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on December 30, 2003
Coming four months after June Carter's May 15 death, WILDWOOD FLOWER is a homespun remembrance of her family's vital role in American music history. Five ballads are from the original Carter Family's repertoire, with sonorous "Anchored In Love" hewing especially close to her clan's 1927 disc. As husband Johnny Cash and other relatives chime in, "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?" (first recorded by her mother, aunt and uncle in 1928) forebodes her demise. For authenticity, producer/son John Carter Cash inserts snippets of radio broadcasts from her childhood. The enhanced cd's shakily shot video includes reminiscences and recordings at her parents' Maces Spring, Virginia homestead.
Spirit and soul, if not polish, carry this disc a long way. "Temptation" - a duet with Cash - relives her 1940s hillbilly comedy, while a spoken intro recalling Lee Marvin on "Big Yellow Peaches" continues her 1999 Press On's goofy streak. With Norman and Nancy Blake on acoustic guitar, cello and mandolin, Wildwood Flower ultimately sounds more folk than country. Unmindful of her fame and fortune but anchored in her heritage, it's a fond and humble farewell indelibly stamped with her larger than life personality.
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on October 3, 2003
John Carter Cash deserves the heartfelt thanks of all Carter Family (and country music) fans for producing this beautiful album, which is, sadly, also a touching farewell to his mother (and also to his father, who participates fully). Thankfully, the album has not been overproduced, but maintains the sincere, heartfelt music of the Carter Family tradition, with songs such as 'Wildwood Flower', 'Church in the Wildwood', 'Keep on the Sunny Side' and others. Janette and Joe Carter appear on 'Anchored in Love'. Musicians such as Norman Blake and Marty Stuart do justice to the Carter-Family style, and well-written notes by Rosanne Cash are especially poignant. Rosanne is absolutely correct when she refers to this album as 'one for the ages' -- it will surely stand the test of time. June, her sisters, her mother, and her extended family gave country music so much. This album is a fitting memorial to her life and music. 'Will You Miss Me ..?' Yes, we will.
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on September 14, 2003
Wildwood Flower. That title alone will inspire an avid country music enthusiast to purchase the CD. I love Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash and was lucky enough to have been able to attend all of their concerts in Southern California and Las Vegas for the past 15 years or so. June's part in the concerts were something I always looked forward to. Her last album, "Press On" is something I cherish. I was able to attend her concert at The Troubador in Los Angeles and then to see her at the music store on Hollywood Blvd., where at long last I talked to her and she signed my CD. Now.....this latest album is everything I knew it would be. The CD reflects a music biography of June's life musically taking the lisener through her life. An added plus on this CD is John's part in the vocals and background. The Carter Family songs are timeless and June, the true professional she is, captured the essence of these songs. I was truly surprised by the added video on her childhood home in Maces Springs and her graphic tour of the home place. We older folks, who grew up in rural America, who when traveling back to our home place, can appreciate her description of her roots. Any lover of country music and the roots of country music, of which the Carter family is an integral part, will appreciate the whole presentation. June has such a distinctive way of expressing her ideas musically, and once again her own songs reflect a wonderful creative spirit. John Carter created an impressive production of his Mom's heritage and made it his own. This was quite a nice production from beginning to end.
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on October 11, 2003
This CD captures something very rare. The combination of the voice of June Carter and the fine musicians backing her up is truely beautiful. My favorite song is "Storms are on the Ocean" - and it is on this CD. It starts out at a certain tempo and with the most beautiful phrasing on June's part as well as the quality of the musicians it is something - gradually the tempo declines towards the end but it is truly amazing how smooth it takes place. It is an excellent example of fine musicianship. Hearing Johnny and June sing together just fills year heart with something you don't find much nowadays. This recording will make your heart soar. I highly recommend it.
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on July 5, 2006
She sang "Oh, Susanna" at age 10, "Juke box Blues" at age 22, "Jackson" with Johnny Cash at age 36, and even "Will the Circle be Unbroken" at age 70, surely this amazing singer can "Press On" once more. And that's exactly what June Carter Cash did. Recorded in 2003, Wildwood Flower was her final recording before our dear June passed away into a better place.

