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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 21, 2011
While the whole X Men franchise is a very entertaining collection of movies, I must say that until they took on the task of focusing on Wolverine's character I really wasn't in the true fan category.

I am a huge Hugh Jackman fan and I have always liked the Wolverine character back in the cartoon series at least - never had the comic books so this was a double 'gotta have a look' movie for me and I was delighted with what I found.

Not only was the story line well written and thought out, every character had their role and they played it well. I really liked Liev Schreiber's character as Logan/Wolverine's brother and the new nemesis created a al Frankenstein by the mad Colonel.

The scenery was breathtaking, especially that gorgeous old farm where Logan/Wolverine runs to, fully naked, after the transformation surgery. Utterly spectacular vistas!

The action was great without being over the top with a CGI glut. The main thrust of tihs whole movie was the death of Logan and the birth of Wolverine and how it all came into being.

It was a great action movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it as pure entertainment. An awesome movie for a rainy afternoon or a movie marathon weekend with family and friends!
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36 of 50 people found the following review helpful
With the X-Men films becoming too expensive to feature all its stars, it has become more logical to focus on the storyline of each of the main characters. And what best than to feature one of the more popular characters in the Marvel and X-Men universe, Wolverine.

Taking the helm as director is actor, Gavin Hood ("Thug", "The Storekeeper" and "Stas and Nel Adventures"), with a screenplay by David Bennioff ("The Kite Runner", "Troy") and Skip Woods ("Hitman" and "Swordfish"). Joining the men is composer Harry Gregson-Williams ("Deja Vu", "Shrek the Third" and "Gone Baby Gone") and cinematographer Donald McAlpine ("The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "Peter Pan", "Anger Management" and "Moulin Rouge!").

"X-Men Origins: Wolverine", the Blu-ray Ultimate 2-Disc Edition comes with two discs. The main disc is the Blu-ray, while the second disc is a digital copy.


"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is presented in 1080p High Definition with an AVC @ 22MBPS. The picture quality is quite solid with the skin pores of both Hugh Jackman and Liev Schrieber coming quite nicely on the HD transfer. The grittiness, the sweat, the grime, the vibrancy is also well-captured in the film. Blacks are nice and deep and with the film being shot outdoors, the areas that Logan visit are quite detailed. I didn't see any compression artifacts or major scratches or dust on the video transfer.

The audio is presented in English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio (also English, Spanish and Portuguese 5.1 Dolby Digital and French 5.1 DTS). The lossless audio track is absolutely awesome. From Zero's gunfire, Logan's adamantium claws making the "snickt" sound, Wade's swords as it deflects the bullets and Victor's attacks and his growls, it's all captured and sounds incredible. Also, there are plenty of action-scenes that really showcase the surround channels and a good amount of LFE is utilized. From the explosions to the gunfire, home theater owners should be happy with the Blu-ray lossless soundtrack as some scenes sound quite immersive.

As expected, Twentieth Century Fox has done a great job with the video and audio transfer for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Subtitles are presented in English SDH, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Portuguese.


"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" comes with the following special features:

* Commentary by Gavin Hood - Audio Commentary by the director Gavin Hood. For the most part, Hood does a great job in providing the details to the film. A very informative audio commentary.
* Commentary by Producers Laura Schuler Donner and Ralph Winter - There are some interesting details about certain scenes and what went on to create those scenes via the producers perspective. The only problem is that Donner and Winter have too many silent moments in where they are not talking. So, it can be a bit distracting.
* The Roots of Wolverine: A Conversation with Stan Lee and Len Wien - (16:16) Both Stan Lee and Len Wien discuss the X-Men, Wolverine as a character, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and the history of the character. An informative featurette in regards to the comic books. For some reason, I felt that Stan Lee was not his jovial self.
* Wolverine Unleashed: The Complete Origins - (12:02) Interviews with the director, producers, Hugh Jackman in regards to shooting the film, origins of Wolverine, training, making his claws and the set.
* Weapon X Files - This segment features each talent in character talking about themselves and then we hear from the director/producer about what they wanted to accomplish with their character and special effects that went into the making of that character. Probably my favorite was the featurette on Kevin Durand's Blob and what went into making the fat suit.

