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on June 7, 2011
Alright, so the question should really just be narrowed down to one thing: If we NEVER knew of Wonder Woman's old costume, would this one be a good one? And the answer is simply, YES! It is gorgeously designed, and done by top tier talent. The colors combine well together, and are 'worn' on one of the finest female frames in comics. But they do NOT simply throw out all the old history of the Wonder Woman we love. It is all HERE, woven into the fabric of the story. It is clear pretty quickly that we've got a mystery on our hands. We know something has changed, and we, as the loyal WW readers and fans, know just what that is... But our Amazing Amazon does not know the depth of the changes. Only that something at the foundation of her fabric (clothing pun intended LOL), has indeed changed.

So we've got a HUGE mystery slowly being told, woven not over, but INTO the existing fabric of the Wonder Woman mythos. And the story is good enough to draw you in. Believe me, avid Wonder Woman fans, I was LIVID when I read about these changes, especially to the costume. But the story is just there, and it's THAT good. J. Michael Straczynski may be known in some circles as the Destroyer of Beloved Continuity (having made some MAJOR changes to Spidey over at Marvel), but WOW the man can spin a good yarn. I was very skeptical, and waited months before I broke down and bought the first few comics, which I had to do either here or on eBay since I waited so long... But once I did... I was hooked. And that led me to adding this graphic novel to my 'Absolutely Must Buy For My Collection' list. LOL

It is obvious that the Diana I've loved since I was a kid is not gone. She's embroiled in a time altering mystery. Her past and future will combine, and I really believe that on the other side, there will be a new and stronger Wonder Woman to last for the next few decades, until it's time to shake things up for whatever the styles and fashions of THAT time are. LOL

If you've been holding back because you don't like changes to your comics, then I urge you to give this a try. The people they brought in are some of the best in the field. And they didn't just cast aside all that we loved. They set out to handle it with the utmost respect and care that it deserved. They did the ONLY thing they could have done to make this work, and that was to make the past a PART of the new future they are trying to build. I give this graphic novel an easy 5 star review, and that was as a Wonder Woman fan who just could NOT accept the thought of change. But the Diane I know and love is not gone. She's just wearing a different outfit and dealing with different challenges. Now let's just hope the same can be said for the new continuity in the post Flashpoint era. LOL

Thanks so much for your time folks.
Sincerely, R.A. McDowell
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on March 28, 2014
I REALLY wanted to like this book. While others might have approached it expecting to be displeased and already prejudiced against all the changes, I was actually looking forward to it. After reading Brian Azzarello's Wonder Woman in the New 52, I was eager to get my hands on more material on the most well known female superhero. It seemed like most readers either hated it or loved it. After hearing a great review from someone who also enjoyed the New 52 WW comic, I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, this book does not compare favorably. It's not bad. It's okay, and there are definitely some interesting scenes.

The art is beautiful. I love the new costume. I really wish they'd kept it for the New 52; it's so much more sensible. I can't think fighting in panties could be remotely practical - think of all those kicks!! I also like the idea of the mystery and how even through all the changes (which I liked), they still paid homage to the past. That was very neat and shows that they really appreciate the faithful fans who were probably scandalized by the changes but gave the book a chance anyway.

The weakness in this book isn't the changes to the Amazons or the new look. It's the story. Simply, it's kind of lacking. I didn't find it sufficiently engaging; I wasn't eager to see what was going to happen next. I wouldn't call it boring, but it wasn't exciting either. So that's why I gave it 3 stars.

I think part of the weakness to the story could be attributed to the lack of a supporting cast. WW is on her own, so we don't develop enough attachment to the people that are introduced briefly and not seen again (or rarely seen). Also, the villain was kind of subpar, and there can't be an excellent comic book story without an excellent villain. But that could also be that this was only the first volume, so maybe the villain improves.

I will say that one of my favorite parts was the scene where we see Diana as a child and already fighting for justice. It was such a good scene and an enjoyable read - I would give that issue a higher rating than the overall volume.

There are definitely some good elements to this story, and I think it will certainly appeal to some people. So overall, I would say it's an okay read but not very exciting.
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It’s no small feat to redesign an icon, both story-wise and visually. When I heard and saw the new Wonder Woman costume I was highly skeptical – this isn't Wonder Woman! Sacrilege! But in the end, Straczyinski won me over with smart choices and a fierce but relatable Warrior Princess. Just as Millar's “Dark Knight” reinvigorated Batman, I feel the same is happening with Odyssey.