If you like the Carter Family's songs and you like June, you would like this.

This amazing CD is nothing other than June singing Carter Family songs written by our dear A.P., but it is more than just songs being sung, it's determination and heart put into these sentimental songs. Beginning with the beloeved Carter Family theme song "Keep on the Sunny Side" and ending with the outstanding track "Wildwood Flower" June once again has done a more than amazing job.

More than songs, June also has added some introductions including a Carter Sisters intro (my personal favorite) a Little Junie Carter intro, and many just of June talking about the songs.

I will listen to some of these songs and never stop singing them the whole day, after all, like many of my other June Carter Cash CD's, this one is part of my daily schedule to listen to it. I never go a day without listening to at least one song. Perfect for just settling down and getting cozy with the family or by yourself, this CD is made for listening to. My personal favorites are "Church in the Wildwood/Lonesome Valley", "Alcatraz", "Wildwood FLower", and "Will you miss me when I'm gone?"

So don't just shut down the computer now! Buy this CD while you can, the songs are contagious!! Everyone loves them! I always love to pass on my love of June to others, after all, we share a name!!

You will not regret this album!!!!!!!


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on April 7, 2005
Granted June couldn't sing as well as Anita, she is still one hell'uva vocalist. Anita had a pretty voice, pretty music, but June had a lot of soul, & was/is bursting with attitude.A first rate comedienne, singer, actress, and all around entertainer was what June Carter Cash was.Wild Wood Flower is a stunning masterpeice, and a wonderful touching fare-the-well from a true national treasure."Keep on the Sunny side"(an old country favorite) is given a new treatment, with Carters and Cashs supplying a wonderful back up, testifying that Junes belief that music & family were almost the same thing. Listening to it makes the listener happier,& shows that there is almost a bright side to everything. It's no wonder why she won the 2003 Grammy for Best Female Country vocal, June & "Keep on the sunny side" represent country in its original form."Road to Kaintuck"also a light tune is a ho-down of great hill billy fun. Johnny Cash makes a guest appearance, narrating the song as though he were in a movie.

"Kneeling Drunkards Plea" is preceaded by a short radio clipping from the early 40's, June, Helen and Anita, singing their little hearts out. Kneeling Drunkards plea was written by The Carter sisters and Mother Maybelle, (a rare event) & the song is a sad sounding masterpeice. "Storms are on the Ocean" is another Carter done ballad, sang tenderly, soulfully by an ailing June.Complete with Cello & Violins.The hilarious "Temptation" brings the listener back to the "Carryin'on with Johnny and June" days. A fun up beat track features June & Johnny giving it their all.A fast almost Blue-grassy song."Big Yellow Peaches" is explained by June, it chronicles the life of Lee Marvin;June gives the listener one her essential stories & bursts into song."Alcatraz" has a dark comedic thing going about it.A changing, tempo & a growling vocal performance by June show the Listener that June Carter could rock with the best of them. "Sinking on the lonesome Sea" is trully beautiful, sang by the family, also by sister Anita, June revives this song with a Gusto."Church in Wildwood" is explained by June, the listener can tell that this song meant a a lot to her,she is Joined by cousins Lorrie & Joe Carter,with Joe (died March 2/05)providing the group with a powerful bass vocal.It conjurs up immages of a rustic old mountin Church,in the woods of Junes Child Hood. The next essential track for me & mabe the most heart wrenchingly soulful tune on the record, was the Sad & tender "Will you miss me when I'm gone?" This song can touch home for anyone who has lost someone close to them, I can only immagine how it must feel for the Carters to listen to this beautiful song.Abosolutly stunning.

"Anchored in Love" featured musical Contributions by Joe & Janette(the only survivng memeber of Generation #2 of the Carters) features Janettes weathered soulful vocal.

Last but not least come Junes revival of Wild Wood Flower.She stays true the original, and brings a wonderful close to a magnificent album.