- Victor Creed/Sabretooth (7:25)

- William Stryker (4:25)

- John Wraith (4:15)

- Kayla Silverfox (3:26)

- Fred Dukes/Blob (7:18)

- Bradley (3:18)

- Remy Lebeau/Gambit (9:08)

- Agent Zero (3:45)

- Wade Wilson/Deadpool (7:10)

- Emma (Kayla's Sister) (3:25)

* The Thrill of the Chase: The Helicopter Sequence - (5:53) The making of the helicopter sequence.
* Ultimate X-Mode - While watching the film, viewers can watch the director, producers and cast talking about the film via picture-in-picture.
* Deleted & Alternate Scenes - (9:30) With optional commentary by director Gavin Hood, Hood introduces four deleted and alternate scenes which include: Young Storm, Victor at the boxing ring, Alternate Memory Erase Sequence and a Japanese Bar Scene.
* Fox Movie Channel Presents: World Premiere - (6:20) The "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" debut in Tempe, Arizona (The contest winners of where the red carpet premiere took place).
* X-Men on Blu-ray: Trailers for X-Men Trilogy and "Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian".
* BD-Live Lookup - With a BD-Live enabled Blu-ray player, viewers can access up-to-date information on actor filmographies, information related to "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" on imdb (The Internet Movie Database).


I literally grew up with the "X-Men" and "Wolverine" comic books when I was younger. During the 80's, you had your American superheroes but Wolverine represented a character that was just exciting, deadly and literally kickass.

Since the release of the three X-Men films, I have no doubt in my mind that Hugh Jackman was the best casting decision made for the character. He embodies the character completely and the amount of discipline he puts in working out and being Logan is just incredible and it shows in "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".

For the most part, the film is full of action and full of characters. The excitement is there, the killer instinct of both Logan and Victor are there and of course, we have pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson in the film as well, along with many other characters that makes this film fun and exciting. And to feature a storyline that revolves around Logan's origin is not easy. After all, having followed the comic books for so long, I think even writers had their challenge of how the Weapon X program would be and even today, just seeing how things have evolved with the program is just staggering. So, before watching the film, I did have my reservations of how muddled the plot could be.

Fortunately, the filmmakers took a different approach and created their own storyline with some aspects of the comic book still part of the storyline. Keeping things simple and for the most part, for those who are not familiar with the comic books, at least exciting enough to understand where Logan came from and why he and Victor have had this dysfunctional relationship.

For the most part, Jackman is just great as Logan/Wolverine and Liev Schreiber can always play the definitive bad ass. Danny Huston as Stryker was quite effective and Lynn Collins as Kayla Silverfox did a great job as well. As for Taylor Kitsch ("Friday Night Lights") as Remy Lebeau/Gambit, that was quite interesting but for the most part, I felt that Kitsch did a good job albeit the thick French accent that Gambit exhibits in the comic books and people are so used to hearing from the X-Men animated series. The others have small roles such as "LOST" and "Lord of the Rings" actor Dominic Monaghan as Bradley and Black Eyed Peas member also ventures to the acting world, appearing onscreen (instead of voice as he did in "Madagascar 2'). But one of the exciting parts of this film was seeing the Blob (Kevin Durand) and of course, Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds). It was great to see on the Blu-ray of how they came up with the Blob's outfit and of course, having Wade Wilson in the film. It's important to note that if you are a fan of Wade Wilson, make sure you watch through the ending credits.

With all my gushing about how much I enjoy this film, one must wonder if I have any negatives. Well, what I didn't like about the film was the overuse of CG, in which some scenes looked a bit too unrealistic. Also, the tweaking of the Wade Wilson character was a bit too much for my taste. I can understand some hardcore fans who may have a problem with the comic book continuity and how the film has quite a few differences but personally, many super hero films has its differences from its comic book counterpart that its not surprising anymore. As long as the soul of the characters are intact and the storyline is well-presented, it's good enough for me.

As for the Blu-ray release, the film definitely gets a wonderful HD transfer as picture and audio quality is solid. A good number of special features are included, as well as a slipcase and a digital copy of the film.

With that being said, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is a good superhero film with a lot of action. Was it as deep and entertaining like "The Dark Knight Returns", my answer is no. But I definitely enjoyed it more than the third X-Men film and even the "Hulk" related films. I felt that the storyline focused on Logan/Wolverine, his rivalry with Victor Creed quite well. If anything, it's the CG that tends to be overdone at times that bothered me a bit but for the most part, I did enjoy watching the film.

But after watching the awesome Blu-ray version and seeing the film in High Definition and watching the special features, that actually enhanced my perspective towards the film. A lot went into the making of this film and to see that Hugh Jackman did most of his own stunts, that is incredible.

