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on August 24, 2012
If you get this book, you'll quickly learn how to put up a WordPress site or blog for free, or for the small cost of a template. Matt Wolfe gives specific step-by-step instructions on how to do that, and how to do much more. He goes into detail on how to add a customer header to your site, which plugins to use and why, how to install these plugins, how to get traffic to your site, how to make money with it and more.

My only complaint is that the template section is confusing. He tells you which template sites he recommends. Then he mentions a few specific templates he recommends for certain types of sites. But he doesn't tell you which template site each specific template is on. I was surprised by this, since one of the major strengths of this book is that he gives so many simple, straightforward, step-by-step instructions.

And I should add that in that template section, he gives excellent instructions on how to install a template once you've found one you like.

To be fair, it's hard to find a good template that's just right for your business, and he says that himself. But I do hope he'll clarify that section in a future edition. I do feel that finding a good template is a big subject in itself though, and I recommend to business owners that they hire a web designer, because I've never found a template (outside of Site Build It) that looks professional enough for a business owner. Most templates I see are too loud and busy. Even if you do hire a web designer, though, you need to have control of your site. Hire a designer who creates WordPress sites/blogs, and use this book to make the most of that site.

I feel stingy giving this book only four stars. Other than that one complaint, this is a great book. For $4.99, it's a huge bargain. And Matt's desire to be truly helpful really comes through. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to create a site, whether on their own or with a web designer. It's stuffed with useful information.
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on September 16, 2012
This book contains minimal useful information regarding how to build a WordPress website. The instructional portion of the book is only 82 pages which are 5.5 x 9 inches in size with a total of 1.5 inch side margins and 2 inch total top and bottom margins. The type is double spaced. The instructional portion covering how to build a website is 44 pages. There are 10 pages about the author himself, more than 10% of the instructional portion. There are 32 pages of opinion from professional WordPress users which is organized primarily by the headers "What do you use WordPress for?", "What plugins are essential?", "What's your favorite way to monetize a WordPress site?," and "What is your best piece of advice." This last question is answered with advice such as "don't get overwhelmed, "you are in control," and "don't worry about getting everything perfect," and "you'll need people to help you get to the next level, keep networking." Nine pages of this section includes one professional's story regarding getting into blogging (6 pages), the optimal schedule for making blog posts, and how to come up with ideas for new blog content.

The little bit of useful information regarding building a website is not particularly helpful. The subject is either so basic that it is self-explanatory or is easily found while using WordPress, or the subject is more complex and glossed over. The computer screen pictures used for illustration are in large part unreadable due to the poor quality and small text size. The instructional section is also organized in a sporadic fashion. For example, "how do I add videos" is immediately followed in the same chapter by "how do I make sure I have ideas to write about."

I am new to WordPress but good with computers in general, and I found this book essentially useless. I don't write reviews on Amazon even though I am a frequent shopper, but I felt compelled to write one for this book. I purchased the book because of the glowing reviews which I feel are completely unjustified. The fact that so many reviewers referred to the author by his first name, suggests that the reviews may not be objective. The Book Description on the Product Details of the book on the Amazon page states, "#1 Bestseller on Amazon!" yet on the same Amazon page under "Amazon Best Sellers Rank" on this date it is #67 in web design books.
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on September 5, 2012
As a full-time internet marketing and web designer for the last 10 years, I am very experienced with setting up websites. I use Wordpress for all of my sites and for my clients, and I consider myself an advanced Wordpress user. But when I need help with Wordpress, the only person I turn to is Matt Wolfe.

In "Wordpress Revealed", Matt breaks down the exact steps for setting up a website using Wordpress and setting it up so your site will actually work for you.

If you want a site set up quickly and you want to learn how to set it up in such a way that you can start making money, getting visitors to your site, and converting those into leads or sales, you should invest in this book.

The book is aimed towards people who haven't had a lot of experience with Wordpress, but even if you're a full time web designer you will still find value from this book. The traffic tips, content strategies, and interviews are more than worth spending the time to read through this book.

This is the book I think everyone interested in making money online should read. Wordpress is the way to go, and this book will teach you how to get it done.
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on August 20, 2012
I was delighted to see that Matt Wolfe has come out with a book on WordPress. I believe that he has more knowledge on this subject than anyone I know!

In this book he leaves absolutely no stone unturned. And yet, I never felt bogged down in details or left confused. It is clearly written and covers absolutely everything about setting up a WordPress blog -- the right way! He takes the reader through setting up a WordPress blog, logging in, writing blog posts that are engaging, using tags and categories, plugins and widgets, themes...there is just so much packed into this book!

In addition, Matt talks about how to monetize the blog and get traffic. So many books leave this out, or just allude to it. Matt goes into great detail, again taking the reader by the hand, so that it is easy to digest and implement. He has been there -- he knows! His information is accurate, current and it works!

I have been creating blogs for several years and yet I got so much out of this book! It is truly ideal for both the beginner and the advanced WordPress user.

I highly recommend!
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on March 24, 2013
Unless you want to read a bunch of double spaced sentences and paragraphs or if you
want to see answers to some pretty basic questions then you are better off saving your
money and spend a bit more on something worth while. Nearly the last 40 pages is dedicated
to interviews with people that are using WordPress.

Most of those interviews have very little value to someone that is looking to learn how to use

OK so that was the bad news. The one thing that I did find in the book is a link to the authors website
where he offers a free 7 day boot camp. I signed up so will see how this goes and I hope the bootcamp
is better than the book.

