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This is an excellent DVD with 3 circuit workouts (each 20 min long) that have a specific focus: Upper Body, Core, Lower Body. It features Jackie Warner with four of her trainers: Jesse, Rebecca, Augustina and Renessa. While the trainers all do the warmup and stretch together, during the weight training Jackie works out one-on-one with one of the individual trainers. She has them do the workout while she gives them pointers on form and motivation, except in the core workout where they all workout together. She is encouraging without being cheesy.

I really like this workout and felt it provided an adequate challenge for the intermediate and perhaps the beginner exerciser who really wants a challenge (as there are some modifications shown). There are some new and interesting moves as well as some old favorites, so you get a great amount of variety . You do approximately one minute of each weight training exercise and for every 3-4 strength moves you do, there is also 1 minute of a cardio move. It moves at a fast pace but not so fast that you feel intimidated. You'll need light to moderate hand weights and a mat. Come on, you can do anything for a minute! :)

I will give an approximate breakdown of each workout, with the moves performed and the trainer who is actually doing the move while Jackie tells you how to do the move correctly and sometimes shows a modified version. Remember you do 1 minute of each move.

********** Upper Body Workout*********
You start out with a short warm-up with arm circles and boxer twist, then you get into the workout.

-Bent Over Rows (back)
-Rear Delt Fly (delts)
- Cardio (30 sec each): Jumping Jacks & Ski Bunny
- Modified PushUp (Chest)
- Kneeling Kickback (Triceps)
- Lateral Raise & Front Raise (shoulders) - you alternate between one
one arm doing the lateral raise and the other lifting to the front.
- Cardio: Boxer Twist
- Alternating One Arm Row (back)
- Hammer Curl (biceps)
- WV(basically a shoulder raise in a different position)
- Transverse Fly (shoulders)
- Cardio (Knee-to-Elbow)
> Jesse
- Fly & Press (chest)
- Skull Crusher (triceps)
- Lateral Raise (shoulders)
- Military Press (shoulders)
- Cardio (Speed Bag)
Finally a much deserved cooldown with all the trainers.

********** Core Workout **********
You start out with a brief workout including core rotations, squat with wood chop, overhead squat. In this workout they all workout together and Jackie mostly goes around and gives excellent form pointers but she does the moves sometimes, too. Renessa shows a modified beginner version of the move and Jesse sometimes shows an advanced version. You do each move for one minute. There are a few stretches interspersed throughout, because your abdominals will be sore.

- Crunches
- Clam (The soles of the feet are together with knees out, as you crunch)
- Plank (you hold it for one minute)
- Cardio: Mountain Climber & Plank Twist (30 sec of each)
- Bicycles
- Figure Eight (while sitting on the floor you lean back slightly and alternately clap your hands under each leg)
- Side Plank Rotation (30 seconds on each side)
- Cardio: Torso Twist
- Straight Leg Tap
- Scissors
- Penguin Heel Tap (really targets the obliques)
- Cardio: Half Burpees
- V-sit Extend & Flex
- Side Roll
- Plank Variation
- Cardio: Fast Bicycles
Finally, a much deserved stretch.

********** Lower Body Workout *********
You start out with a warmup mainly using a half range of motion: little pulse squats, side lunge, front lunge, backward lunge. Again, you do each of the moves for 60 seconds, and hand weights can be used on most of the exercises.

- Squat
- Front Lunge
- Box Squat
- Cardio: Frog Hop & Shuffle (30 seconds each)
> Jesse
- Plie Squat
- Backward Lunge
- Drop Step
- Cardio: Jump Lunge Shuffle & Military KneeUp (30 seconds each)
> Renessa
- Sumo Squat
- Front Diagonal Lunges
- Sumo Squat with Drop Step (the drop step is basically a curtsy squat)
- Cardio: Knee Up Jog & Squat with Side Kick (30 seconds each)
> Rebecca (this part is done on the ground, so you'll probably need a mat)
- Bridge
- Reverse Scissor(lay on your stomach and kick your legs over each other)
- Three Quarter Kick (similar to a Donkey Kick)- 60 seconds on each side
You finish off with a nice lower body and back stretch.

