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5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic game, significant improvement over last year's title
This game was fantastic! I was a huge fan of the first game, and admittedly I was skeptical if this game would be worth the money. XCOM enemy within, adds to what was great in last year's title, and improves it by adding new strategic elements (mechs and mutants). The mech and mutant additions, are modifiers to your existent squad. The mutants and mechs add...
Published 14 months ago by 44Haystack Books

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2.0 out of 5 stars Great game, save corruption
So -- it's an amazing game, but it has a bad habit of corrupting its save files. Without that issue, I'd give it five stars.

Given how often it occurs, the dev team must have known about it prior to shipping.
Published 13 months ago by Eric A Johnson

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32 of 34 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic game, significant improvement over last year's title, November 17, 2013
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
This game was fantastic! I was a huge fan of the first game, and admittedly I was skeptical if this game would be worth the money. XCOM enemy within, adds to what was great in last year's title, and improves it by adding new strategic elements (mechs and mutants). The mech and mutant additions, are modifiers to your existent squad. The mutants and mechs add significant strategic ability to your squad, but they must be weighed against the expense in developing these classes and the downside of mechs of not being able to use cover. I was concerned that this would make your squad too strong compared to the enemy, however this game adds excellent new enemy units to help balance both sides to the encounter.

These strategic elements, make the old levels play like new while also adding a new level of strategy to consider when assembling your squad. In addition, XCOM adds new game modes that help to prevent the mini-missions from becoming too repetitive. This includes game types: (1) escorting a civilian, (2) king of the hill and (3) capture the flag. In addition to these new game types, XCOM adds a new enemy, EXALT further adding to the new layers to this game.

One of my few criticisms of the first game was that every single level played the same, and after significant play became repetitive. XCOM Enemy Within fixes this flaw, and I stress that I cannot recommend this game higher. I encourage anyone on the fence to buy this title and enjoy hours of entertainment!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Commander Edition - Mechs and Cyborgs and Secret Agents Oh My!, November 13, 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
XCOM: Enemy Within has finally arrived.
The "Commander Edition" (as it's called on Consoles) includes:

- the full game XCOM: Enemy Unknown (previously released on Xbox360/PC/PS3)
- all previously released DLC & updates (i.e. Operation Slingshot; Elite Soldier Pack)
- the new Enemy Within over-haul (See Below)

And a few unmentioned changes to the game:
- Enemy AI has been greatly improved and enemies are deadlier than ever
- New appearance and language options for soldiers (Russians speaking Russian!)
- Can award medals to soldiers that give unique bonus attributes (e.g. Never Panic, etc)
- Select "Second Wave" game-play options unlocked from the start! (very fun)

The Enemey Within part is key as much of the game has been tweaked, vamped up, and generally been improved upon. Enemy Within is absolutely PACKED with new features and more than more than make up for the purchase price (imo). So far I have had only minor issues with game play; I have encountered one glitch that forced me to fail (or reload) on one of the early EXALT missions, an NPC became stuck on a mission and I could not progress. Be very careful on Ironman mode until this is patched. Otherwise, game-play had been phenomenal - just what I've been waiting for!

Notes (correct me if I am wrong):
*Does not share save files with XCOM: Enemy Unknown
*Does not share Achievements with XCOM: Enemy Unknown
*Everything is on one disk and there are no codes or vouchers for dwnld
*May cause a sever lack of sleep
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5.0 out of 5 stars New XCOM formula, same great taste!, December 19, 2013
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
I've already played (and reviewed) what was one of if not my outright favorite game of 2012, the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown to death and have the achievements to prove it, so it was with much anticipation that I bought the addon XCOM: Enemy Within. I purchased it last week for the XBOX 360 and without any regret. XCOM: EU was a huge commercial and critical success, earning many GOTY awards and later graced itself on the Apple iOS platform for mobile gaming. In light of this it's little wonder 2K had Firaxis build this expansion which (thankfully) only marginally ties in the far less worthy semi-related "The Bureau" with a few vague references. The first and most important question: If you already bought the 360/PS3 version, is it worth buying this addon? After all, you may have already paid $60 for it last year, not to mention more money for the DLC that they ended up throwing in here anyway, so would the new content justify another $40? For the most part, yes. There are certainly some rough spots here and there, but by and large, XCOM: EW justifies its purchase with new gameplay mechanics, fixing some of the problems the last game had and helping address some of the concerns purists had, including the lack of a Base Defense.

