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on March 17, 2005
The third and final season of Wonder Woman is ready and waiting for sci-fi fans everywhere to enjoy. In this great colorful season, 22 episodes (two of which are 2-parters) spotlight the Amazing Amazon from Paradise Island. As with season two, season three continues Wonder Woman's (aka Diana Prince) adventures in Washington D.C. working as a secret agent alongside the dashing Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner). The episodes included in this set are:

My Teenage Idol Is Missing - Singer Leif Garrett guest stars as a teen singer who is kidnapped for extortion. His agent finds a double to stand in for the missing singer's concert while Wonder Woman tries to track him and his kidnappers down. BONUS: Lynda Carter commentary

Hot Wheels - When a Rolls Royce is stolen with a secret microfilm, Wonder Woman whirls into action.

The Deadly Sting - Professional football tampering causes the IADC to become involved.

The Fine Art Of Crime - Actor Roddy McDowell guest-stars as an art sculptor with a terrible knack of thievery. Will Wonder Woman be able to see through his deception?

Disco Devil - A disco owner is hypnotizing key officials. Diana Prince is soon on his trail.

Formicida - A strange woman environmentalist who controls ants terrorizes industrial companies who do not meet her eco-standards. Possessing ant-like abilities herself, she proves to be a match for even Wonder Woman!

Time Bomb - A fortune seeker from the future comes to the present to strike a name for herself. Wonder Woman and another future traveler try to stop her before catastrophy ensues. TRIVIA: This is the first time actors Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark work together, who are two of the best known actors in the later evening series Knots Landing.

Skateboard Whiz - Illegal gambling on the California coast causes Wonder Woman to don her very own Wonder Skate Suit and show off her skateboarding skills.

The Deadly Dolphin - When terrorists use helpless dolphins to attatch bombs to the bottom of boats, Wonder Woman spins into her diving suit to save them.

Stolen Faces - One of my favorite episodes! When Diana Prince learns that a Wonder Woman double was found unconcious, she ties her to a plot to steal wealthy Washington society patrons blind. TRIVIA: Contains one of the BEST Wonder Woman transformation scenes ever! Diana spins in mid-air when pushed off a building and lands as Wonder Woman. :)

Pot Of Gold - The luck of the Irish comes to life as Wonder Woman meets a real live leprechaun.

Gault's Brain - An evil telekinetic brain (you heard me right) proves to be a handful for Wonder Woman when it seeks a perfect body to reside in. TRIVIA: Appearance of the Wonder Wetsuit.

Going, Going, Gone - Submarine hijinks cause Wonder Woman to search for missing cargo.

Spaced Out - Diana Prince finds herself in the middle of a Sci-Fi Convention while investigating the disappearance of a special laser lens.

The Starships Are Coming - UFOs are spotted and Wonder Woman jumps into action. TRIVIA: Actor Tim O'Connor plays a government UFO expert, but earlier played an alien himself in the season one episode Judgement From Outer Space.

Amazon Hot Wax - Lynda Carter flexes her vocal talents in this episode as Diana Prince goes undercover at a recording agency. TRIVIA: Lynda uses her own voice, singing songs from her then recently released solo album Portrait. This episode was one of the few episodes not to be released on the Columbia House video collection due to a problem with music rights.

The Richest Man In The World - A top secret missile device is stolen. Enter Wonder Woman to save the day.

A Date With Doomsday - When a deadly virus is stolen Diana must get to the bottom of the case before a world-wide panic begins. TRIVIA: Appearance of the Wonder Bike suit.

The Girl With A Gift For Disaster - Is Diana's new aquatence just a clutz or is there something more to what is seen?

The Boy Who Knew Her Secret (Parts 1 & 2) - Aliens on the look for an evil inter-galactic shapeshifter track the escapee to Earth. Can Wonder Woman save the innocent humans who get in their way, or will she too become a victim of the alien battle?

Phantom Of The Roller Coaster (Parts 1 & 2) - A mysterious man living beneath an amusement part kidnaps a boy, but not all is as it seems. TRIVIA: The year this episode was made, the spotlighted rollercoaster shown debuted at the Warner Bros. owned Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park.

The Man Who Could Not Die - After a scientific experiment, a man discovers that he physically can not be harmed. Can Wonder Woman save him before he becomes a target for evil groups?

Along with these episodes a featurette focusing on Wonder Woman as a feminist icon will be given. More of the eternally beautiful Lynda Carter and crew's thoughts on the comic book heroine. You can't miss with this great, and final, Wonder Woman DVD set!
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This last season of Wonder Woman continued the Amazing Amazon's adventures in 1970's America. 22 episodes comprise the 1978-79 season.

