Worth updating Roku 2 XS vs Roku XDS? We have four Roku XDS' located throughout the house (living room, master bedroom, family room, and another bedroom). Is there any reason to upgrade to this Roku 2?
asked by J. Brooks on August 7, 2011
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Yes. The Bluetooth remote is much faster and does not require line of sight. I think the picture is higher quality because of the much improved and more modern processor. You may want to try one in the location it is used the most. Some people have complained about the wireless. I use the ethernet connection and that works well.
Richard A. Nathan answered on August 8, 2011
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Roku hasn't blocked anything. They have acknowledged issues which are preventing some streaming channels from working correctly and are seeking fixes. TV.com was a private channel that was taken down at the request of CBS
Robert B. answered on August 13, 2011
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I just returned the roku 2 xs and purchased the original xs. I noticed the roku hd in my living room buffering after I added the roku 2 to my tv in the tv room. Never had that problem before. The roku2 also buffered or dropped movies. Roku 2 didnt play PlayOn channels that I watch a lot. The Angry Birds game didnt work well on my roku2. My daughter has the roku hd for a 55 in. projection type tv and has no problem at all with hers. IMO, no need to upgrade to roku2. I did like the fact you can add a micro sd card to the roku2 for more channels but the negatives for me outweighted that. Love my roku though!
IdolFan answered on September 2, 2011
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I'm actually returning the 2 and buying the 1 again. The 2 does not support PlayOn and they blocked several private channel, legal, that allow you to watch live TV or CBS. I had some unexpected reboots while watching Hulu, never had that issue with original Roku
Jose answered on August 13, 2011
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I have owned a XD/S Roku 1 for about 16 months. It feeds a matrix lit LED 47" class Vizio HD TV. The Roku 1 does NOT support Netflix closed captions, so I have been interested in the Roku 2 which supposedly has this functionality (at least in the XDS version). From reviews in different locations, I would say buy the Roku 1 if you can. I have been researching this for a few hours over several days, and it seems that the Roku 2 has several issues that make it currently a questionable purchase:

XX 90 Day Warranty vs. 12 months warranty with Roku 1.
XX Streaming issues with signal being downsampled to match what the player can process.
XX Router compatibility issues (too many complaints of routers not working with this unit).
XX Depending on your set-up (interference, competition, RFI, EMF, EFM, etc.) the bluetooth remote may not be as reliable as infrared for you.
XX Several participants have indicated "blocking" of private channels such as playon.tv with Roku2.
XX Know that you will need to purchase more memory if you intend to leave Angry Birds installed.
XX Some users who have owned Roku1 for months have reported network and video quality issues with their new Roku2 units that they never experienced with Roku1.

As always, Your Mileage May Vary, but for me who will go get the blu-ray to watch any movie I really care about, I will continue to use Yamaha's "Pure Direct" sound, or any of the several DSPs available (Neo 6 Cinema; Sci-Fi; 2-channel stereo, etc.) to clean up the streaming audio enough that I do not need the closed captions -- or worst case go upstairs where my "Smart TV" has them built-in or most likely spend the same $$ on Apple Third Generation TV (I have had 1st gen for 16 months) which has Netflix built-in WITH closed captions rather than take a chance on this Roku2.

Finally - if you have not seen the Apple TV interface - take a look. It is elegance personified, with a quality picture that is unparalleled in the streaming world (and I am still talking 1st generation Apple TV.) We are years down the road from that original Apple TV box!

Good luck. Regardless of what you choose, know that the streaming world is so much better than it was just 24 months ago, but rapidly getting better. Many may disagree, but I assure you that minimum 10MB/sec download speed is necessary for 720p video, and a wired connection (if you can do it) is optimal. If you must go wireless, then dual-band "N" Router (300+ MB/sec over two channels, such as Netgear WNDR 3700) and the dual band Roku box are a must for the highest definition video you can get.

FWIW. I have Netflix on Roku1, Vizio TV, Vizio Blu-Ray player (another item to steer clear of - pure junk - read the reviews), and Samsung TV. I have Amazon streaming on just about all of these devices as well. It appears that server farms from Netflix and Amazon are more frequently becoming "overloaded" which results in lower quality video being sent from the provider or even the dreaded buffering error message. Rather than immediately blaming whichever box I am using to decode the stream, I now try at least two others, and in every case it has been the provider (Netflix or Amazon) to blame (After my download speed has been verified with two apps - speedtest.net and the FCC speedtest app to make sure that comcast has not dropped the ball.) I have NEVER had this type of problem with streaming on Apple TV WHEN Apple is the provider.
Keith R. Douglas answered on July 6, 2012
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The picture quality on Netflix is lower with Roku2 than with the original Roku. I have a 720p TV, so I got the Roku2 basic. Terrible picture. Since my original Roku was XD, I figured that had something to do with it, so I returned my Roku2 and upgraded to a Roku2 HD. Picture quality is still poor compared to the Roku XD.
adiabatic answered on June 16, 2012
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For a nice 1080P picture and casual gaming. Generally no unless you want those features.
Mr.FoggyBottom answered on August 25, 2011
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absolutely more memory better reliability better remote lots more channels better picture quality, lots of reasons

Derek Lowe answered on October 10, 2012
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What another benefit from what I understand of having the LT versions and up is having Subtitles whenever available from the play menu. I have the XD and am considering the change myself.
Marks4IDMedic answered on June 17, 2012
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I returned my ROKU 2 and kept the older Roku HD. When I called tech support about use with PlayOn I was told there was a "firmware issue" with Roku 2.... If you pay for Netflix and Hulu Plus, I don't think you'll have a problem with either Roku original or Roku 2, but if you use Playon, the older one is better.
philcat answered on December 1, 2011
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