Customer Reviews: Wilton 2105-459 Excelle Elite 3-Tier Cooling Rack, 15 7/8" X 9 7/8"
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on December 21, 2009
I purchased 2 of these for the wife last year at different times, and a year later we finally got to use them. Please be aware, that the reviews here may NOT be for the same exact product, hence the difference in opinions by some people.

While the two racks are essentially similiar, it appears that the manufacturer drastically cut back on their cost and quailty of the racks. The earlier model has the steel bars MUCH thicker than the newer models, with an additional support along the side edge. Even the collapsable legs are so much thinner and bend more than the older version.

The old one with the thicker steel is built like a tank, and can hold quite a bit of weight. I would not hesitate to put heavy pies on them ... not so for the newer model. For cookies both are adequate and are definitely a space saver. When you fill up one, just put another one on top.

The thicker steel one definitely gets a 5 star rating. The thinner one, a 4 star rating for cookies, and less if you are thinking of putting something heavy like a pie on them.

The legs are extremely stable for the old one, a bit more flimsy for the newer one, and you can definitely see the deflection difference in the racks when you apply some weight on them.

For the below reviewer that had collapsing problems, while we had no collapsing problems, I can see how the thinner one can do so, especially after it distorts some with use.

I like the product a lot, but am extremely disappointed that the manufacturer cheapened a great product to save some money, rather than raising the price some. And it wasn't just the thinner material, it was additional cross members that were removed. Let's see ... use thinner material AND reduce the number of supporting cross members. Draw your own conclusions here, but I for one am sick and tired of so many newer versions of products being made so much cheaper than the ones they have replaced ... CorningWare, Pyrex, Wilton, Farberware, etc ... all now producing junk as compared to what I was able to purchase 10-30 years ago.
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VINE VOICEon December 19, 2007
I bake a lot, especially cookies. I have always had terrible problems while trying to find enough space to place the traditional cookie racks.

These are the best idea ever, for a baker. I have 4 sets. I just finished baking Christmas cookies, 200-300 at a time. I have had the racks full of cookies , and stacked 6 high. Then I picked -up the entire stack, and placed it on a different counter.

What a miracle! The racks are strong, strong, strong, and I have have had absolutely No problems with them bending or toppling. Even at 6-7 racks stacked on top of each other.

I HIGHLY recommend these. The price is exceptional, and the quality is very good. I plan on buying 3 more sets, plus sets for family members.
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on April 2, 2007
The title pretty much says it all-- I have found the racks to be very useful.

Mostly I only need 1 rack, which can be set up with the legs either collapsed (about 1 cm of counter clearance) or extended (about 2 inches). The rack is sturdy, and the nonstick coating is of good quality. I have not yet used it for a 3-layer cake, but I imagine it would hold up quite well.

I saw many other racks that were flimsy and bent under their own weight when I was just holding them by one end. These racks can be lifted as you would a cookie sheet, with no fear of the rack buckling and depositing your baked goods on the floor.

The molded feet limit sliding when the racks are stacked; when folded flat they fit easily into a drawer or go into the dishwasher for cleanup. This is an excellent buy, I can't imagine you could ask any more from a simple cooling rack.
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on July 13, 2009
Initially I bought these racks and the idea seemed brilliant. No counter space for your cookies? Just stack them up. Well, I've had them collapse on me three or four of the half dozen times I've tried to stack them. The racks have little feet on the four corners that are supposed to set into the rack beneath them. In my experience, only three of the four feet actually set properly into one another. It's the feet that I blame for the collapse. Sometimes the cookies are cooled enough and the collapse doesn't do much damage, but usually several are banged up pretty badly and others slide to the floor (and then they're really dead!). If you are desperate for space and feeling brave, try it out, but if you're working on 'special' cookies for an event, etc, don't trust them.
Overall they are easy to clean and only slightly thicker than normal racks to store. However, since the whole point of purchasing the racks was for their stacking ability, I only give them two stars.
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on March 30, 2013
I purchased this cooling rack system over a year ago based on great reviews. I bake cookies several times a month and wanted to have ample space to cool the cookies before transferring to the cookie jar.

Conceptually, this is an awesome product, but the execution is seriously lacking. My biggest beef with this product is that each tray only holds about 9 cookies each. The trays stack a good couple of inches inward, not on the edges, and there is no room beyond where the trays stack to lay additional cookies to cool. Ultimately it does not cool a larger number of cookies than my old standby cooling rack that I've used for years. Not to mention this takes up a lot of visual and vertical space and for me this is an issue.

A more minor problem is that the rack isn't designed to accomdate small cookies. The spacing between the wires is quite large and cookies can easily fall through. My old standby is designed with a small square pattern accomodating any size of cookie.

Now that I've written this review, I'm finally going to put these racks into the donation pile. They have taken up way too much space in my kitchen (another issue, it isn't compact to store) and now they have to go.
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on February 14, 2009
Overall a great tool for baking and other kitchen activities.
Two constructive comments to consider before purchase.
1) although the packing says dishwasher safe, I would not recommend this. I have found that the area where the legs meet the tray have rusted from being in the dish washer. The one tray I have that has never been in the dishwasher does not have these rust marks.
2) the slots are a bit wide for some softer cookies or breads. When I use this to cook cakes it often leaves what look like 'grill marks' and the cake can sometimes slip through the bars.
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on December 21, 2015
Let me start off by saying that these look really nice but they are pretty flimsy. I definitely wouldn't stack them full of cookies because I'm afraid they'd topple over if they were touched or accidentally bumped into. Separately, I think they're fine. For about $10, it's not bad for the price and it will accommodate plenty of cookies for our holiday baking, which begins tomorrow. If these were more sturdy, I would have given them 5 stars.
review image review image
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on August 3, 2013
So, I've owned these cookie racks for 6 years. And for the last four, they have collected dust in the back of a cupboard. Why? You ask?

1. On the third or fourth use, one of the black horizontal bars that is a key component of one of the "legs" spontaneously collapsed / broke off. As in, one minute, my cookies were cooling nicely, and the next, I had a pile of cookies and a collapsed rack. Really? Are 8 chocolate chip cookies THAT heavy?

2. So. . .I carried on with the remaining two. . .and just decided not to stack them but rather just use them as singles. The stackable feature was actually the reason for the initial purchase but hey, I'm all about making do and repurposing. Well, both racks suffered the same fate within the next 10 batches of cookies.

3. At this point, the racks do not even stand on the counter horizontally. They are slanted due to the lame fourth leg syndrome, thus my cookies can and do slide off.

4. I faintly remember attempting to repair these with a hot glue gun and using them as a meat pan to separate meat from the drippings. Lesson learned: these are NOT oven proof and melted, along with my meat. Hey, it was worth a try!

5. Junk--absolute junk! My grandmother had stainless steel racks that she used for over 50 years. I'm so tired of this made in China nonsense. . .
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on January 15, 2012
I received this and it was rusty out of the box! The black coating had chipped off in several of the corners and it was rusting. I would have asked for a replacement if it wasn't ALL three pieces, but I really don't think that just three pieces slipped past quality control, I think it's just a cheap product. I think this is a really good product idea but poorly implemented.
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on September 27, 2007
Someone with real engineering imagination came up with these separate cake racks that can balance on each other studily to save space. I am truly delighted, and the air flow balance is wonderful!
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