Anybody who played last year's outing will have no need to relearn the controls or overall gameplay - those aspects remain exactly the same. The previously existing tech tree also remains unchanged, although it has added a few new branches, namely the Gene Mod and Cybernetic Labs. The former will keep your soldiers otherwise the same as they were before but will add special abilities you can swap out later (for a price.) These abilities include (but are certainly not limited to) having aim bonuses after missing a shot (great for Heavies with Bullet Swarm!) being able to leap onto rooftops in a single step and invisibility to name but a few of the ten available. Each soldier can have up to five. The Cybernetic Lab will allow you to build Mechanized Exoskeleton Cybersuits (MECs) which will amputate all four limbs of each soldier you have go through this process. A bit extreme if you ask me, especially since the suits are plenty capable of holding a full human - it seems unnecessary to just cut off four perfectly good limbs, but I digress. MECs have no inventory but gain powerful bonuses and firepower. They are no less vulnerable than the flesh and blood troops, however, plus they cannot use cover. As such, keeping some healthy distance between the MEC and the enemy isn't a bad idea.

Both of these changes come about as a result of a new resource you acquire called "Meld" which, similar to the power nodes in a Bomb Defusal mission in the original game must be approached directly and activated before a timer runs out. Most missions will have two canisters; one placed close to your landing zone and the other further away. This makes for a new playstyle, since most XCOM vets would have pushed slowly and methodically into a map. You can still play this way now, but you will lose out on plenty of Meld if you do so. However, no amount of Meld is worth losing a veteran soldier, so take care of that squad of Muton Elites or that Sectopod before pushing on.

Also new to the game is another enemy faction known as EXALT. EXALT does not work with the aliens but it does want to acquire their technologies to advance its agenda and it views XCOM as the enemy. It will try to disrupt your operations by either stealing money from your reserves (thankfully I only had three credits left when they were first introduced and the game forced an anti-XCOM disruption - which is randomized) raising panic in a nation or disrupting research. You can send operatives after them to disrupt them, eventually sending in the troops to pull the operative out. Doing this gives you information on where their main base is and after receiving at least three hints you can start guessing where they are. A wrong guess will cause a country to instantly pull their funding, so Ironman enthusiasts are encouraged to wait until only one country remains before accusing a country of harboring the traitors. EXALT missions either involve having your agent hack two comm relays then escape to the Skyranger or protecting two assets from being hacked ala King of the Hill. In the first example, the agent must be alive or the mission fails, but eliminating the entire enemy force is NOT necessary. In the second, the agent CAN die without the mission being a critical fail, but all enemies must be killed.

The game also introduces two new enemies, the Seeker and the Mectoid. A Seeker will try to find a lone soldier and start strangling him. The Mectoid is a bit like a fast moving Sectopod who can also get a shield to further increase his health if an accompanying Sectoid mind merges. Killing the Sectoid will remove the shield but not otherwise harm the Mechtoid, killing the Mechtoid first does nothing to harm the Sectoid either. The Mechtoid, especially early game is powerful offensively although concentrated firepower can typically eliminate him in or two turns, especially once plasma weapons are researched and actively used. The Seeker is never really a problem; it's about as much of a threat as a Sectoid, Thin Man or Droid.

Gameplay wise, Firaxis changed a few things. For example, Ghost Armor "only" gives a bonus of 30% to critical chance as opposed to 100%. Being a big fan of Ghost Armor, I was a little annoyed by this choice, but I do understand why they did it and hardly view this as a bad thing. A slightly more baffling design choice, however was to erase our Second Wave progress. I'd played through a game of Impossible mode for XCOM: EU, and only the basic Second Wave options were available for EW. I've finished a game of Classic mode as of today, December 19th 2013, so now those are available. But the Impossible Second Wave options remain locked and considering how I would never use them anyway, not to mention the fact that there are now no achievements (or really any other rewards) for a second Impossible playthrough, it's safe to assume that I will not slog through that again.

- Update: I've since learned that you can use the Hero units and unlock Second Wave, so that's what I did a few months after writing this. So now I have them all once again.

