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Platform: PC|Edition: Special|Change
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on October 9, 2012
The X-Com series dates back to the early 90's -- I still remember the hours I spent on X-COM: UFO Defense... In fact, the game is considered by many to be one of the greatest (if not the greatest) strategy games ever developed. With the randomly generated maps -- concept of fog of war and line of sight -- getting shot at from nowhere -- permanent death -- and that fantastically good music that so fit the mood of the game, it's no wonder many still play it, almost 20 years after it was released.

There's been many efforts to remake/redo the game, with how far computers have come since then, but no big game companies decided to take it on, until now, and I do believe I'm in good company when I say that Firaxis really have a winner on their hands...

First the box -- this is the special edition version, so you get the artwork book and a nice insignia thing. I appreciated the artwork book, especially when they showed some of the original designs and the updated ones -- it's really amazing to see how far things have come from the early 90s, in terms of the capabilities of computers. Poster was nice too - but that's all just fluff to me. If you're downloading it, be prepared to wait: there's 2 DVDs in the box, so that's around 13-14 GBs of data. Well worth it.

There's already tons of reviews and videos out there about the gameplay, so I'll stick with some lesser known ones, for some pros and cons:

- I really like the addition of new mission types -- the original only had terror, crashed UFOs, landed UFOs, and alien bases. The new ones adds VIP retrieval, bomb disarming, and I believe one other one (turns out its target extraction - there's a difference between it and VIP -- usually, in target extraction, whoever you save actually joins your team). This helps to shake things up, as the old one tended to get repetitive, especially once you researched heavy plasma. Shoot down UFO, send in soldiers, blast away those pathetic alien scum with some heavy plasma, clean up: wash, rinse, repeat. Now, things can still get tense -- even late in the game.
- The soundtrack really stands out to me. Music really has an ability to heighten moments and situations, if done correctly. The original did an amazing job of capturing the creepiness and emotion that danger really could be behind every corner -- and they did it again. Major props to whoever did the sound/music on this one.
- Multiplayer: this one your mileage may vary with. Me personally - it's nice to sometimes play as the aliens. It's also pretty interesting to see how others react in a given situation (some choose to barge, some choose to flank, some choose a decoy, some choose stealth) -- everyone reacts differently. It's also nice to know I'm not the only one who accidentally dashes instead of just moving to get a better shot.
- Medikit: thank you for allowing me to heal the soldier who carries the medkit. If anyone remembers the original, it was a PAIN to have to heal your guys. Had to be facing them -- couldn't heal yourself (had to drop it (throw it) - have someone else pick it up, then use it. Make sure you don't run out of time units. Ridiculous) It gets a whole lot simpler now. Thank you 2K.

- They took out base defense. This really annoyed me. In the original, depending on the difficulty and how well you were doing, the aliens would send ships to take out your base(s). It was a cool way to see your base from the battle mode, and it was an interesting way of keeping you on your toes. They took it out in this one, which disappoints me somewhat. Hopefully they might bring it back...
- Soldiers can't kneel (goin prone would've nice to add). This sucks. Cover is a big part of the game - don't use cover, and you're pretty much goin to die. In the original however, you could also kneel (while not in cover), which not only made it harder for you to hit, but increased your own soldier's accuracy. They got rid of that ability in this game, which really bugs me. Why can't I kneel while not in cover? Why can't I go prone -- that would've been nice to add... Maybe it's just me though.
- Stunning: this wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't critical to the game. But it is. In the original, eventually you would research Stun Bomb/Stun Launcher, which made stunning the required aliens a whole lot easier. They took that away. The ONLY weapon to stun with is a close ranged one. You can research to increase its range - but it only goes from like 2 to 4. Plus its a hefty cost. This makes stunning a heck of a lot harder. Plus a bunch of the aliens you have to stun have to be injured before they can even GET stunned. What the heck?? Basically -- it becomes impossible. Be prepared to lose a bunch of guys just because of stunning.

Those are really the two biggest gripes I have -- pretty amazing, considering the game they remade. Guaranteed game of the year right here -- this game will certainly be responsible for me not getting sleep, and that not just becau... you hear that??

Someone there???...

