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on December 7, 2003
Some people say that Nappy Roots first album was better, some people say Nappy Roots are straying from their roots, some people say Nappy Roots is trying to go commercial. Their may be some truth to any one of these claims, but the one thing I can say with some confidence is that Nappy Roots sophomore effort, Wooden Leather, is a tight album. Sure their may be a few cuts at the album that were better left unrecorded "War/Peace", "Light & Dark", "Roun' The Globe (remix)" and their may be a few more songs that are more "radio friendly", but the good completely outweighs the bad. Following the success of their platinum selling debut Watermelon, Chicken, and Grits, I imagine that one of the biggest fear of fans, and maybe even group members, was that Nappy might fall victim to the infamous "sophomore jinx" especially with the group's initial success coming as somewhat of a surprise. But the 6-man crew from Kentucky gets it done again with a combination of clinging tightly to their southern roots, the down-to-earth rhymes that many people appreciate them for, and the addition of a little star power in the production arena. The Kanye West produced "These Walls" is one of several standout songs on the album, and they even manage to enlist the talents of the Raphael Saadiq for cuts like "Leave This Morning" and "Work in Progress". Other standouts like "Good God Almighty", "Sick and Tired", and "Push On" - the latter two, assisted by the soulful vocals of Anthony Hamilton - manage to get heads nodding without big name producers. Then their are cuts like "No Good" and "Lac Dogs & Hogs" that leave no doubt that Nappy Roots hails from the South. And despite some seemingly minor changes in content, probably encouraged by some A&R industry flack to "reach a wider audience", when the group does a song about a car ("Lac Dogs and Hogs") or a women's curves ("Twang"), it doesn't come across as ignorant or extremely misogynistic as most of the songs dominating today's radio. Probably not since Goodie Mob's first 2 albums has a group with more than two members represented the south so well and made listeners feel so in tune while doing it, although six members may be overkill for a rap group (especially since I don't know the names of any of the group members or what picture goes with what rhyme). Overall though, despite a few minor hitches, Wooden Leather doesn't disappoint.
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on August 27, 2003
Nappy comes correct on their sophomore LP Wooden Leather.
Good God Almighty 5/5
Nappy Roots Day (produced by David Banner)5/5
Round the Globe (single)5/5,
Lac Dogs and Hogs 5/5
Sick and Tired 4/5
Twang 4/5 (closest to club song on the album)
Leave This Morning 2/5 (too much singing)
Work in progress 4/5
Push On 3/5 (too slow)
No Good 5/5 Jammin'
These walls 4/5
War Peace 5/5 (also produced by Banner)
Roll Again 5/5 great chiefin' song
Watcha Gonna Do (The Anthem) 5/5 (produced by Lil Jon, KRUNK)
Light & Dark 4/5
Round The Globe (Collipark remix) 5/5 (same lyrics as Round the Globe, but Yin Yang Twins do the hook)
Overall, the album is supurb with a slight lull in the middle, but in todays rap a CD with more than 3 songs that are good is a pleasent suprise. Not as good as Watermelon, Chicken, and Gritz, but damn close. They did step up the production calling in Lil Jon, Banner, and Kanye West. on a side not these are 6 cool, down to earth people who deserve to make it. A definate must have!!!
P.s Y'all don't know nothin' about Country Fried Cess or No Fade, No Brush, No Comb. (independant releases from the late 90's)
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on September 20, 2003
Nappy Roots is back with a vengence! This CD is by far one of the best of the year! They strike hard with songs like:
Nappy Roots Day - awesome beat and rhythm
Roun' The Globe - the most popular Nappy Roots song off this CD, proving that the whole world is country
These Walls - Slow Ballad with great bass
The Anthem - featuring Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys - Great Song
and the last song - Roun' The Globe (Remix) - Awesome remix of the original hit song
These guys revolutionized Rap and Country Twangin' I love this CD so much, I would jump in a septic tank in January naked just to hear this album again! It's that good! If you got $15 laying around that your saving for a Eminem or DMX CD - forget them and buy NAPPY ROOTS!
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on May 1, 2006
OutKast's debut album Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik and Beastie Boys' LTI (Licensed to Ill) as well as Nappy Roots' WCG (Watermelon , Chicken, and Gritz) were debut albums that put the respective groups on the map. All three of these groups redefined their sound and advanced their groups to a new level with their next album. OutKast's ATLiens (ATLiens, Two Dope Boyz, Mainstream, Elevators, etc.)and the Beasties' Paul's Boutique were albums that propelled the groups to the success they have today.

Nappy's "Wooden Leather" isn't quite up to the level of those two aforementioned albums, but they do stay Nappy to their roots with this cut. Memorable cuts include Roun' the Globe, Good God Almighty, Work In Progress, and War/Peace. I guess what I'm trying to say is, that with OutKast, the Beasties, and Nappy Roots, is that changing a sound doesn't mean the band has "sold out" or gone awry; it just redefines them and makes them that much more talented. Po' Folks is my favorite Nappy Roots song, but Wooden Leather does not disappoint. Buy this album; you will most likely enjoy it.
