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on July 27, 2011
Let me preface this by saying that I am a very technical user, having been a certified senior network engineer and senior database administrator at various times through my career in I.T. I am very hardware savvy.

For that reason, one would typically assume that I would be the last person to buy this router -- or anything Belkin for that matter -- because it's targeted at the less tech savvy. But you know what, I'm past the days of tweaking and firmware upgrades. DDWRT on Linksys WRT54G? been there done that. I just want my router to work, like a toaster, and to not have to think about it.

Let me be clear, I almost purchased the highly regarded ASUS RT-N56U.. It's only 25 more even, and well reviewed amongst the tech-heads. However, I happened to be at Walmart and saw this one on sale and figured what the heck, considering Walmart's liberal return policy. After 6 weeks, I don't doubt my decision at all.

The GB ethernet (which only matters/applies to wired connections) is a nice plus for transferring content between wired machines. It's not going to matter when you're on the Internet though whether you're on 100mb wired or 1gb (since you're Internet connection is likely 10-20mb at the most, if that).

One major selling point if you're a Mac user: With the ASUS, you can't print from a Mac via the USB port (at least not from everything I've read, please comment if you know this not to be true). With this Belkin I can access both hard drives and printers attached to the N750 with ease from my Macbook Pro and from my Windows machines.

The web configuration GUI is simple and straightforward, I didn't used the desktop gui for config, so I can't speak to that.

Looks: it's vertical, so it doesn't take up a lot of counter space, this is a definite plus in my book. And it is attractive, not your typical square flat box. I'd imagine the vertical stature is good for the reach of the antennae, but I won't claim to be an engineer to judge such things. I do know that reach in my 2700sqft home is great on all floor and all locations.. even from the upstairs can on the other side of the house (too much information? I think it's relevant, but you be the judge).

With this router, where the 5ghz won't reach, the 2.4 will. This has dual radios so you'll effectively see two separate wireless network, one 2.4 one 5. If one isn't reachable, you simple join the other. 5ghz spectrum is preferable as it's less crowded, but sometimes the 2.4 goes farther. AM/FM would be a poor but acceptable analogy.

So if you're not a tinkerer (or even if you are), and you just want a router to work (you're tired of reboots, dropped connections, etc.), then don't hesitate, buy this one.. or if you want to save a few dollars, I have no doubt their 600 model will serve you fine. Particularly if you don't have a 2x3 radio that can even take advantage of 750.

As with *ALL* electronics, someone's going to get a faulty one, and that person is going to make sure everyone in the world knows they got the bad one. Which is why you should buy your electronics from a trusted (r)etailer, whether it be brick and mortar or online. Walmart (for good or for bad) and Amazon both fall into this category IMO.
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on June 21, 2011
[updat on 9/2/12: I have been using this for a year. It is absolutely reliable and the latest firmware (about a month ago) improved on its capabilities quite a bit. Note: I have updated my previous review too.]

Verdict: Perhaps the best router for the home user

I have owned this router for about 10 days. [ update, 12/2/2012: it is still working fine.] It replaced a Netgear MIMO-g router that has been serving me for four years, and it is still alive as a backup router. I wanted faster connection speed and an intelligent router that gives priority to my VoIP calls over video streaming or downloads. I picked up the N750 at Costco's to make sure I can return it if it does not work out. So far, so good, but I have already encountered the major cons/limitations, so here is my take on the Belkin N750.

This router connects at the speed advertised and it does not overheat (a major advantage over other comparable routers). Belkin's customer service is also one of the best in the router business. You might or might not be able to use the advanced features, but at $99, this router matches or beats the features offered in this price range even without the extras. As I use it for its basic features (including simultaneous dual band), I am happy with it.

At 300+450, this router is fast. I am able to connect my three laptops, my Blackberry and my Zune without a hitch, getting 1GB/s on the Gigabyte port, 450 on the 5GHz wireless N, and 300MB/s on the second wireless N laptop. Both laptops connect at 5GB/s, only one receives 450MB/s (i5 17" business notebook), the other laptop is stable at 300 (2.1GHz 12" dual processor business laptop). This seems to be a limitation on the router, but heck, let it be the worst feature ever I see on it. The third laptop. actually an Acer Aspire One, connects at 72 with its built-in WiFi [update: after I installed an external USB Cisco, it is receiving @300; the laptop apparently is sharing the IRQ between the wireless and the sound port otherwise). This one also has the slowest processor (it's a 1.0GHz net-book).

