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on September 28, 2011
The game is just as linear as FFXIII, sending you from battlefield to battlefield with no breaks or chance to explore and rest, with no open-world exploration at any point to make it feel justified. The game is running from one area to the next, looking for collectible X-Genes and Dossiers, defeating weak enemies, while all the real story happens between the X-Men and the Brotherhood through cutscenes.

By the end of the game's story, maybe 3 or 4 days have passed. Your character receives their powers for the very first time at the beginning of the game. Why does no one think it's strange that a 16 year old Asian girl who just got her X-powers is beating up Magneto and Juggernaut and Wolverine, joining the X-Men, and saving the world? Really? Clearly none of the X-Men think this is strange, because no one says a thing about it. Clearly IQ's dropped after Xavier died.

I played as a good guy, and joined the X-Men at the end. But my character did miss a whole branch of her powers, presumably that I think would unlock from playing as a villain, or making other choices. In that sense, the game has replayability. However, Silicon Knights touted this game as being "all about choice", and ultimately your only choices are which characters, the Brotherhood or the X-Men, to support on yet another endless beat-em-up challenge. All together each of the three characters has 3 powers to pick from, making 9 unique stories, and each character can join the Xmen or the Brotherhood, for a total of 18 possible unique playthroughs.

However, the developers left out a really important thing for replaying a game. There are no options at all to fast forward and/or skip cutscenes or dialogue. You have to listen to everyone speak each line. If you pick a dialogue choice you already clicked on, oh well. You have to listen to the whole thing again. Bad move, Silicon Knights.

I've played this game through completely once. Yes, that's right. The game released yesterday. My single playthrough lasted 7 hours exactly, and by the end, I had collected 36 of the game's 50 achievements, as well as collected the majority of the games X-Genes. Yet another strike against replayability.

In the end, what this game was expected to be was another X-Men Legends. What we got was the old X-Men arcade game, with a bigger story, and some RPG elements to make it fresh. The problem is that if they had actually marketed it as a refreshing take on the arcade game, that could have been successful. Instead they chose to say nothing.

Overall, I'd give my single playthrough a 6.5/10. I found it my single play entertaining, the art and voice acting is pretty good, I enjoyed the new powers they made up, and even collecting X-Genes to augment my powers was a fun quest, even though the genes offer a rather paltry boost to your own powers. However, bland combat mechanics, the lack of dialogue fast forward button, and a short, ridiculous plot and set of uninteresting new characters make me wonder if we'll ever see a Legendary X-men game again.
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on September 30, 2011
I pre-ordered this game many months ago. Because of how great the Ultimate Alliance games were, and considering how much I enjoy the subject matter, I figured that this would be one of those labors of loves that some developers do when they don't have to tie it around a movie. Well, it turns out I was wrong. This was one of those "We need to make a game that uses the X-Men" games. The combat is so boring and repetitive (and considering that is ALL you do) that you really don't want to take the time necessary to find out about all the other things that you can do (and you don't really want to do those things since you are going to be leaning on a specific power or set of powers anyway). You can play for the story, and there are some interesting features/character voices - but please don't pay full price if you want to do that. This game would be pretty good if it was 15$, but at its current price point - I kind of feel ripped off (which is pretty rare for a game, I mean, I play EVERY Dynasty Warriors and probably will till the end of time). I'd rent this one, or stay away from it until you can get it on the cheap.
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Rented this out because I am an X-Men Fan.
Thank God I rented.

The cut scenes are not really good but just for that they make them extra long.
The models are very very last gen.
The decisions you make have less meaning because both sides still talk to you and move you forward.
Very straight path that you must travel. Unoriginal level design.
And the worst insult I can give a game:
It's really boring.
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on October 12, 2011
I got the game from redbox since i heard it was easy and short. I played the game on the hardest setting and it only took about 7-8 hours. Stupid easy game but the only parts i found to be hard were the boss fights and random hero fights against certain mutants.

You get to choose between 3 different characters to play the campain. Big football player that moves slow, thin guy that is a bit quicker and small female. They each have their own history and reasons for their powers.

Throught the game, You will have a choice to choose a specific type of gene which will affect your abilities. Not to mention throughout the campiagn you will fine genes to change you apperence, defensice and offensive. These genes will reference a mutant character in the x-men universe: Toad, cyclopse, wolverine, pyro, juggernaut, avalanch, psylock, forge and such. You can customize your chafater with different genes to make your charcter unique but if you impliment all genese from one character, you will be able to use that one special ability.

You will be visited by several mutant in the x-men universe and you have the ablity to talk to them. Several cases they will give you quest to defeat a certain amount of enemies at a certain time and doing so will give you a gene or sometimes an achievement. If you help out the Brotherhood, you will earn fame and more quest will be available for them. I happned to have missed 2 from the brotherhood which was to help pyro destroy some buildings and another with quicksilver and pyro. The game will require 2 playthroughs for all the achievements. You cant load up a level or previous mission so you will have to play the campaign again. Luckily it will only be until you make you decision of which faction you wish to join.

