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on October 30, 1999
The name says it all, "Woodstock 99"!! We all heard about it, it was on every news channel, newspaper, MTV, etc. But most of us could not go, and many of us did not want to pay $29.95 per day for Pay-Per-View. See it now for an affordable price. The fact that you are reading this means you want it, so buy it. The tape is very professionally done (SONY MUSIC), most of the footage seems to be from Pay-Per-View (camera shots could not be any better, and the sound was flawless), and it was a very good editing job to put the highlights of three days in a 2-1/2 hour tape. It is non-stop action. Great fun. Never boring. Invite your friends for a Woodstock party, order pizza & beer, and turn up the volume. PARTY! PARTY! I liked Sheryl Crow, KORN, Kid Rock, Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morissette, Metallica, Megadeath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and all of the topless girls. There were thousands of topless girls at the concert, and the tape captured quite a few (...too many to count). The tape has a NR rating, but deserves either a PG-14 or R rating. While there is lots of nudity, it would not be offensive to most women (I think?), it is just good fun; most of the nudity goes by quickly (guys be ready with your remote control). The ladies might like the guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers who performed in the nude. Something for everybody. Good music, good fun, and lots of topless girls! Everything that you expected and wanted from Woodstock for a cheap price, and in a tape that you will watch or listen to again and again. A multi-volume set of tapes of Woodstock would have been nice, but this tape does a good job of capturing the highlights and gives a good taste and feel for the event. You won't be disappointed.
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on November 22, 2000
I didn't go to Woodstock '99, so I really can't say whether or not this program gives the full effect of what went on. I can say that this DVD is a middle-of-the-road concert experience.
The performances themselves vary greatly in music style, and there seems to be little bit for everyone. The footage isn't of great quality, as this DVD has artifacting all over the place all the time (even on the menu screens). It's not really distracting that much, as the music is the main priority here. And that said, the Dolby Digital 5.1 mix leaves much to be desired. All they've done is put the performance in the front 3 speakers and shoved the crowd to the back - it could have been mixed MUCH better than that. Also of note is that the loading time on this disc is the slowest I have ever seen - expect at least a 5 second delay between menus and a 10 second delay on start-up.
If you're looking for a variety of musical styles and performances of the late 90's, this is a good choice if you can look past it's technical shortcomings. If you're only a fan of one or two of the artists, it's really not worth it. Everything on this disc screams mediocrity.
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on March 10, 2000
I paid, I went, I saw, I experienced. Unfortunately this production of the event doesn't come close to the experience of 3 days of 250 thousand people united in one purpose. Most everyone saw on the news the declination of the event after the walls had come down and the locals started bringing in alcohol. From Thursday afternoon through Sunday afternoon Woodstock 99 was about the Love, Peace, Music and high water prices. I don't remember anyone not having a good time and respecting each other.
The video does a fair job with the music part. I was hoping for a more extensive version of coverage of the event when the DVD was released. I mean a Double Sided, Dual Layered, Double DVD set could have had much more exposure of the whole event. I guess the producers felt it was adequate to just master the same VHS tape that was release last year into a DVD format and market it. I saw the entire Pay Per View event afterwards and the coverage was fantastic. This would have been the ideal release.
In all I give this new format release a 2 out of 10. It's the same old stuff released last year in a new package.
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on June 14, 2000
I dock this DVD one star only because I wanted it to be longer. Boasting some of the best-mixed live music I have ever heard with a brilliant video transfer, the WOODSTOCK '99 DVD is a must-have for any modern music aficionado. Crank this up on a powerful Dolby Digital sound system, and you'll find little reason to hassle with attending a live concert again (especially if you are "of a certain age").
The quality of the musical acts is much more even than those found in the original '69 Woodstock documentary (which, let's face it, had some pretty low lowpoints). I would give special marks to G. Love and Special Sauce, Jamiroquai, Lit, Sheryl Crow, Korn, Bush, Metallica, and Megadeth; these really sound great. The big band sound mix for James Brown and for the Brian Setzer Orchestra is perfect. Disappointments are few and far between: DMX and Kid Rock offer little, and the bloated Elvis Costello, with his unsteady, de-edged voice and all-thumbs guitar technique, isn't even a shadow of his former great self.
This kind of material is what the voluminous DVD format is meant for. It's too bad the producers didn't see fit to fill up both layers of both sides of the disk. Also, this would have been great for multi-angle viewing, another missed opportunity.
The "cultural" material between the acts consists mostly of topless women. I'll register no complaints about that, but I wish there had been more interviews similar to those which made the original '69 documentary so great. The DVD includes "supplemental material," but is is of little consequence. This is a disc you buy for the music.
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on November 16, 1999
Please oh please give us a woodstock video that reflects more woodstock life footage. You know, not just the music, but what the woodstockers were doing before, during and after the music. Don't get me wrong the bands were great, but in my eyes that was only 50% of the experience! Woodstock '99 I miss you :(
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on June 29, 2006
For people that weren't there allow me to explain Woodstock '99. I was never so sun burned, broke, dirty, strung out and tired in my entire life... and I have never had so much fun. No, it wasn't an ode to the 1969 Woodstock. It was my generations Woodstock and we rocked the house. I am not talking about the riots, there were so many people there they stopped counting and were letting people in for free on Thursday before the actual Woodstock started... a single person serving of pizza was 11 bucks and water was 7 dollars. I am not excusing the riots.. I am painting a picture. It was almost 120 degrees in Griffis with the cement and the amount of people, people were broke and tired/strung out/sun burned and they went bonkers. The thing is that it didn't start till Sunday night( Even if the wall was ripped down on Saturday ) and it was delightful other than that. I hope they have another Woodstock, I would go.. just bring more of my own food next time. I would like a more complete version of Woodstock '99, the crowds, behind the scenes, more songs from artists... but I will take what I can get.
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on August 31, 2012
Tape came very fast and packaging was good. DVD was loose when opened but wasn't scratched which is okay by me.