UPDATE (10/12/2012) -- finished the game, and it really is quite good. I can definitely see indicators of a sequel coming out... I edited my list above, most good, a few bad. But it really is quite an excellent game. And challenging - dang Impossible mode...
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on October 14, 2012
The good: They've brought back the xcom series. A fresh look at the turn based combat genre, and I enjoyed it very much. IT definitely brought back memories of the old xcom games I installed via floppy disk lol. If you're a fan, consider this a must-have. The nostalgia alone is worth it plus the game itself is pretty enjoyable.

The bad: Too short - the game was very, very short if you go straight through the research tree. If you stall, you can fight crashed ships endlessly, but that gets boring... leading me to my next point: Repetition. Seriously now, updating this series was a chance to lose the "play the same 4 maps no matter what country you're fighting in" thing. Don't get me wrong - i loved the old games, but bringing the series into a modern gamer's market - you HAVE to step it up a little. Also - no base defense, no kneeling, nearly every weapon "explodes into fragments" unless you stun the alien (which is ridiculously hard in the early part of the games, and salvaging weapons are completely unnecessary in the latter parts. The weapons tree is less useful than in the original games, and the list goes on and on with *small* things that could have, and should have been done better to expect this series to compete in the market (and all of these things would still let the game stay true to the spirit of the original ones)

My biggest gripe: only 1 base/ 1 squad response. Come on - no more establishing bases around the planet for multiple ops, faster response, and more/better ways to up the variability of the game? No more multiple squads running multiple planes, to get multiple targets/ crash sites?

There are also some bugs to be fixed, and i'm confident they will be (there was already 1 big update to address glitches) - small things like graphics errors, SHIV behavior after upgrades, and sound glitches.

With all that said - it's still a solid 4 star game... My complaints are those of a fan from the original days... and as a fan, i had high hopes for this game. For the most part i was not disappointed, and will likely replay it several times.
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on October 16, 2012
I've been going back and forth on this game. It's a hard game to review. Like most other reviewers on here, I played and loved the original X-com. I was pretty hesitant about the remake but eventually gave it a shot. If you're new to the genre or can let go of some of your nostalgia, you'll probably enjoy it. It's a good turn-based strategy which is rare these days.

The one word that kept coming to my mind though was "control" which I'll get to momentarily.

**- What's great -**

- It's a solid turn-based strategy game with a base/resource management layer that combines for a lot of fun.
- Fairly quick missions that make shorter burst of play feel worthwhile.
- Streamlined and easy to pick up if you're new the genre.
- You'll grow attached to your high ranked troops, relishing their victories and sitting in terror when they walk into an alien ambush.
- Tough decisions. Especially when playing Classic/Ironman (which I recommend as soon as you get a solid feel for the game). Which abduction site will you choose... will you risk sacrificing a soldier for a live alien capture, what will you research/build... ect. Every decision can have a dramatic impact on the rest of your game.

**- What's improved from the original -**

- Faster, easier game play. No more spending time in a poor inventory management screen trying to make sure your troops have enough ammo and equipment.
- Graphics... obviously.
- Mission types. So far I've enjoyed the variety of the new mission types such as bomb disposal and escort missions.
- Ironman mode. Which auto-saves for you and does not ever let you load a previous save, meaning if you lose your best sniper, you've lost him for good. No re-do's. I never had the willpower to stick to one save in the original, but I'm happy to be forced into it. It completely changes the game for the better, incredibly frustrating at times, but better.

- There's a lot changed that's up for debate, some miss time units, others don't. Same with the single base and squad size.
- I'm still on the fence about squad size, you're limited to 6 troops on the field at a time. The maps are generally much smaller, so you don't really need as many as the original, but there are times where I wish I had just a couple more, especially when you lose high ranked snipers and you're forced to use rookies, in those times 6 felt very limited with only one shot per turn.

**- What I miss from the original -**
The word that kept coming to mind for me was "control". Some people are happy to give up a higher level of control for a more streamlined experience. And while it's a good game I really miss that control. The original had an optimal way to play and a lot of frustrations, but it allowed a much higher level of control.

