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on December 14, 2011
1st of all, these are great. I've used tons of them. I've never, ever had a false positive or even an "evap." These registered positive (albeit faintly) at 10 dpo, a day before 1st Response Digital Gold was positive. They are as good, if not better, than the $20/2 pack HPTs I'd sell you if you walked into my pharmacy.

For women who keep testing after getting a positive: these tests do take quite a while (many days) to get dark (as dark or darker than the control line). This was worrying me, so I decided to do an experiment (despite what you've read, the lines SHOULD get darker over time). I peed in a cup and took a test. Then I diluted it 1:1 with water, and took a test. Then I diluted that 1:1 with water AGAIN and took a test. All three were EXACTLY the same. All positive, but not any darker or lighter. This means that, at least within this range (about 20 dpo), a four-fold difference in HCG will not result in a lighter or darker test. This was very reassuring. These do get darker, but much, much more slowly than other tests. Do not worry too much about them not getting very dark quickly.

Now, please let me dispell the FMU (first morning urine) myth, which drives me crazy. It's just not true. Here's why: we've been told to use FMU (or, at least to hold our urine for a long time) for better results. Not true. HCG blood levels in early pregnancy increase with time. So, your blood level last night was lower than your blood level this morning. The FMU in your bladder this morning is a mixture of last night's urine, this morning's urine, and ever thing in between. The "old" urine from last night has a lower HCG that this morning's urine and is therefore "diluting" the HCG. You'd do much, much better to empty your bladder (without drinking any more liquids) and wait until you can go again. Think about it. Holding your urine doesn't concentrate it; it just mixes old urine with new urine. The only thing that concentrates it is drinking less, combined with peeing MORE frequently (not holding it).
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on March 7, 2015
Be aware that there are counterfeits being sold under the Wondfo listing on Amazon. I have used genuine Wondfos for years and they have been awesome - accurate, cheap and my doctor has given them the ok. I received a new batch this past week that didn't say Wondfo on the front and had blue handles on them. I usually search to see if there is anything re: the lot I received and I found a lot of people complaining about both false positives and negatives with the counterfeits.

After searching, it seems that Wondfo has alerted Amazon to the issue, but Amazon has not pulled them. Wondfo has been contacted by other customers and I found that they have released a list of approved distributors. I just searched for one of their approved sellers and re-ordered the pregnancy test strips while also submitting to Amazon that I had received counterfeits and expected a refund for that order.

Approved distributors:
All About Bidet Inc.
Earth's Magic Inc.
Fairview Mart
Formosa Enterprises, LLC
Jooah Reyes
Lia Poesy LLC
USHealth Tests
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on February 13, 2012
For those of us who just can't resist the urge to test over and over every cycle, these pregnancy tests REALLY save on money. I haven't had any of the false positives that some people have mentioned. I did have an evaporation line once, which can be confusing. When in doubt, use another test. They're cheap enough that you can afford to! Also, the tests I received are different than what's shown in the picture. It's a different shade of pink, and the handle says HCG over and over. The packaging says OneStep on it. But I was prepared for this by other reviewers, so it didn't bother me. Apparently they are still manufactured by Wondfo.

Update-- It took us 7 months, but we finally got our BFP! These strips were able to show a positive result at only 10 DPO, and they showed a clear progression with the lines getting darker as the hcg increased. I'm very happy with them. :) I added the series of tests to the customer images.
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on April 19, 2011
After buying a batch of 25 and going through them in a single cycle, I bought these. The packaging is identical to the "pink handled wondfos" I bought before, but the handles are a pale pink with 'hcg' repeated across it. Everything else is identical. I actually prefer solid handles as I can write on them and see what I wrote easier, but the important bit for any pee test is the result.

And these are very similar to the ones I had before. The control lines are a consistent intensity from my previous batch of tests, and since I'm pregnant, the test lines are about as much darker as I'd expect.

This came with instructions, which the other ones did not, not that it's rocket science. See photos for a quick how-to. The price is, of course, excellent.

There are still no evaporation lines anywhere (defined as lines that show up when the test dries, usually outside the testing area). These are fast, though the positive takes longer to show up than the control line, but I'm still early yet.

There has been a little streakiness on a few tests: These average slightly more dye per test than the pink handled ones, but as you can see from my pictures, the results are quite consistent.

You'll need your own Dixie cups, but that's a pretty trivial expense.

Definitely a recommend.

I've compared the plain pink and pink hcg handles in the same sample and the results are nearly identical, and both perfectly functional. Don't worry about handle color!

UPDATE: The gals on FertilityFriend and I have been doing some experimenting. Some people may know that dipping a pregnancy test directly in cola or apple juice can create a "positive" test (not just on this brand). What we now have some evidence of is that people who drink large quantities of these beverages may have just enough of whatever chemical creates those positives in their urine to create a faint "false positive". So if you're getting questionable results with these tests, consider checking your diet. Even organic apples, freshly juiced, can turn one of these positive, which means if you eat a lot of apples or drink certain kinds of juice or soda in large quantity, they may make your results less reliable. (One man who drinks a lot of apple juice got a positive result...) If you are testing early, consider sticking to beverages which don't cause these things to turn positive on their own... So far, water, OJ and milk are all just fine. We're testing more things over the next few weeks to see what does and doesn't skew the results. Personally, I drink a ton of Vitamin Water Zero and haven't had any iffy results.