Notable episodes include "My Teenage Idol is missing" where Wonder Woman helps to crack the kidnapping-switching of a teenage singing idol with an impostor, while "Formicida" has Wonder Woman go against another super powered woman who takes nature preservation to dangerous extremes through her insect control: bugs are being dispatched to stop the manufacture of a deadly pesticide because this person does not believe the pesticide is good for the Earth. This latter villian is different from some of the other people Wonder Woman has faced because good initial intentions only became warped through extremes.

Wonder Woman also faces a similar ethical issue in "The man who could not die" because she must save a newly-invincible man from being captured and exploited by dangerous groups. Having superpowers ultimately does not mean much if you are then vulnerable to exploitation from being a public (and 'everyday') citizen. Her secret identity as "Diana Prince" might be all that keeps Wonder Woman from facing similar peril.

"A date with doomsday" eerily foreshadows the then-upcoming AIDS pandemic. Wonder Woman must prevent a virus from spreading around the globe. The all-critical plot catch being this deadly virus was first created in a laboratory and the HIV virus is rumored to have been created in similar conditions. I wonder if anybody in this series's scripting department knew anybody affected with what became HIV when this was written?

Unlike a lot of other shows past and present, the series production team knew when to end the show lest their product become stale. The diving suit was cool, but the wonder skate and bike suits were pushing sci-fi fantasy into 1960's camp absurdity. I mourned the series cancellation as a young girl, but now understand the wisdom of the television executive decision, Wonder Woman is now timeless for countless generations because somebody knew when to say `enough'.

There's some playing around with the theme song (adopting a disco influence) but the overall pop culture influence on this series is tolerable and certainly not as bad as it could have gotten (even the "Disco Devil" is a cut above other disco-themed series episodes in this era just because Carter is a good actress period). Of her second suits, I think the wetsuit kicks ass.

Special guest stars this season include Leif Garret, Roddy McDowell, Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark. Special features include star Carter's own commentary on the enduring power of Wonder Woman and her singing (in an episode). When some other celebrities are loathe to continue being associated with their signature role, Carter's ongoing warmth to the fans and continued enthusiasm for all things Wonder Woman is really admirable.

I am also thankful that the studios have thoughtfully kept the price of the DVD set down around 20 dollars. I can pass on the Shazzam series (one episode is included on a special bonus disc), but having all seasons of Wonder Woman is a mandate from Paradise Island.

Considering how difficult it is to find Wonder Woman reruns on TV, the incomplete DVD release status of some other 70's series (Charlies Angels...etc) and the arm-leg cost of other TV seasons on DVD, this purchase is definitely worth it.
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on March 19, 2005
How about that? 2 weeks after my copy of Season 2 (or the first contemporary season for literalists) arrives in my mailbox, I get to place my pre-order for the final season and at the same price to boot. There are some who say that this season's villains are not as comic strip like, but it's a toughie to call. Some of the things you notice in this final collection. 1) Charles Fox's music has been "jazzed up" a tad for during both the opening and closing credits, leaving Norman Gimbel's lyrics from both previous sets just a memory of the recent past. 2) Steve Trevor Jr's unexplained rank of "Major" (his father's rank from the war series) said to him first by Andros in the next to last segment of part 2 of "Mind Stealers" just as inexplicably becomes "Colonel". As Diana says in, "Flight To Oblivion" "Congratulations you finally got a promotion". 3) Some of the clips from the Opening Credits are different than in the last set (1 even includes the Rover). The clips with Lyle Waggoner are the same just showed in reverse of the way they were shown in set 2. They are completely removed in "The Man Who Couldn't Die" since he didn't appear in it (I still believe this was the finale despite the order these episodes will appear on disc), and replaced with clips from that episode (which were used in a previous episode as well). 4) The opening segments before the credits on some of these episodes are longer than on when they started using this format with "Man Who Made Volcanoes" in set 2 (the longest timewise I think is on "Deadly Sting" (which I still feel was the season premiere, listen to the music on the ending credits on this episode vis a vis any other in the collection and you'll hear why). 5) For the first time in the contemporary series, an actor reprises a role (in the war series Carolyn Jones played the Queen and Debra Winger plays Drusilla in both "Feminum Mystique" and "In Hollywood" making the only reprisal of a character by the same actor in the war series). Here Ed Begley Jr returns as Harold Farnum (the smitten college student in "Diana's Disappearing Act") in "Fine Art of Crime". However, for literalists, his famous father has gone from being a "Congressman" (referencing the House of Representatives) to a "Senator". In this same episode you also see Rover is not as pesty as you think when you first meet him, when he locks Harold in a closet when he tries to secretly get to see Ira after Steve says no. Rover also comes in useful in "Formicida", a bravura "speaking job" by the then popular husband/wife "mime" team of Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell". Ok enough disecting this final DVD set of 1 of my favorites tv shows. BUY IT AND COMPLETE YOUR COLLECTION (or if you haven't started already, order all 3 together). NOW!
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on November 16, 2005
For one more final season, we get to see the fabulous Lynda Carter bring the comic book character of Wonder Women to life in DVD. Having already seen the previous two seasons, I was anxious to get my hands on this third and final series.