- You're randomly forced into troop specializations, which have limited choices on what weapons they can use.
- You're limited on what your troops can carry. No more multiple rockets, just one shot per heavy. One grenade per troop. No more c4 or proximity grenades. While some may enjoy the limitations, I miss the freedom. Want to blast the building away with a barrage of rocket fire, or level the map with blaster bombs? No. You can't bring that make rockets with you. I miss covering doorways or my rear with proximity grenades. No more rookie suicide bombers.
- No more free aim.
- No shoot then move, you can only move then shoot. No shooting twice unless you didn't move and you're a specialized class.
- No more fear on rounding a corner to find heavy plasma bolts in your face. Now the fear is "activating" too many alien groups at once. I finally stopped trying to flank because I would end up activating too many aliens at once, the best strategy for me eventually became, have a support "pull" a group while a couple snipers sat behind cover with overwatch.
- Only one base. A pro or con for some, but I miss the control of how used my other bases. I enjoyed setting up a manufacturing base in the Arctic pumping out Laser Rifles to pay for all my troops.
- The cover system removes any organic feel for me, it's nice to be able to shoot around corners, but it sucks getting shot despite the fact you're behind a wall... It almost feels like a round of tournament paintball to me. Small field, tons of predefined cover, you pretty much know where the enemy is and are rarely surprised. move from cover to cover. until you can shoot them from behind their half-cover or occasionally flank them. This is partly the cover system and partly their AI. The aliens seem to wait around in their spawn point until spotted, then they get a "free move" where they run for cover (which can be somewhat exploited with sniper's overwatch). This removes the "oh crap, where am I getting shot from" feeling of the old days and provides a more linear experience.

A lot of these are actually pro's for some. I just miss the control and freedom to play how I see fit. This is much harder to do with limited items and specialized squads of 6.

**- Final Conclusions -**
Like I said a couple times already... It's a well made turn-based strategy game. It's a fun game that is well worth playing. There is a lot I miss and a lot of things that bug me, but despite of a nostalgia for old-school pc games that required a lot of depth and micro-management, I'm enjoying it.

Whether you're an old-school X-com fan or someone who is interested in a turn-based strategy game, it's definitely worth giving a shot.
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on October 24, 2012
Having played the original X Com probably a hundred times, it is impossible for me not to compare this game to the original, which I would rate 5++++++++. If you have never played the original, you'll probably love this game, as it is pretty cool, without a steep learning curve. My biggest gripe in this game is overwatch. Six soldiers, all with advanced scopes, all behind trees, rocks, etc. open fire on an advancing alien and MAYBE two of them hit it. Really. How ridiculous is that? And I'm playing on the easiest mode! The graphics in this game are great, the sound is great, the voice-overs, except for the Fraulein Doctor, who switches from a German to a British accent during different cut scenes, are pretty good also. I had no problem with bugs; the times the game crashed I think were times Steam felt like kicking me off, because I never got any messages saying my game was not responding, etc, Windows is searching for a solution to this problem, etc. So, if you've never played the original X Com, I would recommend this game, but if you are familiar with the original, I wouldn't. The original just was too much fun, and I found myself during X Com Enemy Unknown wishing that they had just taken the original game, upgraded the graphics and the sound, and left everything else alone.
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on October 20, 2012
XCOM:EU is a great game. I played the original and many other strategy games in the past. This is a full, long review. It may have minor spoilers. I will cover as much as possible. I give Objective reviews whenever I can, not Subjective. I will state my personal opinions when I can. This review may be more subjective for me as I really like this game. Bear in mind XCOM:EU has immense replayability as long as you like turn-based tactical battles. The strategy base part of the game is awesome as well.

PC Special Edition
Very nice. The extra goodies (soundtrack, ringtones, screen backgrounds) are on the second disk and easy to get to. The soundtrack is in .wav format, totally useless. This game is Steam activated. I had no problem installing the game. The patch is a little smaller than I would have liked, but I still plan on using it for a camouflage shirt with lots of other game patches. The poster is very neat, and the art book is hardcover, although small. Overall, the SE Edition is quite nice.

They look terrific! Only a few minor glitches here or there. The Deco DLC is awesome, not yet available as of this writing (it was a preorder bonus).

The sound is good, with voices for the soldiers. The music is not as eerie as in the original game, but it is still very good. When aliens are being fought the music picks up for the action. Very nice sound.

Early thoughts
The base is very cool, and tactical is as good as ever. Bear in mind, the official Strategy Guide is NOT going to give tactical training! You need to become a good player by playing and figuring out the strategies, that is why it is called a STRATEGY Game. I will give a few tips where I can. I beat this game in two days, took roughly 24 hours, and I missed a lot of sleep.

