Customer Reviews: Harry Potter Wizard's Collection (Blu-ray / DVD Combo)
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on March 3, 2012
This is really, really long. It's intended as a counter point to WB being so vague with their details then asking such a high price.

Here is a Summary:
* This Collection contains all of the Ultimate Blu-ray sets plus 8 DVD movies. That's 31 disks total.
* The "5 hours of unreleased extra features" are the 2 extra features disks that would be in the Ultimate sets for movie 7 part 1 and 2. Those haven't been released yet so the statement is technically correct.
[UPDATE] lists the new features as being:
"The Harry Potters You Never Met" tricks behind the major stunts in the series.
Deathly Hallows Part 1 Bonus Disc"Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 7: Story"
Deathly Hallows Part 2 Bonus Disc "Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 8: Growing Up" and
Extended "A Conversation with JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe" with 15 minutes of new footage

* The first two movies are extended (by 7 and 13 minutes) and the last two come in 3D. Everything else is the standard Blu-ray release of the films.
* There is an 8 part documentary created by WB that you can get one part at a time in the Ultimate sets or in it's entirety in this Wizards Collection. That's the bulk of the new extra features.
* The box appears to be cardboard. Really cool and fancy cardboard. They are trying to make it collectible by making it a "limited and numbered edition". As far as I can tell, there is nothing offered (the box or the special contents) that actually makes the set a collectible. It says you get a map too, but you can already buy those.
* If you REALLY like extra features, little picture books, 3D, and don't own any of the Ultimate sets then you will find the value of this collection to be... Okay.
* It's about $50 more than buying all the Ultimate sets individually.
* Look at the box sets released in France and you will either want to cry or punch someone when you realize how much better they are. I am not joking. ([...])
* WB states: "Check back to this product detail page for further details." -- [UPDATE] the WBshop just posted the same set with a new picture. It shows and bunch of cards and books and paper things as the collectible memorabilia, but doesn't list it out by in detail. [...]

If you are sitting there with money in hand and want to know what you are getting, read on. The rest of you can probably stop here unless you are a real Potter movie geek. I hate spending money and not knowing what I will get. This review is intended to answer that with a detailed analysis as the title suggests. I might be wrong in some places, but until WB releases more information, this is the best I can offer.


I'll admit, I have been waiting for this set to be released. I bought the Harry Potter 7 book set when all of the books were printed and I intended to do the same thing when all the movies had been released. I do already own the movies. It's a hodge-podge set that inclused mostly DVD's and some Blu-ray that I purchased as each movie came out. There are even a few pre-viewed ones in there from the local video store. I think like most people looking at this set, I already own the movies on DVD.

I don't mind repurchasing them as, like I mentioned, I intended to get a nicely done complete set. The "all 8 movie complete set" released in 2011 didn't cut it though, those were just the movies and I have been waiting for the "ultimate edition box set" with all the extras and extended cuts. If you want all 8 movies on blu-ray, it can be had for $80 right now. The DVD set is $50. You only get 8 discs, just the movies. You won't get any all the extras and no extended editions with those sets. The general consensus when they were released was, "don't bother, there is a better set coming".

The information on the contents of the discs in the ultimate "Wizard's Set" here is sparse, but lets take a closer look. The content description says, "Contains 31 discs, inclusive of all content ever previously released" and I can only assume it is basically the combined box set of all the previous ultimate sets.

(As far as I can tell though, that doesn't mean the Full screen versions, thank goodness.)

I'll break down what was previously released and I think some logical conclusions will arise about what is in this box set. It appears that this compiles all of the Ultimate Edition Blu-ray sets you can currently buy plus some new extra features.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Three-Disc Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray]
Disc 1 - BD Movie contains original and extended cut
Disc 2 - BD new documentary Part 1: The Magic Begins and extra features
Disc 3 - DVD extra features disk from original DVD release
Collectibles include: 48-Page Photo Book with rare images from Years 1-7 and 2 Ultimate Edition Character Cards (Card No. 1: Harry Potter, Card No. 2: Minerva McGonogall)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Three-Disc Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray]
Disc 1 - BD Movie contains original and extended cut
Disc 2 - BD new documentary Part 2: Characters and extra features
Disc 3 - DVD extra features disk from original DVD release
Disc 4 - digital copy
Collectibles include: 48-page hardcover book, Creating the Characters of Harry Potter with rare images from years 1-7 Two in a series of character cards