Overall, if you are a fan of Wolverine and the previous X-Men films, definitely give "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" a try. Definitely worth recommending!
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14 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on November 14, 2011
I've been wanting to see a Wolverine movie that lives up to how the man is the comics. Too many times in the movies, characters are watered down to make them more appealing to those who aren't into comics so much and, because of this, comic book fans(like me) feel like we've been cheated. Thankfully, X-Men Origins: Wolverine etches that much closer to what Wolverine is in the comics and that makes this movie worthwhile in my books.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the tales of how Wolverine came to be, with the story beginning in 1845. Young James Howlett sees his father killed by their groundskeeper Thomas Logan. This trauma brings about James mutation with bones protruding from his hands. He then proceeds to kill Thomas Logan. Before he does, however, Logan tells James that he is his father. He flees with Thomas' son, Victor Creed, who is his half-brother. That's where the movie begins. The conclusion is pretty epic, I assure you, but to find out- you'll have to watch the movie.

In my opinion,this has to be Hugh Jackman's best performance as Wolverine. In what little time he's been Wolverine, he's taken the character and encompassed what he truly is. I know many were disappointed with this movie, in general, but I felt that it was a good(if not great) movie in the X-Men series(definitely better than X-Men First Class, even though this one came out long beforehand).

I've read a sequel is in the works to this movie, simply called:The Wolverine. I've also read that the sequel might sport an R-rating. I'd really love to see that happen so that Wolverine fans can really see their beloved character 'cut loose'. I've only seen one other movie to ever really show a Marvel character for what it was and that was Punisher: War Journal(one I also recommend). Here's hoping we see it happen.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on September 28, 2009
We got this movie even with all the mixed reviews because word of mouth among our real life friends said it was a good movie. While it has its faults, there is a lot to love about the movie.

The good. The main characters all do an excellent job. Especially Jackman since he real life voice and demeanor do not even come close to Logan. Sabertooth also does a great job in his acting for the script he was given. You get a real sense that even though he is at odds with his brother, he cares about him more than anything else.... after all according to the movie plot, they have been together for about 150 years.

They do a good job explaining how he got the metal in him and the claws as well as his memory loss even though I personally did not like that part of it.

The graphics and effects were great too. On blu ray especially it looked so good.

The bad. The movie moved along way to fast. You get a small glimpse of the brothers going through wars and stuff up till the present day but largely ignore that back story. Then they join a special group of others like them and again we get fast forward through their time together and a very brief introduction to the other specials. He leaves during what appears to be his first mission and somehow everyone is upset and that breaks up the group even though he was new and never did anything for them at least as the movie shows. He goes and tries to start a normal life and of course that can not happen. Again this was all so rushed, it should have been its own movie and spent the time to develop these characters better and their relationships.

Also far too many characters die and for no reason it seems. Now in the first Xmen I had an issue with the fact that they were so light on killing and they needed some low level mutants as fodder but this movie just wastes good established (from the comic books) characters.

Of course as many others pointed out this movie strays far from the comics but so do the Xmen movies. I can not really fault that here as they try to stay more in line with the other films than with the comics. Personally I can accept this as an alternate version of the Xmen world and am ok with that.

Overall we still enjoyed the movie but were disappointed at how far short they fell with what they could have done. I imagine that in 10 years or so somebody will pick up Xmen again and perhaps do the series right. Good movie but not great.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2010
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on January 5, 2010
As mentioned elsewhere I love X-men, so its probably no surprise that Wolverine is my favourite.

I had very high hopes for this film so I purposefully steeled myself against being disappointed.

Still by the time I re-watched it on DVD I realised I didn't like this movie so much. It is alot better than X-3 and generally a decent action movie, but there were some decisions that reduced the movie to just good rather than mind-blowingly awesome.

The movie just got too big, to stratospheric. I all happens when Gambit appears (well mostly, Wolverine does jump a helicopter earlier on)

gambit starts out cool, he blows wolvy through a wall with his card thing. Then all of a sudden WTF, HES CLIMBING THE WALLS WITH SPARKLY STICKS? And does some for of Dragon ball Z slam blowing up half the area.

Then he disapears for a while only to return to do some more leaping blowing up tricks. In amongst Deadpool bringing down a massive chimney its all getting to be too much. Wolverine is a close-up guts and glory character.

In this movie when hes being skimming across the water, or blending a fire-escpae (possibly the worst scene in the film) it feels like we're watching the stupid man's version of wolverine.

Here's hoping the sequal delivers, otherwise I'll just have to watch x-2 again
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon October 7, 2009
Ok, maybe I am a kid at heart, or maybe this movie wasn't as bad as I expected, but I really enjoyed "Wolverine". I thought that the story was easy to follow, well written, and full of surprises. For example, I had no idea (because I didn't read the comics and only saw some of the cartoons and the X-Men movies) that Wolverine was Sabertooth's brother (and I am not even sure that this was in the original storyline of Wolverine). I loved that twist and others in the story. And while I wouldn't say that the movie was exactly fast moving and action packed (don't get me wrong, there are some great fight scenes) ...I thought Origins did a wonderful job setting the stage for later X-Men stories. And I now understand why Wolverine has very few memories of his life pre-metal claws. We also got to see several of the characters from later stories (Gambit, Professor X, etc.) and understand how some mutants became X-Men!

