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on February 15, 2013
First, people telling you to go one full size down are correct. My size is 10.5 inches on a standard ruler, and I got 9.5 sizes boots. They are still a touch bigger in the toe than I would have expected, even one size down. My foot is narrow, so I got a D width. You want to go a full size down in length. (I also have some Alden boots, and the 9 Alden is the same size as a 9.5 Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot. I also have a size 10 Doc Marten shoe. All are exactly 12 inches long from heel to sole tip. If that helps you size things, use that as a practical guide.)

Second point, the leather is a thicker but still supple grade of leather than most modern products. The first day I put them on, the boots were comfortable. The boots did not pinch or bind. The leather was already fairly ready to wear. This kind of surprised me. I am used to thick leather being, well, thick and inflexible. But the tanning and curing process on this stuff must be more akin to better-quality leather clothing than we are used to in other products these days.

Third point, the heel is made of a vibram rubber, but the rest of the sole is a thick leather. If you live in an area of frequent rain or snow, this presents a problem, because wet sole leather is slick. Wolverine's *Courtland* 1000 Mile Boot has a rubber sole, so think about that if you are concerned about such stuff. The Alden "Indy" boot also has a rubber sole, which makes it a better sole for wet conditions. The comparable Red Wing Heritage boot has a rubber "commando" sole that is better suited for snow and wet conditions, but I have had both the Red Wing and the Wolverine boots in hand, and I think the Wolverine boot had better leather. So I went with the Wolverine product. Still, I think this is the largest flaw in the product. If I ever have a cobbler resole the boot, I will address this at that time.

Fourth point, the toe cap is *not* steel, but rather a plastic molding. If you need stout protection from something like bricks falling, this is not the boot. The plastic protects the boot's shape and look, not your toes. Similarly, the heel cup is there to keep the boot's shape. It does not feel like the sort of form that will provide protection from a crushing force. Put simply, these are boots, but not hardcore shop wear boots.

Fifth, the hooks for the boot lacings are nice features. They allow you to get the boots on and off easier than eyelets all the way up would. The Red Wing Heritage boot has eyelets all the way up. I prefer the hooks.

Sixth, I have a high natural arch. The boot seems to accomodate it well, and I may not bother with any inserts. I stand at desk all day (it is a stand-up industrial desk used for work) and my guess so far is this will not be a problem. The boot seems to be made to fit real feet. Still, some may want inserts to make the boot more like Ecco or other modern designs to "cup" the foot.

Finally, if you are looking for a full "dress boot", go up to the Alden. If you are looking for a slightly less expensive everyday boot to wear with jeans or even khakis, this will do well. If you need a daily work boot for hard conditions, don't buy either Alden or Wolverine--they are a bit too dandy.

Edit: I have had the boots for about six months now, and they still look excellent, wear well, and overall provide great footwear.
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on September 5, 2013
I've had these boots for a couple of years and at first I was very impressed. The Horween's leather is thick and smells amazing, the fit and arch support are excellent and the craftsmanship appears to be first rate. They do run a little big as many have stated, but I feel it is only a full size unless you are comparing them to sneakers; otherwise a half size down should do. I normally wear a 12-12.5 in a real shoe and the 12's in these fit me fine.

There are some flaws that bear mentioning in a $350 boot. The leather sole is quite thin; more what you'd expect in a dress shoe. These should have a double leather sole or a thick leather midsole. The heel stack appears to be leather, but upon closer inspection is some kind of cheap imitation. The foot beds also appear to be synthetic. How much money could that really save? Lastly, and this is inexcusable is a lack of customer service; Wolverine did not even reply to my query about having then resoled. After I put a little more wear on them I will send them out to Nick's or Drew's and have them upgrade them to the double sole and leather heel stack. For a few dollars less a pair of Red Wing Beckmans are a better option and if you want a really premium pair of boots a pair of White's can be had for only $50-$75 more; customer service with both companies is first-rate as well. They are nice, but given their faults compared to their price I would not buy another pair. $350 should buy no corners cut and good customer service.

Just followed my own advice: sold my 1000 milers on ebay and put the money toward a pair of White's Semi-Dress!
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on January 17, 2013
These boots are truly something else. Nowadays it is hard to find products that are real quality and have decent craftsmanship. I received the brown ones for Christmas 2012 and have worn them since then. There is no real break in time needed. They felt pretty damn comfy after the first couple uses. They do scuff pretty easy but the wear of the leather is what makes it look even better; it gives it character. Speaking of leather... The leather they used on the boot is pretty thick but not stiff which is nice. Wolverine uses pretty good leather. I opened the box and got punched in the face by that manly leather smell. Lastly, on whatever boot you decide to buy, make sure it has those nifty little eyelets like this boot does. It makes lacing up and taking the boot off so, so much easier/faster.

