Customer Reviews: Witches Under Way (WitchLight Trilogy: Book 2)
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on January 28, 2012
Review:Witches Under Way by Debora Geary
It seamed liked I had to wait along time for this second book in the Witch Light Trilogy. It was worth the wait. If you have not picked up any of the series you need to check them out. They are a community of characters working and helping each other in the witching world.
Its fun to read and I get lost in thier stories.
This second story starts a few days after end of first book. Lizard is making soup for all the sick witches with Gina hadding herbs and Aervyn age 4 is delivering it by teleporting right in the kitchens of those sick. The young witchlings heal faster than the older ones.
Lizard is still working for Lauren and is getting ready to start collage, sell her first house by herself and lots of growing opportunities that she faces and yet to come.
Elsie starts out still at yoga but soon leaves. She is getting voice lessons from a opera singer. Elsie is willing to try new things from slowly to faster she grows in her playful side. Elise needs help to being silly and people wrote ideas or challanges that are put in a jar for her to do. Her first one is to ride an wild decorated bike out in public.
Lizard and Elsie have become good friends who are for each other. Having met at beginning of their WitchLight sentence and made to share living quarters. You want to root them on some of thier journeys. Also want to see where they go next.
Thier is more of the knitting circle ladies, water fights that make you want to join and laughter and tears. Dressing up fashion shows and new babies to love. I had a smile on most of the book and still smile as I think of different events in the book. I was given this book for free in exchange of past reviews.
1/28/2012 PUB Fireweed Publishing
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on January 29, 2012
I have read all of Debora Geary's books and this one is my favorite so far. Each book not only shows the growth of the characters she is writing about, but her growth as a writer and story teller as well!! She not only entertains us, Debora makes us laugh, makes us cry and she makes us care. Her world may be make believe, but is so beautifully written, you forget that fact and simply want to belong.

Debora has given us a wonderful world to escape to, but she has also given us food for thought. As I read I could empathize with Lizard and Elsie as they struggled with their insecurities, came to terms with painful memories and learned that sometimes the hardest thing in the world is to learn to trust, not only others but ourselves.

Witches Under Way made a dreary weekend at home with a cold much brighter!! My only regret, as always, is that the book came to an end...but the story continues and I will anxiously await the next installment.
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on January 28, 2012
Debora Geary does it again! She has such a great sense of story telling combined with insight into people, and a sly sense of humor that sneaks up and ambushes the reader. In a way I envy those people who will discover this series in the years to come: instead of having to wait for the next book, they'll have book after book to enjoy before the stories come to an end.
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on February 1, 2012
I have raved about what a wonderful storyteller this author is! I have lost sleep more than once because of her. I have mistified my family by laughing untill i cried over her work. Now i am going to warn you about maybe spoiling this story!

This author tells one hellva great story but what she writes about is the human soul and the damage it can take from those we love and those we don't. Then she makes you realize just what great and terible a thing the journey to healing can be. I never married until I reached the age of fortyseven. It was not that I did not love, just that i was not loved in return in the manner that was required by my soul. My wife has been my best friend, my partner, my mentor, and the great love of my life. I knew that but until i read this book I did not understand the risk she took to help me heal and become the man I was destined to be. I am not there yet but like Elsie i see the path and the goal.

I love a great story that makes me laugh and even cry because i can see my friends doing the things the characters do. I am truely in awe of a story and the storyteller who can make me understand my own soul and heart a LOT better!

Read this story if you dare but read it in order! Dare to allow your soul to fly!
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on February 13, 2012
Bang up job, as usual. I love all of Debora's Witch books because reading about Witch Central is like floating in the ocean. It's warm and sunny, there are ups and downs but you just keep floating along. Her pacing is always consistent, and the witches who are central to the story are always helped along by all the other witches in Berkley. And in this one, helped by some of the mortals too.

Once when Elsie was working on her fire power, they discovered a little baby boy (mortal born) was a fire witch. I also adore that the fire witches seem to be drawn to knitting, and knitting in their warm colors of red, yellow and orange.

This book touched me more than any others because I have some similar issues and frustrations that both Elsie and Lizard have. With Elsie, realizing she never really had her childhood, and missing out on all that silliness and color. I absolutely fell in love with Elsie in this book. She showed tremendous courage in facing her..."stick-up the butt" self.

