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on May 20, 2014
First-person shooters today are generally lame experiences. Unpopular opinion though it may be, it's still one that I stand by. Let's face it, ever since the first "Modern Warfare" hit the market, every big company has been trying to compete with Activision's juggernaut, which means tacking on multiplayer onto everything imaginable and cobbling together a story campaign in order to make the game a more complete package or vice versa. Unless, y'know, you count "Titanfall," which just said "screw it" to the idea of a campaign and decided to charge full retail price for a multiplayer-only experience. It's very rare to see a developer actually care enough about a shooter to cut out multiplayer and focus on building a strong single-player mode with a compelling plot, interesting sets, and villains that go beyond "people who aren't white" or "Russian people." Yet that's exactly Machine Games has given us in "Wolfenstein: The New Order." Yeah, it's kind of sad that Nazis are a fresh idea in today's gaming landscape, but hey, I'll take what I can get.

"The New Order" imagines a world in which the Nazis nuked the United States and effectively won World War II, allowing their war machine to take over the globe under the watchful eye of the sinister General Deathshead. Every major location in the world has been overtaken by the Nazis, making everything into a concrete-and-metal jungle. But one man won't go down without a fight. Cue one BJ Blazkowicz, longtime "Wolfenstein" protagonist and rugged soldier with a penchant for reflective inner monologues. In a coma for 16 years after a failed assault on Deathshead's base, he's out for blood, attempting to find a resistance against the Nazis and aid them in their efforts. With the aid of old friends, along with new partners such as his nurse of sixteen years and returning soldier from the middling 2009 entry, Caroline Becker, he'll take on cyborg dogs, giant robots, and an army of black-suited Nazis in order to get to his arch-nemesis and return order to the world.

Say what you will about yet another game where a rugged white guy saves the world, but I found the premise and execution of "The New Order" to be quite spot-on. Blazkowicz is a really compelling protagonist, no longer the bland meathead he's been in past entries. He has a serious case of survivor's guilt, is a ticking emotional time bomb, and has some really clever and insightful things to say in his narration.. Not only that, but he's a funny and likable protagonist on top of that, with some of his quips and mannerisms aiding him in breaking the mold in terms of FPS protagonist. Sure, he's no Nathan Drake or Joel, but he fits the bill quite nicely.

The rest of the narrative does, too. Surprisingly, the cast is pretty interesting, and the female characters avoid simply being sexy partners to ogle. They're pretty well-written and resourceful, which is a saving grace in a modern shooter, where it's usually a remarkable feat having any female characters to begin with. On top of this, the story is very, very compelling and executed with a cinematic flare that rivals most things trotted out by Hollywood these days. In my opinion, too many shooters today lazily rely on first-person cutscenes and in-between animations that consist of maps or codec screens, and seeing professional, well-executed cutscenes to drive the narrative forward is quite exciting. Conceptually, too, this game is interesting, taking a concept woefully squandered by "Turning Point: Fall of Liberty," then doing something unique with it. Truly, the idea of a world in which the Nazis have overtaken everything and purged "impure" people out of society is horrifying, and to execute it with such panache and flare deserves serious commendation.

It's very interesting, though, that I'm more taken by the narrative than I am the gameplay, which by and large is nothing to write home about. Granted, it's miles ahead of modern military shooters which have two weapon slots and an abundance of quick-time events, and that alone makes it worth recommending. At the same time, the actual shooting mechanics and weapon selection are a tad boring. Yes, blasting off Nazi limbs and decapitating troops while dual-wielding assault rifles is really satisfying, but I wish there were more diverse weaponry to utilize. Most weapons are things you've seen before, and while all of them have a degree of nice kick and control to them, I feel like a game with a premise of a world overtaken by Nazi technology would have more compelling tools of destruction to utilize. So while shooting things is fun and all at times, I just wish the gunplay and guns to kill with were a bit more creative.