Overall, you will definitely feel the burn and see results with this one. It is well worth the price and Jackie is a master trainer.
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on May 17, 2008
I picked this up based on the reviews that I read on Amazon and they were right - it's a great workout. I haven't seen the Work Out series on Bravo, but I'd heard that it was good. Jackie is the star of that program and I only wish now that I could see this.
This is a body targeted workout that uses interval training to get it done. There are three programs and they each focus on different body parts; upper body, lower body and abs. Each are fairly tough going but very effective. I've done this twice already and I'm as sore the second time as the first. I enjoy it though and have fun doing it which is the main thing because it's making me want to do it again. All you need are some dumbells and some space and almost anyone can do it. The combination of weights and cardio are what make it most effective and I feel like I can already feel some results.
Overall, this is a fun and enjoyable workout that makes you work hard and burn a lot of calories. I love it.
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on May 29, 2008
There are several vitriolic one star reviews here. After completing all three segments of the video I found this strange. While I understand what makes someone like or dislike an exercise video is very subjective, it was hard for me to see how someone could *hate* the exercises in this video. The only thing that I could conclude is that some of the reviews are actually reflecting the reviewer's personal thoughts on the trainer. I'm more interested in the quality of the work-out in the video. In that regard, I can say that I really like this DVD. For me to stick with a DVD I need variation and this DVD delivers that. There are three segments so I can do a different one each morning. At first I didn't think I'd like the fact that for the upper body and lower body segments she works with one trainer at a time but this wound up being my favorite feature of the video. There are four trainers so I knew that after the second trainer, I was at the half way point - this helped me push through the segments.
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on April 5, 2008
I got to do a 25 minute preview workout from this video. I did the upper body portion. And let me tell ya I am not going to be able to move my arms tomorrow. This work out is not something I would recommend for beginners. It will definitely seem intimidating at first. But if you just do as many reps as you can then you will definitely be able to build up to keep up with Jackie and her trainers. Its a great workout. Jackies queuing is perfect and she gives lots of tips on keeping good form. All you need for this workout is a pair of light hand weights and you are good to go. Another workout similar to this one that will cause equal amounts of pain is the Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. Give them both a try if you want a very challenging workout!Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred
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Jackie Warner was born in 1969 in Fairborn, Ohio. She's a fitness trainer and owner of Sky Sport and Spa in Beverly Hills, California.

For those of you who have never seen her, she rocks. Nearly forty, she looks great. And she knows how to train people. In fact, she trains stars in Hollywood.

I love this video. Jackie has an engaging personality that makes you want to push yourself and enjoy what you're doing.

I timed each session and they run true to what they say . . . twenty minutes each.

The instructors consist of Jackie, three of her female trainers and one of her male trainer.

The video starts off with a short promo for her show on Bravo. That's okay as the video isn't expensive. But when you pay for something, I prefer not to pay for an advertisement. It's short, however. You may not even notice it.

The upper body is high reps and lighter weights. I'm used to heavy weights and low reps. But this is better for older people and it's great toning and cardio. If you want to go for muscle mass, you'll have to go another route.

This is really fast-paced. But the exercises are broken up in minutes. So you don't get overly tired. At the same time, you burn fat and get toned.

The music is good for working out. It's not too loud but you're aware of it. It keeps good time to the workout.

Jackie gives good instruction. She is, after all, a true expert at getting people into shape.

This is not a girlie girl workout. No aerobics. I like that. There are a few jumping jacks and military-like cardio moves; some boxing moves. These are great and done in short spurts.

Jackie tells which muscles are being engaged in each exercise.

Each workout ends with a stretch, which is really necessary and good. It's a great cool down and allows your heart rate to go down and muscles to relax.

Some instructors have you stretch before the workout with weights. I'm not sure which is best. But I prefer to do it afterwords.

The only equipment you need is a mat and your choice of dumbbells. You'll want the weights to be light enough to use for one minute or so for each exercise but heavy enough to tone. So it totally depends on your current strength. You might hurt yourself if you go too heavy. So it's better to go lighter than you think you need until you do the workout at least one time.

