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on November 22, 2011

NOVEMBER 5, 2011.
So I got the unit from the madcatz website for 220 because if you order directly from there they have an internet coupon code that gives you 10 percent off, which is awesome because you can have it shipped 2day xpress with the extra cash you save if you want to. Anyways, i am a 33 yr old gamer, and have always stayed away from the madcatz brand since the days during the n64. I bought alot of junk controls from them that forever made me stick with the oem brand of whatever system i owned since then. Needless to say I was extremely skeptical, but I knew I would just return it if I didnt like it so I said what the hell. Well, I think the wheel is worth what you pay for it, and im glad madcatz has finally made a quality product other than their competition fight sticks. It has alot of weight to it, almost all steel, has a nice feel with rubber grips and 270 degrees of rotaion. the included lap supports are very sturdy if you must play this way, and the secure clamp is also very ergonomically designed to secure the unit onto a desk which is probably the optimal way to set it up. The force feedback is extremely present and does a very good job of giving you a virtual sense of where your cars tires lie on the road. The noise the wheel makes is minimal however sometimes slightly noticeable. The pedal set does not feel as well crafted as the wheel, but you will not slip on the rubber grips and they are spaced very well. They provide good resistance although not as authentic as a real auto, but are very easy to get used to and learning the different vehicles in the game really lets you see just how functional they really are. The triptronic shifter really feels authentic and you can even feel the vibrations around the area where the shifter lies when you shift gears. Without a pedal set, the feel would just not be as immersive, and since they are included it just was the more affordable option. Ive been waiting for the black friday deal for 28 bucks on the forza 4 game but meanwhile i cannot put the demo of forza 4 down. It feels fantastic with the wheel and if youve ever played an arcade game that had a racing wheel attached to it like sega's old daytona usa, well, this feels better than that technology. It says on the box that it "works great with forza 4" and they are not understating that one bit. I cannot compare to a fanatec but I had to pass on that because the cheapest compatible set that is in stock available to ship is 300 plus tax n shipping and does not include a shifter or pedals. Im not saying that it's not better, the fanatec looks dope as hell, but for the price this madcatz is doing the trick.
DEC 6th 2011
Black frizzle came and went and i got mii hands on Forza 4 $(27) n I also picked up Midnight Club LA Complete Edition. ($15) My opinion about the wheel hasn't changed one bit. In fact I cannot put either of these games down, especially Forza 4. Every car just changes so dynamically as you feel the simulated power of torque going to the wheels as you downshift and take a corner or even the slight grooves in the pavement that can pull you to either side of the road. It feels pretty phenomenal, for me that is. This is the first time I ever considered purchasing a wheel and thanks to Turn 10 studios for making a game that simulates car driving at a level I have never witnessed or experienced. There may be better simulation racing games for other platforms, i dont know, but for the 360 using the madcatz force feedback wheel along with forza 4 is sure to bring you hours upon hours of enjoyment. (p.s.) midnight club la rocks just as hard but it's definitely an arcade racer. It supports force feedback on this wheel and although it's not utilized as accurately as forza 4, I would still give the force feedback and vibration support a 4.5 out of 5 on this game. Another game I tried out was Baja: Edge of Control which is also compatible with force feedback and vibration. You can feel the both functions in the game but it's not as present as in either forza 4 or midnight club. This game was meant to be played with a wheel and after having played this game with a controller for the past couple of years, i can honestly say i dont know what i was thinking. Anyway, i guess you can tell my enthusiasm. However, for 250 shipped and at my doorstep within 3 days from madcatz gameshark website, you cannot go wrong with this wheel. *You also get a full 2year warranty*
Jan 6th 2012
This wheel is still going strong! Ive had it for about 2 months and Forza 4 is still taking up all of my gaming time. Ive received games like Saints Row 3, Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid HD, n' Darks Souls over the holiday period but have not even ripped open the plastic to try them out (sorry Skyrim!) It's just that the total feeling of Forza 4 is truly outstanding with all the control that you get while playing with the wheel. One thing that has improved is the wheels overall flexibility. When I first began using the wheel it had some quirky stiff points at certain positions but those seem to have now kinked themselves out through use. I play about an average of 2hours when I get a chance, and although it hasn't been daily use, its been quite frequent.
I hope they make an optional set of steel pedals as it would probably enhance the game that much more. Overall still a phenomenal experience and cant wait to see what they can do with the power of the next gen systems for driving simulators. PEACE!
Feb 4, 2012
Almost another month has flown by and Im still pleased as punched with my racing wheel. Ive noticed a few critical negative reviews about this product and decided to lay down more information on my experience. Im still rockin' Forza Motorsport 4 every time I fire up the 360. The wheel is still sturdy, still provides great feedback from the game, and only seems to have "broken in," so to speak. I have learned the pedals "touch" and am now able to use the brake and gas more to my advantage. I recommend using some racing shoes or something with a sticky sole because the rubber padding on the pedals sticks really well to these kinds of shoes and helps with keeping you throttle and braking like a semi-pro. I have also started to use the paddle shifters more often than using the triptronic shifter and the feedback from these shifters feels closely approximated to what I feel on my real life car. Up to now, the game is still garnishing most of my 360 playtime and probably will be until the next best 360 racing game is released. Now time to go burn some mo' RSX rubber
March 26, 2012
Da wheel is still alive n' kickin wings! Turn 10 upped the cap on the car level from 150 to 999 on the recent update and its a good thing because I have been playing the game so much that I have usurped the 150 mark already.
