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on March 25, 2012
High-schooler Katsuragi Keima loves girls, but not in the conventional sense. No, the girls he loves are that of the digital realm, pixelated princesses of the various dating sim games he spends every waking moment playing. In fact, his lady love has earned him the title of "capturing god" amongst the online gaming community since he can successfully win over any game heroine. Unfortunately for Keima, this title has drawn some unusual attention. One day he receives a strange email challenge and becomes roped into helping a demon (Elsie) capture escaped demon souls. The trick: in order to capture said souls, he must first capture the hearts of the girls they've lodged themselves into. Yikes.

When I first read the synopsis for The World God Only Knows, I have to admit I thought it was going to be a corny, lovey-dovey show, but it quickly proved me wrong. God Only Knows is more of a comedy than anything, and had me in hysterics from the first episode. Much of this comes from Keima's lack of interest in the real world. He regularly uses gaming references to explain the world around him, comparing real people to classic game character stereotypes or dismissing something/someone because it's been overdone in his games and therefore not worth his time. But as dorky as this makes him sound (and trust me, he is a dork), Keima also manages to pull off this completely cool character profile, because he really is GOOD at what he does. You can't help but love him. Add to this his partner in this whole mess, Elsie, the most adorable demon you've ever seen, who can't seem to get anything right no matter how hard she tries (and she tries hard). More often than not, she's causing Keima grief, like when she attempts to help clean house and blows up half a room!

Plotwise, God Only Knows follows a pretty straightforward, capture a different girl each couple episodes timeline. While this may sound like a good way to make a stale story, each girl and her problems are actually very different. Because of this, the way Keima approaches them (and how they react to him) varies greatly, keeping the anime fresh from beginning to end. Additionally, one begins to wonder just how each girl is affecting Keima and his outlook on life. However, don't expect a "wrap all things up" ending with this anime. Despite "the complete collection" title, this is only season one, and while I feel it does end itself well, it will most certainly leave you wondering, "that's it?" (Fortunately, there is a season two that we'll hopefully be seeing for sale in the furture).

Now I should also note the two audio choices on this collection: English and Japanese, because I feel which language you watch makes a big difference in the reception of this anime. While the English VA is good, I find that the Japanese voice actors for Keima and Elsie better emulate their personalities (Keima particularly). The banter that goes on between the two of them is especially stronger. Considering these are the two main characters, I would definitely recommend checking out the Japanese audio if you hadn't planned to. That said, the english translation is very good and still had me rolling with laughter.

Overall, I actually want to give this 4.5 stars. There are one or two parts with a couple of the girls that I felt dragged or was laid on a little thick, but nothing major. I would have also liked to see a little more character growth from Keima, but considering this is based off an ongoing manga series, I really can't condemn it for that. There's obviously much more to come, but if you want a little taste of The World God Only Knows and guaranteed laughs, this anime's a must.
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on July 11, 2013
I am giving it 5 stars because it deserves it. I found it to be hilarious with its jokes and story line. It is in Japanese with English subtitles, which I generally prefer for anime unless it is one of the shows that I grew up with like DBZ or Outlaw Star. The only bad thing is that Amazon is missing Episode 2 of Season 1.
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on February 4, 2014
The World God Only Knows is a series of surprising depth, rewarding to anime/eroge veterans, yet enjoyable for the inexperienced, and rewarding all that take the time to watch it.

While certainly those that play eroge or watch a lot of anime and are familiar with the culture surrounding the mediums will get a lot of the referential humor, in many ways Manglobe, the studio behind the series, was wise in its implementation in that the references or subtle and inclusive, wherein the references are there, but people who don't get them won't feel like they are missing out.

In many ways this is a not-harem comedy harem series starring an atypical protagonist, his dumb sidekick character, and a rotating cast of supporting characters as the series moves through its various story arcs. The series steps up gradually with the first arc acting as an introduction and lasting only one episode long. From there the arcs get progressively more complex while staying relatively self contained. One arc might not directly affect another, but it helps build the greater narrative.

