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on October 24, 2012
I have all of this franchise on DVD and now in Blu-ray and have been somewhat of a fan. Here's what I noticed after the first viewing:

It's never made clear the time frame of this movie. WT4 was a prequel. After some long thought on this, I believe this is supposed to be after 4 and before 1. All 3 of these mutants are alive and well, so it doesn't make sense that this would be a continuation from 3.
There is a reference from the older man Maynard that they aren't in an institution any longer. Maynard also refers to the 3 hillbilly freaks as "my boys." I never took him seriously, but after some consideration, maybe this man was really supposed to be their father. We don't know where this man came from or how he got hooked up with these 3. We just know that he ran into them at some point. We do see a computer screen at one point that would indicate that it is 2003, which would put this just months or even weeks before the original Wrong Turn.
The story is very simple. Simply put, a group of victims gather at the sheriff's office one way or another and get picked off one at a time.
Once the gang is more or less together at the sheriff's office, the sheriff tells everybody to stay together. They are trying to split them up to take them out one at a time. From that time forward everyone does their desperate best to try and split up. And when there's nobody else left that can leave, the sheriff herself wants to leave.
This is all supposed to take place during a festival and the trailer leads you to believe that this is all wrapped around this festival, but you never get to see it. It's only an excuse to have an empty set. The sheriff was expecting a busy night of trouble from this festival and she didn't get one call or visit the entire night.
I was confused as to how these 3 hillbillies could get hurt when smacked around by their 'father,' yet when one is shot in the leg, he doesn't flinch or even bleed. The one called 'Three finger' looks like he always did, but the other 2 don't resemble themselves from the other movies very much.

The kills:
Of course creativity is the thing with this and the movie does deliver some unique ways to kill people. I did feel that this time things had a bit of a "Saw" feel to it.

The sex:
Three sex scenes. They were very sensual rather than overly graphic. One had nothing to do with the story.

The Special Effects:
I didn't notice any CGI in this one. They went 'old school' and used actual animal guts. It gave a more realistic feel to it. Good call on this one.
One particular kill was the first one where the woman is killed in the street. It looks like she has a day pack under her shirt. this is where the guts were stored for the scene. Really needed to do a better job on this scene.
Maynard is shot in the shoulder. He's hurting pretty badly, but over time he just blows it off. Apparently he also has a self-cleaning shirt, as the blood gradually disappears as well.

The set:
This town sure looked like a small movie set. I was unimpressed. Low budget all the way here.

The acting:
Good acting all around. None of these actors are even American. You may pick up a slight accent from a line or 2 if you listen closely. Very impressive how well they acted and kept to an accurate American accent.

Other random stuff:
The ending of this movie looks a lot like the same location where #3 ended, at a hairpin turn. Pretty sure it's the very same place.
Apparently people don't believe in using their brakes when something goes bad when driving.
Nice BMWs don't have air bags.
Greenbrier county, being a redneck area (I have lots of family still living there) has apparently become very open minded and elected a pretty woman to be county sheriff.

The Extras:
Few extras are included in the Blu-ray copy. No deleted scenes. You get to see how the killings were done and that the next installment may pick up not too far from where this one leaves off. That's about it.

The disc itself:
The picture quality was excellent and well presented with a nice menu system. There is a ton of movie trailers as well, which I could have done without.

I give this one 2.5 stars. It's not far from WT3 in my mind. Actually 3 was better. There was real character development and drama going on in 3. This was more like a bunch of idiots trying to see how fast they can get themselves killed. So this would be the worst of the bunch. If you're a fan, rent it.
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on November 8, 2012
I liked the movie. Nothing really new from the others, although the back story is a little different. If you are in to the Wrong Turn movies I think you will like this one also.
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on November 4, 2012
I loved "Wrong Turn 4" but wasn't big on the rest of them. I enjoy over the top slasher films with a touch of Roger Corman. This one opens Corman style with a nude love scene. The film takes place in modern times some 30 years later after...? I'm not sure what, but now Maynard Odetts (Doug Bradley- "Hellraiser" Pinhead) has been there for 30 years but absent from the other films as a killer. I decided not to think too hard on this one and just enjoy the film. There must be more than one branch of cannibal killers in the area.

