Customer Reviews: XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Xbox 360
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on December 12, 2012
Im gonna say right off the bat that I never have played any of the previous X-com's and I hated this game for the first 6-8 hours. It was brutally hard, and if I slipped for a second my squad would die horrible deaths. The world was in total panic and I was in danger of getting a game over for losing too many countries support for the X-com project. But then it just clicked and I realised what I needed to do to succeed in this game, and it became exceedingly fun and addicting. At first your soldiers are weak and one critical hit away from dying, but when you know what to do they become killing machines. The "strategy" part initially turned me off but it really ends up playing like a fantastic table top game. Managin your base is easy and its really a joy to watch your base grow and add some sweet new facilities. The only con I can see is that it is a really tough game and you have to invest some hours in it to start enjoying it.
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on June 26, 2015
I previously bought the game but purchased it again for reasons of convenience. I like the strategy and the turn-based character play! I haven't finished it but it is challenging and worth your money!
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on January 14, 2013
XCOM is a great turn based strategy game. The game offers great gameplay, a good challenge and lots of troop customization. It stays loyal to the original XCOM game of the 90's and still feels slick and sexy enough to be a 2012 release.
I was surprised how much fun I had with the head to head VS mode.

I can't recommend this game enough for the fans of turn bases strategy games. A must play.
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on May 5, 2016
An enjoyable game, but it could’ve been better. It is a turn-based strategy combat game where you lead a squad of soldiers into battle against an invading alien force while between the mission researching new technology and building a base all while struggling to keep your soldiers alive. I hope to see a sequel in this gem of strategy games.
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on May 10, 2015
One of the best video games I've ever played. It's a turn-based strategy game, so it's not for everyone, but if those types of things are your bag it's maybe the best of them. I've gotten more mileage out of this game than perhaps any other.
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on November 2, 2012
XCOM is an excellent game for those looking for a little thinking mixed in with their action. Each game is different, giving the game tons of replay value. Also, multiplayer adds the fun of going head to head. I've been playing this for a few weeks now and I'm still hooked!
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on November 3, 2013
I bought XCOM: Enemy Unknown, during a spur of the moment. I had heard about how great it was, even compared to the original, and boy, they weren't kidding.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake of XCOM: UFO Defense (or UFO: Enemy Unknown outside the states) developed by Firaxis. They got tons of things right straight off the bat:


Plot - The plot behind XCOM is simple at first; aliens have attacked Earth, conventional armies don't stand a chance. You're the commander of an elite paramilitary unit called XCOM, made up of a council of several nations banded together to defeat the alien threat. The cutscenes and cinematics are very well made, and show off enough detail to be impressive, but don't overstay their welcome. The twists and turns of the story are gradually revealed to you through cutscenes and gameplay.

Gameplay - Gameplay has been kept fairly intact, but has been revamped to be both more intuitive and console-friendly. You control up to six soldiers at a time during each mission. Each soldier has two "turns". You can do two different things (move to cover, throw grenade) or one large action (shoot a target, dash to position). Some actions can be used on the second turn, but will use up both turns if used first (shooting, reloading, healing, etc). After all soldiers have used up their actions, your turn ends. After this the aliens get a turn. They get to shoot, move, and do other actions until they're finished, and it goes back and forth. Various things affect the outcome of all the actions that are available.

During your downtime from turn based missions, you are also placed in control of the XCOM headquarters. You spend time researching newfound alien tech, buying better equipment to keep your soldiers alive, expanding your base, purchasing intercepters to shoot down ufos, balancing relationships with various countries, keeping XCOM funded by protecting council nations and pawning off items you have excess of or no longer need, and scanning for new attacks and ufos daily. While seemingly daunting at first, this section of the game becomes very enjoyable. You spend weeks researching this amazing plasma machine gun, then you buy some and hand them out to your troops, which makes using them on the field all the sweeter. You also use the resources found on missions here, like alien alloy from crashed ufos to build armor for your squad.

A soldier has several statistics that affect them. The most obvious is health. Each point shows how tough a soldier is, how healthy they are, and how close they are to dying. Once a soldier runs out of health, they die. There's a chance they'll survive, becoming "gravely wounded". You have three turns to either stabilize the soldier (another soldier heals him/her), or finish the mission, bringing the soldier back to base, or that soldier is killed. Keep in mind that area of effect attacks like rockets and grenades can finish off a gravely wounded soldier. A soldier's health increases by a bit each time they are promoted, and armor gives additional health points.

Aim affects your soldier's chance of hitting targets with guns. Some classes, like snipers, have naturally higher aim than other soldiers. This is only a piece of the puzzle, though. Other factors like distance and cover come into play on the field that will affect your soldier's hit chance. Aim increases with each promotion, and an aim bonus is given to a soldier depending on their class.