I've read some other reviews and each is of itself the opinion of its contributor. While I found the Formicida episode to be a bit creepy, the teenage idol episode hosts a young Leif Garrett with whom his fans are sure not to miss. Ms. Carter's commentary on this episode is quaintly informative.

All the stories showcase great scenes of the late seventies and my favorite parts of any show are when Wonder Women, already strutting her tight and well-fitted red, white, and blue costume, changes into the snug biker and wetsuits. When we get to see her sporting her red cape - IT"S ON NOW!

There is an episode when someone catches Diana Prince "turn" into Wonder Women, but you'll have to watch that one to find out what happens.

In retrospect, this DVD lets the die-hard Wonder Women fans see the beautiful Lynda Carter let her hair down, literally (funny how no one could ever figure out that Diana was really a superhero).

Sadly, this DVD just stops with no real ending to what happens to Wonder Women in the future. However, the special features lets us into the ideas of Lynda Carter as she speaks of her opportunity to be an iconic female heroine.
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on June 17, 2005
The only bad comment that I can make about this release is that it is the final season for Wonder Woman. First of all, it is such a thrill to finally have the complete series available. The previous Columbia House release omitted 5 episodes, and 3 of them were from Season 3. On this release, Lynda encounters time travelers, would-be Martians, a true super villainess, a leprechaun, an amusement park monster, and a boy who discovers her secret identity, just to name a few of the highlights. Oh yeah, and Lynda sings 2 songs in "Amazon Hot Wax". That along makes the DVD a must have. However, most fans won't be disappointed with this set. The episodes look fantastic, and we are also treated to 2 bonuses. A third documentary which features interviews with Lynda and several authors of WW books. Lynda also provides commentary on the first episode, "My Teenage Idol Is Missing". Although some of the commentary is more general to the series, it is still great to hear Lynda think back on her classic role. It is really great to hear her speculate about what is about to happen. Apparently she hasn't watched these episodes as many times as we have! All in all this a terrific set, and you must have it to complete the collection. A true gem!!
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on August 30, 2005
As the title of my review suggests, this DVD compilation is not the best - it definetly could have been better. Sure its wonderful to have the entire third season of episodes on DVD, but I wish Warner would have taken care in presenting the series EXACTLY as it appeared when released on television. All - in all it is the same. Again the closing credits have the current warner brothers logo instead of the original red labelled one. Most importantly is the opening credits. The sound is out of sync for several of the epidoes which is ridiculous as it was never that way. The opening credits in season three were supposed to have 'The New Adventures of Wonder Woman' against a blue background (a few episodes on this DVD are correct), but most here are black which only appeared in the episode 'The Man who made volcanos'. Luckily the stories themselves are unaffected otherwise this set would have been ruined.

I would have also liked to have the opening teasers for both 'The Boy who knew her secret part two' and 'the phantom of the roller coaster part two' which are missing on this box set. What a pity.

I know the stories are presented as they were aired, but for story continuity they should have placed the 'phantom of the roller coaster before the 'boy who knew her secrets' concluding with 'the man who would not die' in which Diana Prince moves to los Angeles with a new life. Lyle Waggonner is not in the credits any longer, assuming something has happened to Steve Trevor Jr.