This isn't just a reboot, another slightly altered origin story. Straczynski provides a logical and compelling reason for this Diana to exist. The timeline has been upset by someone powerful. Diana did not grow up on Themyscira, discovered by the world of men as an adult. Instead, the Amazon are attacked and slaughtered by a great force and the infant Diana is smuggled out with some survivors. But, this isn't how things should necessarily be and Diana has dreams to that effect; she actually sees herself in the original costume. This was a brilliant way to bring Diana into the modern world while also keeping true to her Amazon roots. The plot also gives her a concrete purpose beyond just fighting America’s enemies or villains of the week. She must find the one who set this timeline in motion while also protecting her Amazon sisters from those hunting them. There are a lot of excellent action sequences, and Diana does not escape every encounter unscathed. The fighting has more realism.

Usually, I don't comment on the art unless it has a significant impact on the story (because it’s subjective really). However, since Diana has been drastically redesigned, in this instance it is significant. The new costume is more realistic for fighting, which I can appreciate, though I would have preferred that her iconic symbolism not be downplayed so much. The artwork is bold, with a lot of detail and an incredible use of light and shadows, which complements the story well. Even without stars and stripes, Wonder Woman stands instantly recognizable to the reader.

Overall, I like this Wonder Woman very much and can't wait to read volume 2. Highly recommended!
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on July 4, 2016
In all ways that matter, this is an elseworlds tale, a what if? In this case, it's what if paradise island lost the protection of the gods and Diana was raised on man's world after the island was sacked and her mother killed. What follows is kind of a mystery story where Diana, now a young woman in her early 20's, has to figure out what happened to.The gods and who attacked the island.
This is a decent enough story, hence the four stars, but the problem is I cannot imagine who it is for. This is a radical and rather strange wonder woman story, and new readers wouldn't get a good feel for Diana from this. Also, Diana here is far from the regal, or even even headed woman you would find in other books. Here she is brash, sarcastic, and full of anger. It makes sense with this altered timeline, but if this is the first ww you read, it might give you the wrong impression of the character.
Another issue with this volume is the art. For the most part it is good, but occasionally a face will look strange. Also Diana's mass is on full display whenever considerably possible. As you can see from the cover, she is wearing leather pants here. This allows for the artist to show her behind in its full glory in really every panel where she is looking away from the camera, as it were. Even action scenes have these ass shots.
In conclusion, this works if you are looking for a self contained ww story that requires no prior knowledge. I would not recommend it if you are looking to get into wonder woman, or if you have a problem with gratuitous to the point of almost comical ass shots.
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VINE VOICEon October 3, 2013
I am not overly familiar with Wonder Woman...most of my knowledge of her came from the old tv show which I sometimes watched as a kid. I realize that there are probably many hard core fans of her who detest the new look/outfit. Personally I think the creators of this did a fantastic job, giving us a Wonder Woman more in line with current times. I think it gives her a strong and sexy look while giving her the flexibility to truly kick butt.

In the story we are introduced to Diana, caught between 2 worlds. Smuggled out of Paradise Island as a baby while her mother died with most of the Amazons in a last stand against the invaders. Diana is just coming into her powers and is striving to understand who destroyed the island, why they did it, and to try to protect the Amazons who survived.

Overall, a great book which I highly recommend. I read this on my 7"kindle fire HD and had no problems reading it with the panel view. The artwork was generally great, except for some of the smaller panes.
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on September 29, 2015
Well what can it be said? After the Blackest Night, Wonder Woman had been seen in the eyes of fans with nothing but great attention and love. Fans were sick and tired of her not being up there on screen. In order to get attention I believe comic book powers that be decided to give a modernized style to Wonder Woman so as she could be up there.

We get this story of Wonder Woman in a new costume and an interesting origin story. Basically this backfired terribly. Never mind the story, the guys in DC did the unforgivable. They put pants on Wonder Woman!!!

As her comic went on and the outrage refused to subside, Wonder Woman got attention from TV shows with Adrianne Palicki and another rumored to be in the running with Joss Whedon. The basic premise was this. Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess, not Jason Bourne. She wears traditional Greek Combat clothes or a variation of... with no pants.

This story sounds modest, but I have to admit its weird. The fact that it deviates from the major story, yet keeps some other characters intact made it strange. I have yet to read the second volume but I can presume that prior to the New 52 rewrite that this is either a part of Flashpoint or an Elseworlds story.

Beautiful artwork and lots of nice action. B
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on January 14, 2014
For fans of Wonder Woman (aka Super Babe) the purchase of this story in either kindle form or paperback is a no brainer. She has never looked better, tougher, or smarter than she does in this amazing remake by J MICHAEL STRAZINSKI. The artwork is quite stunning in some pages and even though some of the story is a bit wordy (for a comic) it is still a great read.

For my money, Wonder Woman is as great a super hero as Superman, and Batman. Learning the history of such a prominent figure in literature is never a waste of time and she has never, ever, ever looked better than she does here.
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on August 3, 2013
I haven't read a *ton* of Wonder Woman stuff, but I definitely know this one is different. From her origin to her personality, there's quite a lot that's changed.

