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on December 31, 1999
In a radio interview, Malachi Martin said this book was about 85% true, and that he changed only the names and certain identifying particulars, for obvious reasons. In that same interview, Father Martin was asked if he feared for his life since writing this book. Father Martin said he did, but that he was too old to change his ways. Since then, Father Martin died under very suspicious circumstances. He was found unconscious and bleeding in his home with hard wood fragments inbedded in his skull. He was taken to the hospital, and eventually woke from his coma for an instant and said it was a murder attempt, but he didn't get a chance to see who did it. Then he fell back into his coma, received the sacrament of Extreme Unction, and died. If you read this book, you'll know why his enemies couldn't let him live. He blew the lid off the satanic cabal in the church, and he even went so far as to describe their black mass in detail. As a prolific excorcist, he knew a lot more than most about Freemasons, satanists, and the communists in the Vatican. The Church is in crisis, with a war between the good guys and the bad . . . and if you ever doubt it then just check the news and ask yourself why so many murders have occured recently in the Vatican.
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on February 23, 2000
This book is extremely shocking to say the least and I have had to put the book down at times because I broke down in tears. The opening pages are a true shock, especially when you know the actual names of the characters who presided at the satanic events in Rome and South Carolina. I have received a list of of the real names of the people who are portrayed in the book, including Cardinal Bernadin and Bishop Russell who participated in the actual Satanic event in 1963. If anyone who has read the book and is interested in obtaining a list, I will be happy to email it to you. The names on this list are shocking to say the least, but sometimes the truth is shocking. Any Catholic who reads this book should be prepared to see that the Church we see today has become the apostate Church set up by these top Vatican officials who sold their souls to the "dark side."
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on January 12, 2000
To all you rationalist, cynical, scornful readers who consider "supernaturalists" uneducated and ignorant you have finally met your match, and be forewarned you will indubitably become a fan of this pious yet brilliant priest-scholar. Combining sheer brilliance (Father Martin spoke 17 languages), with an uncanny intimacy with the divine (he also was an exorcist and a deeply spiritual man), Martin in Windswept House paints an astonishing picture of the Roman Catholic Church as an institution honeycombed and totally controlled by a satanic "superforce" which thwarts the will of the "Slavik Pope". There are some extremely shocking revelations in this book. One reason for the novelistic framework within which the novel is set is due to the astonishing charges leveled at beloved clerics such as Cardinal Bernardin and New Yorks John Cardinal O'connor. Without a doubt the circumstances surrounding the death of Malachi Martin do not smell of heaven and after reading this novel and investigating the condition of the church you will better comprehend the dynamic other worldly forces at work within christianity.
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on June 2, 2000
Malachi Martin was a great man. It's too bad he's no longer with us, especially since he can no longer go forthright in his quest to expose what is so wrong in our great Catholic Church and Vatican upper echelon. Was his death an accident or an outright slaying? I wish someone knew the truth, and also had the proof and courage to speak up. Whether this book is of fact or fiction, it is a portrayal of life, morality, and the ultimate test of faith and honorability. Maybe somewhere, someday, there will be (or already is) another great man such as Martin, whose love and courage will help to complete the final pages. As with this story, and the evil and hatred portrayed in it, the horrible molestations and sacrilegious rituals, only time will tell the final outcome and the truth. This was a fascinating book.
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on June 3, 2000
I must admit that I approached this novel with a great deal of skepticism. As a Catholic priest trained in the rather liberal mid-west, I picked it up to read only out of boredom. What I read changed my life. I found Martin's content and style thought provoking to the point that I was often angry--with him! But my anger turned to self-reflection. While I disagree with many of the author's preconceptions, I was nonetheless moved by his story and his conclusions--to the point that I was forced to re-examine my own understanding of the Church and priesthood. I pay this novel the highest compliment in saying that it truly changed my life and moved me to further conversion of heart. I believe that I am a better Catholic and a better priest because I have read it.
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on November 5, 1999
This book is clearly in the fact disguised as fiction genre, as the author, a Catholic priest who was once the advisor to two Popes, clearly tells a story of intrigue and betrayal set in events which mirror modern day headlines. For Catholics who are wondering why the situation of the Church is seemingly worse than it once was Fr. Martin tells why this is so in this book. For Catholics who are satisified with the current state of affairs this book will be scandalous.
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on November 28, 2005
My one gripe with Malachi Martin is the ending of this book. Lest I ruin it for potential readers, let me add that the ending is really only relevant if one considers this book as a simple novel, which it is not. Like most of Malachi Martin's "fiction" books the characters in Windswept House were all taken from real characters and all resemblances of real people were not accidental but on purpose, etc. The opposite of your typical disclaimer. And Martin was never taken to task for his thinly disguised portrait of certain Church characters. One may argue from there that he must have been able to defend his views with well researched arguments.

