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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Fantastic!
The Short: Wreck-It Ralph is a classic. From the slick animation, the great sense of humor, nostalgia inducing references and cameos, and the surprisingly adept and emotional story, Disney's Wreck-it Ralph is the best animated comedy since Tangled, and one of Disney's best animated films ever crafted.

Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Q-bert; widely known and considered...
Published 17 months ago by Neoncloudff

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3.0 out of 5 stars Awesome movie, great transfer... 3 stars is for lack of extras
There are practically no bonus features here. A short documentary and some deleted scenes.

No commentary, no art gallery, no newly made short featuring Ralph and Felix.

Thankfully Paperman is included.

I think the bonuses are the same on the 4 Disc set... so buy it if you like the movie...but don't expect much more than the movie.
Published 13 months ago by R. Sohor

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149 of 167 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Fantastic!, November 4, 2012
The Short: Wreck-It Ralph is a classic. From the slick animation, the great sense of humor, nostalgia inducing references and cameos, and the surprisingly adept and emotional story, Disney's Wreck-it Ralph is the best animated comedy since Tangled, and one of Disney's best animated films ever crafted.

Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Q-bert; widely known and considered classic games. But a "new challenger has entered the ring" in the form of old school, Donkey Kong inspired retro arcade game, Wreck-it Ralph. Follow the misadventures of Wreck-it Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, as he attempts to become a hero by jumping though various video games. I don't want to spoil any of the plot, but it is incredibly well told and is quite surprising in the end. It has that classic Disney emotion, but with a most unique "video game-y" twist. In the end, Wreck-it Ralph teaches some great lessons, but it is also neither mundane nor juvenile, and that's why it's a winner.

The cast here couldn't fit the characters better. John C. Reilly as the big guy Wreck-it Ralph, Sarah Silverman as the spirited and surprisingly funny Vanellope von Schweetz, Jane Lynch as the stoic and hilarious Sergeant Calhoun, and Jack McBrayer as the lovable and yet again laugh- out-loud Fix-it Felix Junior. The movie is absolutely hilarious; the performances from all of the actors fit their roles perfectly and couldn't be funnier. They couldn't have picked a better voice cast, honestly to goodness.

The animation continues the high pedigree that Disney has become famous for. Its bright and lively action is wonderful to watch, and combined with great facial animations make for a great and emotional experience. But the winner here is the way that they have adapted the old- school style of video game animation into the film itself. You'll know what I mean when you see the movie. It makes for a truly unique, one of a kind experience! Sony's 4K presentation is crisp and vibrant.

The thing to understand though is that with its focus on video game cameos and references, don't worry! You don't have to have any knowledge of video games to understand or enjoy Wreck-it Ralph. The story and main characters are all part of the film's story and world. Rather than using the references as a crutch, they're used more as a springboard into new and unexplored fictional worlds.

Granted, gamers of all ages are going to love the care and attention taken when putting in the huge amount of references, cameos, and little bits of easter eggs spritzed and scattered throughout Wreck-it Ralph, making for a truly nostalgic inducing experience.

And those classic Disney trademarks, from great characters to a well told story, are all here and are much more than side attractions. The twist is great, the concepts are fresh, and the level of imagination at work revives my faith in the animated genre. There's still plenty left in this old dog after all.

And so I have to end this review by asking, "Are you tired of the same old washed up animated feature film? Feel like you're just too old for childish animated movies?" Wreck-it Ralph is the perfect cure. And it's meant for that group of movie goers looking for something more than just another animated money pit. It's laugh out loud funny, exciting and fresh, incredibly inventive and gleefully unique at every turn.

It's a classic no doubt, and Wreck-it Ralph will be one of those movies on my "favorites" shelf for decades to come. The true triumph? Wreck-it Ralph feels like that classic game that has been a part of my childhood ever since I can remember; the type of classic where you throw hundreds of quarters away and you honestly just don't care, because it is just that good.