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Three-Disc Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray]
Disc 1 - BD Movie
Disc 2 - BD new documentary Part 3: Magical Creatures and extra features
Disc 3 - DVD extra features disk from original DVD release
COLLECTIBLES: 48-Page Creatures Photo Book with rare images from years 1-7 Year 3 lenticular card Two in a series of character cards: Hermione Granger & Sirius Black

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Ultimate Edition)
Disc 1 - BD Movie
Disc 2 - BD new documentary Part 4: Sound and Music and extra features
Disc 3 - DVD extra features disk from original DVD release
COLLECTIBLES: 44-Page Sound & Music Photo Book with rare images from years 1-7
Year 4 lenticular card Two in a series of character cards: Ronald Weasley & Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody
Downloadable digital copy

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Two-Disc Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray]
Disc 1 - BD Movie
Disc 2 - BD new documentary Part 5: Evolution and extra features
Disc 3 - DVD extra features disk from original DVD release
COLLECTIBLES: 48-Page Book with Rare Images from Years 1-7 Year 5 Lenticular Card Limited Edition Character Cards #9 Luna Lovegood #10 Dolores Umbridge

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Two-Disc Ultimate Edition) [Blu-ray]
Disc 1 - BD Movie
Disc 2 - BD new documentary Part 6: Magical Effects and extra features
Collectibles include: 44-Page Book with Rare Images from Years 1-7 Year 5 Lenticular Card Limited Edition Character Cards: #11 Draco Malfoy & #12 Albus Dumbledore

[The Ultimate Edition set hasn't been released for HP 7 parts 1 and 2 yet]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 3D (Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack with Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD & Digital Copy) [Blu-ray 3D]
Disc 1 - BD Movie
Disc 2 - BD extra features
Disc 3 - BD Movie 3D copy
Disc 4 - Original DVD release

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two (Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy)
Disc 1 - BD Movie
Disc 2 - BD extra features
Disc 3 - BD Movie 3D copy
Disc 4 - Original DVD release

The first two movies have extended versions, though it doesn't sound extrememly notable like the extended LOTR. Sorcerer's Stone gets 7 extra minutes and Chamber of Secrets gets 13 extra minutes.

The last two movies Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 are the only movies with 3-D versions.

From what I have read, the original WB press release on the individual "ultimate" sets claimed that each film was going to get extended cuts, but only Chris Columbus added these. Plans to extend the rest seemed to have been cut due to director interference and budget issues. I wouldn't look for this any time soon (ever?). Which is a shame.

There seems to be an 8-part documentary series called "Creating the World of Harry Potter" that was released one section at a time with each ultimate set. The last two ultimate sets haven't been released. I can only assume the last two parts of the documentary would be in this Wizards Collection.

Unfortunately, unlike the UK release, this does not contain a digital copy. It is an "Ultraviolet Digital Copy". You can find more information on this online, but basically it is a streaming service you sign up for and add the movies to using a code. It requires an internet connection to use.

For extra features, as far as I can tell, movies 1-5 went to DVD first, the Blu-ray versions were introduced years later. The ultimate sets included a new BD with new extra features and then included the original DVD "disc 2" with the old extra features. Starting with movie 6, Half-Blood Prince, the extras were on BD and DVD. However, compare the "2 disc Blu-ray" and "3 disc DVD" sets. The Blu-ray set combined both the old DVD extras and the new BD extras into a single BD disc. That will be important below.

This new box set "Contains 31 discs, inclusive of all content ever previously released, in addition to over 5 hours of never before seen special features. 18 movie discs"

Assuming they release the same discs as were used in the previous ultimate releases:
2 - BD with movie and extended cuts
6 - BD with movie
2 - BD 3-D print for the last two movies
Then add:
8 - Original DVD movies
= 18 movie discs

Now that leaves 13 discs for the extra features.
I count 13 extra features discs in the sets above. That's 8 BD and 5 DVD.

Remember, this new wizard set is boasting "over 5 hours of never before seen special features". That will likely be composed of a few hours of the last two parts of the 8 part documentary series plus something else. I had though the extra 5 hours would just be a new disc for the Wizard Collection. After looking closely at what WB did with the Half-Blood Prince Ultimate 2 disc set, I changed my mind.