The important thing is, you'll burn fat and tone up.

The video is broken up into three twenty-minute workouts. The first one is for the upper body. The second one is for the lower body and the third is for the abs and core.

Twenty minutes isn't a long time. But you'll know you've had a workout after any one of these. Of course, those brave and hardy souls who just have to go gung ho can do more than one session if they choose.

One thing I like about the lower body workout is that the lunges are not deep so they're easy on the knees. After the warm up there are sixty second squats. These really work the gluts, hamstrings and quads.

Then you'll do a front lunge. Again, you don't need to go deep. And, you can add weights for extra resistance if you want. Advanced exercisers will probably want to.

This is really a full body workout.

Jackie tells you how to keep your posture, your form. Jackie says on the video that you'll want to increase your weights as you do the workouts more often.

You'll get cardio in the lower body workout too. Between the weight sessions is a short period of fast cardio. Generally boxing and jumping routines.

You'll engage your abs in most of the exercises.

"You can do anything for a minute," Jackie tells the viewer. And that's true.

I suggest you watch the video before you do any of the workouts. That way you'll know where you might want to modify.

The lower body workout, like the previous one, ends with a stretch. A few of the poses are wonderful yoga poses, such as the child's pose. Then, you go into the pigeon, another wonderful yoga pose and it feels so good.

The ab/core session begins with a nice warm up. Then, Jackie leads the team in crunches. Here I have a minor problem. Jackie has been quoted as saying she did not do crunches. She has fantastic abs to be sure. But her claim is she does not do crunches herself.

To quote Jackie herself, "I actually do not do crunches. This is one of my buzz phrases, `Crunches are a waste of time.'

She continues, "Crunches are not going to get those abs. How you get those abs are actually lifting with a big muscle group such as chest, back, legs and butt. The more muscle that you have on your frame, the more fat you literally lose or shrink."

But, in all honesty, this video has only a few crunches. The rest of the ad/core workout uses such things as the plank and twist.

I've found that most all weight lifting and body work uses the abs. And strong abs are important. There just not for looks. You need them to lift groceries, the baby and even to reach things on high shelves. Notice sometime when you do these things . . . you'll feel your abs if you have good strong ones.

I judge the core/ab workout as excellent. It combines yoga poses with some really tough exercises and they really engage the abs. You'll also get cardio. You'll get the burn. And you'll burn fat and build muscle.

Of course, this session, like all of the others, ends in a nice stretch session.

The ab work is very effective and it works.

I rate this 5 stars. It's terrific for any level except hard core weight lifters. And it's good for men and women both although I expect more women will want this video.

It's not aerobic. It's a real workout and I believe you'll get real results if you do it.

Highly recommended.

- Susanna K. Hutcheson
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on May 5, 2008
I have been doing these workouts on Exercise TV and I am definitely getting this dvd when it comes out. The workouts are short but effective. I find I am mostly sore in the butt, back and core after doing all of these.
I burned 170 calories in 20 min doing the lower body portion. I love all 3 workouts. They all have some different moves in them and also spurts of cardio that help to burn lots of calories. I would highly recommend. Jackie is so much better than Jillian. I would take Jackie over her any day. I think if you do not watch the show Workout you will probably not really get Jackie's style or her relationships with the trainers. I love the show and I love the workouts. They are great!

Edit 6/7/08: I burn between 450 and 500 cals doing all 3 workouts! I have done all 3 about 15 times now and have seen a lot of definition in all areas.
I have increased my weights up from 3 pounds to 8 pounds on many of the exercises (biceps, chest etc) and I am finding the workout is easy for me now. I really hope she comes out with another one that is a step up from this one as far as difficulty goes but based on her show and what a pain it was to do this dvd I doubt she has another one planned *in the near future (like I wish) anyway).
Still HIGHLY recommend this dvd. I LOVE it.
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on November 8, 2008
I've never seen an episode of "Work Out" but I was looking for a good interval training DVD with weights and thought this one work do the trick.