Words of advice:
*Size down, they do run big. I wear a 11 dress shoe and 10's fit me perfectly.
*Treat them well. Research how to care for leather (mink oil, etc) and these will last for a damn long time.
*If you have issues Wolverine has a concierge service only for the 1000 mile line of shoes.
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on May 8, 2014
I've been buying a bunch of boots lately, with a focus on U.S.-made boots for daily wear that are all very similar in design to this 1000 Mile Boot. In the past couple of months I've purchased (among others) the Chippewa Service Boot and the Red Wing Round Toe 2962. (I've also been looking at the Red Wing Beckmans, but at ~$340 felt I could get comparable quality for less.) So, when I saw the price on the 1000 Mile Boot drop to around $250 on Amazon recently, I bought a pair of these too. And then a few days later I bought another pair in a different color. I received the first pair yesterday and I'm wearing them now.

A lot of the discussion in the reviews relates to size, so I'll address that first. I normally wear a size 8.5D (or medium), and after reading a number of the reviews and checking the Nordstrom recommendations I went with a size 8D in these boots. The length is exactly right, with maybe 1/2" wiggle room for the toes. So I'd say 1/2 size down is good. The width seems a little snug across the top of the foot, but after adjusting the laces a bit and especially after a little break-in, I think these will work just fine. I basically always wear thicker SmartWool-type socks, so that could also be a factor if you tend to wear thinner dress socks. But I can't imagine going down a full size; for me, 1/2 size down puts these just on the snug side of a perfect fit, and that doesn't even account for feet swelling over the course of a day. Your mileage may vary.

As for quality, I'd say these are comparable to the Chippewas and Red Wings (both of which I bought in size 8.5; the Chippewas are spot-on, the Red Wings seem a little long but going down a half-size in those probably would have been too small). These boots are a little dressier with the leather sole, but as far as I can tell that's the main difference. (I also just stepped out in the Seattle rain and the leather soles were pretty slippery on pavement; presumably this will get better as they get scuffed up a bit.) The leather upper is smooth and supple and seems top-notch. I didn't notice any issues with the workmanship or stitching.

Bottom line, as long as you keep the sizing issues in mind these appear to be good quality, well-made boots. I think I favor the Chippewa Service Boot because it has the Vibram sole and retails around $260 (which is the sale price I got on these 1000 Miles), and it comes in basically all the same colors as the 1000 Mile Boot, plus a couple more. The Red Wing 2962 is good too, and very similar in design, but it comes in only one color (bourbon) and I think was a little more expensive. The Red Wings are also more of a nubuck leather that might prove to be more difficult to keep clean. Given the uncertainty about sizing, If I had paid full price for these 1000 Miles, I might not be quite as happy with them as I am.
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on April 3, 2014
First the issue of size, since so many other reviews mention it. I bought mine online at Amazon, and being aware of the reviews that say they run large I adjusted accordingly. (Honestly, I wouldn't recommend doing it. Go to a store and try them on.) Normally, I wear a size 8.5 in city/dress shoes so I went for the size 8. When I first tried them on with dress socks they felt big, and my heel moved around in the heel cup more than I liked. I almost returned them, but I've never tried on a 7.5 of anything that ever felt right. It was winter, so I put on some of the thicker wool socks I normally wear in cold weather and the boots seemed fine.

The quality of the leather used in the uppers is high quality. Supple without being flimsy. I bought them in rust and the color is simply stunning and I expect it will improve with age and wear. I do see how some people could experience no break-even period, though I did on one side on the instep over the metatarsal. Not a big deal, and the leather eventually loosened up enough to be comfortable.

Several other reviewers have noted the thinness of the soles. That's true. These are not workbooks, and if anyone buys them thinking they could go to job on a construction site they are making a mistake. This is a city walking boot that works well with jeans or khakis, suitable for casual wear or work if your office is informal enough.

That said, I too feel that given the sturdiness of this boot, a thicker sole would be justified and when the ones that came on the boot wear out I plan to take the boots to a cobbler to have thicker soles put on. Note also that the leather soles on the boot are fine for dry weather but really aren't suited for heavy rain, much less snow. I live in NYC and the sidewalks are covered in rock salt at the first sign of ice and snow. Those conditions are lethal for leather soles, so don't even think of these as foul-weather boots.