Finally, there's will. Will affects your soldier's mental fortitude and determination. Will increases naturally as your soldiers are promoted and become more seasoned veterans. When something bad happens (an XCOM soldier is wounded, killed, or intimidated by an alien), the game runs a check on your soldier's will. If your soldier fails the check, they will panic, becoming unpredictable. They will be unavailable on the next turn or so, and during these turns, they will randomly either; fire at an enemy, run to nearby cover, hunker down, or fire at an ally. The higher a soldier's will, the more it takes to panic them. There's an upgrade in the officer school that boosts will gain from promotions. Get some soldiers to colonel rank, get the upgrade, and than train some rookies. It's a very noticeable boost and extremely helpful, trust me. Will also becomes extremely important late game, because *minor spoiler* the aliens become capable of using mental attacks on your soldiers. They can injure soldiers mentally (mindfray), panic them (psi panic), and take control of them (mind control). Each point of will lowers the chance these attacks will work on your soldiers, and especially determined veterans are extremely hard to beat in mind games.

Classes have lots of variety as well: All soldiers start off as rookies, and gain a class on their first promotion. All classes gain access to two abilities on each promotion (except for one rank). You must pick one of those two abilities. This helps diversify your soldiers, because even two soldiers of the same class can play completely differently. Assault soldiers can "Run and gun", letting them dash and shoot in one turn, great for flanking aliens. Heavies can use a rocket launcher once per mission, but it can be upgraded. Support units are better with medkits, and can use them three times per mission. Snipers can aim for the head, greatly increasing the chance for a critical hit.

The tutorial is great too. The tutorial not only teaches you all the basics you need to know very well, but is very unsettling and creepy as well.

Permadeath - Once a soldier dies, they're gone. There's no reviving them, bringing their stats over to a new soldier; once they're dead, their name and all of their experience and accomplishments are put on XCOM's memorial wall. The threat of a soldier dying keeps you from being reckless. Have you grown attached to that colonel that's been with you from the start of the game? Don't rush him headfirst into the battle without backup! Is one of your favorite soldiers bleeding out? Your medic's going to have to drop everything to go and pick him up. That feeling you have when a beam hits your favorite soldier and a cutscene of him falling to the floor plays, while a soldier shouts "No! They got him!" cannot be explained. The fact that your soldiers are fully customizable only serves to get you even more attached to your troops.

Graphics - The graphics look very good. The sheen on the alloy, the design of the guns, and the maps and various locations all look very nice.

Sound and music - This part really shines. The atmosphere created by the various sounds and music pieces is incredible. Intense combat themes play during your firefights, and terror missions are accompanied by creepy music and distant screams. The voice acting of the main characters and your soldiers are well done and believable.


Bugs - This game has quite a few bugs. Humans and aliens alike seem to be able to see and shoot through ground and walls occasionally. Sometimes soldiers will turn around and shoot backwards at the enemy. The starting rifle has a tendency to have the bullets appear and shoot behind the gun, going through it and then at the enemy. Once my xbox version locked up mid-battle, forcing me to reboot it and reload my last save. If you're using the console version, be sure to keep auto-save on, just in case.

Difficulty (depends on your tolerance) - This game is far from easy. The whole game revolves around being outmatched, outmanned, and outgunned. It'll take some skill and wit to keep XCOM afloat. You may need to sacrifice equipment, soldiers, and even entire countries to keep humanity from going extinct. The enemy is stronger, tougher, and there's more of them. You need to exploit every last advantage you have to keep yourself on top of the aliens. In Classic and Impossible difficulty, it's very likely you'll fail and need to restart the game from the very beginning. If you're new to XCOM, there's no shame in playing on easy. It actually balances out the challenges and makes the game more manageable. I'd recommend it for anyone that hasn't played XCOM before.

All in all, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is amazing. I've been stuck playing it for a long time, and I'll probably be playing it for much longer. You really shouldn't miss this.
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on October 30, 2012
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a challenging sci-fi, turn-based, tactical game that assigns you as the commander of a military operation, and the first line of defense against an invading alien menace. With most 'Tactics' style games that release these days being typically medieval, XCOM is a breath of fresh air in the genre. Fans of the original XCOM games released back in the 90's may find this new addition to the franchise a little dumbed down, but that doesn't stop it from being an excellent, solid strategy to challenge all who will bravely defend our wonderful planet.