5/5 - Perfection; Stop reading and watch right now
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5.0 out of 5 stars Most Original And Clever Movie of the Year, December 25, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Wreck-It Ralph is living proof that there is still original ideas in Hollywood and, for me, it was the best animated movie of the year and one of the most original and clever films I've seen in a while.

The story follows Wreck-It Ralph, a "bad guy" who is tired of being the character who's only purpose is to wreck things in an arcade game called "Fix-It Felix Jr." Ralph dreams of being the hero, so he sets out to explore other games within the arcade to earn a highly-coveted medal, along with the respect he feels he deserves. The voice acting is top-notch here; John C. Reilly is great as the title character and Jack McBrayer is perfect as Felix Fix-It Jr. In fact, there isn't one member of the voice cast that is out of place. Even Sarah Silverman, whom I'm not much of a fan of, does a great job with her character, Vanellope von Schweetz. The story does have elements that are familiar, but sets itself apart by with the insertion of original jokes and clever references.

One of the things I loved most about the movie is the appeal it has for everyone, whether it be little kids, adults, video game enthusiasts, or grandparents; there's something here for everyone. Those who grew up playing classic games like Pac-Man and Tapper will be overjoyed with some of the references this movie contains. It's fantastic to see companies collaborate and allow their properties to come together, and I sincerely hope they make a sequel. I also thought it was great how the creative team incorporated various gaming elements into the movie. For example, in the same scene they will have highly modernized characters with fluid movement interacting with jittery characters in the old 8-bit style, something I'd never seen in a film.

As I said, this was the best animated film of the year for me and one of the most enjoyable I've seen in a long time. If you have nostalgia for old video games, you'll be sure to love this movie. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
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5.0 out of 5 stars TOUCHING GENUINE UNIQUE, November 7, 2012
Chris Kennison (Jefferson City, Mo United States) - See all my reviews
There are many great joys in life and Disney, the creators of "Wreck it Ralph", have always been experts at tapping into those emotions. It has been key to their success. Just like the characters in "Toy Story", we all long to be needed and not necessarily loved, but liked. We want to be included. We want to know that there's somebody out there who thinks of us from time to time and quite simply, that is all that Ralph wants.

Locked away inside his game between the hours of open and close of the arcade, Ralph is alone. He's a bad guy. The hero of his game, Fix-it Felix is the star. Felix is the one with the friends and who receives all the accolades. When the arcade closes up for the night, the characters can travel from game to game, they can socialize with each other, but Ralph is alone, with no friends to speak of. Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, wants people to like him. He wants people to be proud of him, but being locked away inside his game only allows him to destroy and then get thrown off a building. This triggers a nostalgic and incredibly creative adventure.

"Wreck it Ralph" never really struck me as outwardly hilarious, but the movie is endlessly entertaining and loaded with imagery and blast from the past references. Also like "Toy Story", another world occurs when people aren't looking and when that world takes off, the video game references from the past will go right over your child's head. The adults though, will recognize characters from Super Mario Bros, Sonic, Q*bert, Street Fighter, Joust, Frogger, Pac-Man, Burger Time, the bartender from the game Tapper and even paddle one and two from the ultra nostalgic game, Pong.

Ralph means well, but like most animated movies, that doesn't always lead you in the correct direction. So, when he meets a sweet little 9-year old racer named Vanellope Von Schweetz, voiced by Sarah Silverman, he finds that he's not alone in his plight to be included. Vanellope is a glitch, a flawed character program, hidden away in the system, not allowed to play. The two of them may have formed one of the most memorable character bonds in recent history.

While the movie may not be hilariously funny, "Wreck it Ralph" is sheer joy and fun and it taps into an emotion that many adults have forgotten and many kids know all too well. It reminds you what it is like that first time you realized that you had a friend. Your child will also see a nice example of friendship and loyalty. This, in my opinion, makes "Wreck it Ralph" not just a movie for kids, but for adults as well. With all the references of nostalgic games and its flawless reminder of how euphoric friendship is, "Ralph" is for everybody.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Loved It!, December 27, 2012
Since my wife and I both love seeing animated movies together, and since we both enjoy video games (especially me), it was decided that we absolutely had to see this movie! We had received a Regal Gift card a while before this came out and we actually hoarded what was on it to see this and The Hobbit once it came out as well.