My greatest criticism about the game is also one that plagued the original - you may recall that for XCOM: EU, a lot of players found only the first few months of the game to be significantly harder than the rest - once you've begun the month with worldwide satellite coverage, the game's two biggest weapons - lack of funds and constantly spiraling panic rating - are gone. Firestorms, the upgraded fighter craft, equipped with EMP Cannons will never lose a dogfight regardless of what they face. Plasma weapons for a phalanx of Colonel-ranked troops can easily cut through all but the sturdiest of foes. Speaking of which, Sectopods now take half as much damage as they used to. But even then, the toughest part of the game is the first few months. (March to July of 2015) After that the difficulty levels off considerably. EXALT is never that huge a threat, either. Remember the first time you invaded the alien base? It started off with a sense of wonder and accomplishment - before XCOM was passive and reactionary, now it was taking the fight to the enemy! Only to be a bit of a let down as there wasn't much of a challenge. The base attack mission for EXALT is even shorter and less filling than that. I was hoping for a showdown with the faction's leader, but no such luck.

Maybe this is why they added the achievement "An Army of Four" which requires a Classic playthrough while never buying a squad upgrade. (Ironman mode IS NOT necessary to earn this achievement.) Thankfully that achievement did NOT glitch out when I finished the game and now can have a full roster of six soldiers for subsequent playthroughs. It certainly does ramp up the difficulty throughout the whole game but not to so great a degree you throw the controller at the screen.

Base Defense makes an appearance and while it's little more than the standard "Hold your ground and shoot anything that isn't you with extreme prejudice" it was still rather nail-bitingly tense. Sadly XCOM's security personal, ie nameless redshirts all ended up turned into piles of blood. And yet, not even a mention on the Memorial Wall for their deaths.

Finally, my other really big gripe about this game is that the ending mission, and more importantly the ending itself are identical to Enemy Unknown. This would've been a perfect chance to expand on the ending a bit; see the fallout of XCOM's decisions to make new technologies the world has never seen in how they impact global policy, how dealing with or ignoring EXALT would make things play out, maybe even hint at a sequel! - instead it's still the same stock ending. There are a few other issues like the occasional crash where I had to unplug the 360 to reload my game and how sometimes missions will pop up back to back (had one segment where three showed up a split second after I hit "Scan" each time) but overall a very solid effort. This is how expansion packs should be. I wish I could be compensated for buying both sets of previous DLC for EU, since this has the base game, both those packs, a new DLC package plus the new content but I'm glad that Firaxis gave us this very excellent add on at all. Make no mistake, this is the definitive turn-based strategy game of this generation of gaming. If you like TBSes like me, get this game. It's a largely dying game genre and it won't come back to life from Great Big War Game or any number of Kickstarter campaigns funded by fans of the genre. Still has a few rough spots but overall is a great game.

So the final question would be, "Which should I get?" And the answer depends on the platform. If you have a PS3 or the Xbox 360, then buy this version, as the original is less of an experience. PC gamers, however will want to look before buying, since both the game itself and the extra content, be it the expansion or the DLC, is all separate, so someone who bought Enemy Unknown will not need to do so again. Newcomers, however, will definitely want this edition. Hope this helps. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a planet to go save.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Challenging, Rewarding, and one of the best turn-based strategy games of the current generation, December 29, 2013
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
Let me start of this review by saying that I am, in no way, a very big strategy player, I usually stay within the realm of shooters, RTS(s) and open world. I feel this game caters strategy in a way that makes it funner and let intimidating to pick it up than other games in the genre do. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing a game from a completely different genre of game.


Very diverse maps, It will be awhile until you play the same map.

Sense of impact: I think watching one of your most favorite soldiers getting absolutely is one of the best-terrible experiences you can have in gaming.

Character customization is pretty good.

Enemy units have good variety, and have different attack styles.

The addition of Gene modding, and MEC soldiers is very welcome game changer.

Overall, the Music and art design is absolutely phenomenal.

The addition of EXALT offers yet again, adds more variety, and more of a challenge.

There is a definite feel of the weight of your actions, losing countries from the Council, or losing your soldiers, as stated above.


The story is pretty much non-existent, it feels like there are elaborate cutscenes foreshadowing your future objectives, or what the aliens are up to. But this is all fine.

On the harder difficulties, it seems like a lot of the the difficulty comes from very BS and frustrating calls. (EX, an alien shooting you from overwatch from a far distance, or an alien critical hits you while you are in full cover) These are common, but using good tactical sense will still help a lot.

There are now different languages now, which is welcome, but they missed out on Asian languages.

Occasional crashes, Glitched UI's, and slight lag with overwatch. Not common, but worth mentioning.