Fun game that could be a hack and slash and with the enemies you kill, you will level increas your special ability power, health and gain exp. With the EXP, you can level up your characters genes or special abilites for defensive and offensive if available.

Easy rental and avoid purchasing this game. I hope this helps
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on October 24, 2011
X-Men: Destiny is a good game. However, I feel the concept had greater potential than the game provided. Whether playing for the X-Men or the Brotherhood, the game is vastly similar. I would have liked more impact for the choices you make. I think with greater impact and variety of the story (based upon your decisions), this game could have been great. Despite this, the game is very re-playable. Each of the three characters has a different story, which provides different conversational reactions throughout the game. The three powers each have their strengths and weaknesses. Within them each have 3 sub powers in which you can choose power a or power b. Starting a new game with the same character after beating the game allows you to continue to upgrade powers (or change sub powers) and change 'teams' (X-Men or Brotherhood). I have played the game multiple times without getting bored and will play it many more times in the future.
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on November 6, 2011
Ok, I have to start by saying I'm a huge X-men fan. I read the comic books and even woke up early on saturday to watch the cartoon in the 90's. If you combine that with the my taste for action and action/rpg video games, I was stoked for x-men destiny.
Now like most games, I wait for the reviews (IGN, or on x-play) before I throw 60 bucks at a new game. And yeah, they weren't good. None the less, I was still determined to at least try it out. About a month after its release date, it was available to rent at redbox and I figured $2 was worth it......and I guess it was.....sort of.
So in a nutshell, you get to choose to play as 1 of 3 brand new mutants. A lot of critics complained that you didn't get to play as an established x-person but I honestly thought it would be a lot of fun. In the beginning of the game you get to pick and view a short back story of the character and then you get to choose their power. I hate to give it away, but no matter what character or power you choose, the story is exactly the same with the exception of a changes in the dialogue. The game also boasts that throughout the game you get to make choices which ultimately mold the story and events. Yeah ,not really. To be fair, I only played the game for a good 4 hours and never actually finished it. I selected 2 different characters and powers. Whatever decision I made with one character, I did the opposite with the other. Although you may be taking a different route, you end up at the same destination.
The graphics are fair, but it pales with a lot of other games that have preceded it. Although you play in the city of San Francisco, your basically going from point A to point B. There's no exploration or interaction.
The actual game play gets dull real fast. You fight hoards of enemies that are extremely easy to defeat. Your range of attacks are small.....basically a handful of combos that are all basically the same. And all you do is beat the crap out of opponents. No side quests, no puzzles, just waves and waves of enemies (who all look and act the same).
All and all, if you're determined to play this game, don't buy it. Rent it or borrow it from one of your unfortunate friends who got robbed out of their hard earned cash.
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on October 9, 2011
First, to be clear, this is NOT an X-men game; rather, it's a game with X-men in it. This may seem like splitting hairs, but for players like me who come to this game more as fans of the comics and characters than as gamers looking for yet another smash-em-up it is a very important distinction. That's not to say that the Marvel characters aren't front and center in the game. It felt like there was a cutscene about every 15 seconds, so you see quite a bit of the mutant heroes (and villains), and they show up from time to time to lend a hand while you fight off yet another wave of basically undistinguishable grind-fodder. But the actual gameplay is with one of three brand new characters that were created specifically for the game.

Who can say? If this game hadn't come out after the X-men Legends and Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, it might have been more pallatable. But that's just not the case. So much of the fun of those games was the anticipation of what characters were going to make appearances, and which would be playable. There were always the old standbys (Wolverine - yawn- was a given, as were Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Colossus, etc.) but there were always enough surprises to keep it interesting, especially for people like me who have a soft spot in their hearts for the oft-neglected female heroes (and villains): Magma, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Woman, and Songbird were just a few of the welcome *playable* surprises in those earlier games. It was exciting to wait for the revelation of each new character and to actually get in and play them, taking their unique powers out for a test drive.

With this game, you have 3 characters to choose from and 3 power sets to choose from. But since no power set is tied to any specific character (you could play through three times with each power on the same character) it gives these new characters a sort of cardboard disposability; you never really grow to care about them. Each time the X-men or Brotherhood characters show up, it's just a reminder that you *could* have been playing them if all were fair and right with the world, especially considering the wealth of new and previously unavailable characters: Pixie, Surge, Quicksilver, Caliban...imagine what kind of team that could have been!

The game wasn't terrible, but it just failed to live up to anything close to the games that had come before. We can only hope that Activision will learn from this outing...and get right to work on X-men Legends 3 or Marvel Ultimate Aliance 3. Let's get those mutants back where they belong: into the hands of players and on co-op teams.
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I had read a bunch of reviews when this game came out. I was initially so excited by an X-Men RPG. Then the reviews rolled in, and the game was widely panned. If I had paid the full sixty-dollar asking price at release, I would probably have to join the chorus of annoyed gamers. However, I just picked up X-Men Destiny for about twenty bucks, and I'm having a good time with the game.