It just says "5 hours" of new unreleased special features. The Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2 ultimate sets have not been released, but I think they already have the new special features Blu-ray disc produced that would appear in the ultimate sets and just like with movie 6, it would combine all the extras into a single disc. This disc will replace the old BD disc released with the previous Blu-ray sets for movie 7 and would have new material. Namely Parts 7 and 8 of the documentary series they had been releasing. Those two discs together will contain the 5 extra hours of new features in this Wizard Collection. That still adds up to 13 discs so the math works out as well.

[update] lists this info: (direct quote)
Nearly 4 hours of features including: All New! "The Harry Potters You Never Met" - Watch how thrilling stunts from the films were performed, and learn about the tricks behind the major stunts in the series. · Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 Bonus Disc o Over 2 hours of features including: All New! "Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 7: Story" · Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Bonus Disc o Over 4 hours of features including: All New! "Creating the World of Harry Potter, Pt. 8: Growing Up" and All New! Extended "A Conversation with JK Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe" with 15 minutes of new footage.

The digital copy won't be on a disc. That appears to be all contained within the Ultraviolet streaming service.

The ultimate sets already released had a series of small 44-48 page books that coordinated with the part of the extra features documentary released with each movie.

The Wizard Collection information set currently says, "Includes multiple specially-produced, collectable [their typo] memorabilia items, including concept art, a Map of Hogwarts and much more! Check back to this product detail page for further details."
The WBshop posted the same set with a new picture showing the extras. It looks like books, postcards, and other flat printed material. There are no detailed descriptions.

I'll assume that will contain the books. Possibly the cards from the above ultimate sets. Plus a "map of hogwarts" which could really only be a Harry Potter Marauder's Map. But it might not be as large as the ones on amazon and thinkgeek, who knows? has no Marauder's Map for sale on their site any more, I can only assume they pulled all of their stock because it went to this box set release?

You do get the neat fold-out box to contain everything. As far as I can tell, this is high quality printed cardboard/paperboard. I have two issues with it: 1) you can't get to the movies if there is anything around the box, such as other movies on a shelf. 2) from the pictures, it looks like the drawers are much too wide for the DVD's contained within and I expect to see lots of wasted space.


Having said all that, do I think it is worth the money? Well $350 is a lot for this set. The $500 list price is a joke, it is set that high so they can mark it down.

WB has previsouly released some of these movies over a dozen times in different forms and I think 99% of the people looking at this set already have some or all of the movies, probably the early ones on DVD. Unlike when Star Wars was released on Blu-ray, all of these have already been out on Blue-ray and in 3D and the two extended editions can be found individually. There needs to be enough new value to make the set worth it.

If I wanted to buy all 6 of the ultimate sets plus the two 4 disc with 3-D sets of movie 7 that I linked at above, right now today (March 2, 2012) from Amazon, it would cost me $312. They range from $35-$50 a set. If the last two 3D versions dropped in price from about $50 to $35 to match the rest of them, then you are looking at about $280. Used sets and shopping around might lower that more. This could be even cheaper if you don't want 3D, and a lot of people don't judging on 3D TV sales.

That $312 is almost the price of this ultimate wizards set. The wizards set adds value with the fancy storage box, the 5 hours of new extra features, and a map (plus possibly something they haven't announced).

If you just want the movies, you can get all 8 for $80 on Blu-ray or $50 on DVD.

If you just want the extended movies, you can buy the ultimate sets of movies 1 and 2 for less than $40 each.

The digital copies (ultraviolet streaming service) are a joke and I don't consider them to be adding any value at all.

The lack of extended versions really hurts the value of this box set in my mind. The only real added value are the new BD extra features and the fancy box.

If you really like extra features, I am going to have to say that despite the really high price, it is about the same as buying all the ultimate sets up individually and might be worth the money. The Ultimate sets and Wizards Collection will have 8 BD worth of extra features not seen on the 2 disc DVD and BD releases (assuming they release the ultimate sets for the last two movies). However, I am not seeing a lot of value added over what I already own. I have the last two movies in Blu-Ray and could get the first 6 ultimate sets for $210 and be pretty happy. I would only be missing out on 5 hours of extra features, a box, the map, and 3D version of the last two movies. I would be paying $140 less than the current pre-order price for this Wizard Set.

If you don't like extras, but want Blu-Ray, you can get those movies for $80 and if you have all of the 2 disc DVD collections you will have 20 of the 31 discs contained in this set.