Going into this movie we figured we'd enjoy it because we already had some people we knew say it was awesome, and we certainly did love it, from start to finish! It was very well done and very well voiced! Plus, of course, like most animated movies, it had a good moral at the end.

My favorite part, as was many people's favorite part I'm sure, was the meeting with all the various video game villains...that part was cool. It was neat seeing all of those actual video game villains in that part, as well as all the others at different points throughout the movie. All around, the movie was great fun and suitable for most any age. I highly recommend this one! I for one will be picking this up upon it's release...definitely collection worthy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Not what I expected., January 26, 2013
I must say, this movie sort of blind-sided me. I expected it to be much more of a "hey look, famous character!" type of film. But I was pleasantly surprised.

In honest truth I saw the movie solely based on the huge poster with Sonic the Hedgehog at the front of the pack. The advertising campaign did not do the film justice. But after watching the film (over 7 times I might add, gotta love the $1 theatre), I realized that it is about an original character on his own journey, not just a cameo-fest. Albeit there were many cameos, but they were subtle and didn't take away from the plot of the movie. For example, in some scenes you can see graffiti on the wall with stuff like "no campers" or "Sheng Long was here," and in one scene there is a wall in the background with hand-drawn pictures of many famous characters like Tails Prowler and Galaga, which give a little thumbs-up to the people who recognize them. Some things, like Hero's Duty, can look very similar to another game like Halo in appearance, but not story. If anything that helps to familiarize the audience, otherwise it just comes off as a generic space marine. The most surprising part to me was how well the actors and actresses filled their role. Typically I don't like Sarah Silverman because she is a rather crude comic, but she makes a completely believable and endearing character in the film, ironically becoming my favorite. Another important note, the 8-bit animation and the score for the film are outstanding. I felt like I was really in an arcade.

Overall, the animation of the film was smooth, the visuals were pleasing and not too flashy, the story had a solid ground built on true plot mechanics with some unique arcade-themed features (such as the surge-protector gateway), good soundtrack, and the cast of appealing characters. I guarantee you will find at least one character you like that IS NOT a cameo. Adults might not find the movie nearly as enjoyable (I'm 21) because a lot of it revolves around the hero of the film making his place; perhaps unrelatable to older generations. Although I personally believe it is a universal theme. From a film-student's point of view, there are subtle things throughout the movie that only adults will understand; a classic Disney trademark.

It was a light-hearted adventure populated by some comedy, cameos, a little romance, some tragedy, good action, and a "finding yourself" theme.

P.S. Perhaps not as important, but I actually stayed to watch the credits, every time, because the music and 8-bit animation are just as entertaining as the movie.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Watched it 4 Times in one week!, November 17, 2012
I was skeptical about seeing a video game movie, honestly, and the advertisements for it were goofy, and not well done, but when you get into this movie you will see why I love it so much. This is the only movie I could actually watch 4 times in one week, and still be driven to feel for these characters in a deeper level every time. I plan to watch it again. It is just that good.

The whole game is from the perspective of "the bad guy" which he tells you up front, but in such a tone, and with such a back story that you can feel the story will move away as its point of departure. Ralph is "a wrecker;" Every experience from there is nothing more than "the bad guy" doing everything in his power to do good things, all while struggling with the self-image he desperately wants to shrug off. Every consequence he brings in effort to change who he is affects all the members of the other games he is brought into, upsetting everyone in the process, until the climax of the game faces the destruction of the entire arcade, and reveals a hidden secret about another assumingly long-lost character acting as the antithesis of what Ralph represents. Ralph ends up having to call upon his own destructive abilities of his past that also reveals his true inner strength that gives him enough self-confidence to ultimately embrace the advice he earlier rejected to be--a "bad guy" who doesn't have to be a "bad" guy.