Even on the lowest difficulty, XCOM can certainly provide some challenge to those who may be newer to this type of video game. You start off in command of four soldiers, who each have two moves they can make per turn. Each move can be used for either moving a certain amount of tiles, firing one of two equipped weapons, using one of the soldiers abilities, or simply ducking for cover. The greatest foe in the game is the luck of the roll, as the farther your unit is from an enemy, the lower the chance to hit, but moving in closer will put the soldier at greater risk, and may alert more hidden aliens. Taking cover behind objects on the map can provide you either half cover or full cover, and being smart about when and where you position your troops is necessary, as the game is very unforgiving to your mistakes. The combat can get tense when you fire a shot with an 85% hit chance and it still misses, but with each enemy kill comes a sigh of relief, and with each mission victory, the joy of accomplishment. The easier difficulty settings can help, but later on the difficulty may turn of some strategy noobs. Nonetheless, it's a great system, if a bit more simplified from the original XCOM.

Troops that survive more missions and get more kills will level up, allowing you to give them addition perks and abilities. In addition to leveling up, researching and buying new armors, weapons, and other various tools in your base gives the game much customization. You can also build more labs and workshops in your base to decrease research and build times, as well as other faculties for more researching more advanced upgrades.

Every in-game month a council with review everything you have done in that time, and provide you with further credits. You can earn more credits by sending up satellites to monitor specific parts of the world. When one of these satellites picks up an alien UFO, a short mini-game will begin, where you send out a Reaver jet to attack and, hopefully, destroy it. Once destroyed, you can explore the crash site, kill any remaining alien survivors, and reclaim further resources for studying back at HQ.

In previous XCOM games, the story was deep, long, and memorable. Sadly however, Enemy Unknown's story is very short and simple. The dialog throughout the game is generic and uninteresting, and completing it ends the game, making you either reload an old save or start a new game. The story missions and objectives can be fun, but thankfully you can just keep playing the random missions and shooting down UFOs, extending the game to whatever length fits your fancy.

The graphics aren't totally phenomenal, but many of the animations and designs look excellent. Each of your soldiers are fully customizable in appearance, but designing and coloring your units armor requires you to spend extra cash on dlc. Each alien is memorable in both their looks, and the tactics required to take down each one, and each time a new alien is introduced, comes an interesting mix of fear and curiosity. XCOM isn't without it's bugs however, and seeing people shooting through walls, or textures disappear when they're not supposed to can be sadly frequent.

For those of you who can appreciate a challenge, XCOM is a decent purchase. It may be simplified in some ways compared to the originals, and the odd graphics hiccup will occur, but it remains a very solid and tense strategy game.

Overall score:
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on November 8, 2012
X-COM: Enemy Unknown is a great update of the classic Microprose game of the '90's. At the core it's still turn based squad combat with a research and development tree and a mean difficulty ramp. Like the original, it is unforgiving to players that fall behind the research curve and they will find themselves quickly outgunned.

Graphics: Up to date and look good at 1080p.
Sound: Great
Gameplay: Solid turn based strategy.
Replayability: Very high. Difficulty ramp is a mean mistress and you will start over a couple times before beating this one. Playing on Ironman mode, means every choice is permanent and it's hard to go on after a total squad wipeout. How do you make good decisions, bungling a couple of games and starting from scratch but it's worth it.
You can customize a ton of details for each of your soldiers including their look and name.

Cons: Current Xbox 360 version has some quirky bugs, but it soon should be patched.
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on July 16, 2013
I ordered the game from Amazon and like usual amazon always exceeds my expectation with super saver shipping usually getting here on the first day they predict or one sooner! The game from a graphics standard point is not mind blowing however I feel that they use the systems hardware specifications. They still use their XCOM style and I was pleased with combat graphics. The game seems to have three games in one.

Combat is Turn Based Strategy in the vein of many other games. The combat is fun, exciting, and with different objectives. The maps, enemies, tactics are randomly generated when playing so each mission is different on play through.

The Role Playing element allows your characters to "promote" after their experience level increases adding different special abilities within their character classes. This is applies to soldiers and aircraft. However if killed or destroyed in battle the units are no longer playable. Interesting mechanic I believe.

The Home Base is more of the simulation building/ construction city building. You have to manage the space and receive benefits to those areas i.e. putting research stations near each other receive better research bonus. You have to manage the money you spend and keep allies happy by sending equipment or fighting battles to reduce panic. Each country sends money on monthly basis. If the panic level goes out of control then you will lose the country and their funding. Equipment and facilities have monthly costs so build wisely...including aircraft.

For a console TBS I was impressed with controls. Smooth and fluid they allow battles to proceed and effective and with no frustrations. The story is a little weak but due to its simplicity. The voice acting though is good quality.

In total a fun game worth $30 and the hours put in playing it. I gave it four stars because I think you could play through it once and take your time or twice at a normal speed. So replay value is the only real negative. For the price you can't go wrong.
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