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191 of 203 people found the following review helpful
on July 2, 2010
The reason some people are having digestive discomfort from the Wobenzym is because of the amount of Protease in the formula. If you have digestive issues the Protease can irritate things. Additionally, Garden of Life cleaned up the original formula. Taking out the unnatural pharmaceutical binders & fillers. This is making the tablet disperse and absorb better, making the ingredients more effective. This is causing the digestive discomfort.

I would recommend starting out with a very low dose, 1 tab 2x per day and gradually increase that every few days. If the issue continues stop using the product. It just might not be the right product for your body.
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on December 21, 2010
I purchased this product about a year ago after reading Enzymes: What the Experts Know, by Tom Bohager. At issue in my case was steadily worsening autoimmune disease. I didn't notice much difference for the first few weeks, but gradually it began to noticeably lessen all my symptoms. About two months ago I transitioned from vegan to a 100% raw diet in an effort to make even greater improvement, and after only 2 weeks or so experienced complete freedom from the pain, swelling and stiffness that had become such a regular part of my life. Today I continue the enzymes and the raw diet and feel better than I have in many years.
As far as the formula being different from the original MUCOS tablet, as far as I can determine, the difference is the Garden of Life formula does not contain the Amylase or Lipase, the enzymes for breaking down fats and carbohydrates. I suppose to remain true to the original formula, ([...]) one could take those enzymes separately. Also of interest on the above link is the dosing schedule, which for the original varied somewhat depending on the issue. I took about 12 tablets a day for the first month.
The most difficult aspect of taking this effectively is timing with food intake! So important to take on an empty belly, and I am a grazer. I have found taking one dose at bedtime and the other before I get out of bed works best for me.
Lastly, the 800 tab price here is by far the cheapest I have found.
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67 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on August 17, 2012
Give your body a break from the NSAID's. This stuff works just as well with no side effects. 2 years of knee, ankle, hip, and foot pain rarely comes now after 4 months of Wobenzyme. Shoulder problem almost completely gone. Back issues, pain down 80%. Literally the best product I've ever taken and I am a "supplement junkie".
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on March 21, 2012
I am writing this review after 4 months on a new regime in which Wobenzym is a key factor. I have been diagnosed with "fibromyalgia/lyme/yeast/ibs/thyroid/perimenopause", etc... I am 46 and have spent the last 5 years visiting over a dozen doctors, having unending tests and paying thousands of dollars out of pocket. I have seen traditional doctors and naturopathic doctors, and have tried everything from acupuncture to ingesting magma, cortisone shots to adderall. In the end nothing helped my never ending joint pain in my hips and shoulders, my intestinal problems, extensive swelling all over and breast pain, and foggy brain and vision.

FINALLY however, I seem to have stumbled on the combination that has slowly and surely been balancing my body and turning back the clocks. Instead of feeling 60+ as I have for the last few years, I have started feeling like my "old self". I have had far more energy and have been able to start running, my pain in my shoulders and hips is essentially gone, my GI issues seem resolved (I have been able to occasionally been able to eat wheat, sugar and dairy which I haven't been able to eat for years), and I have actually been able to back up 4 levels on my reading glasses!

The solution seems to be threefold, and makes sense overall, as all the systems involved in the problems are involved in the solutions. In November I started on a low-dose "pill" (mircette generic) in order to alleviate ovarian cysts, which made me feel somewhat better but most of my symptoms still remained. A few weeks later I started up a combo of Wobenzym and Dr. Ohhira's probiotics Essential Formulas Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics, Original Formula, which seemed to me like they may address my remaining symptoms.

I have continued to use this trio, and have been BLOWN AWAY by the results!!! I definitely move backwards if I stop any of them, but bit by bit I have been able to get totally off of most of my other supplements including adrenal and thyroid. I am sleeping better and have far more energy. The strangest thing is that my body seems to be looking more like it used to, like going back in time.

I have had some complications with taking both the Wobenzym and the Dr. Ohhira as they both need to be taken alone, away from any food. And they both certainly have the ability to cancel each other out as well. So I have moved toward taking 4 Wobenzyms on waking with the pill as they seem to be somewhat energizing. Then I take 4 again a few hours later and then again maybe early afternoon. I can't seem to take them later in the day as they make me feel a little hyped and I can't sleep. Then I take 2 or 3 Dr. Ohhira at bedtime, far after dinner, giving them overnight to work. I know they say to use it twice a day but can't fit that in.