Yet at the same time, I can't help but to applaud the decision to have gameplay here so varied and open-ended. Many studios try and fail to provide a playground in which players can be set loose to approach situations with stealth, tactical warfare, or all out assault, but "The New Order" is one of the rare ones that I feel hits that beautiful sweet spot. The game never tells you what to do, or guides you in a specific direction, with the exception of some corridor segments. Instead, players are set down somewhere and told to do a certain thing, but not how to do it. Maybe you'll commandeer some turrets and blast apart a base, along with any reinforcements that pop up. Or maybe you'll dual-wield knives and crawl through that base, silently dispatching everyone and then going about your merry way. Will you sneak onto a watchtower and snipe enemies, or will you run in with a machine gun with the intent of turning them into Nazi Swiss cheese? The choice is yours, and depending on your actions, you'll get perks in certain skill trees. Yes, this is one of the rare games that rewards you based on your in-game actions, and tailors itself to your playstyle. It's a nice touch that prevents things from getting stale, unlike the useless upgrade function in the last entry.

"The New Order" is a game that hearkens back to mid-90's shooters with stiff challenges and big maps, yet reminds me of modern games in the vein of "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" in the sense of its progression and sets of choices put in front of the player. Honestly, while it lacks polish in some areas such as weapon variety or some pretty questionable texturing at times, it's one of the better shooters I've played in a long while. The lighting effects are simply gorgeous, especially on current-gen systems, and the environments are fun to mess around in. Nazi AI is generally pretty dumb, but it's dumb in that way that makes the game really humorous and fun at times. Whatever glitches here are minimal, and the rare ones I've bumped into don't harm the game and actually add to a more fun, entertaining atmosphere. There's a certain satisfaction to playing a modern, pretty-looking game where hunting for medkits and running out ammo are common occurances. Very few games manage to mix old-school and modern sensibilities and pull it off, but that's exactly what Machine Games has done here.

"Wolfenstein: The New Order" is not a perfect game, and indeed, there are some departments it could use some serious improvement in. Yet overall, it's a complete package that I would heartily recommend to most people. There's plenty of replay incentive, and a constant series of memorable set pieces that are a blast to, erm, blast through. From stealth missions to assaults, stabbing to exploding, this is the game people who are bored to death of modern shooter conventions have been waiting for. If you're not a fan of first-person shooters, then there's not much this game will do to win you over, but if you've been starved for something fresh since the adrenaline-shot of creativity that was "Bulletstorm," then this'll fit the ticket quite nicely.

And to think, they didn't even need to add on multiplayer. Your move, Activision and EA. Your move.

Score: 8.75

UPDATE (5/28/14): Having finally gone through the entirety of the campaign, I've elected to write a little bit more. The last few sets of levels are fantastic, and coupled with some narrative decisions that came out of left field and genuinely shocked me. The ending left me almost as breathless and shocked as that of "The Last of Us," which is some of the highest praise I can heap onto a game. While I still have issues with the weapon selection and the basic shooting mechanics, I can safely say that this game is well worth your time, especially if you're looking for a plot that defies all expectations, and will certainly change the course of this venerable franchise forever.
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on May 20, 2014
I can write a two page long review over this game, but I will leave it to a quick synopsis of my thoughts. I have played all of the Wolfensteins to date, including Raven's dud of a 2008 Wolfenstein. Haven't seeing a Wolfenstein game in over 6 years, I was quite excited to play this.

*No Multiplayer (GOOD), 5GB day one required patch*

+ Old school appeal with new age graphics, they hit it right on the mark.
+ Throwable knives, they are retrievable.
+ Dual wielding weapons, it does not feel awkward at all.
+ Game is extremely gruesome and violent.
+ You can pretty much play 75% of the game or more in complete stealth mode. The takedowns and throwable knives are awesome.
+ Story is actually pretty strong, it has just enough serious appeal to make it a mature game without being goofy.
+ Solid FPS controls, awesome lean/duck/cover system.
+ Manual pick up of items (armor, treasures, loot, ammo, etc). It reminds me of what old school FPS games use to be.
+ Great/traditional map system.
+ Graphics are stunning for console.

Killing Nazi's has never been more fun. Simply the best Nazi game to come out in the new gen so far and probably all of last gen.

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on May 21, 2014
Wolfenstein: The New Order

Platform: PS4


• The studio finally characterizes one of gaming's oldest icons: B.J. Blazkowicz, and does so marvelously.