On to the review...bare boobies in the first 5 seconds of the show. never thought they would have so many boobs on video through out the whole show. The performances were mostly great. Bush is a must watch. Live is a must watch. James Brown opens the show and it is classic James which is always a good act. About the middle of the show Kid Rock gets everything rolling with Bawwitdaba. Towards the end of the show Creed covered the Doors song "Roadhouse Blues". Creed does a very good job of covering this song. He didn't change it to make it his own just played and sung it the way they did. They even had one of the original guitarists playing with them. I don't agree with the fans throwing trash at them while this song was playing even if it was for other reasons. The last act, Red Hot Chili Peppers, was good but a little ironic. They played "Fire" which Jimi Hendrix played at the 1969 Woodstock where everything was about peace and love. Played in 1999 by Red Hot Chili Peppers you actually get fire and Woodstock is actually burnt to the ground. You don't get to see a lot of what what actually happened with the fires but everyone knows because it was covered by the local news channels at that time.
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on August 31, 2007
Im surprised that people have let their moral stand on the excesses of the event,mar their review of this disc.While I sympathise with those affected,I will stick to reviewing this disc,which is what this forum is for.

The Production values : Are top notch.I have bought some DVDs recorded in 2006,which do not look or sound as good as this one.The producers of this release knew their job well.
The Music and performances : Im a metalhead and I thought there would be barely 3-4 songs on this disc that I would like.Well barring 3-4 songs ( out of 29 ),I loved EVERY performance on this disc.The disc really captures the environment of the gig and brings it into your room.Its fun to watch the crowd go crazy during KORN and Metallica's set.There are some weak moments tho',but they can be easily overlooked.Im surprised that some killer acts like Godsmack,which made it to the audio CD did not make it to the DVD - thats disappointing.
The Extras - There's lots of em'.All the songs are interspresed with a walk around the Woodstock ground,so you get a good idea of what was happening around the place over the 3 days.So that makes it about 1 hours worth of bonus material,apart from band interview snippets and some other backstage stuff.

All in all,if you are a fan of great live music and grand concerts,this disc is an awesome deal.BUY IT !
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on December 8, 2005
I have to admit looking at the band lineup on this dvd I was immediately turned off. Kid Rock, Live, Creed, DMX, Brian Setzer Ochestra??? Are these guys even still around? With that being said, some of the other acts led me to at least give it a chance. The first quarter of the dvd is a complete bore. James Brown is a shell of himself. Jamiroquai seems uninspired. DMX...well I can see why his career didn't last very long. Hands down Korn steals the show as they snarl their way through Blind. I'm not even a Korn fan but this perfomance made me want to start banging my head in my living room. Truly bad ass. I've never really checked out Guster before but they were rockin' as well, even though they look like guys that got beat up everyday in high school. Dave was pretty good, but I've seen better from them. Rage seemed all out of sync. The Chemical Brothers piece was something straight out of Girls Gone Wild, pretty hilarious. All in all, don't waste your time on this dvd. I'd recommend any of the Bonnaroo dvd's instead.
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on February 18, 2006
If you were to just read the names of the bands you would automatically give this 5 stars. You can't really pay any attention to what some reviewers say. You may not really like all of the bands, but most are notable bands for the time. The problem with this DVD isn't the bands but the song selection. I understand that each band tries to control the video rights to its better songs but this is rediculous. I have to say that Everclear and Rage Against The Machine both have "A" list songs on this DVD. Other than that the songs chosen by other bands are somewhat subpar. This DVD is still worth buying if you can get a good price.
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