An aside: At the same time that I bought these boots I also bought the Redwing Iron Ranger boots in black. They are a very different boot: Much heavier leather, stiff work-boot laces and a sturdy rubber-cork compound sole and heel that says "oil resistant" on the bottom. Although they too lack toe protection, the Iron Rangers boots feel like work boots both in heft and look, thanks in large part to the leather toe cap. I've had them for a month and I feel sometimes like I'm still breaking them in, with a spot here and there where I experience some pressure -- nothing major, no blisters or anything -- bit just enough discomfort so I notice. But since that happens less and less as I wear them I assume the day will come with that doesn't happen. Again, these boots are appropriate for casual wear and might suffice for an office, depending on how informal it is. I couldn't see these boots working with khakis in part because of the color but also because of the style -- and I certainly couldn't see these paired with slacks and a sports jackets even in brown or moleskin, whereas I could with the 1000 Mile boots. The Iron Rangers are different boots with a different place in your wardrobe.
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on May 13, 2014
These boots are fantastic, i got the gorgeous cordovan colour :). Straight out the box they are very comfortable. I have a few pairs of redwing boots as well and these are very stiff and needed breaking in initially but these wolverines are buttersoft on the foot and i foresee no break in period. Now down to sizing as this is what you all read the reviews for ;). In sneakers I am a UK 7, in redwings i have to go down a full size to a UK 6 (i have redwing iron rangers, beckmann, 875 moc toe and work chukka) although sizing down half a size in redwings is ok for some people for me i needed to go the full size down as half a size down was still too big for me. In the wolverines i decided to size one full size down to a UK 6. I was a bit worried as i had read the reviews and its a mixed bag, some say half a size down others a full size down this is the same for redwing reviews some are ok with a full size down in redwings and others only need half a size down. I pulled the trigger anyway and went with a UK 6. On arrival i was a bit worried as when i put them sole to sole with my redwing iron rangers which are also a UK 6 they looked slightly shorter and i thought i had ordered too small and should of gone with the UK 6.5. However once on my feet they fitted perfectly with plenty of toe room still and they just felt SOOOOO comfortable! So my humble advice is this. If you already own a pair of redwings and have to size half a size down in those then go half a size down in the wolverines as well, if you have to go down a full size in redwings then go down a full size in the wolverines. If you have never got bought a pair of proper boots like redwings or wolverines before then to be on the safe side just go half a size down initially and if they still feel a bit too big return them and go down a full size. Lovely boots will defo get a second pair in the future, the leather is soft and quality, they feel a lot lighter and a bit more dressy than the redwing iron rangers but are still a perfect casual boot with jeans etc. My recommendation is to just go for it and pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed. :)
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on October 21, 2013
After reading product reviews, I realized I needed to change size (order 1 size down) after pulling the trigger on the 1'click order. I dashed off an email , and the seller accommodated my request. I'm pleased and the boots fit well!

I'm generally a 13, and based on the reviews I changed to a 12, and they fit just right.

Seems to be a high quality boot, and is comfortable. These will require minimal break in.
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on October 10, 2013
First off: sizing. I fit a 11.5 in sneakers (Vans, DC shoes, Dunlop), 11 in most shoes and 10.5 in Clarks Desert Boots. The 10.5 fit me perfectly, and no break in was required out of the box; they fit snug and like they've been worn for a year already. The toe box is roomy, from about the ball of the foot forwards, so I think I could go a full size down to 10 since the leather will stretch a bit.

I got the 'brown' colour and it is beautiful in almost all lighting, and the Amazon picture doesn't do it justice at all. In fluorescent light, natural light or right in the sun the boot looks a vivid mix of deep red and lighter brown depending on creasing/wear lines, and in warm or darker lighting it looks a very attractive deep brown. I can imagine it only getting better with age. The leather itself is very supple, soft and durable. The CXL leather is one of the major drawpoints for this boot over competition from the likes of Red Wing and Katahdin, and it doesn't disappoint in the slightest - very comfortable and feels well oiled. The shape is another major drawpoint and it looks very nice with chinos or jeans, and gives a much slimmer impression than Red Wings or even CDBs, despite the roomy toe box.

The sole is attractive but maybe not as functional being leather. Hard to tell until I have it for longer but I anticipate a re-sole will be due in 1-2 years, and I consciously avoid wet weather with these boots.

Now, some minor downsides. The stitching has come loose at the ends in some places (very minor), and one of the boots' stitching looked slightly sloppy/frayed along top of the sole where it meets the leather in one spot. Very minor faults, but Wolverine's QC has a rep for being spotty and I noticed this immediately when I took them out of the box. There was also some white markings around the heel and sole of one, which I'm assuming is excess from the oiling procedures and it took a good cleaning to get it out.

I got these on sale for much less than the RRP and feel like they're worth every part of that, but I might not recommend them full price for the above chance of getting boots with some QC issues - $350 boots should be much closer to perfect than that. Still, fantastic boots all around.
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on June 24, 2014
google how to find your shoe size by drawing around your feet on a piece of paper and measure. Was I surprised! I've been buying shoes that are too long and too narrow just out of habit from earlier years of shoe buying. then believe what most of the reviews say about the wolverine 1000 mile boot and get a half size smaller but get the width right per your measurements on paper. Voila! I'd bought and returned a couple of pair of good shoes because they didn't fit AS I WAS ORDERING THE WRONG SIZE. I had skated by on running shoes and the like for a number of years buying the same old size I had always used, but when it came to a better shoe, knowing just what the size of my foot is now made the difference. I was a big dummy until I traced out my feet size!
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on December 22, 2013
First, people telling you to go one full size down are correct. My size is 8 inches on a standard ruler, and I got 7 sizes boots. My foot is narrow, so I got a D width. You want to go a full size down in length.
The reviews of the product in the Amazon site are very useful.
This boots are amazing, the quality and the materials are superb.
Excellent and beautiful.
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