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What can I say, you get all 3 seasons here for a Wonderful price. The quality is fantastic in this series & the bonus features are pretty good as well. Lynda Carter has given the Wonder Woman comic book hero life in all 3 seasons. Her acting can not be touched for this series, there is an innocence about Wonder Woman that Lynda Carter had clearly portrayed in this series. Lynda was clearly born to portray this beautiful, smart & compassionate super hero, she has done this super hero justice. Season 1 is the best in the series dealing with the war of the Nazis, many of my favorite episodes are within season 1. Seasons 2 & 3 are just as good but the war is not over,.. technology & man create havoc for the young princess Diana making each episode a joy to watch. You can't go wrong with this complete set, makes a great gift for the super hero fan or any Wonder Woman fan. You've done well Lynda in giving us fantastic memories of a Wonderful series that will live an eternity!Schroeder (Publisher/Owner) of Cult Movies Magazine/Orbital Traxx Records/Wack "O" Publishing
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on January 23, 2011
I highly recommend buying this box set. This is a great value! I had purchased Season 1 in a store for $39.99. I couldn't believe that it was on dvd. I always loved the show. I decided to check Amazon just to see what the prices were. Much to my amazement, I saw this package of all three seasons for the same price. I returned my first purchase to the store and bought this one. I got an excellent deal on my purchase. If you don't want to pay a lot of money, then check out the different sellers for the item that you want to buy. For a brand new item, lots of time their prices beat the price offered by Amazon. This set is well packaged. It opens out so that the discs are protected. Each disc has a side A and side B. This is clearly stated on the inside of the cover where it lists each episode per disc. It also gives a little blurp about each episode. One other thing, the pilot offers commentary from Lynda Carter. You may turn this feature off. Each episode is presented unedited. Great work from Warner Bros.
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on May 6, 2014
Wow! What a wonderful DVD set. I am so happy to have Wonder Woman back on my TV. And this time, my children are even watching with me. I have missed the days of watching WW and now it is at the ease of my fingertips.


Years ago I looked at treating myself to just one season. It would have been way too expensive. However, with this set, you couldn’t ask for more. All three seasons are here in this set and it is well worth the money. It includes all the wonderful episodes and bonus material. One season alone at Wal-Mart was almost $40, here you get all three for the same price.


For having been originally filmed in the late 70’s, the shows are of amazing quality. I have not had any issues with any of the DVD’s. The DVD’s probably even have a better quality than the original episodes airing on TV did. I am very pleased with the clarity. My box set also arrived with no damage. None of my corners were dented, there were no dings in my box set, no scratches to the outside, and each season was snug inside the boxed holder.

Ease of use:

Now you would think with a DVD how could you go wrong, right? This is where I have the only issue. None of the disks are numbered, nor do they state which side is A and which is B. This proved a fun adventure when my son took the disks out trying to "help" me and they were all mixed up. So, while the DVD’s themselves are easy to use, it would be easier if you could simply look at them and know what order they go in. I recommend finding a way to number them if possible.


Remember, these were originally filmed in the 70’s and the story lines (who are we kidding) are kind of cheesy, but for back then, and EVERYTHING Wonder Woman could do, the graphics are great. Seeing Wonder Woman use her Lasso of Truth, spin out of her civilian outfit, or bend bars, was pretty high tech. Plus, the box the set came in, had some pretty sweet raised texture graphics. I'm happy.

Journey back in time:

If you were, or are a Wonder Woman fan you simply can’t ask for anything better than the original TV series in full! Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner will win you over just like it was yesterday. I found myself rooting for the same outcomes I did years ago and enjoying the same smiles I had as a kid. This series easily transports you back in time where "All our hopes are pinned on you. And the magic that you do. You're a wonder, Wonder Woman!"

This is truly a gift for the Wonder Woman fan…and a Wonder Woman blanket to get cozy on the couch and watch episode after episode.
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on July 27, 2014
I couldn't wait to find this series in a special boxed edition & when it went on sale, I had to purchase it immediately! This could have only been better if it would have been made available in BluRay!! Or if Lynda Carter actually came with the set! The DVDs play amazing & the clarity is well done. I recommend this set to anyone who really likes these older shows; I have Charlie's Angels, too.