There is just so much content by default in this game because of the amount of cars and how different they all handle. The steering wheel wouldn't mean much if it did not interact with the game the way it does, but fortunately it has done its job and is still providing its dose of awesomeness. Everything still works just as good as the day I plugged it in.
Friday April 27, 2012
I have the 5.1 dolb-digi sound turned up with Aphex Twin's "Richard D. James" album for driving music and the options to focus more on engine sounds enabled. The music goes perfect with Forza and pumps u up if you are into his music or something similar. The wheel is still working awesomely and have been taking turns playing Forza 4, Baja Off Road Challenge, and Midnight club L.A. I must say that the more I play Baja with the wheel, the more I think that they should sell that game with a disclaimer that says "needs force feedback wheel to even have a chance at winning" Its really tough, but its extremely fun especially since you are constantly turning the wheel, downshifting, hitting the e-brake to take a bank, clutching and revving to get a good start, and adjusting the damper on the springs while youre flying off a jump to land perfectly. It's alot of fun. Well, prolly be my last update for a while and will definitely post if anything bad should happen to it. Later.
June 28, 2012
Recently started playing Dirt 3 Complete. The game works really well with the game but Forza 4 still makes best use of the wheel in terms of simulation. After playing Dirt 3 fer a few weeks, I had to switch back to finishing all of the event lists in Forza 4. The game still impresses me especially after being able to buy and drive the most expensive cars. The addition of the Porsche has been really great and prove extremely fun to drive with the wheel. I still agree with my 5 fun factor stars.
September 3, 2012
I am still racking up hours on Forza 4. The wheel is still providing the same experience as when I first started using it. I also started using the "manual w/clutch" option in the Forza game menus to make the driving as simulated as possible. After switching to manual with clutch I finally realized that this unit seriously needs a pedal set with a clutch. I had to map the clutch to the "A" button on the wheel and while it works well to really enhance the simulation experience, it also shows the shortcomings of this wheel's setup.
I recently saw this wheel here on amazon advertised for $179.99 and if you can get it for that price then I feel it's a fair price. If you have to pay more then it might feel like one of those purchases you curse yourself for having to pay premium because there is no one else selling this product for less.
I still agree with my 5 fun factor stars, and if you can find this product in the 180 dollar range you might be able to justify this buy. It's still a solid wheel, and as this year has proved, has provided me with the best racing experience and the most control in game I have ever felt or witnessed. I can only imagine what the FANATEC setup would feel like and if you have extra to spend on the equipment then I would most probably recommend going with the other brand because it has so much more options when it comes to controlling what Forza 4 lets you control in its game.
November 26, 2012.
One word. Forza Horizon. Okay so that's 2 but cmon man, the game deserves it. Cant believe it was $15 on black friday from the devil store himself: The wheel plays as charming as ever although I am getting closer and closer to buying the Fanatec setup cuz its such a bute. Anyways, still gaming with da wheel alot and Horizon works beautifully with it. Just as fantastic as Forza 4! Probably gonna be my final post since its been 1yr with this awesome little wheel, but it has undergone extensive use, been used by ppl other than myself who were really rough with it, and I thankfully have not had any problems with it. My final thoughts are this; If you have the extra cash to spend please do yourself a favor and get the Fanatec. This is not a bad wheel by any means. This wheel is currently on *special* at gamestop online for $179.99 although currently not in stock. [...] At that price point I would recommend taking a shot at it. Otherwise just save up a little bit more and get yourself the Fanatec. As I reflect on the year in review I can see how it can be called a great starter wheel and a great way to greatly enhance the Forza series games or most other great racers on your xbox.
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25 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on November 15, 2011
I just received the Mad Catz Wireless Forced Feedback Xbox 360 Wheel Nov 14th. I was very impressed with the heavy metal use and quality of this wheel. The Paddle Shifters, Wheel Spokes and the Stick Shifter are made with metal. All of the buttons have a nice tight fit with no wiggle. The wheel is rubber wrapped at the 3 and 9 o'clock grip positions. When driving all of the controls are well placed. It even has the bumper buttons hidden on back of the wheel infront of the paddles. The Pedals are firm and well placed. I tested it with my Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, I don't have Forza 4 yet. (The wheel was made with Forza 4 in mind.) The game is completely controlled from the wheel, no other controller needed. The driving was INCREDIBLE. The wheel didn't fight with you, but rolled with the track. If you were on a bank it let you know, The feel through my hands was nearly what I get when driving in my truck. You can feel cracks, bumps, curbs, dirt, paved, and any objects that happen to be infront of you. The wheel has been Future Proofed by including a Mini USB Port on the back. (It is under a screwed in panel) So no worries about spending $224 on a Wheel that will be out dated soon. The ability to update the firmware takes care of any new games down the road. Yes I did say $224. I got mine through the manufacturer Mad Catz with a 10% discount and no Shipping cost during a Halloween discount. Anyways, I HIGHLY Recomend this wheel for anyone who feels the need for speed, and wants some realism to boot. Well worth it. After driving a few runs, I felt as if I was just at the gym doing an hour of workout. So it is a good workout also. Hope this review could help you out on making a decission. Driving is alot better when you have feedback, and this wheel could be put up against a $600 Fanatech setup, and hold its own for alot less money.
review image review image
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16 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on February 15, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel for XBox 360 would be a decent wheel at a lower price point. At its MRRP of $250, I feel it's overpriced by $100. At a lower price point, I might have given it 4/5 stars. For $250, I just don't see the value or quality that I expect for that sort of money.