Hugh Jackman was great as Wolverine, and I liked Sabertooth's character as well. Understanding the Wolverine/Sabertooth dynamic is key I think, to later stories or even potential storylines.

Now a brief synopsis of the movie.....As a young boy Wolverine discovers that everything in his life is not as it seems, and finding out that he has a brother is the least of his worries. For spending years fighting beside his brother has not prepared him for a future of tracking down mutants for his boss, a military man trying to cure his son (who has mutant powers), and eliminating them because they are threats. When Wolverine decides that killing and fighting isn't necessarily fun anymore, and maybe the person they are working for isn't what he appears, he leaves the organization and settles down as a lumberjack. The rest is a story that only you can appreciate if you watch it. Understanding the motives for people's actions is not always as clear cut as you would think, in this movie. There are tales of jealousy, greed, and power woven throughout. Anyway,
X-Men Origins, had tons of great characters (interesting mutants with interesting powers) and a sweet love story to boot. I don't see why people are being so hard on this movie because it really wasn't that bad, or maybe it is because I was expecting a lot worse.
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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon September 17, 2009
"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" got bashed pretty hard by critics when it opened, and I won't deny that it's not in a league with "X-Men 2" or "The Dark Knight" (what other comic book-based films are?), but viewing it on DVD, I found that I really wasn't disappointed in it, with much of the credit going to Hugh Jackman. He has such charisma and intensity that when he's onscreen, I find that plotholes don't bother me nearly as much...and this is certainly his best performance as Wolverine, yet.

If anything, the film is guilty of trying to accomplish too much; trying to answer all of the questions raised in the first three films nearly guarantees that some depth will have to be sacrificed (and the filmmakers were well aware that this could well be the last film of the franchise, and wanted to tie up loose ends). But what emerges isn't just a resolution, but a new chapter, as well, with new characters (Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Taylor Kitsch as Gambit are standouts), a love interest you actually cared about (Lynn Collins), and a terrific love/hate relationship between Logan and his brother, Victor/Sabertooth (Liev Schreiber). I won't deny, though, it was fun seeing Patrick Stewart, again, briefly reprising his role as Professor Xavier (and looking more youthful, thanks to CGI).

From a boyhood discovering his 'gifts' in the Canadian Rockies of the 1840s, to an explosive 1970s climax at Three-Mile Island (ah, the real reason for the near melt-down!), the Wolverine saga certainly deserves more than a one-film 'wrap', but it is fun!

Two Special Features are worth your attention, as well; a conversation between 'Wolverine' creater Len Wein and 'X-Men' creator Stan Lee is light-hearted and entertaining, with both giving sincere credit to Jack Kirby and Chris Clarement's involvement; and the 'Making Of' featurette is an often funny look of Jackman's total commitment to an exercise/diet regimen to be as 'bulked' as possible as Wolverine. He ends the piece with the hope that fans like the latest entry enough that he can play the role again, as he loves the character.

I really hope he gets his wish!
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26 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2013
This is a terrible movie. Wolverine busts out of a tank of water where he basically died a few minutes ago, then in the next scene his hair is perfectly coiffed and blow-dryed. That's the kind of storytelling and movimaking care in evidence through most of the film. Characters pop up then disappear, no one has any emotional depth outside of Wolverine and Sabretooth and even this is given short shrift in favor of annoying cameos by Deadpool and Gambit. Then nothing solid is done with either so they are there... why?

Stunts are "Oh, this' ll be cool" rather than flowing from the story, the kid playing young Wolverine is not fantastic. And the one part of the film where something new with emotional depth occurs (Wolverine's retreat into the Canadian wilderness with a beautiful, seemingly caring woman, from what little we see of her) is rushed over in order to get to some more cliché "superhero movie" writing (i.e. think the derivative Daredevil, not Dark Knight), etc.

I give this 2 stars because Hugh Jackman is awesome, as always, as is Liev Schrieber as Sabretooth. So much potential here for a great film, almost all completely wasted. What a shame. Fortunately, this movie is so bad the studio was forced to make The Wolverine very true to the source material and handed us a great film. Buy that one! Buy this if you can get it for $3 as I did.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on May 9, 2014
If you enjoy the other X-men movies, you will enjoy this one. It explains a lot about how Wolverine came to be the way he is and even brings some family to light. There are some wonderful graphics and special effects as well as some personal emotion with a couple of characters. Definitely violent in most parts, buy a well done movie. I recommend it to round out a collection of the X-men movies. *S*
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