• The player will encounter amazingly rich, and intriguing characters throughout the story.

• A surprisingly serious tone is taken, when considering the franchise's track record, and it works well.

• Gunplay is intense and addictive.

• Stealth is a viable option throughout most sections of the game.

• The game looks and runs very well graphically.

• Crazy boss fights and and shoot-outs galore.

• Campaign is around 11hrs long, depending on difficulty, and offers two different story lines depending on choices the player makes early on.


• A.I. is laughably stupid during stealth sections, (they turn a blind eye to dead comrades).

• The lack of multiplayer impacts the replayability of this title.


Overall, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a great experience for any shooter fan, especially those starved for next-gen content. Wolfenstein offers an amazing story with unforgettable characters, (the kind of stuff most shooters don't even bother with), while still delivering an action packed adventure. Highly recommend giving this one a look!

• Story - 9
• Gameplay - 9
• Presentation - 9
• Total - 9 / 10
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on May 21, 2014
I didnt expect Wolfenstein to be this good. Im finding it really enjoyable game and a lot of fun. It is quite challenging in places which will keep me entertained for a while. Amazing fun! Doesn't require much thorough thought. You will be killing Nazis, lots and lots of Nazis.
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Wolfenstein: The New Order is the first game developed by MachineGames, a new game development studio comprised of industry veterans who worked on such titles as The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness. After leaving Starbreeze, these talents started MachineGames to continue their passion of making great games, and if Wolfenstein: The New Order is any indication, this studio has a bright future ahead of them.

First and foremost, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a single player game. Is that a negative? Not one bit. There are enough multiplayer games out there if that's what you're into, and only a few of them actually succeed, so it's best to leave multiplayer to the games that have people who want that and not waste resources on it when they could be better spent making a meatier and more satisfying single player game, and that's exactly what MachineGames did with Wolfenstein: The New Order. Depending on your style of play, you can get 20 hours out of this game on one playthrough, which is very long for a first-person shooter. In addition, both running & gunning and stealth are viable options since the level design allows for exploration and planning which is important if you're playing stealthily. This also adds replay since there are two different ways you can play the game. As for the shooting, it's so buttery smooth and packs a punch. I haven't played a shooter in a very long time that felt this good. As for stealth, it's pretty basic but satisfying. It's fun throwing knives at the enemy or using a silenced pistol. :)

Onto the graphics, this game is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, so it's a cross-generational release, which means it won't be the most graphically impressive game you've ever seen. Sometimes it looks outstanding, sometimes it looks okay, and other times you'll notice that some textures aren't as detailed as they could be. With that said, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a rarity on consoles like Xbox One and PS4 since it outputs native 1080p resolution and 60 frames-per-second on both.

Now the big surprise for me is the story. Wolfenstein was never known for story, but The New Order changes that. Likable protagonists, despised antagonists, all wonderfully voiced and acted. In addition, the soundtrack is tops.

Wolfenstein: The New Order surprised me by how good it is. Probably my favorite FPS since Half-Life 2.
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on May 27, 2014
This game was way beyond my radar after the previous wolfenstein release which was not cutting it fo rme . But after seeing some of the trailers and upcoming gameplay I was intruged. Then I got to play it at the Bethesday PAX East Party and it connected instantly , even though it was just a demo part of the game. So after talking to the producer/dev? that was there and playing it I decided to preorder it , if not just for the fact I wanted to support the effort to bring a meaty single player campaign in a shooter.

The game went into the stratosphere for me in terms of art, design and story telling. You can go from stealth to BOOM BOOM FIREPOWER in a matter of seconds and everything feels brutal and awesome. The facial animations really bring home the feel of the story line .

Gameplay wise it has part old school(pickup items with a button push) part new game play (part regen health)types and it works perfect. There are those that complain about being less accurate while dual wielding, but that is the trade off to the increased firepower you get.

The points of critique I have are the fact something is not quite right with the sound mix,from what I heard it because it only supports Dolby 5.1 anything else and you are out of luck and the sound balance is off somewhat. The sometimes spikes in difficulty ( but I have seen games with worse).
and transitions to the movies are a bit jarring.