Just remember one thing, Lynda Carter is the only person to EVER play Wonder Woman. There have been how many different people play Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Green Lantern, The Hulk, etc. I don't think anyone could ever replace her in the role she played on TV. And These were real "TV Prime Time Shows" W/O FOUL LANGUAGE, SEX, OR MAJOR VIOLENCE! The whole family could watch--even though all the boys were "in love" with her & all the girls wanted to be her(Wonder Woman/Lynda Carter)!!!
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on February 22, 2015
WONDER WOMAN.-The complete collection.--To say in this series Wonder Woman,Iknew by the series of animation,but never got to see the chapters of the series with real characters,also in comic somewhat less,now I have the luck to have all the chapters of the three season thanks to Amazon,Lynda Carter,the star of the perfect serie in your character,the pack with three full season this beautifully presented and full of extras,very good picture and good sound,this pack is great and very happy in this series,sending perfect in everything fast and planned long before his arrival.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 27, 2014
Campy? Yes. Likable characters? Yes. But it was bright and cheerful in contrast to today’s dark and sinister heroes and villains. Since these types of series are passé now, the only way to enjoy them is to buy them.
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on December 31, 2014
Wonder Woman is one of the most iconic superheroines in comic book history, so much so in fact, it's hard to believe she has only one television series on her CV. But here it is: the Complete Collection, which gathers all 60 episodes of the Wonder Woman series together in one attractive package. Season One includes the original pilot plus 11 other episodes produced for ABC between 1975-76, and was set in the World War II era. Season Two features the "relaunch" pilot, moving Wonder Woman to the contemporary era (1977) and also representing a change in networks, with the show switching to CBS. Season Three keeps the action going, though the focus shifts to more teenager-oriented theme and becomes more oriented on Wonder Woman's alter ego, Diana Prince.

The pilot and the Season Three premier ("One Of Our Teenage Idols Is Missing") feature commentary by Lynda Carter, who played the title role. There are also short documentaries included in each Season package. The picture quality is excellent; it's as if the shows were just broadcast yesterday. Except for a few small edits--the opening credits for the pilot have been changed to those for the standard Season One intro, for instance--the episodes are show as they were originally presented.

If nothing else, Wonder Woman: The Complete Collection proves the old saying that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Taken pound for pound, this is actually a subpar series. The scripts are only average at best, the stories don't generate much tension, and most of the villains are stale cardboard cut-outs of each other. Yet despite all the problems, Wonder Woman still comes across as an enjoyable show, primarily due to one factor: Lynda Carter. Much has been made about how perfect Carter was for the role, both in physical attractiveness and the degree of humanity she brought to the part--and Carter deserves every word of that praise, and then some. Modern-day actresses scoff at the idea of running around fighting crime in such a scanty costume; Carter not only made it believable, but even perfectly normal. Her approach to playing Wonder Woman as a "normal woman, only with super-powers" was a masterstroke that kept the character fresh, dynamic, and a treat to watch even if the proceedings going on around her grew rather tedious.

Season One, despite its shorter length, actually has the best episodes. The pilot and the first two regular episodes are the only ones using plotlines drawn directly from the source material, featuring villains from the comic book series; perhaps not surprisingly, these are the three best episodes of the entire series. Season One also features an up-and-coming actress named Debra Winger as Wonder Girl; the three episodes she appears in are also quite magical. Seasons Two and Three are more of a mixed bag. While Carter herself has gone on record saying she preferred working on the series after it moved to the contemporary era, a lot of the magic which permeated the show during Season One began to dissipate throughout Season Two, and by the time Season Three started the show was running on fumes.

Having said that, though, there are a few standout moments during the 1970s era of the show, particularly the episode "The Man Who Could Move The World," where Wonder Woman has to face a Japanese survivor from the US internment camps, who blames her for the death of his brother three decades earlier. The subject of the US interning innocent Japanese-Americans during World War Ii remains a sensitive one to this day, and it was a bold move of the series to confront it. Had there been more episodes like this one, the series might very well have run even longer.

Wonder Woman: The Complete Series may not be television at its finest, yet it does have Lynda Carter. And as unlikely as it sounds, that really is enough reason to give this show a look. In her remarkable red-white-and-blue costume, proud and confident yet also compassionate and caring, Carter set the gold standard for how super-heroines should be portrayed. For that, both Carter--and the Wonder Woman series she anchored--deserves its place in history.
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on January 17, 2011
My girlfriend is a huge wonder woman fan. She grew up watching the television show with Lynda Carter. She was amazed and pleased that I found the complete collection for her on DVD...and at such a low price. This was my first buy on and it was from a private seller. The experience was great! From now on I'm doing all my gift shopping on
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on June 25, 2014
Liked the first year World War 2 stories the best and Lynda Carter will probably turn out to be the best Wonder Woman on TV or in the movies. She sure looked the part. Great for those who saw these shows first run and it sure beats the edited, commercial breaks and station logos we get in reruns.
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on February 3, 2014
I grew up watching these on TV. They were silly then, and even sillier now. However, they have such a sense of fun and adventure to the episodes it's difficult not to smile. These are clean, so you can watch with family and lack most of the nihilism present in modern television. While I enjoy the modern sci/fi, super heroes, etc. for the most part, they are markedly dark in tone. I don't come away with a sense of dread after watching something like this.

Lynda Carter never misses a beat and always seems to play her character seriously no matter how ridiculous the script. Debrah Winger also surprised me, as Wonder Woman's inexperienced and far less effective sister. I didn't remember her having a sister in show [it was a long time ago], so it was a fun cameo [before she was a movie actress]. I haven't gotten past the first season yet, which has so far all been based on WWII and thwarting enemy agents and schemes. I'm looking forward to further seasons and the scenarios they bring, as I believe they are set in the show's "present" times [late 1970's].
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