The town of Fairlake, WV is having a 10 year annual festival celebrating the Hillbilly cannibal slasher...Seriously?

People are in costume which allows our recluse gruesome threesome to enter town with knowledge of cell phone towers, phone lines, and electricity. The film gives literal meaning to "Give me a hand" and "Lend me your ears." The killings/torture was done in different and entertaining ways bordering on Troma style using real pig entrails. Clearly this film is not for everyone. But for those who like an 80's Troma style slasher film, you might want to check this one out.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Amy Lennox, corpse nudity, Bulgarian film actress Borisa Tutundjieva)
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on January 9, 2013
Let me just put it this way; Horror is a dying genre in the film making industry. And this film does NOTHING to give horror any justice. If anything, it's contributing to its downfall. Even though I knew this fifth installment in the Wrong Turn franchise was going to be awful, this film fell WAY below my already painfully low expectations.

Now I loved the first two Wrong Turn movies. They were crazy, creepy, and completely unexpected. That's not to say they were flawless, but compared to other slash n' hack fests I've seen, these were quite driving films. Ever since Declan O' Brien took over this franchise, he's just been soaking it with every predictable slasher cliche in the book, substituting convincing practical effects with inferior CGI gore, and making every character he casts into idiotic stereotyped teenagers/ young adults that value nothing more than sex and drugs.

The entire movie is more predictable than a clogged toilet after taking a massive dump that clearly won't flush. The plot is nothing more than your sub-average dime a dozen generic slasher plot; you have a group of horny college kids (again, horribly stereotyped), they plan on attending a party (the "Mountain Man Festival")...and they get killed off one by one by the hillbillies. In fact, Three Finger pretty much does all the work here. Saw Tooth and One Eye are kind of just shoved into the background and hardly make an appearance for their roles to serve any significant purpose. They'll throw a punch maybe once or twice, but that's it. Speaking of the kills, they are all horrendous. Not in the sense that they're gruesome, but in the sense that it leaves you thinking "what's the point?" It really does seem that Delcan is missing the idea behind the character of these cannibals, and why they do what they do. Delcan has reduced these once sneaky and clever cannibals into senseless torturers that "play with their food." If you watch the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. All but one death, which was the first one, was actually relevant to the point of the movie. Every death after that was set up like a scenario you would see in a Saw movie...which is...alright, BUT THIS ISN'T SAW. This is WRONG TURN. These are CANNIBALS, they EAT their victims, they just don't torture them for no reason and leave them in the middle of the street. Declan seems to miss this every time, and this is what makes his movies directionless and just flat out stupid. He seems to be more interested in creating morbid death scenes and pointlessly drawn out sex scenes that is basically borderline porno footage that have nothing at all to do with the plot than making a constructed story that actually makes sense. UGH.

The acting is so awful it isn't even worth mentioning, much less the characters that decide to constantly contradict the plot. "We're staying in here until dawn when my deputies arive, and that's final. We HAVE to stick together." - "Billy go look for your dead girlfriend while I go halfway across the street to contact some guy who clearly takes me for an idiot, and give my ONLY working vehicle to some drunken bimbo while an impressionable idiot college girl watches over my station with a manical psychopath that clearly nobody trusts except this forementioned impressionable college girl who eventually buys into his BS." If this isn't pure stupidity at its highest peak, I don't know what is. The town? I can hardly call it a neighborhood. It looks like maybe one or two small streets and a couple alleyways at most. In fact, a lot of it looks like the backlot of a studio. You can see large trucks (they are hard to miss) blocking off buildings and pathways. Very unimpressive. In fact the festival that's going on only has about 5 minutes worth of footage in the entire 90 minutes this trash film runs for, and when the cannibals arrive everyone in town except the main cast just suddenly disappears? This film is just heeps of flaws and poorly executed...well, just about everything in this movie is poorly executed.