For starters, it's 95% made of plastic (and I feel that other 5% percentage is being very generous!). For this MRRP, I expected a lot more metal (ie: quality and durability) given the 'part metal construction' claim. The only visible metal is the center face plate (where the buttons are), the F1 paddles, and the cap on the shifter. To be fair, there may be more bits of metal lurking inside that I can't see; I sincerely hope there are! Even then, this 'metal' is die-cast, and I'm just not impressed. Sorry.

See my theme here? This wheel is way overpriced for what you get!

WHEEL: 3/5 stars
All told, the wheel does have a nice feel to its steering movement. The button placement is good so that you can reach them all with your thumbs, and the F1 paddles are within easy reach of my fingertips. The sides of the wheel have a grippier covering than the top and bottom, so you won't slip while cornering with sweaty palms in a close race. The shifter is within easy reach, and, in a nice touch, is mountable on either the left or right side of the wheel, depending on your personal preference. It is, however, just a plastic shifter within in a plastic mechanism, and a die-cast cap on the end.

I tested the Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel with "Forza 4" and "Dirt 3." The wheel has good force feedback and vibration (the strength of which can be set within the individual game), as well as a good road feel. I did, however, feel some vibration within the XBOX menus (ie: while not in a game) that was noticeable enough for me to mention it here. While not in a game, this wheel should be dead 'silent.'

