Hope this helps for any of you whom where on the fence about this stick..

Considering you can mod it with a Sanwa JLF & Buttons.. you can get a complete Sanwa Fighstick for the Wii for about $120. That aint bad!. ($80-fightstick Sanwa OBSF Buttons-$30, Sanwa JLF-$20)

As for me.. its just the Sanwa OBSF buttons for now.. but who knows.. maybe a JLF soon if I can snag one for cheap.
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on February 27, 2010
This is a great Arcade stick and plays extremely well but I want to bring to the attention of those planning to buy this stick to check the warranty seal on the bottom. Out the box due to the packaging at MadCatz the cord can rub against your warranty seal and break it. If the seal is not in place it may void out your warranty! It happend to me!

Also note! That the awsome artwork Can Rub Off! after light use! I've only used the stick for 2 hours and the wear is already showing under the B button. I highly recommend getting some clear Avery Shipping Labels and applying it over the bottom area where your hand rest. The 3/1/3X4 labels are the perfect fit and have a rough but clear finish so you still have a nice coarse surface still and you will still be able see the artwork because it's clear. You should be able to find this at any office supply store for a few bucks! No reason to mess up the amazing art work on your 80 dollar arcade stick.
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on January 27, 2010
First of all, I'm not gonna comment on the quality of components. There's plenty of that around. But you're probably wondering why you should spend $30 more on this thing over a Hori fighting stick, especially if you're going to customize the parts yourself, right? Well the biggest difference that most people seem to forget is that the stick comes fitted with a toggle that will allow you to map the stick to work as either the right stick, left stick, or D-pad on the Classic Controller. Meaning that, yes, you can play games like Smash Bros. with this. I think most fighting game aficionados could care less but the option is nice.

So yeah, this is a great stick at a reasonable price. I personally like the color scheme, matte feel, and the artwork. Oh, and the box looks really nice.

Games I tested this product on:

Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Mega Man 2
Gunstar Heroes

All played great.
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on February 23, 2012
Affordable and well thought out, easy to mod and you can even use it on other platforms with a May-flash to USB adapter what's not to like? this stick uses quick disconnects so you can just buy arcade quality parts and literally snap them in. The stock buttons and stick are pretty good clones of arcade originals but may not stand up to the beating of extended play but that is to be expected for the low price. Bottom-line is after owning dozens of arcade quality sticks I'd pick this over all of them every-time because of better weight, easy to mod, nice artwork and great price make this one arcade stick that is hard to avoid, Madcatz you've got a winner!
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