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on April 14, 2014
This is by far the best horror/slasher film I have seen so far this year and have a feeling it will make my top 5 of the year.In this sequel the action and gore start 10 minutes into the film unlike the first one where as it took almost an hour.It has one of the most brutal and realistic dismemberment scenes I have ever witnessed in a slasher film plus decapitations and the good ole "head on a stick trick".

Mick is at it again ,ridding Australia of "tourist vermin" and he let's no one get in his way,no one is safe from his vile actions.Whether he's in his hunting truck,stolen semi,horseback or on foot.

The original is a classic but I believe this will be as well.The pace of the film is perfect and we get a lot more action and a lot more kills and gore in this film.if your a slasher lover its not to be missed.
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on April 27, 2014
I first saw the original Wolf Creek in about 2010 and was absolutely amazed. I am not much of a fan of horror movies and never go out of my way to watch one but Wolf Creek was different.

Greg McLean's Wolf Creek 2 returns to follow xenophobic psychopath Mick Taylor as he hunts for new victims. Unlike the original WC, this sequel picks up on action immediately and it continues to pack in the drama all the way through. Much of action follows Paul, a British tourist as he runs from Mick.

The thing that I like about Wolf Creek 2 is that it is realistic. This isn't to say that it is accurate to history but rather that it is quite plausible. This alone makes it terrifying but adding in Mick's predatory character and you have an incredible film. The Aussie History scene between Mick and Paul brilliantly calls to mind Bilbo and Gollum's high-stakes game in The Hobbit. The realism may not be a soul-crunching psychological kind of some horror films but it's enough that I turned every light in my house on.

For the occasional horror movie watcher, this is a great pick as it will make you squirm and scream throughout. I'm just glad I watched it AFTER I got back from my backpacking trip to Australia rather than before.
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on May 5, 2014
I was really looking forward to this flick. Wolf Creek was excellent and in my excitement, I forgot about sequels not being as good as the original (except in very rare cases) and my expectations were unjustly high. I had nowhere to go but down but that's my fault. The flick is fine, a must see for any self respecting horror fan. How could you pass up the opportunity to see some more Mick? In the first one, the bulk of the action revolved around 1 set of friends. Here, there are more unrelated people that are 'Micked' so the tension and suspense isn't as consistent or sustained throughout as the original. Once we get to the main protag, it settles on a decent level of tension throughout. There is a lot of atmosphere, in terms of the setting and use of rich horror visuals, once you arrive in Mick's lair. As usual, the outback is awesome. Rent it and just adjust your expectations as it is a sequel.
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on April 19, 2014
Holy crap, I am absolutely amazed and thrilled to see a horror movie sequel that is actually GOOD instead of being not so great or even worse. Let's go back to Wolf Creek 1 when it was first released in 2005, this horror movie was actually an instant classic with true horror fans since this movie was not loved by all because I'm sure the non-horror fan audience was expecting more of a SAW like movie but what's so unique about Wolf Creek 1 is the fact that it is actually based on true events. Now Wolf Creek 2 has been getting a ton of great positive buzz from several people who saw the movie at festivals and such. I wanted to buy Wolf Creek 2 from Amazon but for some reason Amazon didn't allow anyone to rent the movie on 4/17 because it was nowhere to be found but I was easily able to find it on my living room television through the cable provider and rented it for $9.99 which includes 48 hour rental as well. Anyways, this movie delivered exactly what a horror sequel should be and I seriously hope directors/writers/etc are taking notes from the director Greg Mclean because he absolutely delivered. The best part about this sequel is that the director didn't rush because this sequel came out 9 WHOLE years after the first movie which is perfect. Honestly, I am not a fan of rushed sequels because even though the excitement is there but the actual film will most likely fail or even worse by going straight to dvd. I personally believe it's best to wait awhile before releasing a sequel because it can create more interest, more buzz and hopefully deliver a good film as well because by the looks of Wolf Creek 2 so far, it's been doing very well! I cannot wait for the 3rd movie if it ever happens and you will see what I mean after you watch this film! Once again, RENT THIS MOVIE! Please support this awesome horror movie for true horror fans since the horror industry is actually blowing up these days and it can be hard to get a decent horror film every now and then. Oh make sure you watch the first movie before you watch this one, trust me it's perfect! The best thing about this sequel is the lead character, Mick Taylor who is played by the talented John Jarratt since he absolutely delivers a truly horrifying performance!
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on June 26, 2014
This second installment kicks off with our villain Mick getting a speeding ticket out of his usual neck of the woods and comes out blazing with a sniper kill right off the bat. Mick is at it again and this time its a new set of backpackers that cross his path. The tension and kills are all white-knuckle moments that will leave you gasping. This sequel was even more brutal and fast paced than the first. If you like straight-forward thrillers or slashers I would highly suggest this film. It left me shocked and saying wow.
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on July 16, 2014
Done in a different style to the original film, I actually found the sequel to be more entertaining. It's not a big group of teen/early twenties backpackers being weeded down one by one, this time it's done a bit more like it happens in real life, one or two come across by the killer at a time. Being a movie there's obviously a couple of victims over a couple of days/nights but other than that sped up timeframe, that's what happens in the real world. In the real world a bus load size groups of kids going missing gets noticed and attention, and a lot of public pressure and police resources thrown at it, whereas a couple or a single traveller, by the time it's noticed they haven't been heard from, they could have disappeared from anywhere.

