Customer Reviews: Wolf Star: Tour of the Merrimack #2
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I started reading this book with mixed feelings, having seen the reviews here about it. Some people felt betrayed by the ending in the first book, and almost had to fight to read the second book. Some only read the second book because they had already purchased it.

I liked this book very much. The way she shows just how completely history can be changed, from the global, epic scale of events down to the insignificant minutae of someone's life - it was almost awe inspiring to follow, remembering from the first book how it had been previously, and seeing what she wrote now.

I agree that some of the characters don't seem as "lovable" in the second book, but then again that was part of the whole point I believe. What happens to us makes us who we are, and if something had happened differently, we would be colored differently by those incidents. She does a great job of weaving this new reality into being. I can't wait to see where she goes with the next book in the series.
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on March 9, 2011
So I'm posting this review of the second book directly after posting my review of the first book. I read them one right after the other. Both books had me so engrossed, even given the surprise ending of the first book, that I read both books in four days.

This books kinda/sorta picks up where the first book ends, but you do have to read it a bit before you figure out what the author is doing, and at that point, you start to get a glimpse of the madness that must be working in the authors mind. This is definitely not your stereotypical time-travel/alternate universe story. The author begins to work previous plot elements into the story in such a sinister way it becomes almost an "aha!" moment.

So now I'm hooked, and will have no qualms about picking up the third in the series, and if the author can keep up the pace, I will no doubt be following Farragut for several more boos.
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on December 28, 2008
I enjoyed THE MYRIAD, the first book in the Tour of the Merrimack a lot. This one is even better. Meluch's writing style is fast and vivid, and the pages turn unbelievably fast. She has an amazing way of getting the point across in a few terse words, which other authors would spend paragraphs describing. One of the most exciting books I've read all year. I can't wait to grab the next one.
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on January 18, 2007
I have always considered Rebecca Meluch to be one of the very best science fiction writers working today. I cannot understand why she has not received more acclaim. Wolf Star continues the series begun in The Myriad. At the end of the first book, an escape through a wormhole and back into the past slightly reset the current Universe. The Hive, the main enemy through the main section of The Myriad, seemed not to exist, and the Roman Empire was America's greatest enemy. In this book, the Hive re-appears, and it becomes apparent that the backstory of The Myriad is, with slight changes, the story of Wolf Star. As usual, Rebecca Meluch's characters are larger than life, well drawn, interesting, each with his own unique personality.

The plot is engaging, though I am not sure why she chose to write these books in what is essentially reverse order, the end of this book being the beginning of the last. Since we already have a pretty good idea of what is going to happen, a good deal of suspense is lost. Nevertheless, the details are exciting, the action engrossing and the characters sympathetic. A terrific story, and I'm looking forward to the next.
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on August 11, 2012
I enjoyed this book very, very much. I had started to read the first book, something held me back and I put it aside. Months later, I ended up reading this one and this one clicked with me. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I ended up reading the one I put aside, and enjoyed that one quite a bit.Many characters from The Myriad have interesting roles in WolfStar. This is the second novel in the series, yet the first novel I read - has the Merrimack not only fighting the Romans, but dealing with the Gorgons (those pesky eating machines). There is much more to both stories, but I've already let loose with enough spoilers. The action scenes keep you pumped, and in general this novel is a compelling read. I might have become re-addicted to space opera from reading WolfStar.

John Farragut and crew have been fighting the Roman Empire - which has risen again in the far future, now claiming their own planet and trying to claim many others. The new Roman Empire would like nothing more than to subjugate The U.S., or course. But John Farragut is one of those charismatic leaders who seem gleefully crazed and yet his whole crew follows him loyally.

There's a lot going on in Wolf Star - fights with Roman ships, quite a few close calls and those pesky insects that have killed many planets and ships. There is of course, some SciFi facts inserted, though inserted in a non-boring way. Not being a scientifically minded person, I'm not sure how accurate the scifi is, but it's presented in an interesting and easy to swallow way. Works for me. Because even though I don't consider myself a Scientist Genious, I love reading SciFi - especially SciFi with plenty of female characters who actually have important parts to play.