Overall the series is a beautiful and charming with a lot of production value. Not only are the animations smooth, but the color pallet is warming, the soundtrack and supplemental music are superb. The pop-idol arc alone had enough fictional in-story pop tracks to fill an entire EP! Don't just read the subtitles keep your ears open as well because the sound design, from the cute onomatopoeias, to the epic pop tracks, are some of the best aspects of this series.
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on May 17, 2016
A well put together anime. It flows from episode to episode so smoothly; stories easily are finished in a single episode or are done over several. There's no feeling of filler, just exploration of this interesting world. The story centers around a kid that plays dating simulation games. But a contract with a devil forces him to use his skills in the real world. It's surprisingly tastefully done, and I'm glad that they take the time to do more than date girls 'to drive the demons out'. The anime looks at this culture of gaming, and does a good job of exploring the main character as he tries to save the girls. He is a gamer that hates the real world, and by the end of the first season - and a terrible singing number totally in line with the story - this is emphasized. Has he grown? In the end, I think not, so a second season is definitely in order. The end was a firm reminder of the character, but not satisfying. But in a good way. I want more. Really, the only distracting thing were the homages to various films/tv shows in various scenes. While these mostly fit the scenes, they hardly seemed necessary - the main character is a video game freak, not a movie one. It was cool to see things like posters and book titles in the series also paying tribute, but the easter egg hunt became an unwelcome distraction for me.
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on November 24, 2013
* Lovely viewing experience - interesting, original, true, imagined at times. Feelings are genuine; behaviors are believable and psychologically accurate. These qualities are rarely seen in animation. Personalities are coherent and sufficiently developed. They are even true to their age and consistently manifested. Series includes fiction and magic that make anime media so special. Show is naughty at times, yet appropriately decent and adorably shy. Ignore girl in picture; her role is limited. Mother is viewer's treat - smart, realistic, gorgeous. This was not necessary, but it sure was nice.
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on September 4, 2014
This anime is funny and has a load of thing incoming with stuff that we do in real life and some not so real but in the end the story is how a gamer fine away to bring his games to help him in somethings that we can related to but I love the faced that is more funnier most anime I have seen because of all the things it has incoming with real life like when you meet a girl that is a pop star it's best to see why they would fill like they need everyone to notus them it's some time the faced that the fill inadvisable to the point were you just disapeer all together and that the way we have felt before I like The World God Only Knows for this other reason the hero help everyone as if he were playing a game this your good friend T.C sining off
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on March 18, 2016
definitely the best harem anime in a long time. funny, doesn't really on perversion to make you want to keep watching, interesting story, and turns a lot of cliches on their heads. a must watch anime for any anime fan
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on March 2, 2016
An enjoyable anime for teens and for all ages, with a balanced sense of humor. A video game master learns to use his skills to free young ladies from demons. No blood, except for the traditional nosebleed.
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on February 28, 2015
This is a nice series with plenty of humor. Very few anime series can make me laugh hard like this one did, especially when Elsie tells Keima's mother that she is her husband's illegitimate daughter in order to explain her presence.
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on March 30, 2012
I actually really enjoyed this series. You already know the premise so I wont go over that. The show is about 50/50 between the boys obssesion with video games and the actual conquests of the girls. I believe there were only 4 actual conquests of girls during this first season. Each conquest lasts a few episodes, and they go into the back story of why the girl is the way she is. Keima tries to use his knowledge and experience of dating sims to win over the real-life girls affections. Loose soul in custody! I like the aspect of Keima trying to conquer all these different types of girls, who are all very different from eachother. Therefore, he has to use different strategies and tactics for each one. Seems very playerish to make each girl fall in love with him and then move onto the next. Seems kinda wrong. But this is not the case, as when each girl is free'd of the loose soul, she loses all memory of the ordeal. The show seemed so short and did have an odd ending, so I was glad to see there will be a second season. Nice premise, and Elsie, the demon from Hell, is absolutely adoarable and very funny. To me shes the highlight of the show.
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