Mild spoilers - The movie claims to be based on real life events and one of the targets for the serial killer resembles the couple which resulted in the Peter Falconio disappearance where his girlfriend escaped to tell the story and ultimately the killer was convicted. There's also similarities to fictional tales such as there's a scene that pretty much follows the ending of the movie Duel. The isolated possible salvation house has been done numerous times before too. But that doesn't mean those unoriginal scenes don't make a fun horror movie in conjunction with the rest of the film.

I did find it surprising that they used a Rolf Harris song in a scene being that he's been recently convicted and jailed for crimes against children. Obviously the film would have wrapped up filming before that occurred but the accusations were around. Did they add that song to make the Mick Taylor character more creepy and his victim more intelligent for trying to lower the guard of his tormentor and bond with him by singing it in the first place knowing that Taylor would probably see Rolf as another predator?

Like most horror movies there are times when you yell at the screen at the stupidity of the victims, why are you doing that? Why aren't you running away? Why don't you just go off road since you're driving a jeep? Stuff like that, but I think this formula is in horror movies as yelling at the stupidity of the victims lets us think that if we were in this situation, we might survive. We might have a chance.

I understood what happened in the ending but not why it happened? That was the only major thing that let the film down overall.
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on June 1, 2014
Finally a creepy character you just want to run far away from .Even knowing running away from this lunatic would be a good idea you really want to fight back . This movie leaves you totally disturbed . Knowing this is based on a true story makes it even more scary . Totally heinous making it a good flick .
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on May 18, 2015
I hate to admit that I was a little disappointed when I saw the film. I'm a great fan of Greg McLean, John Jarratt and the first film. I mean the opening sequence was so cool that you have to see it to believe it, but that was it. It's always dangerous to open a film with a big bang, because 'most of the time what follows can't deliver, as it was the case here. After the big opener it was same old, same old like part one. There was a fun scene between Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) and Paul Hammersmith (Ryan Corr) during the infamous Aussie quiz sequence but to have two highlights during a running time of 106 min. is a little lame. Mick Taylor, one of the most iconic villains in recent film history should have deserved a far better sequel than this.
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on August 1, 2014
If you love blood and limbs lying around than this is for you, if not just close your eyes throughout the movie first class viewing all the way. Now if you blink you might or might not miss something good, suspense is fantastic right from the beginning, seeing is believing now this man is very short tempered so don't upset him by all means, he has got a job to do and that is make a mess and the more mess the better, to bad for the victims and the cleaners who have got to clean up after him. Story is fabulous actors did a marvellous job of dying with a little bit of fate they wont meet him again. Really I did enjoy this show so I'm rating this an A grade plus for the suspense and fabulous ideas on how to kill people when they are a pain in the butt. I felt sorry for some of the victims but not saying a word in case he hears me. I wouldn't let young children watch it because it's a bit rough. Story goes that some travellers get lost in the desert and seek help?. That is an no, no. So not to turn you off your tea I will say no more and let you decide for yourself after you gather up the popcorn and movie and get ready for a great night in with brilliant entertainment that you wont forget in a hurry. Enjoy!
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on January 10, 2015
let's talk about the wrong place and the wrong time! The second Wolf Creek movie based on a true story (could be). this time the focus is more on the villain, Mick Taylor, talk about super Australian patriot. He seems to bear a grudge against anyone who is not Australian. We also focus more on one victim who after Mick has done in a couple of German tourists, poor British Paul (played so very well by Ryan Corr) is tortured and tormented for what seems like ages. There are a few other incidental victims here and there but the adversarial relationship between Mick(too true seemingly played by John Jarratt). There is more tension ans suspense and more psychology in this one, much more than the first one. A very good follow up and worth a look if this is your genre.
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