The story is that of the Church from Paul VI to sometime in the 90's under John Paul II through the eyes of a young priest, his Wall Street lawyer brother, their profoundly Catholic mother and several actual powerful characters seeking to shape the Catholic Church to their own image. Malachi Martin was, among other things, an exorcist with much experience, who waged many battles with the devil's minions. His claims about homosexuality in the Church became all too evident in later years, which leads one to think that his claims of devil worship by certain Church characters may not be that far off... Malachi's point in this book is to propose an explanation of what went wrong with the Church since the 60's and to propose a possible solution. The book is very well written, it is very entertaining and leaves the reader thinking. I recommend it as a good read. I only wish Malachi Martin would have lived to see his last, unfinished sequel to Windswept House book through. If things are as he states in Windswept House, it is best for our too often shaken Faith that he did not. Read Malachi Martin's Vatican first and then read this book. Or read this book and then read The Keys of this Blood to see the historical account of the events described in Windswept House.
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on January 18, 1999
Windswept is a perfect sequel to Malachi Martin's book, The Keys of This Bood. Any American who is puzzled about the recent turn of events in the Clinton Matter needs to purchase both the Keys of This Blood . . . and Windswept House. Malachi Martin has opened the door to critical thought. For those who ascribe to New Testament gospel teachings, Christ's warning, "Know them by their fruit," takes on a modern day, ominous meaning.
Windswept House focuses on the Catholic Church. The mighty Vatican has been rendered impotent by infiltrators who embark on a spying venture as well as a search and destroy mission. In the process, they successfully isolate and denigrate opponents. In some cases, the shadow of assasination lurks as a termination tool.
Father Martin witnessed the opening salvo of the One World group as they attacked the Catholic Church hierarchs. In short, he was a fact witness. His work of "Faction", Windswept House, is acknowedged to be at least 85-90% fact presented in fictional form. It appears that world-wide Godless Socialism and Nihilism are winning the race for world dominion.
Reading this book is like watching a tidal wave as it heads our way, devouring all life in its path. There is no doubt as to who will be the coming victims - it is us. Those who believe that we won the Cold War, and have chosen to replace dogmatically held beliefs with situational ethics, should read both Windswept House and the Keys of This Blood.
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on June 22, 2005
Prophesy is the proclamation of the truth in a culture that rejects the truth. In most cases the prophet is reviled by his contemporaries because they don't want to be told that they are living in satanic mire.

Fr. Malachi Martin was a prophet. I knew him personally and I can tell you his spiritual gifts were profound. Inspired by him and as his pupil I have written my own poor attempt to carry on his prophetic mission. Father Malachi opens your heart and mind to exactly what has happened to the Church. For this he was hatd and reviled. But he was correct and his book "Windswept House" he proclaims the truth even as the infiltrators plug their ears and defame his character. God Bless Fr. Martin for giving the world so important a book as Windswept House. May my poor attempt to carry on his work find hearts and minds open to the movement of the Holy Ghost in the pages I have written in honoring this great man and in crying out on the roof tops for those of good will to see what has been done to the Catholic Church by the Prince of this World. It surely has become a matter of WOLVES AMONG THE RUINS!

A.J. West
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on July 6, 1999
According to the author's own admittance, this book is no "Novel," but an account of actual goings on in the highest ranks of the Catholic Church with the New World Order elite, written by one who was slated to become a Cardinal. 85% of the details are based on actual occurrences and people.
Malachi Martin eloquently captures the wrestlings of the human heart over the grappling issues that face a faithful saint when confronted with these paradoxes of Satanic allegiance within the highest ranks of the church (and certainly the phenomenon is not unique to the Catholics).
A riveting plot. I read it in a week -- could hardly put it down.
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