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on August 11, 2002
Not surprisingly, this book provides advice that -- if applied literally -- will assist you in writing excellent proposals to fund your non-profit organization's ventures.
Surprisingly, the advice contained herein -- if made more generic in your mind -- is excellent advice for entire areas of your life. Sounds hokey, true. But honestly, boiled down the advice can be listed as:
1. Identify what the problem is. Do your research until you really understand the causes of the problems and their many effects.
2. Identify how you will know when you have made the problem better. How will you know when the problem has been alleviated? What intermediate steps need to be taken? How will you measure your progress along the way?
3.Identify what tools are available, and which are still needed, to move towards a resolution, or diminution, of the problem. Be specific here. Vague generalities are useless, but the brass tacks of a solution are absolutely priceless. Who has access to these tools? Who can make difficult things easy?
4. If you are asking for someone to help you with this problem, present the whole equation to them in a light that makes the most sense to *them*. This doesn't mean to lie, or exaggerate. It only means to focus your proposal in a way that makes them see it most personally.
5. Proofread what you have written, to be sure it says what you want it to say. Then proofread it again. And again. Get it right, because it is a hard and fast representative of you. This should be true in everything concrete you put out in the world with your name on it.
Now, all of this can be applied to writing a grant proposal. And much of it can be applied to the other things in life. Filling a job position, finding a home, working out a deteriorating relationship, educating yourself or your children ... you name it.
It's so rare that a book directed at an audience of specialists resonates with so much broadly applicable truth ... and it was such a delight to find it. I plowed through this book last night, reading every word, applying its advice mentally to all sorts of issues in my own life. I am pleased to report that it opened my eyes to solutions that had eluded me until now.
Wonderfully written, amusingly told, full of great advice to writers of all persuasive materials, this book is a gem.
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on October 9, 2000
I almost didn't purchase this book because I already have several books on grantwriting. However, I have the feeling that this book will be "dog-eared" in no time while the others will simply gather dust. For the beginning grantwriter, you will find tons of great practical advice. For us seasoned veterans, you will discover much which you may have forgotten...a great "refresher course." I especially like the section that discusses "moonlighting" and how to make some extra money on the side. I've never seen that topic discussed before in a typical grantwriting book. This is a fun and entertaining read, and is a welcome addition to my professional library.
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on July 10, 2002
When I am on deadline and desperately in need of help, "Writing for a Good Cause" is where I turn first for guidance, solace, or inspiration (seeing as how our office manager objects to open containers of alcohol at one's desk). Not only is this book full of incredibly practical writing tips in handy list form, it is also very funny and a page turner.
The heart of the book is a clear guide to how to write a great proposal, but other valuable topics are covered, including newsletters, case statements, interviews, and the like.
In one section, the authors mix genuine examples of great fundraising writing with an imaginary proposal to fund the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. They not only convince you to help build the Brooklyn Bridge, you're ready to buy it.
The bridge is not for sale, but this book is. It is well worth its price of two fast food lunches. Buy it, read it, and be happy.
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on July 3, 2000
The authors make a point: Everyone can write, but not everyone writes well. These authors do. They use just the right amount of humor, share many interesting tips, advise in everyday words, and stimulate budding fund raisers. This is an excellent book for directors of non-profit organizations and for consultants looking to help them develop winning proposals.
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VINE VOICEon August 25, 2001
"Writing For a Good Cause" is a must-have reference for anyone involved in writing grant proposals or other fundraising material. One of the things that impressed me is that the authors have hands-on experience in actually doing what they write about. Packed with examples pulled from their own experiences and offering practical advice, the authors do a great job of introducing beginners to the complicated and often stressful world of fundraising for non-profits. Another major plus, is that the authors do a great job of seasoning an otherwise dry subject with plenty of wit and humor to keep the pages turning and your interest fresh.
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on August 15, 2000
Trying to persuade people to part with large sums of money for a project, concept or concern? I can't imagine why you would try to do so without this book. The authors have captured the subject area, tied it up with a bow and presented it to the readers with a humorous flair. Entertaining, yet informative. Light-hearted, yet comprehensive.
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on August 9, 2002
I took this book, along with many others on fundraising, out of my local library. Though I'm new to raising funds, I've made much of my living writing articles and books; I wasn't sure it would have much to teach me.
This book was so startlingly useful that I had to buy it. It will likely become your most dog-eared fundraising guide.
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on April 25, 2006
Excellent book with very practical tips on writing to get funded. There are many grantwriting books and resources available, but this is one of the better that I've found for writing persuasively for major gifts. Great practical advice on formulating winning proposals, concept papers and other grant writing tools. Definitely recommend to grantseekers of all levels.
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on September 13, 2010
I originally borrowed this book from the library, but I found it so helpful that I purchased a copy for myself to use as a reference. I am very new to grant writing and this book was a great read. It was surprisingly entertaining and very motivational. Not only did it explain how to write grant applications in a simple yet thorough way, it also gives you tips on how to write other fund-raising materials and provides great insight into the workings of a development office. The only thing I would want to see changed about this book is the part about email and the internet. This book was published in 2000 and I'd love to see the authors update that section to reflect the electronic resources available today. Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend this book to others who are new to the non-profit fund-raising world. Even if you aren't so new, the numerous tips and the Down-and-Dirty Proposal Kit at the end may prove to be very useful and help you improve your writing process.
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on December 5, 2012
I would suggest this a good tool to help with beginning grant writers! If you want to really get all the resources necessary though for a successful fund development process, I would suggest visiting a foundation center: [...] near you. More specifically for this product, it arrived on time in good condition and there was really nothing wrong with the product at all! I would definitely suggest this seller and product. Remember to have an army proof your work and many blessing with the fund development process!
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