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on April 15, 2014
It's a shame that this album flopped, because I really think it was by far the best work put out by Nappy Roots. If I had to guess, my guess would be that the first album didn't live up to the hype and was a letdown, so people steered clear of this second album. But I have every album that Nappy Roots has put out, and I think this is the best of the bunch. I don't really like their banger tracks quite as much, but the country-influenced tracks and any track that has Anthony Hamilton on it goes hard on this album. This has been a favorite of mine for over 10 years; if you can find a good price for it on Amazon, I recommend you add it to your collection.
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on September 3, 2007
Nappy Roots's first album was great but this album is just as great as Chicken, Watermelon And Gritz. Good God Almighty wasnt a bad opener and The David Banner-produced Nappy Roots Day is crazy. Round The Globe wasnt a bad single but it was not a single that was going to get everybody to go out and pick up the album. Anthony Hamilton makes two appearances on here. Sick And Tired(second single) and Push On. Both tracks are standouts. Nappy Roots give you a song of substance by the name of Work In Progress and I must say I respect them for doing that. There are some slip ups on this album though. Leave This Morning With Raphael Saadiq is bland, The Lil Jon-produced What Cha Gonna Do is horrendous, Lacs, Dogs and Hogs is so bad its comical and Roll Again and Round The Globe Remix with The Ying Yang Twins(Rap's Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber) are also skip material. Bottom Line: File Nappy Roots' Wooden Leather under slept-on albums. Even with its flaws it wasnt a bad album. It was slept-on because people are stuck on their first album. Its still a highlight album of 2003 regardless. Standout Tracks: NAPPY ROOTS DAY, ROUND THE GLOBE, SICK AND TIRED, TWANG, WORK IN PROGRESS,NO GOOD, WAR/PEACE, THESE WALLS and PUSH ON.
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on November 9, 2003
As we all know, Nappy Roots delivered a great album a year or so ago called Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz. A lot of people praised the album because it featured the kind of rap that's nice to just kick back and chill to, minus any Cris-poppin' or gun-totin'. But there were some other opinions about the album (and the group) as well. Some said that the group has too many people (there are six members), and it seems like the more members of a rap group there are, the harder it is to remember their names. Also, people said that all they talk about is being poor and coming out of the gutter anyway. The group might have taken the latter criticism to heart, as the subject matter on this album is pretty varied. But sometimes it's best to stick with what you know.
There are some good songs, as usual, on here, especially the leadoff single "Roun' The Globe". Another good track is "Leave This Morning", which Raphael Saadiq produced as well as sang the chorus to; "Work In Progress" is also a good one. And Anthony Hamilton helps the crew out again by putting his vocals on "Push On", which sounds like the kind of subject matter the first album dealt with - and the result is pretty good.
There are some okay songs on here too, like "Sick & Tired" and the obligatory end-of-album remix-of-the-first-single featuring Ying Yang Twins (although it seems like they took over the song themselves). But what really brings this album down is some of the other songs. There's the cheesy "Nappy Roots Day", and as far as lyrics go, "No Good" is just that. And the only thing really interesting about "These Walls" is Kanye West's production.
There's even a lame song on here that talks about 24-inch rims, "Lac Dogs & Hogs", but it's still better than "Twang", an utterly unlistenable track that sounds like one of Beck's throwaways. Nappy Roots is still a talented group, but I just wasn't feelin' this album. Let's hope their third outing is better.
Anthony Rupert
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on October 4, 2003
I believe that Watermelon, Chicken and Gritz was a classic. This is not a bad sophomore set from Nappy, but it simply cannot compare to WCG. Their same southern flavor is still there, and yeah there is more of an R&B vibe to the songs. But overall the CD is worth listening to if you liked WCG. "Roun' The Globe" is a great song, this is the song you would have heard from this CD. Some other good songs are "Sick and tired", some may not like this cuz the chorus has an R&B singer in it but this is my fav song from this CD. "Nappy Roots Day", "Lac Dogs & Hogs" and "These Walls" are the other songs I like the best. Go buy this or at least listen to this if you like Nappy Roots.
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on August 27, 2003
I have been highly anticipating the release of this album and I definately was not disappointed. This album is definately a step above Watermelon Chicken and Grits which was platnum plus. They have some excellent colaborations and a great mix of good music. My favorite cuts off the album would have to be Nappy Holiday, Leave this morning featuring Raphael Saadiq and Light & Dark. If you want to get your club on than the remix to Roun da Globe and What Cha Gonna Do will definately get you bouncin. If you need some encouragement than Sick & Tired or Work in Progress. The Album has everything and is a must to add to your collection. I definately recommend this album to the massies!!!
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on October 6, 2003
Nappy Roots are lyrically solid. This album is no exception. Unfortunately, it does not live up to the standards of WCG. The Country Boyz put out an album that lacks decent beats. Songs like "Start It Over" and "Headz Up" are missing. There are some hot songs like "Twang," "What Cha Gonna Do," featuring the Ying Yang twins, and my favorite "No Good." Some songs have stupid hooks like "Lac Dogs & Hogs." This song would be better if it were instrumental. Overall, they have stuck to their roots, but it is not as nappy.
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