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39 of 42 people found the following review helpful
on April 9, 2011
I don't do a lot of Amazon reviews but wanted to take the time with this book, because it really made life easy. I had a new blog that I wanted to start but didn't know the first thing about WordPress. Well, I heard about this book from a friend, who said Mr. Klein has a very straightforward way of presenting things. This is very true. It took me maybe a half hour to read through the beginning section and I was ready to go! That was it. I understood the basics.

The install itself also went very smoothly - I was shocked at how fast I could install and build my site in WordPress. One of the things that was very easy for me was choosing the correct theme and it's because he has a great discussion on that. He's even got a list of sites with free, quality themes.

In fact, my main comment is that he really goes the extra mile with this book and explains how to do your blog start to finish. I know it's hard to believe, but he can save hours and hours of research on the web. For example, he even gives you writing tips, ways to boost your ranking in Google, how to do comments with WordPress and so on. He even has some really good motivational material at the beginning of the book. I still remember the list he had of the incomes of successful bloggers - maybe someday, eh?

Anyway, thumbs up for this ebook...
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on April 4, 2011
The WordPress Power Guide is a great way for you to learn how to ratchet-up your blog to the next level. When you first start blogging your blog is fairly bland and straightforward but it enables you to get used to it. You start blogging slowly, add a few things here and there, and after a while you start wanting some extras. Perhaps you try a theme (a fairly simple way to change the look and feel) or perhaps a plugin but this is where it can get hairy.

Even simple plugins require some care to get right and to activate. I knew some about computers when I first began blogging and I was okay with changing my theme and I did a few plugins but when the plugins began requiring updates I got confused. I just never had a good handle on what was going on. Fortunately, my father sent me this WordPress Power Guide and I thought it might be a little too much over my head but it turns out I was just right for it! What I mean is, it was exactly what I needed because it started about the level I was and helped me improve my blog by understanding the nature of plug-ins and other options.

I wish it went a little more into SEO (it covers quite a bit though) as that is really where I know nothing, but the book seems better aimed at the hands-on blog improvements and that's great too. One thing I didn't realize was that polls and comment sections - which I never had added - help keep visitors on my blog and improve my rankings ultimately. I'm not at a point, explained by the Power Guide, where I WANT my readers to leave comments and then comment on other comments. Perhaps that is basic knowledge that all other bloggers somehow know but I sure didn't and I am seeing much more activity on my blog daily.

I am just now trying some of the suggestions to monetize my blog. I have a long way to go, but I am light years ahead of where I was before the WordPress Power Guide.
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on December 8, 2011
When I saw a WordPress book for under $4, I thought it must be too good to be true. I was right. Despite stating in the introduction that "I'll tell absolutely everything you need to know to create WordPress blogs," this book is sporadic and patchy. First, it tells me how much money I can make blogging. The author tells, for example, of a blog that earns $400,000 per month. In case you don't understand what that means, he spells it out for you: "Yeah, that's Four Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars." But don't think that this means the book is too detailed. For example, here's the third paragraph under "Set Up Your WordPress Blog":

"I am assuming that you already have your domain selected and purchased and that the name servers are set up to point at your hosting. I am also assuming that you've added the domain to your account as an add-on."

So much for telling me everything I need to know. If I don't, I'm instructed to go to YouTube, for "some awesome, instructional videos".

There's probably $4 worth of information in this book, but it's written neither for the novice or the power user. I'm now looking for a more comprehensive book.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on March 15, 2012
I read this book last night, and I was disgusted to see several unethical tactics suggested throughout the book. They can be summarized in the endorsement of spam bots:

* "let me tell you there's nothing wrong with building a lot of back links to your websites using automation tools..."

Then the author goes on to say how to thwart others from implementing these tactics on your own blog.

* "Almost 90% of comments on blogs are spammers. Sad but true." (Ironic statement.)

* "People often add comments to blogs just to get back links to visitors on their own blogs." (This is exactly what the author advises readers to do.)

* The author goes on to suggest using false references back to your site when answering questions on Yahoo Answers (the example shown includes a source link that has nothing to do with the answer). You may be answering a question, but you are also feeding misinformation by citing a false source.

There is some useful info in this book, but it is crowded out by what are many unethical practices which the author justifies in the name of making publicizing your blog and making money. I get about 5-10 spam comments on my blog each day by many of the people employing the tactics in this book. Some of these comments are blatant, and some are thinly veiled comments ("Love the blog! Very helpful! Maybe check out my site [etc]") to create back links while adding nothing of real value. So, thanks to this author, I'm perhaps destined to waste even more of my time as he advises others to continue these tactics.

If the author removed the text advising unethical behavior, the rest of the book is helpful, but with the unethical suggestions completely mixed with the helpful advice, I cannot recommend this book to anyone. Please do not give your money to this author.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on July 16, 2011
Whether you want a personal blog, a company blog, or one to showcase your services or products, the fact is you want to look professional or people will go elsewhere. In the WordPress Power Guide - Using WordPress to Blog Your Way to Success - Blogging Guide the author shows you how to take a WordPress blog and turn it from ho-hum to WOW! You'll learn about everything from the best plugins to use and choosing a theme to getting traffic to your blog and how to earn cash with your blog.

