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on August 5, 2005
And whoever said I suck, they suck. They are blind and deaf. And in my opinion, Coldplay doesn't rock. They need manners.

So shut up, whoever that was.
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on July 29, 2005
I do NOT understand why people enjoy this band so much... maybe it's not my kind of music? Anyways, I really hate this band because they are way overrated, and their songs are pretty much all the same; I can not stand it. Do not buy this CD, you're better off saving your money.
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on June 13, 2005
Its "Ehh."

Production-wise, most of the songs sound the same with epic and predictable song structures with giant guitars clashing against them all, with the exception of the simple hidden track. That track is as fun as a pile of Borax.

A majority of the songs on 'X&Y' are good, but nothing more. 'Square One' 'White Shadows' and 'Talk' are nice, but still won't stick after a dozen listens. Some, such as 'What If' and 'A Message' start off wonderfully, mainly due to the fact that 500 lbs of guitar and synth organ aren't coming at full speed. However, these songs are quickly ruined by the resurrection of the album's production values, and they lose everything they had going for them.

The best (and only) song that begins close to clinching some musical booty is 'Speed of Sound'. Then you realize its just 'Clocks' reflected in a mirror and turned upside down, and you realize you should listen to the first-born instead.

However, its the lyrics that truly kill any desire to hear this album anytime soon. While Coldplay has never been known for its lyrical swooning, they've gotten their point across with many unique and personal poems. With 'X&Y', they've taken a giant step backwards into the cliched and silly. Its not just some of the tunes, its all of them. 'Swallowed by the Sea', 'A Message', and 'Fix You' know how to take us back to having a high school poetry notebook, 'Swallowed...' especially.

Also, the last five tracks are a mish mash of sound that go on for too long. 'Twisted Logic' doesn't really do anything, and its hard to conjure up anything worth remembering about 'Low' and 'The Hardest Part'.

'X&Y' will not improve your musical life, and you won't be missing out by skipping it.
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on June 10, 2005
Coldplay was once the most promising pop/rock band in a very long time. But the group seems to be degenerating into a "Fat Elvis" phase -- using excess to compensate for what is no longer there -- evocative, mesmerizing melodies created with spare, but ear-tugging instrumentation.

Before you buy X&Y, put on the first album again and take a good listen. You won't hear songs like Shiver and High Speed on this new release. With the exception of one track on X&Y, you'll find your ears assaulted by "cinematic" extravagance. Which many listeners will obviously love ... but it's a far cry from what Coldplay originally had to offer.

Yes, Parachutes is a masterpiece. Coldplay deserves all the success in the world for that one CD. But they do deserve all the subsequenct critical derision for the music that's come since.

It's quite amazing to go back and listen to Parachutes again ... with only the two exceptions of Everything's Not Lost and Trouble, all the tracks are led and developed by guitar. And what guitar it is as well. Wonderfully structured riffs and chords that allow for quiet moments ... that allow for the listener to hear the music.

It seems as if all the trouble with Coldplay started with ... "Trouble." That piano intro later morphed into the Widescreen spectacle of the loud, cascading arpeggios of "Clocks" which then were retooled for a safe first single on X&Y ... "Speed of Sound." And with these hard-to-resist piano chords and argeggios (Hey, I liked Clocks too when it came out) come Chris Martin's more insipid and purile lyrics -- "caught in a spider web -- I'm cold -- I'm alone -- I'm lost" as so on and so forth.

Unfortunately, what was an okay, but sappy and melodramatic track on a brilliant album, has now turned into the band's signature sound. And while it's clearly netted the band a massive audience -- it also seems to signal the band's decision to do whatever it takes to follow up on success.

Coldplay started out with a wonderful musicality on Parachutes. The melodies were involved, well-crafted and compelling. With just one album under their belt, they couldn't be cited for repetitive lyrics.

Then "A Rush of Blood to the Head" came out and there was a significant attempt to build a "wall of sound" that overwhelmed the listener -- supposedly for an emotional effect, but what really felt like a need to overcompensate for the general lack of interesting melodies and an overabundance of hokey lyrics.

X&Y now brings the band close to the line of self-parody. The overarching violin swells, the incessant piano arpeggios, the breaking falsetto of Chris Martin ... are all starting to sound tired and redundant.

An obvious indicator or things gone stale and empty is the first single, "Speed of Sound" which is a transparent redux of "Clocks." Same piano chords in a slightly different progression and practically the same exact melody, now with lengthier and more bombastic bridges.

Most of the other tracks use a sort of pop Wagnerian hysteria that's supposed to translate into a sort of grandeur, but generally sounds like a smoke screen of harmonies to camoflage the fact that there's rarely a decent melody to be found underneath all the over-production.

While the lyrics in "Parachutes" were often surprising and evocative, the lyrics on X&Y are too often dull and obtuse.

If you're a diehard Coldplay fan, I'm sure you'll love X&Y. But if you got into Coldpaly because of Parachutes, then tolerated Rush of Blood for the few decent tracks amid the clutter ... you're likely to let down even more by this newest release.
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on August 28, 2005
Really love it and I love Coldplay. It ranks right up there with A Rush of Blood to the Head.
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on September 6, 2005
Im gonna leave this short and simple this band is the worst band ive ever heard in my life do urself a favor and dont give these guys any more money for their crappy music
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on September 8, 2005
How can being so mediocre garner such high praise? Maybe because Coldplay manages to tread a line that is inoffensive as possible to as many people as possible. A bit like most mass market consumer products.
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on June 13, 2005
Sorry...this band is a 'poor mans' U2. Why aren't more reviewers up in arms about the blatant "ripping off" of bands like U2? These same reviewers cut Oasis apart for sounding like the Beatles, but they give Coldplaya "free pass" on all the stuff anf riffs they steal. Makes no sense. Coldplay puts me to sleep. Sorry.
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on June 7, 2005
There was something about "Rush" that made their music like a fine wine. Each piano note was beautiful, each lyric was real, each musician had the perfect imput, and it went somewhere.

I see X&Y as a totally different story. Coldplay want to be the new "U2", that is obvious from the music.But it doesn't feel as natural as the first time. It is as if Chris Martin selected everything which had made Coldplay popular:
catchy tunes eg: Yellow, in my place
and melodic arrangements eg: clocks, trouble
beautiful ballads see- Scientist
deep lyrics - Politik, in my place,

and put them all in one basket. The result "X and Y".But while you are sure to get what you expect, what's missing is the genuine feeling that was there the first time.It seems that this music is more commercial rather than artistic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I am sure that in terms of their career, the band is taking the right direction, to become the new "u2".

However, there is one problem. The "fine wine" I was referring to before has turned into a massive market selling label.The appeal it first had when you didn't know of its full potential has become worldwide. You will still drink it no doubt, but you won't enjoy it the same way you did the frist time.
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on November 26, 2005
What an amazing cd. I really liked every song. Buy it!
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