This game has two storyline options based on a choice you make in the first level and tons of hidden treasures and story features ( newspaper clippings atc that really build the world .

Get this !! do NOT SKIP ..
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on May 21, 2014
Wolfenstein the new order is a Epic Single player First Person Shooter and on the PS4 it looks Amazing!! if your a fan of any kind of Shooters and enjoy a good story Buy this game and add it to your collection!!!!
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on May 21, 2014
[no spoilers]

I remember shareware.

I remember the simple, fun playability of early Id games.

I HATED DOOM III; stopped after maybe an hour or two.

This is my second PS4 game ( the first was Tomb Raider Definitive Edition).

The brief introductory cut-scene/learn the controls seems a lot longer than it really is.

I couldn't help comparing the controls and action tree a bit thin after TR.

But then, as soon as you walk thru one door-- Wolfenstein returns to its roots with major upgrades.

What I am absolutely loving about this game is how well I think they managed to keep almost everybody happy.

It's a first-person shooter with some great (and some meh) visuals and naturally wonderful "id" sound mixing.

This does not play like BF or CoD. It plays like The Spear of Destiny in HD.

It's not, but that's where it takes me. Same rhythmic muppet-like movement (especially dual wielding).

Bust crates, pick stuff up, shoot.

That's it.

No quests (yet) that have you interacting with many people and running from one edge of the map to another. No gold farming. No "history of Skyrim" books to slow you down.

There appears to be a leveling system, but I'm feeling it may be more like TR in that regard, vs. a true RPG.

I love the fact that there are doors/portals at the end of each level. Classic!!!

I am not only happy with this purchase, I am relieved and thrilled.
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on May 30, 2014
Great first person shooter.
Brings back nostalgia for me, I played the first one way back in 1991 on a desk top during my trip to Desert Shield and Desert Storm on my ship in the Navy.
There are even a couple of retro play times, pretty cool.....
Buy it, play it, love it.......
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on May 20, 2014
I was a little hesitant to purchase this game as it seemed like a usual cookie-cutter shooter game. However Wolfenstein is something more. I have played the past Wolfenstein games and enjoyed them all. The New Order reminds me a little of classic Wolfenstein the PC game and it plays a little like the Resistance games. It has a very classic feel, it is challenging and very entertaining to play. It has action, crazy machine guns, lots of violence, and plenty to explore and do. I like that there are little secrets around each level which if you're rushing you'll run right by them. This game is flat out fun! It has a classic feel with nice graphics and solid control. The level design is very good and feels more open then your usual FPS. The story is phenomenal and very deep and engaging.

+ Awesome, fun gameplay. Low repetitiveness and high repeatability.
+ Solid story, keeps you engaged in the characters and gameplay.
+ Very detailed graphics and decent sound.
+ Well put together, no glitches or stability issues.
+ Classic game feel on a next-gen system.
+ You made decisions which result in a slightly difference story and gameplay experience.
+ There is much to explore and some really cool secrets to uncover.

-/+ No Multiplayer, but I'm okay with that.
- The AI seems inconsistent. At times is quite decent, however there are instances where the characters don't react how you would expect them to. There was a time where I was looking at a desk and picking up items, there was a bad guy right behind me just standing there alert and ready to strike, but he didn't move or react until I went in for the kill. Just a few odd AI situations like that, but I've seen much worse.

The case says there is no PS Vita support or remote play options, however it does work. You may not have as many control options as with a regular PS4 controller (weapon choice wheel, mêlée, sprint), however you can play well remotely on your PS Vita.

Classic gamers (us in our 30's+) as well as newcomers (you 14-year olds) will both find this game quite enjoyable and fun. It does have a very good story as well, which pulls the gameplay together even more. It's very well built and put together. Wolfenstein is a lot of fun with very enjoyable gameplay which I see playing multiple times. The graphics are clear and detailed and while they are not mind-blowing on the PS4 (due to it being a multi-platform game) they still are quite solid and smooth. The gameplay is fast and full of action which keeps things interesting, reducing the repetitiveness you would usually get from a FPS. I've played it twice and received the platinum trophy. A great game and a lot of fun!

Highly Recommended!

psn: adrielaugust
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