I like that you can break the video up into Arms/Legs/Abs. Even though I prefer working large and small muscles at the same time. It's nice to be able to work just one area at a time.


There are too many trainers just sitting around during the workout. I think it would have been nice if at least one of them was demonstrating alternate ways to do the exercise for the viewer.

On my HD television, you can see the makeup that one of the trainers is wearing on her abs quite clearly and, in general, the porny baby voiced trainers do nothing for me. Since I don't watch the show, I'm wondering if this is really the best Sky Gym has to present.

Jackie is an average to mediocre coach. She doesn't cue well, engages in annoying chit chat with her trainers, and doesn't point out form in a way that is useful for the viewer. Also, there is very little explanation of the moves before the trainer begins doing them.

The upper body workout was good with some unique moves but the lower body workout was really lacking IMO. I didn't feel like I got a good workout after completing it.

I can't help but compare this DVD to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred because both are well known TV trainers with great bodies that seem to make all the ladies swoon. Also, both DVDs are shot on the exact same set.

Of the two, I prefer "30 Day Shred." After checking both out from the library, it is the one I ended up buying.
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on December 28, 2009
I don't even know where to begin. I have been doing this workout tape for over a year now (twice a week) and it has changed my life....literally! I have always hated my body and wanted to work out, but didn't want to get a gym membership because of the cost. This DVD has given me the body I want: muscular and tight without being too muscular.
Although it is true that these excercises aren't for beginners, Jackie shows you a modified version of each exercise that is geared toward beginners. You will be doing strength training AND cardio in this workout, so there is no need for a seperate routine for cardio.
I have always had love handles and a "pooch" and a large saggy behind, but now I have a six pack, a strong muscular lower back, and a rock hard behind (although still large, it's all muscle :-D).
She breaks it up into upper, lower, and core workouts so that if you don't have trouble with one of these areas of your body (for me this is my upper body), you don't have to waste your time working that part out. They are 20 minutes each and contain anywhere from 15-20 excercises in each, with stretching at the ends of each.
To sum up, I would highly recommend this product if you'd like to get in great shape and MAINTAIN that shape in very little time (I saw results within a month) and very little time each week. Any woman, I believe, can have their self-image completely turned around with this DVD! You will love your body and you don't even need to go to the gym! All in the comfort of your own home!
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23 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on June 12, 2008
This is an amazing workout DVD. I am overweight and have made a lifestyle change of eating a healthy diet and working out regularly since this past February. I am losing a tremendous amount of weight, but I can't get to my gym every day as I have two small daughters. So, I was looking for an exercise program to do at home for the days I can't get to the gym. I love the show "Workout" so I decided to order the DVD. It truly is an amazing workout! I was dripping with sweat after the first 20-minute session. I love how there are 3 sessions so I can do one, two, or all three whenver I feel like it. I also did not find this too difficult. I was worried about that since Jackie and her trainers are so fit. But, I am by no means fit and I didn't have a hard time at all. Don't get me wrong - it's hard to do, but it's not too advanced for me. In fact, my 4-year-old daughter even joined me for fun! (Well, fun for her! Not me!) Overall, this is exactly what I was looking for. It's going to help me build lean muscles and get very fit. Thank you!!!!!
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on May 27, 2008
I bought this on a whim. Having seen a few episodes of the Workout series and seeing that it was only $10 I found it to be a good deal. So when I popped it in yesterday I was amazed at how quick yet effective each workout is. Jackie's motto of "you can do anything for one minute" really seems strangely motivational. She doesn't yell during the home video like some other trainers, which is a big plus. Her attitude is more "you can do it" than "you better do it while I yell at you to do it longer!" It is very refreshing. Jackie also points out where you should be feeling the burn in every single exercise, making it easy to determine that you are doing the exercise properly. In addition to being an intermediate level video (which is really difficult to find!) she shows how to progressively make the exercises more difficult, along with doing them for a long period of time.
Really, Jackie's "you can do anything for a minute" attitude combined with her knowledge about the body makes for a great video. This is the best $10 I've spent in a while!
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