It doesn't matter if you're a complete novice or consider yourself somewhat of a pro, there's always something new to learn. Fine-tune your blog and make it the best it can be or take the risk of getting lost among the crowd. This is a must-have book for every blogger!
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on June 20, 2011
I really like this book - I found a lot of great information about WordPress and creating a blog. However, the book contains many images, most of which are difficult, if not impossible, to view on my Kindle. The author seems aware of this, and provides a link which is supposed to bring up a PDF file of the book so the reader can view the images on a PC. Originally, I could not access the PDF page - the link just took me to a web page where the PDF file was for sale. Finally, I was able to access it today. Thanks!!
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on January 26, 2012
I think there is an error on the first or second page, and several more throughout. I've been using wordpress blogs for business for a little while now, and I can tell you that the sales pitch at the beginning of the book is just that -- a pitch. Blogs can be helpful tools, but you need to understand the big picture and understand the market you're hoping to enter, and this book doesn't help you do that. Any time someone feels compelled to tell you how "awesome" their system is before you use it, it is a good bet that that person is more talk than substance -- and that certainly holds true for this guy.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on August 22, 2011
What more can be said about this than.....WOW! :) This guide is jam packed with awesome information, that goes above and beyond the simple setup guides you can find almost everywhere for Word Press. With this guide, you will learn so much, step by step, that you would pay consultants hundreds of dollars to do for you! What a steal to get this all in one power-packed book - kudos to Lambert for delivering a fantastic guide that is truly a gem! :)
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5 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on April 6, 2011
I have operated a couple of WordPress blogs before but I have never had any real, tangible success until I followed the advice in this book. I was recommended this guide by a close friend and decided to take a chance on it. I have been very impressed with the quality of advice given in this book. The author did a wonderful job of making the advice in this book easy to follow for someone who does have a bit of experience like myself. A great deal of my troubles with my existing WordPress blogs was that they were simply too bland and I had no idea how to make my user interface more visually and functionally appealing to my visitors. This book goes into great detail on how to use plugins and custom themes to enhance the look of a blog. The book also has great advice on how to increase your search ranking and generate more traffic that is consistent over time. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to create a WordPress blog and/or anyone who simply needs to improve their existing site. A+
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4 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on July 25, 2012
This book looked rushed and appeared to pander to making a quick buck. I became suspicious when the easy five-minute install touted by WordPress was ignored instead favored by automatic installs by Bluehost and others. This suggested to me the author had his own limitations. Not everybody uses a cPanel host and some automatic installs prevent one from doing periodic updates in a timely fashion. SOme hosts are better than others. It's always a good idea to check first or do your own install. It is not rocket science.

When the author didn't recommend anything other than All In One SEO I knew I was reading a book that I could have written after running WordPress for a year or less. I have four WordPress sites and maintain one other. Over time you gain experience. The WordPress Community which this author ignored is a terrific information source for the new person.

The advice was not carefully organized as described by another reviewer. Topics and how-tos were all over the place. The author might try using an outline next time. Improved logical organization couldn't hurt. Oh and I think "coma" is a medical condition and not a "comma." Spelling is important.

Don't ever write a book and tell me something is important and then refuse to explain it because you don't have enough time. The author walked away from the explanation of All In One SEO features leaving us all wondering. There was a gratuitous set of pictures with little explanation and the only suggestion was copy the contents. This same theme permeates the book. A book for $3.99 should have filled in those blanks - willingly.

$3.99 was too much for this book. Perhaps if it was .99 cents I could live my purchase, but this was an amateur's quick-start guide. No not a quick-start guide for amateurs but by one.

There have been quite a few changes by WordPress 3.4.1. One of those is JetPack. Some site owners have abandoned plugins that provide the same functionality as JetPack. Didn't see it mentioned.

Then WHAM it hit me. This author recommends a plugin seen in vast quantities of trackback spam in my blogs. I wouldn't even consider using the plugin or taking another person seriously that did use it. The author appears to be one of the plug-in developer's many minions that push the plugin. Did he mention you have to pay for it?

I question the author's use of the tool Scrapebox. In most circles this is blatant comment spamming and earns your blog an instant block from most legitimate blogs. You earn back links by writing good content - period. Good content attracts readers and those readers might link back to you. There are enough bottom-feeding content scrapers out there stealing content. Why anyone would recommend submitting a carefully written original article to a service that would publish it in other places makes no sense.

This author's advice is dubious at best. Avoid this book like the plague. You can do better on your own learning from original sources. Get started at and Google the rest. Talk to other site owners or attend a seminar sponsored by site owners. Read GOOD articles on SEO.

Lastly, if you are a Prime member check out the book and don't pay for it.
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