Customer Reviews: World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Expansion Set
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on April 13, 2015
For anyone who has played previous WoW expansions or even the original, every new expansion brings a feeling of excitement. WotLK is no different, and unless you absolutely hate leveling, the road to 80 is pretty fun. There is a ton of new content, and for very detailed reviews on the content, there are several sources out on the Internet that would serve you well. My review is meant to be short and help you determine whether or not the game is worth buying. The short answer is yes. The expansion has been out for a few years now, so most people familiar with the game have likely already played far past WotLK. For new players, it will just be an extra 10 levels on the road to 100, assuming you're going all-out and buying all the way up to Warlords of Draenor. I took one star off because, at the time of WotLK's release, the Death Knight class (introducted in this expansion), was a little too powerful. That being said, with such a large number of players and a dedicated development team at Blizzard, they *usually* get around to balancing out the classes. All in all, the WotLK expansion was a great new chapter in WoW.
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on July 5, 2014
Hmm this was..what, the second expansion to World of Warcraft? First there was the vanilla game,
then Burning Crusade (which introduced the "outlands") then Wrath of the Lich King which introduced
the continent of Northrend, then Cataclysm (which changed the map), then Pandaria (yet another
new continent). Coming soon is something about Draeni. Anyhow, if you buy the collector's
edition of the game (either physical or digital) you get certain bonuses. The main bonus to me is
the special pets or mounts with each expansion. Turned out I only bought the vanilla version of
this expansion, and I wanted the battle pet that came with the collector's edition. With the physical
collector's edition you get other stuff like an art book, sound track, mouse pad etc.

I have to say Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King were my favorite expansions to this game.
I really didn't care much for the map changes with cataclysm, and Pandaria seemed a bit
uninspiring for me (it seems to cater heavily toward a Chinese customer base). We'll see how
the latest Draeni expansion is, when it comes out. I got my pet--that's all I care about from this!
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on January 3, 2013
So it's been 5.5 years since my husband and I played last...and for Christmas I decided to go ahead and purchase all 3 expansions since we've last played. Come to find out, I did not need this expansion because we got it free when we connected our WoW accounts to our new battlenet accounts...we had the first two expansions and I guess this one is free now. So now we're stuck with two new/closed boxes of Lich King and we cannot return them and we're out $16. :-/
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on December 16, 2008
Blizzard has knocked it out of the park again. This game is specially great if you're an oldschool, 30 something gamer with a full life yet still lust for a rich, engrossing RPG environment a few hours a week.

The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is due to the age of most of the players (ie, people half my/our ages), but I guess thats where most of the money comes from. Other than that it's top notch.

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on March 8, 2009
Wrath of the Lich King is the second expansion pack for World of Warcraft. If you already own Burning Crusade then you have a good idea of what to expect - a higher level cap (80), a new profession, and instead of a new race, a new class, the death knight. Blizzard has always been a company which has focused on releasing polished products and incrementally improving products they've already released, and this expansion continues that tradition.

The quest content in this expansion is substantially improved from the previous expansion, which in turn was much better than quests in the original WoW. A lot of the tedium in quests has been eliminated, while a new, flexible vehicle mechanic allows Blizzard to introduce more interesting and varied quests. There is much more story coherence in the quests, with each zone having several lengthy chains of quests each with a unified plot. Blizzard also knows that people don't want to spend as much time re-leveling, so they have quickened the leveling curve from 60 to 70.

One of the biggest draws of the expansion is the new death knight class. This class, which is only available if you already have another character above level 55, starts at level 55 and uses a new "rune" and "runic power" mechanic, which is kind of like a mix of energy and rage. At this point, death knights are probably slightly overpowered (they are dramatically overpowered at low levels, but converge towards other classes as they approach 80) but that makes them a lot of fun to play. They can tank as well as dps, with considerable self-healing abilities that often trivialize group quests.