Difficulty - Easy/Normal or Classic/Impossible?
If you are new to this type of game, and especially to XCOM in general, I suggest at least Easy mode. On Easy mode there will be less threat to deal with and more special missions to help you. Also, the alien timetable will be a little longer, so you will have an extra monther or so before fighting the toughest monsters. Aliens are not easier to fight though, they have the same health and stats as Normal mode.

On Normal mode it took me 8 game months to win. I lost one country early on, Germany, mainly because South Africa asked for a Satellite they really did not need. Normal mode is just that, nothing differrent. This level of difficulty is the most fun in my opinion. (Actually, I prefer Classic mode now!)

Classic and Imposiible difficulties really crank up the action. More enemies in missions and all the aliens get upgraded. Most get +10 Aim (they hit you easier), +10 Defense (-10 for you to hit them), and extra health. Even Thin Men will have 4 health, not 3. This means Grenades are no longer 100% to get kills. Less starting funds, Start with only one base facility (Satellite Uplink), More enemies, countries give fewer scientists/engineers.

Accessory slot
You get one accessory slot. The Support soldier can eventually have two. What should you bring to the battle? Early on you have no choice - Grenades. Useful especially if you are new to XCOM style tactical battle. To be honest, this is the ONLY time I use grenades.

Scope or Grenade or Nano-fiber/Chitin Armor?
Scope. Scope. Scope! Once you get the Scope, you should seriously think about all soldiers having one. Nano-fiber armor gives +2 armor, VERY useful early in the campaign when you only have Body armor (+1 armor), as Nano-Fiber's +2 gives a total of +3 armor and -may- keep a soldier out of the infirmary when hit by Sectoid/Thin Man pistol fire, although critical hits may still happen. Chitin armor is rare to acquire, and I use it on Assault soldiers. With the best standard armor and Chitin armor my Assault can have 9 life + 14 armor, which when combined with the Assault's Extra Conditioning skill will give a total of 27 health in combat.

Scope or Mind Shield?
Mind Shields are hard to get and thus rare, but take them in the Final Mission for your low-Will soldiers as much as possible.

Early Moves
Early in the game you need to concentrate on gettng as many satellites up as possible. This will hopefully lower Alert levels in the country the satellite is deployed and will increase your monthly income. Countries covered will also give scientists and/or engineers per month. When deploying satellites, alert levels are Top Priority, not the continent or credit bonus of the country. Save your satellites until near the end of the month to help respond to Alien alert activity. This is very important as it will allow you to have the most flexibility to repond to Alert levels.

The Alien Containment facility can wait. In my opinion, this facility is best built much later in the game. It takes up energy and resources better used for satellite facilities.

Workshops are neccessary to raise your engineer numbers, but only so you can build more satellite uplinks. Laboratories are nearly useless, unless playing on higher difficulty settings, then they are useful because research speeds are much longer.

One power generator + one thermal generator + one elerium generator, placed all in a row, will give enough power for the whole game.

All facilities get the +1 bonus if placed next to each other, either horizontally or vertically.

My squad typically has 1 Support, 1 Assault, 2 Heavy and 2 Sniper. This is what I use but other players favor Assault more. Your squad composition is up to you.

The weakest offensive unit but the most relied on for support. Eventually can have 3 Medikits. NOTE: All soldiers can carry a medikit as an accessory!

Total offense. I believe making the first enemy reaction shot miss is best, that way you can lead with this offensive tank. Can have up to 27 health, Awesome.

I always go for +100% damage against Robots. VERY useful when facing the tough robot enemies. I also like Shredder Rocket and 2 Rockets. The capability to take 2 shots in a row is also very nice.

I like Squad Sight as it allows me to shoot at anything the squad sees. Less useful with Hover armor, but still a good skill. Double Tap is also awesome. I do not prefer the Sniper that can move and shoot, so I take +2 pistol damage.

Tactical Battles
Stay together but not all grouped up. If you can't Dash from one side of the formation to the other you are too far apart. Use two mini-squads of support/heavy/sniper and assault/heavy/sniper (different depending on your choice of soldiers or if main soldiers are in the infirmary). When getting ready to enter a doorway, have each mini-squad stand to the SIDE of the doors, never IN FRONT. You could try it the other way but there are certain encounters that may end Very Bad. Take high percentage shots. Sometimes the game will make you miss No Matter What, that's just the way it is.

Move forward slowly! Use Overwatch as much as possible! Almost never Dash to move forward, and only Dash when near 100% certain the coast is clear. I cannot stress this enough. Tactical battles are long, patient affairs.