My advice? Stick with the first two movies. They are MILES better, have great effects, plots, and tons of gore, and even sex that doesn't detract from the plot more than that is necessary. Five is by far the worst installment in the Wrong Turn franchise. And from beginning to end you're not going to be "wowed" by anything exceptional since the entire movie is predictable and cluttered with just about every known slasher cliche in the book. If there ever is a sixth movie, I can only hope Joe Lynch will direct it and Declan can stop butchering this franchise. (pun intended). Skip over it and watch the first two. You'll thank me later.
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on November 4, 2012
O my how the killers are becoming more resourceful! Three- Finger and the gang also have a new pal and he's not a deformed family member!! Not going to spoil anything by saying more. Glad i watched it. Even had to turn my head (kinda) on one scene which is unusual for me. Youll have time to think about what theyre going to do, and trust me lol it happens, and the way the cameras show it will have you cringe! In a good way! Horror fans know what Im talkin bout :)
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on February 11, 2013
I feel that the Wrong Turn series is essentially an outlet for showing extremely gory ways to kill people nowadays. Now while I have absolutely no problem with that, seeing as I am a huge gore hound and this series always delivers, the movie itself lacks substance and had a decent amount of potential that it didn't live up to.

First off, the set and premise of the movie was that it was supposed to be centered around a music festival in the middle of a small town, something which I thought was pretty cool, but we hardly ever see anything about said festival and most of the movie takes place either in the police station or wherever one of the victims is getting killed.

Second, the time this movie took place is only clear if you look really close at the subtle detail of certain parts of the movie. There is a brief shot of a computer indicating that it's 2003, the year the original WT was released. Also, it can be inferred that the cannibals recently escaped from the Asylum since WT 4 is a prequel and this is obviously not a prequel of a prequel so the movie apparently takes place between 4 and 1.

Third, there are some make-up inconsistencies such as blood disappearing from wounds on a shirt and a few other small screw ups that might disappoint the avid horror movie critic.

To conclude, it's a great movie if you want to see a lot of gore and don't mind all the cosmetic fallacies and plot holes. If you're overly bothered by moderate things like that then this is not a movie for you. I would suggest this to gore fans or those who want a simple slasher to watch.
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on April 21, 2013
Curiosity made me watch it. That, and stupidity on my part because I knew full well what this movie would be like and yet watched it I have the entire series (only kept the first one that started it all). I wish I could say I was pleasantly surprised by this installment but it was pretty much business as usual. At this point, they're following a worn-out formula; they don't deviate from it one iota. On one hand, you have the three maniacs running around giggling. On the other hand, you have the usual accounting of fodder. (The body count was as high as the cast of non-hillbillies.) The deaths weren't particularly inspired. Apparently, at this stage of the game, this trio of nitwits can kill with impunity, with no one the wiser. This means running roughshod over an entire town that left for a nearby music festival. I don't know how this can be accomplished in any known universe. Bodies were left strewn about hither and yon (maybe their meat locker was full?). The only dubious honor involved in this effort was the casting of Pinhead (Doug Bradley), as Maynard Odets. Unfortunately, without his iconic makeup he's just another bald geezer.

At this juncture, I don't see how they can breathe life back into this franchise, especially if they keep basing everything on the same story with the same results.

It was too dull to muster any hatred for, but for ratings sake I'll try.
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on December 12, 2013
The bloodier the better, they really loved the suspense & thrilling ride of gruesomeness! They want more, more, more, it was awesome!
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on January 19, 2013
This was a major let down. Poor acting and story line. I know how much of a story line does a slasher movie have to have.
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on March 22, 2013
If I could give this movie no stars I would, you know how most people have to go in detail about the movie just to tell you how horrible it was, not me. I give you the facts and the real. This movie was horrible. I liked Wrong Turn 1, very good movie, Wrong Turn 2 wasn't as good, but it was watchable, 3 sucked, 4 was decent, which brings me back to this one, absolutely horrible, bad acting alone did it for me, none of the actors were convincing, usually when I get movies this bad, I take them to work and leave them on the lunch room table cause I know somebody will take it, sometimes when I come back it's gone, but then it's times where I still see it sitting there. That's when I know they've seen it too, and they're waiting for some other poor sucker to take it home. This is that movie
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