At $350 for the Wizard set, you are paying $43 for each ultimate set. Or to put that another way, if you could find each ultimate set for $35 and bought 8 of them, you would be paying the extra $70 for the fancy box and map contained in this Wizard Collection.

Realistically, if this new wizards set was around $250 I would consider it a good value (that would be like getting each ultimate set for $31 and a free extra storage box). Box sets like these are generally expected to have some bulk savings over buying everything individually, but I think WB is looking to create a collectors item and raise the price, even though the contents don't warrant that treatment. To make it a real collectors item, there needs to be something here besides the cardboard storage box that you can't get anywhere else. In the current announcement, there isn't.

At the $350 price I am more wary about the purchase. At $500 I wouldn't even consider the purchase. Even though I waited to buy this set, I don't know if I will. Perhaps a more detailed official announcement with details making it sound like an actual collectible item will sway my decision.


One last thing. They really could have made the box nicer. I don't mean that as wishful thinking. Check out what was ALREADY released in France (for about $250 USD). Both of these, even now, can be found second hand for around $500USD plus import shipping.

A wooden box with a drawer on front to hold the movies (no folding out sides) and a stand for holding the Elder wand (included). Also all 8 films in Blu-ray and 3 bonus discs. This set is classy and I really wish I could have one.

Intégrale Harry Potter 11 Blu-ray - Edition limitée spécifique
This one has Hogwarts Castle resin hand painted with plexiglass cover and a nice wooden drawer containing all 6 of the ultimate edition Blu-ray sets underneath.

Coffret Intégrale Harry Potter 1 à 6 - Edition Prestige limitée Château de Poudlard [Blu-ray]
If they had made a nice heirloom box like these, even if the wand stand didn't come with a wand (you can buy the Harry Potter Official Collector's Wand - The Elder Wand for about $25) I could see A LOT more value in the sets and it would be a real nice collectible way to store the movies.
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on October 28, 2012
This is a counterpoint to the reviewers who criticized the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection without actually buying one. I did buy the set.

Bottom line: It is a quality product. The box is sturdy and not as cheaply made as some reviewers claim. The "collectibles" do include some nice items, such as the cloth map of Hogwarts, the Noble Collection Horcrux Locket, concept art prints, and the catalogs of props and posters. There are several featurettes on the bonus discs that have not yet been released in other sets. Overall, it is a pretty comprehensive video collection and has some nice extras. Would I have liked to see something like the two wonderful collections sold on Amazon France with wooden cabinets and real collectibles? Of course, but both of those (the one with the Hogwarts Castle model and the other with the Elder Wand Display) are $350 EUROS (more than $450 dollars) and don't include a third of the disks you find in this collection. One of the French sets only comes with the first 6 films.

The Down Side: $350.00 is a bit steep for most buyers, but when you add up the value of everything it is a reasonable retail price. It would be a better value priced at $300 when compared to buying individual blu-ray sets of the films, and would probably get a lot more rave reviews instead of criticisms. The disks themselves are comprehensive and have all the film versions available elsewhere. There are no extended versions beyond the first two films, so that is not a valid point of criticism as the Directors and Producers never saw commercial value in that. Maybe they'll change their minds later, but considering how long ago HP3 was made, I wouldn't get my hopes up. The UltraViolet Digital Copy versions of the films is a straight up con-job/load of garbage from WB. It is a worthless system and other big filmakers like Disney opt for iTunes and other true downloaded copies for a reason. You need a fast internet streaming connection for the UV films and you can't take them with you. Most public WiFi is inadequate and you sure don't want to use cell networks to try and watch films like these on the road.