Ultimately I have to say that the false positive results with this brand are probably due to the increased sensitivity to low levels of hormone (or whatever it is in apples that causes pregnancy tests to go positive!)

ETA: Further experimentation showed that fructose in particular but also other sugars dissolved in water and used as a "sample" would cause false positives. A series of amusing tests showed that fructose gave by far the strongest lines, and lemon juice would actually give an "inverted" test result with a pink background and white lines. This is what happens when you buy 25 tests and get pregnant your first month trying...

Thus, if you are consistently getting "false positive" test results on these, you might want to get your urine checked for sugars. Approximately 1 in 100,000 women will have "fructosuria" where they harmlessly dump fructose into the urine. Another small percentage of women may have undiagnosed (or diagnosed) diabetes and dump sugar for that reason. In any event, it's probably worth looking into if you find a lot of pregnancy tests seem to give you hard to understand results (or a lot of "chemical" pregnancies). If a man takes this test and gets a positive result, chances are that he is dumping a bit of sugar of some kind into his urine, either that or he has a rare hCG producing tumor, but the sugar is statistically more likely.

For the vast, vast majority of women trying to conceive, however, these are just decent, cheap tests.
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on November 6, 2009
These are a great test for a great price. I like them much better than the kinds you can pick up at the drug store for $7 or $8 apiece. I used one of these the same day I had some blood drawn and a very faint line showed up. The next day I found out that the blood test showed that my HCG levels were at an 8 (Which I was told is consistent with about three weeks pregnant.) I was really impressed that they are able to detect such small amounts. If you want to be able to test often and not have to worry about the cost, these tests are the way to go!
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on February 13, 2015
Work if you want to wait almost a week after missed period for a line. I tested positive on equate blue dye tests and just to double check bought these. Negative. I still felt pregnant so I got first response and those were positive. Finally I can see a line on these about a week after my period was due
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on April 11, 2016
DONT BUY THEM!! They are either fake or are a bad batch Lot #W00151149-3
I put one under water so compare the one urine dip and it came up positive (water?!) Have gotten a ton of false BFP's. Garbage! Picture attached. Pretty sure water doesn't have hcg in it unless I have missed something.
I used them in a previous pregnancy and was quite satisfied, so I bought 50 this time around since we had a Missed Miscarriage. Broke my heart seeing 3 faint obvious BFP's and it turns out they are completely false.
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on January 13, 2013
Took these for days, negative negative negative. Finally went out and bought an early response test and was positive immediately. Would not repurchase.
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VINE VOICEon February 10, 2011
We have been trying to get pregnant for 5 months. I have been regularly purchasing the Clear Blue Digital tests, EPT's early response tests, as well as other varieties. I always assumed that you get what you pay for, so the expensive tests were my "GO TO" tests for confirmation...aside from the standing order I have at the lab for serum tests.

I finally decided to make my obsession with taking HPT's more affordable by indulging in these cheap tests. I guessed that they probably weren't accurate, but they would satisfy my urge to just take HPT's all day every day until I got my cycle. LOL Well, just 8 days after ovulation my EPT brand was negative (as I expected...way too early for a normal person to test!) but all of a sudden, on this little strip I saw a TINY faint little line, where there usually is nothing. (I use first morning urine in a paper cup, so if I need to re-test, I can do so right away.) I did another and still was pretty sure I was seeing a faint line. Hmmm...I reached for one of the 'big guns' Clear Blue Digital tests and crumb! It was Negative (NOT PREGNANT as it says). I still wondered if I should go ahead and have a blood test done? I did and it showed less than 1.2 HcG(i.e. NOT pregnant). Ah. Must have been my imagination and wishful thinking that I saw a faint line...

So, being desperate to be pregnant, the negative blood test did not even BEGIN to thwart my HPT habit. LOL Over the course of the next two days, I still kept seeing a faint line with these, and when I tried OTHER brands, nothing. Finally, on the third day, it was much darker and I decided to try the precious (comparatively expensive, but fun to use) Clear Blue Digital again and finally caught up with this flimsy little paper stick!! POSITIVE!!! These test strips were RIGHT and everything else was WRONG!! I went in and had blood drawn for the second time in 4 days and yes, indeed, I am pregnant!

I LOVE these test strips and highly recommend them! AMAZING!! CHEAP!! EASY!! EASY TO READ!! Wow!!
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on May 6, 2014
I've been trying to conceive with the help of science for more than a year now. During that year, I've used pregnancy tests by the bushel. I have yet to actually get pregnant, but after my trigger shots (part of my IVF protocol, in which HCG is injected in order to trigger ovulation), I got a positive test every time with Wondfos. (You're supposed to get a positive test after a trigger shot.)

If you know you're going to want to POAS every day of your TWW, buy these. If you don't know what that sentence meant, you probably aren't yet at the point where buying pregnancy tests by the dozens appeals. I have broken the POAS habit at long last, but I'm glad I didn't spend very much on the (probably hundreds of) tests I used.
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