What I enjoy about the series so far - besides the crazed plot and events - is the narrative style and the dialogue. M.J. Meluch really can write great dialogue - the characters read like the people they're supposed to be. Sometimes when reading a book, you KNOW you are reading dialogue. Other times, it's such a seamless part of the story that you almost forget you're actually reading a novel. Know what I mean? It's hard for me to emphasize enough how important dialogue is to me while reading. But Meluch does a great job of writing dialogue. The narrative is damned good too - it just flows. Now that I've read both books, I'm not sure why exactly I put aside The Myriad the first time I read it. I think I just hadn't really become absorbed by the character of Farragut yet - who is one of those annoyingly charismatic leader who you can't help but become fond of - even though at first you might not like him. Ever meet anyone like that? They are so good at seemingly letting things roll off their backs, so easygoing that it's refreshing when they show their beserker side - and Farragut loves a good fight. He's also sly like a fox - only one is never sure if it's by accident or for real. Either way, once you get used to his sheer exuberance, he's one of the favorite characters.

If you like your SciFi kind of crazed with lots of twists, turns, some gore (not too bad) and suspense with a teeny bit of romance, then this will be a great series to read. It's got it all, light on the romance (no heaving bosoms, but there are some lingering hot looks - though not a huge part of the stories), heavy on action, great dialogue with laughs and sarcasm; wonderful characters who are can be full of honor and yet can surprise you. This series is really feeding my SciFi cravings. :) I am looking forward to reading more from Meluch.
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on May 1, 2015
Space opera done right. Occasionally a bit corny but dead on the most of the time. Characters you can sink your teeth into. The Marines are particularly well drawn,but none are cardboard cutouts. Lots of action without being dark or gratuitously violent. Serious without being grim. Meluch writes with a deftness that gives honor to the profession. Thank you,Ms. Meluch
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on January 29, 2014
I love a good long space opera series. This one throws you for a good loop with a parallel universe twist in book #1, and you spend at least half of this book getting your head on straight. But it looks like it's all starting to catch up now, and the characters are engaging enough, if not compelling.
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on May 2, 2007
This is a great, fast paced sci-fi book that carries all the best elements of a great story: Great plot, great characterization, a fast-easy-stylish punchy prose or writing style that makes it delicious to chew on. There are also a couple surprise plot twists and turns that are like a knock out punch coming out of the dark. Very fun. This book isnt quite as good as the first in the series, so my actual rating is a 4 to 4.5, but it is still great and a great component of this fabulous series.

*Read this book if you like action-adventure sci-fi with intriguing plot! Great series. Cant wait for the 3rd book coming in 11/07
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VINE VOICEon August 4, 2010
After reading Myriad (#1 in the series), I moved forthwith into this one. As noted in my review of the first book, there was a surprise ending there which comes into play in this second book. Honestly, I resisted it, not *liking* how the first one ended, and what it might mean for this second book. That was mainly because I had already "bought in" before the first one ended. By the time I finished Wolf Star, I realized the surprise (and perhaps bitter-tasting) ending of Myriad had nudged the story to new and unexpected levels and directions. The characters you got to know, the ships, the dynamics, the antagonists, the tech...all carry through to and expand in the new plot direction. I think if you experienced the first book as I did, you'll be back elbow deep in it as well by Chapter 2. If this is your starting point, I would encourage to reconsider that and read the first one first. An effort is made early on in Wolf Star to bring the reader up to speed, but there's really no substitute for having read Myriad.
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on April 7, 2012

This book is a quick fun ride and not a bad follow up to book 1. Truth be told, you don't even really have to read book 1 to enjoy book 2.

In any event, the author has a knack for making his characters 3-d and writing military-esque sci-fi. There is a feel to decent military sci-fi and many authors can't pull it off. This author can.

The plot is decent and the pacing keeps you turning pages.

Never really a dull moment and I look forward to the next book.

The only downside is that there isn't a lot of "meat" to the plot and its a little on the thin side. Not in a bad way per say, there is more than enough there to keep you entertained. If you are expecting something on the scale of Peter F. Hamilton or Kevin J. Anderson then you are going to be disappointed.

But, if you want a quick and fun ride then this is your book.
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