The 5-man content in this expansion is also well done. The 5-man instances are all interesting, not too lengthy, and well balanced for a variety of groups. With regards to raids, Blizzard has decided that every raid dungeon will have a 10 man and an entirely separate 25 man component. The physical dungeon environment and mobs are the same in each, and many (but not all!) mob abilities are shared between the two dungeon sizes, but of course each dungeon is balanced to the appropriate number of people. Right now, there is only one full raid zone (Naxxramas) and three smaller raids (Malygos, Sartharion, and Archavon), but the new Ulduar zone will be patched into the game in 3.1, which is probably going to be released within two months. Unfortunately, as many other reviewers have noted, the existing content is not particularly challenging. While this makes raid content more accessible, it also makes better raid groups bored of existing content. It remains to be seen if Blizzard intends on ever making raids as difficult as Sunwell Plateau or the original Naxxramas at level 60.

Player vs. player does not seem particularly balanced at this point in the game, although it never was completely balanced anyway. There is a new battleground, Strand of the Ancients, as well as a world pvp zone, Wintergrasp. If you ever plan on playing in Wintergrasp, make sure your computer is decently powerful, becuase the sheer number of people in the zone during server wide battles can drastically slow down older computers. The main city of Dalaran also suffers from this problem at times, because it is much more condensed than Shattrath and thus forces your computer to load many more models at once than ever before.

If you intend on playing World of Warcraft you probably need to get this expansion. Almost everyone who plays owns this expansion so you won't find many people to interact with if you don't own Wrath. The existing content is polished, for the most part, and enjoyable to play, but the end raid game can become boring since it's so easy. Hopefully future patches will introduce challenging raids that will keep better groups busy for a while.

UPDATE (May 28 2009): The new Ulduar instance was released in the last major patch for the game, in mid-April. This instance basically addresses my critique of the end-game raids in the initial release of Wrath of the Lich King. Ulduar is quite large (14 bosses total), well-designed, and makes extensive use of "hard mode" raid encounters, where the base encounter is fairly easy to do (though not trivial), while the hard mode for bosses, which are activated in various ways, will present a challenge for even hardcore guilds. If you're looking for a combat-oriented MMO, you should probably get World of Warcraft and buy this expansion now.
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on November 19, 2008
This expansion has been out for a week, and there are some who would say you can't really review MMORPG content until it's been out long enough to see how it affects the play environment as a whole. There are hundreds of hours of gameplay in this expansion set, and it will be months before anybody has played through the bulk of it. And of course, the release of an expansion has wide affects on style of play, the in-game economy, and the community. Nonetheless, I've played through the entirety of the first two zones, a couple of the new instances, and visited a few other zones, and I think I can give a fairly good assessment of this content.

I'll assume that if you are a devoted and regular player, you've already purchased this or are planning to do so soon. Reviewing the game for them would be pointless. But what about the casual player, or the lapsed player interested in coming back to WoW? For them, this expansion is really top-notch.

To start with, if you enjoy the questing aspect of the game, you're in for a treat. Each zone now has more flypoints, the quest hubs are easy to identify, and there are more quests at each hub. There's less travel time and less hassle keeping track of your quests, which makes the experience of questing much more enjoyable -- and rewarding. I was able to reach lvl 74 solely by completing the two lower-level areas of the new continent, Northrend. In general, the quests are designed very well. Where to go and what to do are usually quite clear from the quest description. Quests are also designed to lead you to other points of interest, such as another travel or quest hub or isolated quest that you might otherwise have missed. There's no more need to grind out part of a level before heading for another zone, the quest experience is more than sufficient to get you prepared for the subsequent zones. This has come quite a long way since the game was released.

The environments are quite pretty, especially for a game running on a 4-year-old graphics engine. The graphics have reportedly been upgraded a bit, but my NVidia 8800GT is still able to play the game on fully maxed-out settings in the range of 50-80fps in the outside enviroments, and up to 200fps inside. The art design is fantastic, especially on the low level zone Howling Fjord. It's impressive that these designers and programmers can do so much visually with a game that needs to be able to play on alot of computers, including those without high-end graphics cards.

If you are one of those casual or lapsed players who are on the fence about this expansion, consider giving it a try. The revisions to the game over the past couple years have really cut down on the things that often gave MMORPG players the biggest headaches. If you have a character at or near lvl 70 and can hop right into the new zones, all the better, as their design seems to be the best yet.
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on February 1, 2012
I purchased this for a good friend of mine who happens to love Warcraft. He had not taken the plunge into the World of Warcraft so I set him up with the previous expansions. He frequently told me how much fun he was having raiding with friends and family and always tried to get me on board.

