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on August 26, 2012
What an excellent trail camera for the price. This Camera out did what i thought i was going to get when i ordered. When i looked at walmart and dicks sporting goods for trail cameras, the ones under 100 seemed very base line, and generic. plus, coming into a first buy for a trail camera i wasnt sure how good they would work. So i bit the bullet and bought this and a 32 gig sd card from amazon. Recieved it in two days, and it was shocking. The camera it self is easy to use, but very advanced. It has multiple modes for capturing movement, and thanks to flex time, i can take video of any part of the day, just to see if the deer follow a pattern. The camera itself is built to last, it is very rigid on the outside and will take a beating. I highly recomend this camera. The only thing i have to add is you may want to buy extra bungee cords, the ones they come with are rather small, and will not go around anything other then a 20 year old tree, or a 10 inch post.
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on October 24, 2012
I really like it. Only problem I observed was an occasional blurred stills on foggy nights. This is not a problem for me.
I still can see when and where the critters are. I am impressed with the functions of this camera. It uses very little power to operate,and easy to use. I have had this camera setup by our pond for two months and still have full battery power with just 4 C batteries. This is very helpful, I don't feel like carrying batteries every time I check the game camera.
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on November 3, 2012
I wrote the below review while the cam still worked, it died so I guess it wasn't waterproof or something else?

I bought this product because it has some pretty fair reviews both on Amazon and at Cabelas, I bought mine from Amazon . So to start with, this camera comes with no instructions, maybe thats OK because it is not hard to figure out, but after some bad pics I wanted to know things like (what is the sensor range set to) and (how can you tell it is actually on,) I did lose a night for whatever reason it did not start, (was it or is it actually water proof,) does not say anywhere about being waterproof so you just like to see them claim it you know. OK now lets talk about using the thing, I am not sure if I would get better results shooting from a higher position in regards to when the actual sensor would engage and take a picture, I had my camera about four inches off the ground because I am looking for a bobcat, it senses me at about ten feet away at this camera height, it gets my whole body and tree line in back of me
but does not sense me till ten feet away and that really reduces your chance of a good picture with this camera because at ten feet - their super bright LED lights literally blinds the night shot at that close, sure you get crystal clear images of the four foot grass twenty feet away after it senses at ten feet. I will check some more and write about it but first let me say I hate those plastic packaging that you have to use strong sharp scissors to open that is what this comes in and I think it comes off as cheesy,and now my scissors are dull, the good news is the hard paper they used for their decals in the plastic nightmare can be used to fix the camera, so what you do is cut a circle that fits inside the lens cap blocking the LED lights make it a little smaller and then cut another circle inside that circle the lets the camera lens see through the tire shape paper you cut out - no joke! I did this after getting nothing by white out every time an animal walked in front of the camera, the reduced LED light ability at least 50% gives me a clearer picture of what is inside of sensor range I just taped the cut out paper to each side of the lens/LED circle edge so I can bring it back to original order in ten seconds. Product needs a little work, it would be nice if the sensor was as good as my outdoor light, but it is not. You can work with this camera, but you have to shoot a few shots and bring the media back to evaluate before wasting time on real shots. I will try camera for taller game and see if the sensor can catch me further away will update this.
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on October 1, 2012
Ok, to be fair, I bought this from our local sporting/hunting store and it was the same price as Amazon's. It didn't say on the box that SD card was NOT included (nor that an SD card was required for it to function at all), so after several more stops to the store we finally got the thing up and running.

If you follow the directions, it's easy to program. If you don't read the manual, I wish you the best of luck!

Photo quality during the day is decent. 4 MP is NOT alot, but enough to tell if you've got a doe or a buck. Night vision (or dawn/dusk) is gray-tone but still gives decent detail depending on how close an object is to the camera. At the very least you can see their eyes glowing at about 70 feet away. 50 feet is probably the limit to discern any amount of detail at night.

Here's the downside: worst thing of all is the movement sensor! It only picks-up movement 30% of the time. With a 30-second delay (I programmed it to the shortest delay possible), it should have had dozens of videos from each night. Instead, it had maybe 4-8, and the times were scattered (not grouped as you'd expect with a 30-second delay). Because the delay was so bad during photos, I just kept it on video mode to actually get an idea of what was happening out there. The camera was pointed to our bait pile, and the deer wandered the pile a radius of about 10 feet. Plus the camera was on their main pathway to catch any walk-bys.

Sometimes we could walk in front of it ourselves and it wouldn't go off and catch us . . . day OR night. Night seemed worse than day though for capturing movement.

If you want an accurate idea of what is in your woods, this will NOT do it. It will tell you if deer visit your area on occasion, but not enough to tell you how often since it won't always catch them (no matter the distance).

Oh, and one last little hint . . . Do NOT PUT MEMORY CARD INTO POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA!! Sounds crazy maybe, but I decided one day to quickly view the photos on the memory card by inserting it into my point and shoot digital camera and scrolling through them on there. That worked just fine . . . but it also reformatted the card somehow and wouldn't let the Game Camera record video onto the card after that. Took me a while to figure that out, then I reformatted the card manually and made sure to only transfer it directly into my laptop for viewing!

Oh, and contrary to popular belief, the deer CAN see the red lights. Time after time they'd look over at the camera and stare at it, trying to figure out why it was glowing (although it is very quiet).
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on January 11, 2016
This camera is great. It is easy to setup. I really like the tiny straps that come with it. They make it unbelievably easy to attach to whatever you are going to use to hold the camera. The camera is lightweight and very heavy duty. It takes amazing pictures. There is no sound made when a picture is taken and no flash. This allows the wildlife to feel secure and to not even know the camera is there. It uses 4 C batteries and an SD card. These things are not included with the camera. I would definitely buy this camera again.
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on September 28, 2012
My new camera arrived fast and is very impressive. I don't hunt, but have a lot of wildlife in my yard. Bears, deer, raccoons, possum, foxes, Osprey, blue herons and snowy egrets. It's fun to see who my visitors were.
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on February 15, 2013
I bought 2 of these units , one was with a flash I intended to warn intruders with and another I wanted to have for evidence . The unit with the flash will, as expected , have a shorter battery life, however it takes much clearer pic at night. It does what I wanted it to do. The infrared model does not take as clear as pic at night as the flash model, however, it is not as noticeable. I used long special head wood screws with washers to make a thief at least work for them. Overall I feel that they are a great value. I feel they would be even better for game pics than security. However I have 2 cameras taking pics of those who enter my property for about 150 dollars. I have had them over a year. I would recommend them to anyone.
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on January 15, 2013
The camera works fantastic. The battery life is great, i never had to change out the batteries all deer season.
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on December 17, 2012
This camera is a good starter. There are a lot of functions that are kind of hard to figure out and not really easy instructions but for just taking pictures and recording the time it works great and I'm very pleased. Could be a little easier to use for a novice but other than that, no complaints. Shipping was fast and reasonable too!
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on November 27, 2012
Overall, I'm happy with the camera. Takes great day time pictures and night pictures are good. There were a few that were blurry but that's expected.
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