Use cover as often as you can! Although soldiers in full cover can still be hit, get as much defense as you can. Defensive bonuses make harder to get hit, and you need every advantage you can acquire.

Emp or Plasma? Well, there are two ships you will encounter that are Main Story ships. No matter what you do, these ships will still have a good complement of soldiers. You can always get more artefacts from other missions, squad survivability is paramount so go with Plasma or the late tech Interceptor weapon. Use the EMP until you get Plasma or Fusion.

Grey Market
Almost everything you bring back from battle is useful. Only sell useless items on the Grey Market. Do not sell corpses as almost all have a use. Eventually some can be sold. Early in the campaign it is ok to sell some things, but usually unwise. For example, in my current game I have 4 UFO Power sources and 4 Navigations left. I built several key units and have no more real need for these items. However, they would be needed if I lost Firestorms. And these numbers are for most of the game! If I had sold any of these items I would not have been able to build all the stuff I needed. Therefore, Be Carefull selling on the Grey Market!

XCOM:EU is a great game. I am certain I may not have included everything I wanted, but this review is very long. I hope it all helps.

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on January 17, 2015
The game itself is fine, however, the product sent to me was not what was described. I actually returned my first copy and reordered and got exactly the same thing as the first time. You do not get the special edition version with the included art book, DLC, poster, and soundtrack. This is a video game in a normal package. It does not even say special edition on the front of the package like the picture shows. Inside you get 2 discs with the basic game but no patch, book, downloadable content, or poster.
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on November 11, 2012
I'm not alone on Amazon in being a fan of the original game from many years back. I don't play PC games too often any longer but I did want to give this one a try and had ordered it months in advance of the release. I'm not disappointed and for the first time in years I'm finding myself staying up too late week nights playing a computer game. Like the original and somewhat like Civilization, this game is addictive. It's also a challenge to keep you best and most developed characters alive when playing at any level past beginner.

Coud it be better? Yes, and I hope the game is successful enough to justify sequels that make enhancements. The new Xcom does not have the complexities of the original and I would like to see those details added and improved in any future project.

The important thing about Xcom Enemy Unknown, however, is that it is fun and can certainly be a challenge when cranked-up to higher playing levels. I hope this is just the beginning of a new wave of games over the years ahead.
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on August 15, 2013
As an owner of the original DOS version of X-Com: UFO Defense--who skipped Terror From the Deep and went straight to X-Com Apocalypse--XCOM: Enemy Unknown (EU) is both amazing yet a disappointing step backwards. Some of the bad things about EU could change, like the current lack of content (DLC), the repetition of the maps (no random tile generation), the lack of total maps and regional differences of maps, as well as some of the serious, game-halting bugs. The worst one I've encountered so far only happens when you use the auto-save function of the "ironman" mode. Every time your soldier uses a reaction shot the game will crash. I'm sure 2K Games will patch this issue, but from my experience, 2K Games are known to crash (whether you're talking 2K Sports or otherwise). I had to try out EU, but I am definitely disappointed 2K ended up with the top bid.

Other issues might not be as easy to fix, like the lack of early game strategy. Every game you play requires you to build satellites as fast as you can. There's no other way to play the game. The game strategy layer is also pretty disappointing, as "high cover" is hard to find and subject to RNG critical hits. Missing point blanks shots and getting hit from a mile away are argued to be factors one would encounter based on previous versions of X-Com, but they come across as rather frustrating, damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. Some players avoid certain types of rescue missions called "council missions" just to avoid a certain type of alien that always spawns during those missions, due to high ranged accuracy and crit potential. Avoiding those missions is possible because they don't negatively affect gameplay.

If you're a fan of the original, or curious, get this title for no more than $25-30.
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on October 10, 2012
I played the demo a few weeks ago and it was very addicting. I got the game yesterday and have been playing since. Its very addicting. I havent noticed any bugs but i'll keep my eye on them. I'm doing normal mode right now and so far no problems. The missions are pretty fun. I customized my own squad with names and gear and sent them on missions. The ones that i customized are doing great together on ranking up. So i tried to be brave and sent out 3 rookies(not my custom ones) to a mission to see if they can handle it. Nope but came close. One died very fast. Another one got a few kills and eventually got taken out. Then my last rookie was doing great and was almost done with the mission but kept getting wounded and died. The mission type was difficult but only 1 bar. Unfortunately, you can only have 6 members to your squad after unlocking. I hope they change that in a expansion or something. Its a great game and lot of games that first come out are going to have bugs regardless. I havent really noticed any but i'll watch out for it. Steam doesnt bother me one bit. Although, after i installed from discs, it still had to download another 6 gb. Didn't really like that but i'm not going to give the game itself a bad review. I will update again if i have any serious issues but i doubt i will. The game is definetaly worth getting and a lot of fun.