It's nice to be wireless from your Xbox, however you're still tethered to the power brick (which is too short; you'll need a power extension cord if you intend to sit more than 4 feet away from your Xbox) and the wire coming up from the pedals. This wheel is power only; it does not have a battery mode like the cheaper wireless Mad Catz wheel.

PEDALS: 2/5 stars
The pedal design is great, featuring top-hinged accelerator and brake pads like a real car (no clutch). However, the construction of the pedals leaves a lot to be desired. They are constructed of 100% plastic, and not even heavyweight plastic at that. The whole pedal assembly feels lightweight and cheap. For this MRRP, there should be some metal here. After all, these are the parts that gamers will be stomping on! I predict the pedals will be the first things to break for many.

The pedal footrest folds slightly (about 90 degrees) for storage purposes, or detaches completely for mounting in a racing frame/seat.

MOUNTING: 3/5 stars
The Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel features two ways to mount--desk or lap. The lap attachments actually work better than I expected, keeping the wheel more sturdy that I would have thought. Lap mount has actually become my preferred mounting way, as well as making it easy to pack up and store it when I'm done playing. The two lap mounts screw into the bottom of the wheel, and have to be removed if you intend to use the desk mount, so really, you have to pick one way or the other, or risk stripping the plastic threads.

The desk mount attachment is (again) all plastic, with a plastic nut. It hooks into the bottom of the wheel's base and then clamps down on your desk/racing frame. It seems to me that it would be incredibly easy to over tighten this and strip the thread completely.

SETUP: 4/5 stars
The Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel easily connected with my Xbox 360 by pressing the sync buttons on the wheel and on my Xbox. The headphone jack on the back of the wheel is for the newer Xbox headsets with in-line mute. Old style Xbox headsets with the mute switch on the plug will not work.

It's nice to have a firmware upgrade option. In order to upgrade the firmware, the wheel must be connected to a PC via a USB cable (not included).

Overall, the Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel is not a bad wheel for the Xbox 360, it's just way overpriced. Given the 'mostly plastic' construction and the other points I mentioned here, I feel there needs to be some serious adjustment in order for it to appeal to the average gamer.

On the other hand, serious racers will be expecting a lot more from the high MRRP, and the claims of 'part metal' construction, and thus (I feel) be very disappointed with what they get.

The Mad Catz Wireless Force Feedback Racing Wheel for XBox 360 gets 3/5 average stars from me.
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on February 13, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We've been using this wheel with Forza 4 for the last few weeks here, and so far it has been working great with no problems. I have it clamped to one of those little ten-dollar Ikea end tables (the clamp will handle the two-inch thickness of the table if you leave off the cap thing that normally would go on the end of the screw, but it still works just great).

The wheel is sturdy and feels good. The force feedback is substantial, though I'm sure less than you'd get on a high-end wheel. There are sufficient buttons, including the two on the back of the wheel in front of the paddle-shifters that took me rather a long time to discover. I have mostly used the paddle shifters but the left or right side attachable up/down stickshift is ok as an alternative (if at a somewhat odd angle).

The pedals are functional but nothing special. They are at least mounted with the pivot at the top. I did not find the spacing between the accelerator and break to be much of a problem. It would have been nice to have a clutch as an option, but honestly I'd probably rarely use it.

It has a surprisingly small wall-wart power supply with only about a six foot or so cord to plug into the back of the wheel (next to the RJ-45 jack the pedals plug in at), so an extension cord may well be required to get to a wall outlet.

It has adequately good looks and feel and construction quality for the price I think, and for someone wanting a force-feedback wheel experience for their XBOX in a medium price range, I think it's a good option.

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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 14, 2012
I was looking for this wheel but it was 250 bucks everywhere I looked. When I found it on Amazon for 180, I thought it was a miss print. Nope. When it showed up it was exactly what was in the picture, the new model wheel with pedals. Quality is outstanding. Feel is great. Force feedback is so powerful that it will throw the table I have it attached to around. I have a BMW that I autocross and I was amazed at how much DIRT felt like driving my real car. The wheel is heavy and looks like I could bolt it right on my car and drive with it. Last time I looked someone must have figiured out their mistake because the 180 price tag was gone and it was back at 250.