The threefold "cure" seems to be resolving problems in my gut (always primary, but no other probiotic has ever really helped!), yeast issues, joint issues, overall inflammation, as well as hormones and brain functions. My whole body finally feels like its getting balanced and my future feels a lot brighter.

The Wobenzym and Dr. Ohhira are not cheap, and in the long run I will definitely take a punch in the wallet but the solution is far better than spending the money on countless supplements, tests and doctors that didn't make a dent in the problem.

Good luck if you are going through any of this same hell. Hope your solution is right around the corner as well!
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69 of 74 people found the following review helpful
on May 18, 2013
Forget about the many causes pains. In Europe they give this product to car wreck patients in the emergency room. Not in the United States of course. One major cause of heart disease is inflamation from high homocysteine levels. A REAL doctor told me about this product 13 years ago. Can't say enough good things about it.
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93 of 103 people found the following review helpful
on September 9, 2012
I have been taking Wobenzym N for two weeks, but at a lower dosage. I started slowly, 1 tab. daily, and have built up to 2 tabs. twice a day on an empty stomach. This medication has been wonderful. I have been diagnosed with 3 bulging disks, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis, and bilateral facet arthropathy. I also have arthritis. Two specialists have strongly recommended surgery. I had constant back pain, with numbing of my right foot, and a sharp pain radiating from the center of my buttock to the middle of the back of my thigh. I also had pain in my hip. I was slow to rise from a sitting position, always walking leaning forward at the waist, and limped. I had great difficulty climbing stairs. According to my last bone density test, I have lost 2 inches in height. I was finally resigning myself to the fact that I needed surgery. Then I started taking Wobenzym N. WOW!!! I haven't felt this good in years. My range of motion has greatly improved, and the pain level has significantly decreased. I am walking without a limp at my normal rate (fast), I can now raise my leg from a standing position to put on my pants. I can bend forward over the sink to wash my face. It's amazing! I am in a much better mood!! I had been coming home from work for over a month, and just not able to go any longer. I would curl up in bed and lie with a pillow between my legs in the fetal position and wait for the pain to subside to a manageable level. I have taken anti-inflammatory drugs (Meloxicam) for over 5 years. This last month before Wobenzym N, I had been taking muscle relaxers daily, along with pain medication when the pain was severe. Since I started with Wobenzym N, I have not taken one muscle relaxer, no pain medication, not even Ibuprophen, and I am beginning to cut my anti-inflammatory meds. in half. I can't wait to see how I feel in a month. Yesterday, I went shopping and walked the mall for several hours (unheard of for me lately). Then, I came home and cooked a delicious dinner without having to sit down every 5 minutes. I have so much more energy. I have not experienced the stomach cramping that others have reported, but I have never taken 3 tabs. at once. Eventually, I may work up to the recommended dosage, but for now, it is working and I feel great! I even sent a bottle of Wobenzym N to both of my elderly aunts who suffer greatly from arthritis. It has been a God send. I can't recommend this medication enough!!!
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98 of 111 people found the following review helpful
on December 7, 2011
It may not be fair for me to write a review on this product. I am a family nurse practitioner whose practice focuses on Complementary and Alternative Medical (CAM) approaches. In my 30 years of practice I have found enzyme therapy to be the single most powerful approach for restoring balance to the body. I recommend a lot of this enzyme and a host of others. Have seen the use of Wobenzym N turn long standing chronic pain issues around in as little as a week - even for clients who were medicated or in active or had past physical therapies. Worth a try for anyone with chronic pain issues. I would suggst you visit their website for dosing information as the "label instructions" may be adequate for what proteolytic enzymes can do to enhance immune system activity but "shy" on what may be required for getting chronic pain under control.
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85 of 98 people found the following review helpful
on July 7, 2011
Shark's cartilage, glucosamine, chondroitin, mega-vitamin C, Vioxx (before it was taken off market), you name it, I took it = over $500 minimum at least at my local vitamin/natural healthfood store alone. Wobenzm-N saved my knee.

I ran for years with RARE knee pain and one night stepped off a curb the wrong way and my knee went one way and my leg the other. EXTREMELY painful. I stupidly ignored the swelling and pain for 2 months and finally had a scan - torn meniscus, etc. Had surgery and my physician's staff forgot to get me that machine that forces your leg to bend up and down so my leg SCARRED DOWN badly which we found out only after the 2nd physician follow-up appointment when the doctor accused me of not using that machine and I said "What machine"? My whole leg was HORRIBLY PAINFUL - especially the calf and off I went for more scans this time for blood clots because the leg wasn't exercised with that machine. In addition, some muscle was cut that normally kept my knee cap in place so my kneecap had to be taped down or it would move out of place (very gross looking and painful). My knee stayed so swollen my jeans had to be cut off at the thigh on that one side or else it was loose sweat pants. X-rays showed severe arthritis now (funny that it was not noticeable before my surgery) and my physician wanted to replace my knee to which I said NO.

