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on November 20, 2010
If you want to learn WordPress there are much better written and more complete books out there. This book is severely disappointing in a way that Dummies books rarely are. The author touts herself as an expert and there's no doubt she knows some things about WordPress. However, her writing is not that great and you'll find that you're left with more questions about certain things about WordPress than you were before you read the book.

If you want to hear about how great Lisa is, buy the book. She uses every opportunity to showcase her site and things she's done, tooting her horn as only people who are self-described "experts" tend to do. Again, I am not used to this type of flagrant self-promotion in a Dummies book. It's annoying.

The author has capitalized on the fact that she "wrote the book" on WordPress, but it isn't written well or that great of a book.

Check out "Digging Into WordPress" or "WordPress Bible" for truly great resources.

Beginners would be wise to take advantage of the free WordPress codex: it's the official manual for WordPress. There are specific sections for people new to WordPress there. Also check out for how-to videos.
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on October 27, 2010
Lisa Sabin Wilson did not write this book for the novice. The book is difficult to follow, having you jump back and forth to learn basic tasks. It is written more for one who has experience in designing websites or blogs.
Wilson should have referenced to a basic sample blog on the internet that she could have created and then using the book, walked the reader through each step of the dashboard as to how the site or blog was created. Her basic information is already on the WordPress site. The illustrations are difficult to read.
I can not recommend this book.
I have used many ....For Dummies books over the years and this is the poorest I have purchased in teaching one who wants to set up a blog. She is a BIG fan of WordPress and it comes through in the book.
Most learners just want to set up a blog, and do not want to become expert bloggers as this book spends many pages on.
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on July 23, 2011
Putting together a website, but never did one before. I heard great reviews for WordPress, & got the site up and running pretty easily, but but wanted to add links, RSS feeds, etc.

Well aware of my ignorance, I bought "Wordpress for Dummies" (WFD) - confident that the book was titled just for me. My first goal was to add some hyperlinks to help people navigate the site. I started by looking in the WFD index for "hyperlink" - WFD had no entry for hyperlink. (Aren't those things called hyperlinks?)

So I searched the index for "Links" - WFD had a plethora of listings for "Links." It talked about "link lists," "pretty links," "not so pretty links," "ugly permalinks," "link relationship (XFN) options," and "ordered/unordered links." (I had no idea what ANY of those are!) I NEVER found a place in WFD where it said, "to add a link... do this..." (Not saying it's not there somewhere... just that I never found it.)

My fears were confirmed! I was far "dummer" than the WFD author anticipated! (Do they have a book for people who are too dumb to understand Wordpress for Dummies?)

In desperation, it turned to the WordPress online help. Fearing the worst.

I was amazed! WordPress online help showed EXACTLY how to add links! It was EASY! Within five minutes I was adding links all over the site!

So... If you are new to WordPress and thinking of buying this book, my advice would be to visit the WordPress online help and forums first!
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on October 4, 2014
Lisa doest't seem to know who she is suposed to be writing to. All of her books seem to be directed toward geeks, not nubies. They are definately not for Dummies. Far too much HTML and other technical material.
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on February 5, 2013
If you want to learn Word Press, this isn't the book for you or me. Disguised as Word Press for Dummies, it is actually about blogs. Word Press for blogging. In fact, the whole book is about how to blog with Word Press. It does include a website address where you will find a few chapters about using Word Press for websites, which is what I wanted. This book isn't it.
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on April 23, 2012
This book is a disappointment to me, because it's not a beginner's book. The author states clearly that this book is for those who

"...already have a blog, are already using WordPress, you want to understand how to program better, so you can do more cool stuff and stop bugging your geeky best friend whenever you have a question about something, or even better, you already have a blog on another blogging platform and want to move your blog to WordPress."

The author also states that the book is for beginners, but I disagree. In my opinion and experience, this book is written for too diverse an audience. It should either be for beginners, for intermediate bloggers, or for advanced bloggers, not all 3.

It's frustrating for me to use this book as a reference; it's not helping much at all, and I hope to find a book that is actually written for the specific audience of beginners relative to WordPress.
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on January 31, 2013
Previously I have used 'Dummies' with great success. They slowly and carefully lead you up a few stairs so that you see where to go from here. To call this tome a 'Dummies' book is a misrepresentation - it's even worse than the bewildering 'Help' in Wordpress.
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on January 17, 2012
I picked up a copy of this book because it was highly rated. This book says it is for dummies. It is for dummies in that it is simply written so that you can easily follow the text. I know NOTHING about web design and at the time could barely figure out how to log onto Wordpress.But after reading it from cover-to-cover I still couldn't figure out how to log onto Wordpress (okay, I exaggerate, I did figure out how to log on, but not thanks to this book). I then ordered a copy of Wordpress in 24-hours and after the first chapter or so I had my Wordpress site up and functional. It still took a while to figure out the nunaces, but at least I had a web thanks to this dummy of a book.
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on December 21, 2011
This would be the most useless ...for Dummies I have ever read. Don't buy it, its rubbish and is full of make believe knowledge
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