Installation: the router comes with a pre-configured WPA/WPA2 password that you receive on a slip that you can slide into the slot under the router for safekeeping. You can change the password, but the length (8 digits) gives you an idea of the ideal password length: anything longer is likely to slow down wireless connection, which is common on older routers (that usually forced you to use WEP if you did not want to halve the connection speed).

Gigabit feature: Works fine. No problems ever.

Simultaneous dual band: works fine on multiple computers at both 2.4 and 5GHz at the same time. No slowdowns and no overheating problems when both bands are used.

Reliability: no dropped connections ever. Rebooted twice in the first two days but has been working fine ever since. No overheating problem, which I find a major advantage over comparable routers.

Range: the range matches or exceeds the Mimo/g range. The 5GHz band works through thin wooden walls. Strangely, the signal strength tends to change between 4 and 5 bars even when I am sitting within 2 yards from the router. Still, the situation is the same when I am 6-8 yards away. (Sorry, I live in 730 sq. ft., so I cannot tell you about longer ranges. I assume, this router works fine up to 30-50 yards (depending on the band; 2.4 goes farther), but don't take my word for it.)

Intelligent router that gives priority to my VoIP calls over video streaming or downloads. (This feature requires some user configuration, and the Belkin setup panel failed to update features first, but worked fine at my second attempt.) [Update: the latest BIOS update has improved this router.]

The router comes with two USB ports. You cannot use them, unless you install Belkin's proprietary program, which creates a little overhead, but nothing serious. As using the USB ports requires the router to act as a server, your firewall might go nuts. (Mine did.) Once I realized that I was unlikely to use the USB ports, I uninstalled the program, but the uninstall feature left the internal server in the registry, so I had to reinstall my firewall. (Well, a system restore would have worked too, but I did not have one available.)

Belkin has good customer service. Once I encountered the problem with their uninstaller, a tech rep helped me out in less than a minute. They even followed up on their service the next business day! A great advantage over Netgear or Asus, in my experience. Just make sure you get to a real tech rep, because the people answering the support line first usually cannot do much more than read the manual and the internal bulletin (this is universal with high-tech companies). Once you get to their second tier, you get no-nonsense, professional support. Well, there is usually not much to do, because the router is so strongly pre-configured for dummies that there is simply not much to adjust; it's plug-and-play for the average home user.

Some users on the web complain that they cannot configure the router as an access point. As far as I know, there is no need for that for the home user. My PDA and my Zune connect to this router without a problem.
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on October 2, 2011
I first purchased this Belkin router to replace an 8-year-old Dell router. My decision was based on 1) some solid reviews at various websites; 2) great price at Costco.

It initially set up easily, but then started dropping the connection on both LAN and wireless connections in the house. Then it failed to connect via the USB port to a printer. When I called the 24/7 technical support, I was linked to reps in India, most of which barely spoke English comprehensively. I spent close to 4 hours on tech support and realized that each rep was simply walking me through a series of diagnostic steps being fed from a computer program. None of them had any true expertise.

I finally returned this unit and purchased a Netgear N600 DB, which was $10 cheaper than the Belkin and has so far performed flawlessly. A great product.