June On this Album you asked "Will you miss me when I'm gone?" the answer is yes, very much. On May 15th/2003 we lost a true Entertainment treasure.I wish I could have Known you.

Thank you so much June for this album,be assured you have affirmed you and your families contribution to music is undeniable.Mission Complete, Rest In Peace.
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on August 8, 2006
Review by Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

The tracks that comprise Wildwood Flower became June Carter Cash's final recording sessions, and were held from October 2002 to March 2003. Largely a family affair, Wildwood Flower is easily Carter Cash's least polished recording and perhaps her best. Husband Johnny sings in either duet or as backup on almost all the tracks; also singing are daughter Carlene, granddaughter Tiffany Anastasia Lowe, and cousins Joe and Janette Carter (children of Sara and A.P. Carter). Johnny and June's son John Carter Cash produced the album and former son-in-law Marty Stuart makes an appearance or two as well. Creating most of the instrumental merrymaking are Norman and Nancy Blake. And it is fitting that this collection of family and friends created June Carter Cash's recorded epitaph. These songs are intimate, frighteningly so. Her voice, as well as Johnny Cash's, are mere shadows of what once were golden throats, and the songs were by and large written by A.P. Carter, with one by June and a cover of a Leon Russell tune. The ghosts of the original Carter Family hover about uneasily in the mix here, offering shards of old harmonies and broken notes in the title track, "Anchored in Love," "Keep on the Sunny Side," "Road to Kaintuck," "Kneeling Drunkard's Plea," and especially "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone," where the truth strikes a little too close to home. There are a few spoken word intros here (and some historically recorded ones) that are both poignant and humorous -- check out June's observations of actor Lee Marvin on her intro to her song "Big Yellow Peaches." As the family gathers round one last time, the entire history of the country music tradition comes through and pours down around the listener, cracking and breaking and yet more musical than ever. This is the music of the folk as A.P. wrote it. And as such, it is both a credible historical document and, more importantly, the last will and testament of a legend who went back to her beginnings as a way of understanding the continuity of family and song in the present. Wildwood Flower is truly amazing, truly flawed, and heartbreakingly beautiful
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on September 10, 2003
This CD will fill your heart with the joys that come with honest songs and singing. It also will nearly break your heart to know it's the final release from Ms. Carter Cash. Her style is perfectly balanced with husband Johnny, and other Carters, Cashes and close friends. The songs here are all-the-more touching now that she's moved on to her just rewards, particularly "Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?" dueted with Johnny. Also, The Carter Family's unofficial "theme" song, "Keep On The Sunny Side" has Johnny singing A.P. Carter's vocal line, unleashing the memories that flood the imagination and make you wonder where all the years have gone. I especially enjoy the old radio clips that serve as intros to some of these songs as well as Ms. Carter Cash's personal descriptions of the songs she was about to sing. And to answer her question, yes. We miss you now that you're gone. Sniff.
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on November 19, 2006
Somehow June has captured the Carter family spirit and their impossibly rich history in these songs. I don't remember the last album I purchased where I listened to every song like I do this album. For that reason, I can't point to highlights. It's one special moment after another. It's true that June never had the prettiest voice (she's no Joan Baez), and here it is somewhat faded because of age, but what comes out stronger than anywhere I've heard her (or even Anita) is a sense of strength, pride and leaving a legacy. The same can be said for Johnny's voice and Laura Cash's fiddle. Not to mention the amazing Marty Stuart. Happily, those wonderful talents are all in the background, leaving June front and center to remind us (and it seems like that is what she wants to do) of the power of A.P. Carter and the Carter family's legacy. This is a labor of love, and luckily, one that is accessible to all of us. This is an album to listen to on a rainy Saturday, when you've got the time to sit and relax.
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on February 3, 2005
Listening to this CD is like spending an evening with the spirit of this wonderful woman. She chats and plays with a voice of deep love and wisdom. This is a remarkable CD that is difficult to describe in words. An absolute MUST have for lovers of American music...and for those who'd simply like a little food for the soul. (As a special treat, Johnny joins in on several numbers.)
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