Most negative reviewers are focused on a few (very true) complaints:
1) The RPG elements are pretty light. You pick one of three mostly interchangable new mutants. And you pick one three power sets that also do not really affect game play. Throught the game you will find X-genes that you can slot into Offense, Defence, or Utility sockets. These genes provide additional twists to your powers and can be leveled by expending XP. As you level up addition ways to use your powers also unlock. But at the end of the day the overall strategy or method of play does not alter no matter your choices.

2) Gameplay is repetitive. Yes, it can be. You will be frantically mashing "X" most of the time with a few block for good measure. Waves of variously armed anti-mutant bigots fill each level.

3) Scripted/Linear experience. As you interact with X-Men/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, your conversation choices are very limited (and most of them don't make any difference in the game at all). Worse still, if you push a conversation option on accident, there is no way to fast forward the speech.

These are absolutely valid complaints. And if I had bought this game at full price on day one, I would've been furious. However, for a bargain game, I'm having tons of fun. Each level, while fairly linear, often has hidden X-Genes or uniforms that are fun to collect and experiment with. And many levels have hidden arena challenges that involve bashing waves of enemies. It is fun to see Iceman and Nightcrawler and a host of other Marvel mutants fight alongside you. I may replay it in order to join the brotherhood of evil mutants, but with no co-op or online play (and not a particularly deep single-player experience), I can't see this ever being a cherished game.

It's fun. Give it a whirl. Then trade it in.

PS. Marvel if you're out there listening: I would LOVE an X-Men RPG on the xbox. You really have a couple ways you can go. Either go uber-RPG and let Bethesda handle it a la Skyrim. Or make an awesome multi-play experience and let 2K handle it a la Borderlands. (Wild card 3rd option would be to let THQ handle it a la Saints Row).
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on November 19, 2011
I had rented this video from a local movie rental to give it a whirl, thinking that it would surely be fun. I had no idea at the time, that the only reason I hadn't of wasted my money (and valuable time) was simply to try it out. It is becoming clear to me, that the only thing Marvel is suited for in the video gaming industry are fighting games from Capcom.

Please allow me to explain...

To start, I know some of us wanted this game for the sole purpose of roleplaying as their very own mutant. None of us would have any idea (I'm sure), that the game would be completely opposite of what any of us actually wanted. You pick from three characters, each an unknown with their own "different" story, two male characters and a female character. The characters aren't that interesting, and the idea of choice in this game is simply obsurd. There may be "choices" in this game that detirmine the overall ending in this game, but they aren't really bringing the meaning of the word "choice" to the table. The idea may have been interesting, but it proves one simple thing... Silicon Knights suffers from some of the same problems, that Obsidian suffers from, bad execution in game design.

You CAN choose your power set, as the story continues on. I've got to admit, that it is the most attractive aspect of this game. What affects that powerset comes in the form of x-genes and x-suits. Defensive, Offensive, and Utility are the X-Genes and serve in a variety of ways, from augmenting how much health you hasve, to giving you new abilities (such as super speed, for example). X-Suits also enhance your abilities in one way or another, and you find X-Genes throughout the game, some you acquire by completing challenges, and others by picking up. The X-Suits augment your character's appearance, which makes them worth picking up through similar method to the X-Genes. But frankly, the mechanics are still terrible and I wish they had put more thought into this game.

For those who truly wanted a viable game, think again. There are other problems with X-Men : Destiny then poor execution of a potentially thought out idea. The interface is terrible, and regardless of the choices, the story is boring. You CAN ultimately decide which faction you end up with at the end of the game by making choices in the story, but still... I can't say it was an exceptional idea. One of the worst parts of the game, is it's length. The game is notoriously short, so don't expect hours upon hours of play time. Honestly speaking, I wish Vicarious Visions had developed this game, because I know that they could easily have done a far better job in developing this game. Long story short folks, if you are curious about this game, then rent it, do not buy it. What replayability that the game has, isn't worth the price of a new game. Wait til the game goes down to five cents, it will be worth the price then.

As for the sound and graphics, they are the only thing that is suitable about this game. But then again, nobody should ever buy a game, because it sounds and looks good.nd and graphics, they are the only thing that is suitable about this game. But then again, nobody should ever buy a game, because it sounds and looks good.
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on October 22, 2011
THe only reason I give this game 2 stars instead of 1 is because it can be kind of fun. However, I just beat a 60 dollar game in less. than. a. day! Linear quests, short and decidedly non-epic story, repetitive bosses and enemies (don't design new ones, just throw larger numbers of them at you. Yeah, that's fun). Definitely not an open world. Other SPB games (Prototype, Infamous) could at least manage that much. Why can't Marvel get it together? Furthermore, the whole concept of choices changing game content and endings? Other games have done that fairly well for years, starting with KOTR. In this game, advertising that aspect doesn't even qualify as misleading. It is a ridiculous lie.
Marvel has not produced a decent console game since the first Ultimate Alliance (don't get me started on part 2). I'm starting to feel like a sap for continuously giving second chances. There is a remote possibility that I will but another game setr n the Marvel Universe. However, I am beginning to seriously associate the company with an inability to grasp and utilize modern technology. A better game could have been produced in 2002.
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