The cons with this game are pretty Minor. If you are debating on getting this, Or Enemy Unknown, this is by far the better deal. You can maybe get Enemy Unknown for 15-20, but think that on this you are paying thirty dollars for enemy unkown (It's dlc on PC instead of it's on release unlike consoles) you're paying 5 dollars for the soldier customization pack, and about 4 for the slingshot dlc. So really you're getting Enemy unknown, Enemy Within, Slingshot,and the soldier customization pack, all for about 30-40 USD.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Same X-Com Story, Loads of New Content!, February 17, 2014
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
Usually, Console Expansions are side quests or an ACT IV, that takes place after the final mission. With X-Com Enemy Within, this is a complete re-tooling of X-Com: Enemy Unknown with tons of extra content imbedded throughout the main quest. It's the same basic story and main missions, but this game is much longer and improved in every way. There are new maps, new tech, new weapons, new aliens, genetic upgrades, Mech suits, more character customization options, spy missions, and Exalt, an organization full of traitorous scum, who sabotages your efforts.

Alien Activity has been discovered on Earth. You command the X-Com Forces, a defense force for the Earth composed of 16 main countries. You run the finances, hire soldiers, provide them with weapons, research technology, build new gear, choose how you want your troops upgraded, and command them in turn-based battle against alien forces. Throughout the game, the aliens become more powerful and their sinister plan is revealed. Although the story is just told through the narrative of a handful of main missions, it's quite good and makes you think. That's what good sci-fi does. It makes you think.

You oversee the X-Com forces and make all key decisions. You have a science advisor, an engineering advisor, and a command advisor. The meat of the game is the turn-based battle system, but it is necessary to get funding to keep your forces armed. If you build and orbit a satellite over a country, they will pay you at the end of each month. As the game progresses, the countries will have a variety of alien threats: Terror attacks, bomb threats, abductions, UFO landings, and UFO crashes if you shoot them down. You send your squad of commandos to wipe out the aliens in these missions. If you do well, the nation is happy and they keep paying you. At the end of each calendar month, you are awarded Credits, Scientists, and Engineers from each nation, based on how well you did. If you ignore them and fail missions, nations will withdraw from the project and pull your funding. So, it's important to try to keep everyone happy... or just do your best. This isn't the type of game where you can make everyone happy all the time so you will need to make very tough decisions.

You'll need to balance resources to keep your troops well armed.
Credits are used to buy combat gear, satellites, interceptors, and build facilities in your base.
Scientists - the more you have, the faster you can research. Researching a Plasma Pistol so you can make them for your troops will take 14 days if you only have a few Scientists. 4 if you have many.
Engineers - Many of your upgrades are gated by the number of engineers you have. So, if you want to build more facilities for your base, you'll have to hire more Engineers.
MELD is a new currency for the expansion. It allows you to build, upgrade and repair Mech suits for your soldiers. MELD also allows you to put your troops through gene therapy and get superhuman upgrades. Tired of your people dying on the battlefield, well how about a second heart, that keeps them alive for 5 turns as they slowly bleed out? Does it take too long for your snipers to get to high ground? Well, here are some super strong jumping legs so they can leap to the roof of a second story building! MELD is useful, but supplies are limited.
Alien Tech - you automatically salvage these from every battle that you win. You'll need these to build advanced armor and weapons for your soldiers. If you use explosives in the battle, you may destroy tech vital to your research and engineering! You are free to sell extraneous Alien Tech on a black market if you need some extra Credits.

Alien Terror Threat!!!
Who do I help?
3 Nations all have emergencies at the same time and you can only help one!
China: Has an easy terror attack and your reward is $100.
Mexico: Has a difficult terror attack and your reward is 4 Scientists.
India: Has a medium terror attack and your reward is a new very good Sniper Character.

If you don't help Mexico, they may pull from the X-Com project forever, but you may lose troops in the battle! However, you really need those $100 credits from China so you can build better armor! On the other hand, your team has lost a lot of men recently and you don't have any Snipers. You must make decisions like this throughout the game. And once you accept the battle, you must win it!

X-Com Forces
There are 4 Character Classes: Assault, Heavy, Support, and Sniper.
Assault - they're fast, can use powerful close range guns, and can dodge while they run.
Heavy - they use heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. Explosives are great at insta-killing a group of enemies, but you won't be able to salvage any of their corpses or gear.
Support - they can use medkits to heal, rifles to shoot, and smoke grenades to provide cover against enemy gunfire.
Snipers - they use long range rifles and are excellent at picking off charging or flanking enemies.