I certainly don't regret buying this set, and it got a lot of oooohs and aaaahs from everyone that saw it. If it were $50 cheaper and had true digital downloads of the films I would have given it 5 stars. As it is, the hard core Harry Potter fan does get good value for their investment.
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on July 29, 2013
I am a huge potter fan, and I love the Wizard's collection. I got it as a gift, and all of the items included are awesome. Its also really cool to have all of the films in 3 different media types. Although its pricey, I'd still say that it really rounds out my collection of HP paraphernalia. And to all the people complaining about not getting extra footage, stop. The films themselves are a good enough reason to get the collection!
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on September 10, 2013
I know many people are upset that this set doesn't include any previously unreleased footage or extended cuts. If you already own the movies, then I wouldn't suggest buying this set.
That being said, when I bought this, I didn't own any of the movies. I also got the set at a considerably lower sale price, so it worked out in my favor. As someone who would spend money to buy items from the novelty collection, I was ecstatic when I got it. I didn't realize that it came with a few extra things, so it was a nice surprise.
Do I think it's worth $500? No. However, it is nice enough, so if you can get it at the sale price and don't already own the movies, then get it.
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on September 7, 2012
This set is completely awesome, and yet totally unnecessary. There is very little new content here. The ultraviolet copy is going to be useless to most people. Even the goodies inside look pretty much like stuff you've already seen in books like "harry potter: film wizardy" & "page to screen". What you are paying for here is just the super big & really nice display box that it comes in. It's not wood (like another reviewer suggested). It's some kind of very sturdy cardboardy type stuff, but it is just beautiful looking. All the little drawers & compartments that pop out are so cute. I opened it, looked through all the stuff, & thought "that's great, but now what will I do with this giant box?". 13"h x 10.5"w x 11"d. This is clearly meant only for the superfan with nothing else to do with their money. But if that describes you - you will seriously love this thing. If you're not willing to pay the $$$, don't worry, you're not missing much.
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on September 10, 2012
I'll not waste your time with what's included in this set and what is not. Other reviewers have listed it all out, and very nicely at that. I'll also not waste your time bemoaning the price. It is what it is, and you're going to know whether or not you can afford it. What I will do is give you the three-point twist of a true Harry Potter geek.

1. The cardboard case. It is covered boxboard, a paper product. It's pretty sturdy. An adult geek/collector will not have a problem keeping this in great shape. If you got this to play the discs over and over, you should have gotten the 8 disc Ultimates set.

Also to note - this is a big, big box. While it's box-shaped, making it easier to store, it's not going to fit on your Blu-Ray shelf. It may not fit in your entertainment center either.

2. Extras. The extras are everything here, and I don't mean the extra scenes/documentaries. The map is nice, but no better than you can find on several web sites. The production sketches are beautiful, and great quality. The label portfolio is so fun! I love it, even though it's not a high-quality item. Best of all is the Horcrux locket. It's gorgeous. I wish it was made of silver, rather than a base metal, but this was the piece that put me in the pre-order category. This piece meets my expectations (even at a limited edition this is a mass-produced item), where the sketches exceeded my expectations.

3. Digital copy. The digital copy is available through UltraViolet, which kind of makes me mad. I think I'll download it and save to my PC, but I hate having to sign up for UV to do it.

I'm happy with this overall, and I would pay the sale price again if I had to do it all over. I am a HUGE HP geek, so your mileage may vary.
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on September 2, 2013
I absolutely love this collection. I wanted it the day it was released. I almost preordered it. But it was VERY pricey at that time. Too pricey for most Potter fans, including me. I am so glad I waited! I took advantage of the lower prices on it now that it has been around for a while. I think I would have been disappointed had I paid the original $500 price tag for it. But for $200, which is what I paid, it was worth every penny. However, I see now that I got a real steal on this item, it appears the price has gone back up somewhat. Don't know if I would have paid over $300 for this set even now that I have it. I'm glad I got it when I did.

It has all the movies in bluray, dvd, and digital, plus bonus footage, behind-the-scenes looks, and some cool extra features. Just the box itself is amazing! The dvd's are packaged beautifully in individual book-like boxes for each movie. It has all sorts of little compartments, some kind of hidden, with all sorts of movie memorabilia. The only thing it didn't have was a marauder's map. I would have liked one of those.

I will say that if you are a Harry Potter nut, you will love this set. OK, I also own a cloak, a wand, a time-turner, and a broom (I only use them on Halloween, I mean, I'm not totally nuts). That is how much I love the world of Harry Potter. If you love it just as much, then this will be the piece de resistance of your collection. And despite the fact that they didn't sell nearly as well as expected (mainly because of the cost issue, I think), they are still a limited edition and someday will no longer be available.