Bottom line: My leg was strapped into that now delivered machine 8 HOURS A DAY plus 3 hours x 4 days a week with a physical therapist. My leg would bend very little, it was beyond painful and the knee STAYED swollen and so hot sometimes my physical therapist refused to start treatment without calling my physician. This went on for over 6 months. The mornings were worst as my leg was so stiff and painful.

The woman at the health food store kept telling me to use Wobenzym N and I refused thinking I don't have an "enzyme" problem. In desperation, I purchased a bottle and took 5 at a time x 5 times a day - MORE than the requirement but I did NOT care. On the 3rd day, I got up from my bed in the morning and walked down to the kitchen to feed the dog and cats and walked back towards the bedroom and WHAM - realized my knee did NOT HURT. It was almost like it was BEFORE. I kept taking the pills 5 of them x 3 times a day this time and my knee swelling started going down. It took about a month and I could get back into running as long as I did it slowly. Today, I am STILL FINE with RARE knee pain. I still keep a bottle of Wobenzyme N on hand just in case.
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20 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on February 4, 2014
I have been using Wobenzym for several years and have found it to be amazingly helpful. I initially started taking it to help with IBS issues, but also have a reconstructed ACL and have had so few problems with it that I can't help but feel the Wobenzym has also helped with that.
I want to address the issue of digestive problems that some people have mentioned. Others may have a different problem; but having a "toxin purge" is fairly common when a person's system is getting balanced. It has happened to me several times and did when I first started taking the Wobenzym. About three or four days after starting it I had a lot of digestive problems and felt kinda' fluish,, then I felt even better than ever, and then had another "purge" about two weeks later. I've had very smooth sailing with it since then. I hate to advise someone to just stick with it if they are having a different problem, but wanted to mention this possibility.
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43 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on October 16, 2012
Been taking Wobenzym for more than several years now. Before that, I could hardly walk after playing basketball and had to depend on Advil which didn't really help much for the extreme pain in my knees. A local health food store manager first suggested I try the combination "Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM". It did help a little and I continued taking it. Then a few months later he told about an amazing supplement called Wobenzyn which was getting rave reviews in Europe. He said that professional athletes in Europe were achieving amazing results during their trainings from taking Wobenzym. So I decided to try it for myself despite the high cost.

I've been taking supplements for a long time and understand that your body can take a while to start to assimilate a new supplement. So gradually after about 6-8 weeks I started to notice a difference in pain level in my knees and started to take less Advil. And after 4-6 months I no longer have to take Advil at all and I could now walk normally after playing a few hours of basketball! To me that's a real "miracle" considering I was a 40 year old playing against 20-something year olds!

Throughout the years I would run out of Wobenzym because of financial reasons and I noticed that I started to feel body aches that I haven't felt before. That definitely gave me undeniable confirmation that Wobenzym really does work!

Every individual is different, so it may not work for everyone. But follow the directions carefully. Be sure to take it on an empty stomach. At least 45 minutes BEFORE a meal. And at least 1-1/2 hours AFTER a meal. BE SURE to take it with a FULL glass of water (8-10 oz.) Also IMPORTANT - start out slowly. Perhaps start with 1-2 tablets a day for the first week. Then gardually increase by 1-2 tablets each week. Normal dose is 3 tablets 2x daily. Advance dose is 3 tablets 4x daily.

Since I've been taking it for a very long time, I have advanced to 5 tablets 2-3 times a day. I read that some cancer patients have taken as much a 20 tablets a day (5 tabs 4x daily) for an extended time. And have experienced complete remission with proper diet and exercise!

Also don't under-estimate just how powerful your "mind" really is. This can work both ways! If you truly believe that something can help you and that it will work - more likely than not, it eventually WILL work! On the other hand, if you have "doubts & skepticism" and your "belief" just isn't there - there's a good chance it will NOT work for you. Even if the supplement really DID help, your "negative mindset" will NOT allow it to work for you!

So "keep that in mind"! ... I wish you WELL! =)

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