Lizard is forced to do a few things outside her comfort zone. But basically it all boils down to her realizing she is worth the effort other people wish to make for her. She is well loved, regardless of her hard exterior, now she needs to learn how to accept it.

This is a trilogy, so there is just one more book. *can't wait!* But I was glad to see A Modern Witch is a series...and there are going to be 9 total. So now I'm waiting for #4 in that one too. It's like a soap opera that doesn't leave you feeling grimy after. I just adore all the characters and if this were a real place I'd go there in a heartbeat!
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on February 11, 2012
Witches Under Way is the second book of the WitchLight Trilogy. I thought the first book was excellent, but this book was even better. As Geary adds even more depth to her characters, I fall more in love with them. Lizard is still my my favorite character in the series, but Elsie is a close second. The book brought me to tears many times, but made me laugh out loud just as often. The story is very moving. Geary's gift for writing allowed me to experience Lizard and Elsie's struggles and triumphs along with them. The ending of this book will not disappoint you. It was very inspiring.
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on February 16, 2012
I've read all of Debora Geary's books and enjoyed them immensely. But Witches under Way touched my heart so deeply because I am Elsie.

Last week my mom passed away. Ours was a rough and rocky relationship for most of my life. In that last moment holding her hand, I knew what Elsie learned and it was oh so precious and beautiful.

Debora's stories can reach a place inside that we aren't even aware needs healing.

Thank you, Debora.
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on March 19, 2012
Debora Geary truly has a gift. She effortlessly creates characters you want to know and a world you want to live in. Witches Under Way is no exception. After I read the first in the series I thought she had fleshed the characters out pretty well but I was wrong. She brings so many layers to Lizard and Elsie. They have both grown so much from the first book. The relationships and friendships she builds are the true stars of the book.
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on June 17, 2014
I've read the first two Modern Witch books and the first two WitchLight books. I've loved each of them for varying reasons (and left reviews for each). But so far, this one has far and away touched my heart like no other book has.

I've read thousands of books in my lifetime - maybe even tens of thousands - and this is the first one in as long as I can remember that I found myself not only crying through in empathy but finding out things about my own psyche through the eyes of one of the characters. I think I actually made a "breakthrough" during this book. I'm 54 years old as I write this, and I was pretty sure that kind of thing was past the point of possibility.

Ms. Geary has a way of looking into a character's soul and pushing all the gunk, love, quirkiness, messiness, silliness, loveliness, passion, joy and everything else imaginable out for all to see and roll around in. She doesn't beat you over the head and try to make you see things her way - or rather her character's way; no, she weaves her words through your heart and makes you feel them... deeply.

When I started reading this series after reading the first two Modern Witch books (because someone very nicely posted a note about what order it's best to read them - thank you!) I was really resistant. Frankly, I thought Lizard and Elsie were hopelessly NOT Witch Central material. One was way to closed up and angry and the other hopelessly uptight and regimented... not exactly a smooth integration with the previously introduced horde of witch characters with hearts as big as Realm and the silliness of my favorite punk witchling, Aervyn. But as they unfolded, as they reached inside and pulled up the parts they had buried for so long. Oh! They definitely not only integrated, they blew the roof off the place!

Thank you, Ms. Geary, for this series and for sharing your beautiful creation with us. I for one will cherish these (and the ones I've yet to read, I'm sure) for a long time to come!
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on November 7, 2014
The series is called Witchlight Trilogy and the books are in order: Witches on Parole, Witches Under Way, and Witches in Flight.

Yes, they are about witches but don’t let that get in your way. I read the first book and gave it 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It was good and I mentally put it in my “I Liked It” list.

Then I started the second book and was blown away! It is going on my “Favorite Favorites” list. Not only does it have the best poem ever on “what home means” which also is an excellent mantra poem for all real estate agents everywhere, and another poem about what stupid is, it brought tears of joy to my eyes as I read the last half of it.

As I write this, I am still overwhelmed by its beauty. The growth of two women, one a late teenage delinquent and one a 30-year-old uptight psychologist, is amazing and I haven’t even read the third book.

So yes it is about witches and seems like only a good read with the first book but it becomes magical as you get further and further into the second book. I even stayed home from bridge today to finish it!

I can’t wait to start book 3.
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