After a year I finally caved in and started playing. I am very casual as a player and found this game to be a perfect fit. I can log on and do some auctioning, or quest, or do a dungeon or two. I don't feel like I have to make a huge time commitment.

Overall the game is enjoyable and I don't regret playing it. I just watch less TV now and spend more time on WoW chatting with friends.
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VINE VOICEon May 23, 2009
WoW sucked me in for quite some time when it first came out. Quit for several months and came back for 1 month for BC and 1 month for LK. WoW is a finely crafted time sink...I mean game. You can putter around doing solo stuff, but the amount of effort, preparation, and time commitment for end game raiding is mind boggling.

This type of game is impossible at end game without a guild. The buildup of levels and the amount of statistic boosts on gear to convince people to play and try to collect new pieces for their paper dolls makes it so that there is a very low element of skill, since geared out people will slaughter without good gear.

WoW does offer other options, such as playing PvP instances to collect gear, but that is just a different time sink. Instead of raiding you get a PvP team together and try to kill other players.

The game itself is fun, but to be competitive it is a full time job that is only realistic for college kids skipping class, the unemployed, retired, or people who have no real life outside the game.

WoW is brilliant in the addictive factors of the game. You may not be the best at anything in real life, but in WoW you can feel pretty powerful and important.

However the longer you spend in game and if you type /played and see you spent 250+ DAYS in game on the one character alone and realize all that time is gone forever it is a pretty empty feeling.

So if you want to see, fight, and kill the Lich King, just realize the politics, time, effort, and what you have to give up for a chance to be part of a guild that does end game content, much less does in game content well.
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on January 21, 2016
THIS IS A GREAT GAME. BUT you need to know the following... DON'T BUY THIS EXPANSION/PRODUCT. THE MOST RECENT COPY OF THE FULL VERSION OF WORLD OF WARCRAFT ALONG WITH THE MOST CURRENT RELEASED EXPANSION, IS ALL THAT WILL WORK. THE MOST RECENT RELEASED EXPANSION IS THE ONLY APPLICABLE EXPANSION FOR PURCHASE. THIS EXPANSION IS NOT TO BE SOLD AS IT IS OUTDATED/PREVIOUS PER BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, THIS PRODUCT IS TO BE PULLED FROM THE SHELF AND IS SHOULD NOT BE SOLD. If you buy this product, I promise, you will be returning it as the License Key is expired (I GUARANTEE IT) and WILL NOT work. If you want World of Warcraft, you must buy the Original FULL version of WOW (typically $20, or so, depending on specials and/or retailers) and then you have to buy the most recent expansion if you want to, only if you want the most recent expansion. The Original FULL WOW version will include all expansions up to, but NOT including, the most current/recent version. You will have to buy the most recent expansion if you want it. Once the next expansion is released the previous most expansion will be available for use (at no additional cost) if only the Original FULL version of WOW is purchase. PLEASE NOTE: The starter edition is not the full version. YOU MUST PURCHASE THE FULL VERSION. I learned this the difficult way and have returned this particular expansion as it was expired as the full version of WOW (World of Warcraft) includes this expansion. I confirmed all of this with Blizzard. THE KEY WILL NOT WORK ON THIS EXPANSION. DO NOT PURCHASE.

This may be slightly confusing, but to summarize, you will not have an active/usable LICENSE KEY with this product and you only need to purchase the full version of World of Warcraft if you want this particular expansion. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS EXPANSION!!!!

I gave this 5 stars as the game is wonderful. My son and I both love playing this game together. Also, the 5 stars draws your curiosity of greatness while I am trying to draw your attention to be cautious and not waste you time and money on this product. I give this seller 1STAR as they shouldn't be banned from AMAZON for selling expired and worthless product. This seller is bordering on fraudulent activity by selling a product that is to be pulled from the shelf.

If you a seller of this product reading this. REMOVE THIS PRODUCT and return it to BLIZZARD as they have informed me that you are supposed to stop selling and return this store shelf item back to them.

Thank you!
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on December 13, 2008
Death Knight story is great. Leads very well into why they can be Alliance or Horde and not their enemy as they were suppose to be. As for the rest... not spoiling it.
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