Watched the first video of the bootcamp, not impressed and it all, in my opinion, it will be a waste
of time unless you are an absolute newbie but I also want to give Matt a chance to impress me.

The second days lesson was a little better. Though it was rather short it did give some basic
steps to obtaining a hosting account and touched a bit on getting WordPress up and running.
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on November 2, 2012
Given the great reviews and low price, I thought I'd give this book a try. It takes less than 30 minutes to read through the whole thing, and all the content are things you can easily find for free online or know intuitively. Save your money and just go through free blogs & documentations online.
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on December 6, 2012
Matt is enthusiastic about his subject, but I found this book very unhelpful as a novice wanting to use Wordpress for an ecommerce site. If you purchase or need to customize a theme, there is no good guidance here for actually setting up the site. You can get this general information in this book for free from videos currently available on YouTube
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on May 27, 2013
This is my first review and haven't felt compelled to write a review until now.

I am a complete newbie to WordPress and not all that great with computers. By previous reviews, I thought that this book would be the one to aid me in creating my blog. Unfortunately, not so. If you are looking for a step-by-step, this is not the book for you. It's basically an introduction that gives a vague idea of what one can do. Much, much more helpful is 'Getting Started with WordPress' by Todd Kelsey.
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on August 25, 2013
I strongly discourage anyone from purchasing this publication; I attempted to return this book immediately but could not via the policy.


- Pro - Experienced author with authority;
- Pro - Enthusiastic author;
- Con - Thin details;
- Con - Author trying to direct readers to outside services;
- Con - No mention of Child Themes;
- Con - No customization beyond basics;
- Con - Unnecessary fillers to expand page-count;
- Con - Little if any attempt to instruct you how to build a website, more just familiarizing with WordPress basics (this is troublesome given this book is to teach you "How to Build a Website, Get Visitors, and Make Money.";
- Con - Colloquial writing style and significant grammatical and typographical errors (i.e., "Never loose site that if you're . . . ."); and
- Con - Author solicits reviews for this "comprehensive" guide.


Without a doubt the author has the experience and authority to write on this topic; he establishes his credibility at the start of the book--some commentors opine a little too much so. Yet, there a complete WordPress virgin would not be remotely apt to build a website after using this publication.

Descriptions are thin (see, i.e., description and location of widgets noted, including how to "drag and drop", but a complete failure how to customize or use them effectively) or they are watered-down to boost page count (see, i.e., six (6) pages on how to install WordPress). Any attempt to instill detail is culled by an attempt to redirect readers to acquire membership for the author's outside services on to make successful WordPress websites to get visitors and make money; this is the entire premise of this book--and the subtitle!

Any creation of a WordPress website is obscured. As aforementioned, any WordPress illiterate individual could not use this publication to build a website--let alone get visitors and make money. For instance, there is no attempt to discuss how to customize options like widgets, plugins, or using tags and categories effectively. In fact, the author even acknowledges how tags and categories have become "blurred", and even dismisses using tags, but fails to acknowledge the SEO benefits of using both. Most obviously, this publication completely fails to mention child-themes and the importance of using them; an update could completely vitiate your website having child-themes.

After completing the book, and as admittedly a beginner WordPress creator, the only aspect I picked up was one plugin I had yet to come across. Essentially what I am implying, even a beginner WordPress author like myself could not garner any useful information from this publication. It is immensely frustrating because I know the author has such information retained, but failed to disseminate it in a significant fashion to help improve a WordPress website other than information already commonly found online.

Attempts to describe how to increase visitors and make pecuniary gains with a WordPress site, while better organized, fail to instruct how to actually carry out this function outside general assertions. This was a major crux of the publication's premise but I felt it was completely lacking; the tools cited to were known to even the most elementary entrepreneur. It almost appeared the author was conflicted out of providing beneficial information how to make money using a WordPress website to limit the competition with his own business ventures.

Lastly, colloquial language and book formatting (i.e., double-spacing, double indents between paragraphs, and poor image positions) coupled with indigestible sentence structure, grammar errors, and typographical mistakes (see, i.e., "Never loose site . . . ." as opposed to "Never lose sight . . . .") make this publication appear to be a weekend project as opposed to a well-organized publication. In fact, the author appears to also be the publisher whom prints these publications out per diem when ordered; the book made on date is the same date as my Amazon order but the copyright date is a year prior. This is preceded by the irking attempt to solicit reviews via Amazon which, while I understand that is marketing, is tacky and--in my honest opinion--unprofessional; true authorities do not need to beg for accreditation.


Respectfully, this publication fails to do the very objective it promises readers and I feel slighted to have purchased it. Not only would I guard against purchasing this publication, but one would be wise to see this publication as a forecast to other services offered by the author; the only person making money here will be the author and not you with your website.
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2013
Reading these reviews, you may wonder how a book can be so simple, it's for absolute beginners, yet it provides little useful information. I think the problem is that the author cannot accept that for most people, Wordpress is not easy. Wordpress is not simple. I realize "Conquering Wordpress Problems" wouldn't sell many books but the fact remains--unless you have a very basic blog without plug-ins, Wordpress will not be easy or simple. If you have plug-ins, they will conflict, cause erratic behavior, slow the site down and so on. All of this is fixable by trial and error or good luck but not quickly or easily. And I haven't even touched on the site appearing different in different browsers.

Two stars because I thought the insights from master bloggers were great. But you'll need a different book or a course to get a full featured Wordpress site. Or just hire somebody. Then you can concentrate on the content and not worry about the problems.
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