I spoke to several retail reps about the Belkin routers, and apparently I am not the only one who has experienced similar issues. Belkin just makes an unreliable router. They should stick to power-surge strips...
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on June 1, 2011
I bought this wireless router after returning a linksys e3000 (returned because of problems with the 2.4GHz band). Now, I've been using it for about a week. It works well, and I prefer the web interface to the linksys web interface. Very easy to set up, and nice features. The 5GHz signal is not as strong as the e3000, but it's decent. The two USBs are a plus as is the price. Overall a pretty good router.
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on June 21, 2011
Could not make it work out of the box. Spent 6 hours over two days with Belkin tech support and all they could do is repeat the same instructions over and over again, even though they did not work the first time. Returned the first one to amazon and they replaced overnight... the second unit Belkin N750 Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router (Latest Generation)was the same as the first. Tried Belkin support again and went through the same routine over several hours. When I requested to speak to a higher level technician because we were doing the exact same ineffective things repeatedly, Belkin refused to let me speak to a supervisor. Totally frustrated...complete waste of time. I will never touch another Belkin product again.Belkin N750 Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router (Latest Generation)
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on August 2, 2011
Wonderful specifications and great performance, but ....
All below was observed on firmware 1.0.40 (published 07/21/2011) and 1.0.42 (published today 08/02/2011)
(1) It does not have Static Routing for LAN - this means that you cannot assign permanent addresses to devices on your network. If you cannot do that as the result you may not be able to access your devices in particular from internet. Eg. if you have a camera, and you try to access it from internet your Belkin 750 may not be able to connect to it, because it does not know how to statically assign the same LAN IP to the MAC number of the camera. Most cameras may be set to request always the same IP address but there are other devices which do not have that capability. The static and dynamic LAN routing cannot be missing from any router.
(2) Connection of the Linksys (Cisco) E4200 router configured as Access Point (AP, which means it has DHCP disabled) crashes Belkin N750.
(3) Belkin N750 DHCP Client List does not show any clients that have their IP addresses pre programmed on the client side - please note (1) above - this router cannot do static routing.

Otherwise - the modem has wonderful capability of rebooting itself following set schedule. It may help when internet connection stalls for some reason and you are away from home.
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on June 23, 2011
Updated Review:
So after using the router for a few weeks now I can honestly say I will never buy another Belkin product again (even though I have used belkin products for the past 3 years). It worked great the first few days then the 5ghz stopped working. Ok I still had 2.4ghz. It constantly disconnects and loses signal.
I have spent 3 days on the phone with Belkin support now, tweaking, restoring, resetting. Support fails. You can tell they read everything from a step by step screen prompt and when you use more advanced language than an average home user would know they spaz out and have to "speak with their associates".
You had a promising product Belkin but with all of the bugs and poor tech support it is destined to epically fail.
Switching to Asus.

First review:
I have had several routers in the past and I find this one to soar above them all. My last router was the Belkin N+ with digital view screen.
This was easy to set up and modify. It has GREAT range (My home is 2500 sq feet and this reaches all throughout my house and outside). The 5gz band allows me to stream movies fast and easy!
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on June 7, 2011
I bought this to upgrade my old G network to N, mainly for streaming NetFlix video.
It setup perfectly on my iPad 2 and my Windows 7 machine. When I went to connect to my HTC incredible phone, that is a different story. I spent over 4 hours between Belkin and HTC. Still flaky. It sometimes connects but no access to internet. Sometimes it works fine but...per Belkin support I cannot have 3g enabled on my phone at the same time as WiFi!! This was NOT and issue with my old Zyzel router.
Bottom line is...if it works for you it is fine. If it does not then you are stuck with Indian "tech" support and if the solution is not on their check-list, they blame someone else and send you on your way. Kind of like a teenager...

By the way, the Printer USB port is fine but the USB Hard Drive port is as flaky as the HTC wireless connection. Sometimes works, sometimes not. It is also very slow when transferring files. Like 1.3 MPps. Most likely, I will be returning this and try either NetGear or LinkSys.

UPDATE: Belkin support called me and assisted resolving ALL of the issues I had with this router. This was not only a surprise but a relief to know that REAL customer support still lives in USA! Thanks Belkin...
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on October 4, 2011
This machine has serious configuration issues. Their tech support is a nightmare. They painfully troubleshoot step by step without offering any real solution. The built in self fix feature is a complete joke. I don't have the time or the energy to try to revive/re-config the machine every time the cable service goes out. And I do emphasis on the word TRY because it doesn't really matter how much time I spent with tech support, once the little light on the machine goes amber there's really no hope of reviving it.
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on June 27, 2011
I bought this router yesterday to replace a D-Link Wireless N router that was not dual band. I made sure to buy the best router Belkin offered, the N750 DB. Unfortunately, Xbox Live will not connect with this router while using WPA/WPA2 security. It only worked when I set up the "guests" channel and used WEP security. Everything else worked fine (PC, Laptop, PS3, iPhone) on the main "belkin" channel with WPA/WPA2 security.

*Correction* It does seem to work using WPA-Personal. But Xbox Live will not connect using WPA2. I don't know why. It may be related to Xbox's firmware update on May 19th.
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