I will also say that if you already have all 8 movies on bluray or dvd, then you may want to wait until the price comes back down. The features and knick-knacks that come with this set are not worth the money if you already own all the movies. But if you don't, or if you still want a really nice collector's edition of the films, then this will suit you just fine.
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on January 12, 2013
The box is fun to go through, and really packed with extras. The actual design of the box is really pretty awesome, and finding all the trinkets and stuff is quite the experience. After reading about some people experiencing scratched discs, I went through and checked as well, and found about 4 of the DVD discs were scratched. I doubt that it would've happened in shipping, as I just don't see how that could happen. Personally, I think these sets were put together by hand, and the DVD's were stacked on each other prior to being put in their place. While the item is brand new, and seeing scratched discs is pretty disappointing, it's not something that can't be fixed if I really wanted to, and having a blu-ray player, those are the discs I will be watching. TL;DR, it's sad to see scratches on a new item (hence the missing star), but, for me, not a deal breaker.
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on January 2, 2014
Let me start this review by saying I was not originally a Harry Potter fan, but I married into it. I bought this set as an anniversary present for my wife when Amazon featured it as a Gold Box deal. At normal price, this set is a tough pill to swallow, but at Gold Box price (and even Amazon's normal price), it's worth every penny.

Unboxing: This thing is HEAVY! I actually have to lift it out of the shipping case and the normal WB cardboard box, as it was too heavy for my wife to comfortably lift. Once it was out of the box, you can really feel the quality of the outside of the display box. Yes it is cardboard-core, but it has a great feel when you run your hands over it. The front of the box is held on by a decently powerful magnet, but folds down with little effort. It's strong enough to keep the box from accidentally opening, but it won't keep your 80-year-old Harry-Potter-loving grandma out of it either. I also strongly recommend opening it on a large and sturdy table, as our attempts to examine the box on the couch, then our coffee table, ultimately proved fruitless.

Inside the box are a number of items that any Harry Potter fan will recognize: the insignias of each House, a map of Hogwarts, and even a Horcrux locket. Being modeled after the Weasley Twins' Skiving Snackbox, it's fitting that there are a number of drawers and secret compartments that hide the various trinkets and discs in the set. Unfortunately for my wife (and this is why I removed a star), there appears to be a serious quality control issue at WB's supplier for these boxes: the sketch prints and label collection booklet were missing from the set we received. Amazon promptly authorized an exchange, and we found the same two items missing from the same drawer in the new set. I contacted (my first mistake) and was told that they wouldn't do anything because I didn't buy direct from After going around for a couple of weeks, I finally got in touch with someone very helpful at WB Home Video support, who promptly sent out the two missing items and a copy of The Great Gatsby on Blu-ray for my troubles. That's a whole other story not relevant to this review though, so back to the unboxing!

Everything else seemed to be present and all non-disc pieces were in excellent shape. Unfortunately, the discs were not. The cases the discs come in are of reasonably good quality and should not result in much, if any, damage during shipping. Despite this, 16 of our 31 discs were scratched or discolored in some way. Since we had two box sets in our home at the time, we were able to piece together 30 discs that had little to no damage, and one disc that was pretty scratched, but played without error. The set we ended up returning to Amazon had 31 scratched discs. That's a pretty atrocious rate of damage for a product marketed (and priced) at this quality level. This is reason #2 for losing the 5th star.

Despite having this set for about 3 months now, we still haven't watched all of the extra features. That said, the features we have watched have been very entertaining. It's true that most (if not all) of this content can be found in other Harry Potter box sets, particularly the Ultimate Editions of the years that have such editions, but when taken as a whole this set is really a great collection. The audio and video quality of many of the special features leaves a bit to be desired, particularly when watching on an HD TV, but that seems to be the status quo for special features these days. Hopefully this newfangled "HD" craze will catch on in Hollywood soon and we'll see them give the same love to the special features as they do to the feature film itself.

Speaking of the feature films, the Blu-ray discs contain the same excellent transfers as the existing Blu-rays you could buy separately. This set also includes UltraViolet copies (which I refuse to use on principle) and DVD copies of each feature film. I ripped the DVDs to my PC and converted them to MP4 format so that I can put them on my iPad for long flights. Without the DVD copies of the films, I wouldn't have been able to do this, so that's a huge plus for this collection for me as well.

This collector's set is definitely one of the nicest and most complete sets I've seen for any product. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise would be remiss to pass this set up.
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on July 6, 2013
This is a nice gift for the serious fan. The little trinkets it includes isn't great, but the box is an interesting conversation piece. All of the films are on blu-ray and it does include 3d versions of the last two films. There is a little overload with the different versions of the same film, especially when there's a DVD and blu-ray for a lot of them. This is where the HD-DVD format really worked out better with the HD version on one side and the standard format on the other.
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