First, the costume. Absolutely love it. Wonder Woman's patriotic bathing suit is dated and ridiculous. While this one isn't *perfect* (I would probably drop the tiara and maybe go with somewhat simpler bracers), I do like it a lot. (Which is disappointing because they ended up dropping it in favor of another 1-piece bathing suit in the New 52 version of Wonder Woman--see Wonder Woman, Vol. 1: Blood.)

Second, unlike in, say, Infinite Crisis, this story has a much more media-traditional view on violence. By that, I mean Wonder Woman kills her enemies in battle much like the protagonist of an action TV show or movie would. Given DC's typical (frankly, rather weird) aversion to lethal combat, it's a little jarring. But, really, given that she's supposed to be an Amazon warrior, the idea that she would find a way to non-lethally stop *every* one of her opponents always struck me as rather silly (*cough* Maxwell Lord *cough*). I don't expect her to be brutally executing people, but all of her enemies being conveniently "knocked out" is rather much, IMO.

The story itself is pretty interesting. If I have one big complaint, though, is that's Straczynski goes a little nuts with the exposition. If he wants to explain stuff to the readers, that's fine--do it in "narrator boxes," not by having the characters stop what they're doing and explain everything to each other. There's one particularly egregious version of this in, I believe, the fourth issue, where a villain is confronting Wonder Woman and dismissively tells her his life story. If that doesn't make any sense to you, it didn't make any sense to me, either. He can't simultaneously be acting like talking to her is beneath him and also acting like he's pulling up a couch at his therapist's. (And then, not long after that, this villain we've just been introduced to--who has a rather interesting story, however weirdly conveyed it is--disappears from the rest of the book.)

I can't judge the entirety of the story well, though, because this is only part of it. It ends on a cliffhanger, and I'm not entirely sure why they don't have a larger collected edition that has the whole story arc. Yes, it'd be 14 issues long, but that's not completely absurd for a trade paperback--each volume of 52 (e.g., 52, Vol. 1) is 13 issues long, so this wouldn't be too far off from that.

Anyway, it's a good read, and if you're interested in a very different version of the character, it's worth checking out.
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on June 19, 2015
Okay, I have to be honest here: I don’t consider myself a diehard Wonder Woman fan.

Before anyone gets angry, all I mean is that – while I’m a long-time fan of Diana – I didn’t come into this one having any preconceived notions about what the creative team could or could not do. I was cool with whatever – as long as the re-boot was well-thought out, had an interesting story, and treated this iconic hero with the respect she deserved. Sure, I’d read less-than-stellar reviews about this series, but I was willing to give Straczynski the benefit of the doubt until he showed me my trust was misplaced.

Well, after finishing this one and simmering on it for a while, I have to say I like it – with a few “buts.”

Straczynski definitely goes for the total reboot of Wonder Woman here, breaking completely from the previous continuity; though he doesn’t try to pretend that the old Diana never existed, but weaves her different incarnations into this tale. As for this new princess, she is much younger, seemingly embroiled in a strange time warp story (It does explain why she has changed so much from issue to issue), and senses that something is wrong, though she doesn’t know exactly what that is. There are more than a few exotic beings, strange Amazonians, and shadowy enemies inhabiting the pages, setting the stage for this inexperienced Wonder Woman to strut her stuff as she unravels a world spanning mystery.

As for the art, it was a mixed bag to me. It started off great, capturing the look and excitement of this new Wonder Woman, but then became inconsistent: great one page, mediocre the next, and downright awful for two or three. A problem that really sucked some of the fun out of the story for me.

My main complaint with Wonder Woman Odyssey Volume 1, however, was the lack of strong supporting characters: heroes or villains. The story is so focused on this new Diana that no one else has time to shine – at all! Even the mysterious villain at the end wound up more “meh” than cool.

But the thing that I really liked about this collection was something surprising: the new costume!

Okay, I admit it is a big departure from prior costumes. And I know lots of people hated this reboot specifically because the star spangled one piece was jettisoned, but I don’t really see it. I mean, the classic Wonder Woman costume was iconic, I suppose, but the thing was SO unrealistic. How could she fight in it? How could she be comfortable fighting in it? How could things not fall out while she was fighting in it? And if a one piece is good for Wonder Woman, why not everybody?

Anyway, for what it is worth (All these years later), I thought part one of Straczynski’s reboot was a good read. The story was entertaining with some nice twists and turns; the art was adequate if inconsistent; and the costume was a great look for Diana, conveying that this new Wonder Woman would kick your ass and take your name down later. Dare I hope DC brings the black leather pants back in the next reboot?
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on March 23, 2014
I really liked this story. It is more of a coming of age story than just a superhero story. Wonder Woman is pretty awesome, as always, but she doesn't have all the answers and seems lost. For me, the art is okay, not bad, but just okay. I do, however, really like wonder woman's redesign. The only real problem I have with this book is that the other Amazon's don't seem as bout it as Wonder Woman.
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