I love the wheel, and while 180 was a great deal considering it goes for 250, it's a lot of money to pay for a toy that you won't use all the time. But if you got the cash and you want a quality wheel for XBOX 360 you will not be disappointed in this one.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 18, 2012
I have to say that my expectation on this controller was really high... until I start using it with Forza 4 and Formula One 2011. The finishing is okay as it is the overall build quality and materials. However, I got very disappointed with the force feedback system. As it is my first time using such a feature I must say that I do not have other product as a reference. So I don't know it the problem is of this model of controller, or with my specific unit, or even a characteristic of XBox itself. To summarize the feeling, the feedback is slow and non linear (with some unexpected bumps). It is impossible to have the right feeling when doing rapid over steering corrections. I tried to turn the feedback off but then you loose it completely as there is no spring whatsoever. I sometimes still play with my Microsoft wireless wheel.
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on February 20, 2014
This racing style wheel and pedal set (and I assume others, as well) is exactly why I waited until retirement to get an X-box. I'm an old pinball???? guy. I was around for Space Invaders when it first came out. Just got the box, and tried the hand-held wheel, pretty cool. Then I found this device. It seems to have been the last on Earth (I don't really know), too bad. It is great for the money, and that is said by a guy who thinks $150.00 IS expensive. I've slid the pedal assembly all over the carpet, trying to escape capture in NFS. I've death-gripped the wheel, also trying to allude. It's held up well. It's still pretty new, but the reviews I read seem to indicate a long life. Shipped pronto. If I'd had this in college in 1970, I'd still be in school. Congratulations to all gamers who graduated ( or even came close )!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on February 11, 2012
Two issues:

1) Really needs a clutch pedal, for the traditional driving experience.
2) Pedals really need to be set up for heel & toe
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon May 19, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is my first racing wheel for gaming, so I don't have any experience with other wheels on which to draw any comparisons.
That being said I have found that I can be much better at racing games with this wheel than I can with a controller.

However, to me this inherently comes with lots of head aches.
For one, I don't like using it on my lap, if your being competitive it just doesn't feel sturdy sitting there while your playing.
Mounting it to a table is another thing. It simply would not mount to our coffee table. I would have to destroy our table in order to get it to work. Luckily I had a small table in our basement that I was able to bring up to connect it to after some slight modifications.
I don't think that this will be a problem for most people but it sure was for me.

Next up is the construction, which in my opinion is exactly what you would expect for a gaming device. Its mostly plastic. It feels sturdy to me, but it seems others have had problems with it. I think I might have gotten a solid one. (At least for now.)

I don't think this is a perfect device, but after dealing with the few head aches it sure is the best way to control racing games and if your a competitive racer then you really need to look into this or similar device. You'll be glad you did.
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on March 6, 2012
I recently purchased this wheel along with a Wheel Stand Pro and I couldn't be happier. There are lap mounts you can use but I don't think you will get a good experience if you don't get a stand. This wheel is an upgrade over the now discontinued Microsoft wheel. Even though this wheel costs more than twice that of the original Microsoft one, it's because constuction is much better. There is no wobble in the steering column and the internal gears are built better. I did have to retighten the screws for the pedals as there was some flex but after I did that, it was nice and tight. It has a forcefeed back motor and a vibration motor which work awesome in Forza 4 and Dirt 3 out of the box. This wheel is an Xbox 360 only wheel but it's not an issue for me as I only play Forza 4 and Dirt 3. A poster commented that it only has 270 degrees of rotation, this is not an issue in Forza 4 as the game was programmed for that degree of input anyways. FYI, there are lemons in every brand. A friend with the Fanatec CSR wheel and pedals has a whinning noise issue with the wheel and sensitivity issues with the pedals. He had to adjust various settings on the wheel itself to get it to where he likes it for his driving games. Is it a good wheel also? Yes it is, and it is a better one, if you can get a "good" one without issues and don't mind tweaking wheel settings. I think for anyone considering a first wheel, this is really the best one one to start out with. If you truly liked racing games and have the money, I would go straight to the CSR Elite personally and skip this and the regular CSR. Overall, this wheels works fantastic in Forza 4 and Dirt 3. Don't play racing games with a pad! Once you get a nice wheel and a stand, you'll never look back.
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