By the end of the journey, Ralph never shrugs off the "wrecker" mentality, but he does discover that he can "wreck" a lot more than buildings: the stereotypes, and labels that are the walls to self-acceptance and self-confidence that open the doors to loving friendship. Ralph walks down a winding road to end up in the same place he started completely changed, and changing everyone else for the better alongside him.

Hope that's been helpful, but now I've got to reserve my next ticket to see it again.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Wreck It Ralph Is Fun, Clever and Downright Inventive!, November 5, 2012
Remember the old video games in the arcades of the 80's? They are incredibly represented here and in a very fun way. The film does have a middle section that was slow and a little off track, but with that said, `Wreck It Ralph' does have a fantastic opening and definitely a surprising and eventfully fun ending! The animation is very sharp and extremely real. (Not phot-real, but artistically real.)

`Wreck It Ralph' is director Richard Moore's (Futurama, Drawn Together) first feature film coming from a broad television animation background. Taking a script from Phil Johnston (Cedar Rapids, Ghost/Aliens) and first time writer Jennifer Lee, Richard mixed a great deal of personality types and funny creative situations inside of a video game and the world they live in.

The games you see in this film are all familiar to those who remember the stand-up, giant boxed TV sets you used to look down at and play your games with. The graphics were simple and the music very distinct with each game environment along with all the sound effects that only came from the 80`s. I had lots of memories of all the games!

John C Reilly (Chicago, Magnolia) leads the cast as `Wreck It Ralph' himself who has the odd job of being the villain in his game. Alone, mistreated and often misunderstood he decides to get some recognition by getting an award. With the help of the hysterical Jane Lynch (Glee, 40 Year-Old Virgin) as demanding and pushy militaristic leader of grunts, Calhoun, Ralph gets a little miss directed and off course ending up in many strange games, but none are his own.

Now `Wreck It Ralph' has a star in its game called Felix, voiced so sympathetically and humorously dry by Jack McBrayer (30 Rock, Forgetting Sarah Marshall). Jack's innocence and sincerity make the movie so much more fun to watch. I loved observing his take on growing a `fancy' for Jane Lynch's Calhoun character and how slowly they realize they might just work together, as a couple.

Ralph enters a game, wrongly of course, that is based a Candyland-type environment, and accidently bumps into and later, begrudgingly, befriends a small `glitch' in the program who is named Venellope, voiced amazingly perfect by Sarah Silverman (Something About Mary, School Of Rock) . She is independent, stubborn, obnoxious, not responsible and wildly out of hand, but seems to be sweet and sincere enough for Ralph to help.

A special note to Alan Tudyk (Firefly, I, Robot), who plays King Candy and does an amazingly unique impression of what might be consider `The Mad Hatter' with his own twist. Alan gives such fun and flair and craziness to his candy obsessed royalty.

Without giving too much away, the movie has a fun concept of group therapy for bad guys, an inventive concept on how game characters travel from one game to another and a clever plot concept on how games need to understand, they all need each other. I also loved the great detail and 3-D stylization they used to represent the accuracy of how all these old games really moved and operated. `Wreck It Ralph' has a great family message in the really funny and creative world of 80's video games. This is great light family fun!
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5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful, nostalgic cinematic experience., November 2, 2012
It's all fun and games at Litwak's Fun Center, until someone gets hurt. While this cliche'd line seems to reflect the simple plot in most movies (while the moral outcome does, too), the setting makes Wreck-it Ralph a wonderful, refreshing, and unique pleasure. Inside a family arcade, all the game characters (both old and new) are real, and travel among the other games when the doors have locked. Ralph, from Fix-it Felix Jr., desperately wished to be a good guy, and be rewarded, so he sets off in search of a medal. By doing this, he sets off a chain of events that puts multiple games at risk, and unveils a hidden threat.