Update: After playing for a whole week, i've seen some bugs in the game. One with the camera messing up sometimes when you shoot an alien and flies across the screen and doesnt keep the camera on the alien. Another one, is in the base and i'm pulling up soldiers information and then the custom menu gets stuck on the screen and i have to reload a saved game to make it go away. Also, sometimes i cant pull up the save menu forcing me to alt ctrl delete and end task game. Luckily the game autosaves a lot. It seems to happen when i have the game on for a long time. Not major bugs but something i hope they fix.
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on October 17, 2012

So much fun to be had here. If you love strategy games and are tired of the frenetic nonsense that real time strategy games force you to handle, XCOM is the way to go. The computer will only handle the aliens. With an AI system that makes every engagement unfold differently, every occurrence on the world stage unpredictable, every discovery of alien craft or alien landings or alien abduction attempts novel and fun.

You micro-manage all of your soldiers' moves, level them up through a simple yet exciting skill tree, name them if you wish, and customize their armor textures, facial features, and the colors of their uniforms. When they level up far enough they get nicknames you can customize as well. Really cool details that make gameplay a lot more personal and fun. Watching a soldier built to resemble someone in your head, a celebrity, a friend, etc. going up against the aliens is a nerdy treat.

You control and coordinate an underfunded, under-skilled, under-equipped human coalition against an overwhelmingly powerful alien enemy whose purposes here are as mysterious as their technology, biology,and psychic powers--all of which you get to study and integrate into humanity's defenses. If you can capture the alien invaders. Which is a challenging bit of fun, getting soldiers close enough to snag an alien without getting their faces melted off or chewed off or blown to bits.

The various options that you have to manage are interesting, exciting, and always evolving. Scientific research of captured or killed aliens, alien technologies, etc. Engineering feats like building new technology and new facilities and (eventually) new fighter craft and robots. Hiring and training soldiers and checking them for psionic talents (eventually). Upgrading facilities at the cost of others. Upgrading equipment types at the cost of others. Lots of fun, challenging decisions that will impact the other part of the game that is the most fun: TURN-BASED COMBAT MISSIONS!

The missions can turn out a dozen different ways, depending on the combination of soldiers you assign to the mission (snipers, assault, support, heavy weapons specialists), the type of mission (kill aliens, capture aliens, capture technology, escort a targeted human, rescue dozens of civilians being terrorized, rescue a high priority target, etc), and the aliens you will face (ethereals, mutons, grays, berzerkers, floaters, sectopods, etc--all human nicknames). The terrain is always different: forests, city streets, alien spacecraft, swamps, construction sites, office buildings, etc. The cover options always matter: a car can explode, a barrel will fall apart, a brick wall is pretty great until a high-powered weapon knocks it away, a park bench can only last so long, a tree is great unless someone disintegrates part of it, a mound of earth or a boulder is always good cover, cover on high ground gives you advantages--especially if you are a sniper. And so on. You get the idea. Really well-thought options that change combat dramatically.

The combat animations are superb. It is great fun to shove a shotgun in an alien face and pull that trigger, baby. Guns blaze and blood splatters and bodies collapse or arch through the air or tumble off of higher ground.

The weapon discharges, alien sounds, human squad talk--all sound superb. The ambient sounds and animations make each board feel like a living area. The music is often spooky during scouting phases and thrilling during battle.

Simply an excellent strategy game. Clawing your way up from a disadvantaged human defense coalition to a formidable force of humans who use improvised alien technology against the invaders is a thrilling, challenging, journey.

You have to experience it to appreciate it. But you will not be wasting your money buying this game. The game developers made a true gem that will be enjoyed for many years to come. The replay possibilities are absolutely endless.

I cannot express how happy I am that they made this game. I almost did not buy it too. With all the hype being given to other games coming out!

Take a chance on XCOM, if you love strategy and action.

Now, Firaxis and 2K, how about some DLC and expansions? :)
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