The extra features are welcome, but I wish the directors would have given some incentive for Lynda to give new and intersting comments than content that already exists in seaon one and two box sets. We never really get to know the production path of the series, nor evidence of changes about new sound effects, fads and influences to change content. In addition Wonder Woman's new focus in life and comments of her evolution in attitude change becoming familiar with American culture.

overall it is not a bad compilation, but it certainly could have been presented better. A shame the third season compilation had to end this way. It feels incomplete.
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Nominated for a single Emmy in its short three season stint, Wonder Woman - which premiered in 1976 - was the third attempt by the major networks to bring the popular comic book character to TV. Created as the result of a collaboration between the multi-talented William M. Marston and DC Comics publisher Maxwell Gaines, Wonder Woman made her world premiere in a 1941 comic book. The final product of Gaines' request for a female comic book hero, Marston never lived to see his creation become a television star (he died prematurely from skin cancer in 1947), but his legacy lives on through the Wonder Woman franchise which continues to entertain worldwide audiences to this day...

Wonder Woman follows the exploits of the Amazonian princess, Diana, who leaves her Paradise Island home in order to bring justice to the world of men. Athletic and intelligent, Diana Prince (as she's known to the outside world) also possesses special powers that are brought about when she whirls around to transform into Wonder Woman. Her magic belt gives her added strength, her metallic bracelets deflect bullets, and her tiara doubles as a boomerang... In addition, she's aided by a magic golden lasso which forces her captives to tell the truth! Season 1 of Wonder Woman takes place during the era of World War II where the Allies enlist the help of the female superhero to defeat the Nazis, while Seasons 2 and 3 take place in modern day times (1977-1978)...

The Wonder Woman (Season 3) DVD features a number of exciting episodes including the season premiere "My Teenage Idol is Missing" in which a popular teenage pop singer is kidnapped and replaced by a clone, and only Wonder Woman can save the day for the singer and his legion of dedicated fans... Other notable episodes from Season 3 include "The Deadly Dolphin" in which Wonder Woman must face down a deadly dolphin, and "A Date With Doomsday" in which Wonder Woman is once again tasked with saving the world from imminent destruction...

Below is a list of episodes included on the Wonder Woman (Season 3) DVD:

Episode 36 (My Teenage Idol is Missing)

Episode 37 (Hot Wheels)

Episode 38 (The Deadly Sting)

Episode 39 (The Fine Art of Crime)

Episode 40 (Disco Devil)

Episode 41 (Formicida)

Episode 42 (Time Bomb)

Episode 43 (Skateboard Wiz)

Episode 44 (The Deadly Dolphin)

Episode 45 (Stolen Faces)

Episode 46 (Pot of Gold)

Episode 47 (Gault's Brain)

Episode 48 (Going, Going, Gone)

Episode 49 (Spaced Out)

Episode 50 (The Starships are Coming)

Episode 51 (Amazon Hot Wax)

Episode 52 (The Richest Man in the World)

Episode 53 (A Date with Doomsday)

Episode 54 (The Girl with a Gift for Disaster)

Episode 55 (The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 1)

Episode 56 (The Boy Who Knew Her Secret: Part 2)

Episode 57 (The Man Who Could Not Die)

Episode 58 (Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 1)

Episode 59 (Phantom of the Roller Coaster: Part 2)

The DVD Report
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I was VERY happy to find that Wonder Womans was on DVD. Even happier that all the Seasons came out reasonable early. I got my copy of season 3 on June 4th (Go Wal-Mart for putting things out early) and was amazed at some of the Episodes I had forgotten. "Amazon on Hot Wax" Has to be my favorite Episode since Lynda Carter has such an amazing siging voice. Just to note that you might wanna check. When I purchased my copy the first disk was defective. Side A was Episodes 1-3 and Side B was also episodes 1-3. I exchanged it but it might be something to look for...also make sure you get your Extra disk that has the first episode of "SHAZAM" even if it is SO lame. :)
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on July 16, 2005
I can't believe it took Warner Bros. this long to release this gem of a series but like they say "good things come who those who wait". Besides, it gives us chance to see how cheesy we really were back in the 70's.

I agree with what Lynda says in the commentary during the "My teenage idol is missing" episode. I would have liked for the series to end with a purpose. Just like it starts with a reason for Wonder Woman to return to America, it should have ended with a reason for her to leave for Paradise Island. It needed more closure, however, that does not take away from the awesome abilities of Lynda Carter to embody the character she so marvelously portrayed. She IS and ALWAYS will be WONDER WOMAN.
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on June 4, 2010
With all the great superhero movies being made its nice to own the ones that got the interest rolling. Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, The Adventures Of Spiderman and The Flash - although they all had such short lives on TV they left an indelible mark on the psyche of the American television culture. Without these fantastical television series we would have none of the great movies we have now... Definitely happy to have this series added to my ever-growing superhero collection.
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