Disney has made this film equally accessible by both parents and children, and I find that wondrous. At times, Vanellope sounded quite mature, and at others, just like a tod. Soon, kids will squeal in excitement when they find a Fix-it Felix Jr. game, along with other last-gen arcade delights. In this way, the film has rendered itself timeless, if only in that small way. Although it doesn't feature many of the games themselves, you are able to see many characters, including retired ones.

Being inside a game world gave the artists a great deal of freedom, but they didn't waste it. At every new turn, another extremely creative point would grab your attention, and I'm sure I missed many (which would enhance a second viewing). Another big enhancement is the 3D atmosphere. I doubted I would ever say this, but I urge you to see this in 3D, or turn around and go home. Because of all the pixel-related artwork, and 3D modeling, it is natural to have such a dimension added on. It's the perfect film to have it for!

Now, for all the extra material surrounding the movie. Similar to Pixar, Disney has included an animated short right before, called "The Paperman". It doesn't feature any voice acting, but it's hilarious, and very well-made. I am sure you'll enjoy it. Second, the end credits are worth watching through, but not because there's an extra scene (there isn't one). It's only worth it for the visuals during the credits themselves, in 3D.

In conclusion, Wreck-it Ralph is family-safe, and highly enjoyable. See it in 3D as soon as you can!
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5.0 out of 5 stars BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR, December 26, 2012
It seems that Disney buying Pixar has finally paid off in the gem of a movie named Wreck-it Ralph.

The Good:
- Family friendly
- AMAZING voices (Sarah Silverman steals the show)
- Beautiful and creative animation
- Wonderful soundtrack
- Most creative writing since Toy Story 3
- More puns than you can catch in one sitting
- Very emotional
- Extremely funny

The Bad:
- Nothing. This is a perfect movie.

P.S. The short that they show at the beginning of the film is the best short in a long time. It's entitled 'Paperman'.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Animated Film of 2012!, December 28, 2012
This review is from: Wreck-It Ralph (DVD)
Being raised in the age of Atari, Pac-Man and (classic) Nintendo, I was even more excited than my kids to see this film. The only drawback I saw when I first viewed the trailer was that Sarah Silverman was cast at what seemed like an extremely annoying character, which did not surprise me since I am not that fond of her comedy. Nevertheless, I jumped at the chance when my kids said they wanted to see this! The first thing I marveled at was the short cartoon that preceded the film, "Paperman" -- a simple story about a man who struggles to find a woman with whom he met early in his work day. This short is a wonderful testament to the yearning of breaking out of life's monotony and searching for something better. And that is a perfect warm-up for "Ralph," a film itself that centers around this theme. Oh, and I WANT composer Christophe Beck's musical score for this (it's one of the best I've heard in years; including in feature films!)

Ralph (Reilly) is a villain who yearns to break out of his "bad guy persona" and become a hero by winning a medal. The only problem is that, in his game, the medal ALWAYS goes to its protagonist Fix-It Felix, Jr. (McBrayer). So, despite great dangers of permanently erasing (dying) in another game, Ralph ventures to other game worlds so that he may win his medal. Along the way, of course, he meets various characters, including Lynch's Sergeant Calhoun and Alan Tudyk's King Candy. I could tell that by watching the trailer. What I didn't know was that this film would be such an ensemble piece, there would be an evil conspiracy subplot, and that I would come to LOVE Silverman's character, Vanellope von Schweetz, a character who is a wonderful role model for my girls and other little girls in a world where racing and "boys stuff" is still considered for boys. The role that Ralph takes on during the film is surrogate father or big brother to Vanellope, and I have to admit that at the very end of the movie, Ralph makes a move in which any father can relate and tears started to well in my eyes! This film has got wonderful performances, wonderful writing and classic video game characters (Q*Bert, Root Beer Tapper, Zangief) as well as voice cameos from well-known actors (Mindy Kaling, Ed O'Neill, Dennis Haysbert, Edie McClurg, Adam Carolla, and Horatio Sanz)! This movie also has plenty of heart! It falls in with Up (Single-Disc Edition) and Toy Story 3 as my favorite animated movies EVER!
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