Each class has a skill tree, but in X-Com Enemy Within, there are advanced options that allow you to randomize the skill trees to make hybrid troops. You may end up with a Heavy Gunner / Medic, or a Sniper with Assault Skills. Not all of these random upgrades work well together, but in a game where you recruit and lose many soldiers, you will get a handful of gems! This game also allows you to randomize the stat upgrades for the characters as well, so you may have a medic, who can shoot as well as any sniper.

Late in the game, you will discover that some of your soldiers have latent psychic abilities, and they will be able to kill enemies with their brains, or even mind control them! Psychic warfare is a double edged sword, though. The enemies will launch psychic attacks on your troops as well, and they will need strong WILL stats to resist.

There are also 10 genetic upgrades you can apply to any of your soldiers. Resist Mind Control, Better Aiming, Mutant Healing Factor, Detect Enemies through walls (Spider Sense)...

If genetic upgrades don't interest you, you can have your soldiers become cyber soldiers and pilot Mech Suits. They basically become fast, high powered, walking tanks, who can punch enemies through walls, or fire Rail Guns. The MECs are an awesome addition! If a MEC soldier dies, you can repair their suit and give it to another cyber soldier.

Genetic Upgrades and MECs require MELD.

How do I get MELD?
In battles, you will see a bright yellow-orange canister with a number over it. That number indicates the # of turns the MELD will stay on the battlefield. When the counter hits 0, it is gone. It can also be destroyed with explosives!

X-Com battles are pretty easy if you move slowly and have everyone cover everyone else, but when you see MELD off in the distance and you know it will vanish in 2 turns, you are faced with a difficult decision. Do you let it go or have a character sprit towards it, possibly triggering an enemy ambush? If you trigger a large ambush, you could lose many soldiers and even the battle. These are the types of choices you must make.

What are EXALT and Spy Missions?
Suddenly most of your credits vanish from your account and you have no money for soldier upgrades! You may send a SPY armed with only a pistol and an extra item like a grenade, health pack, scope, light armor... This SPY is one of your soldiers and they will be unavailable for a number of days. When they complete their mission, you must rescue them. You send your squad into battle and fight the EXALT enemies who have the same powers and ballistic and laser weapons available to you. There are objectives like, your SPY must hack 2 enemy relays. (Hack means walk up to it and press A). OR you must simultaneously defend 2 checkpoints against enemies by standing near them and keeping the enemies away by killing them. If you fail, you must rush to defend a final checkpoint. The EXALT main base is in 1 of the 16 nations. When you find and raid it, you end their interference. Whenever you complete a SPY Mission, you get a clue as to where the EXALT base is located. If you choose to invade a nation that doesn't have the EXALT Main Base, they get insulted and pull your funding forever. Eventually, the exact location of their base is revealed and it's GREAT FUN to wipe them out!

How do I win battles?
You usually win them by killing enemies. You get a turn, then the aliens get a turn. During your turn, you can move each soldier 10 steps, and perform an action like shoot, throw grenade, use item, duck and cover, or Overwatch. OR you can Dash, and move 20 steps, but perform no action, unless your character has a special skill.

Then the aliens do the same.
Overwatch is great because it allows your characters to shoot at aliens who move into their range. If you place your soldiers strategically, you may kill more aliens on their turn, than on yours! Put two shotgun guys near a doorway, a sniper on a rooftop, a heavy gunner in a hallway and wait. It's great watching the enemies run into your clever ambushes.

Whenever you target an enemy, it shows how much health the enemy has, the max damage of your weapon, and the percentage chance to hit the enemy, and a percentage chance do a critical hit for extra damage. So, you may see two Mutons in your sights. Your gun does 7 damage with a 20% chance to do extra.
Muton A has 4 health and you have a 55% chance to hit him.
Muton B has 8 health and you have an 80% chance to hit him.
Know that when it is the alien's turn, they will both fire at you, so who do you shoot?!
Know that cover is destructible in X-Com, so if you have a Heavy Gunner or Mech nearby, they may be able to destroy a wall, giving your sniper a clear shot at one of the enemies with a very high chance to kill it.

What will I remember about X-Com?
Character Deaths. Painful, nightmarish character deaths. In X-Com, you invest lots of time and effort into your characters and most of them will have their share of heroic moments and turn the tide of the battle! But when they die, they are gone forever. There are times when some characters will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to win the battle. Or there are times, when the aliens ambush you!

I had a sniper on a rooftop and she was picking off flanking enemies and saved the squad! We felt invincible with her watching over us... but suddenly an alien materialized out of the shadows and strangled her to death in clear view of the entire squad. With our guardian angel gone, our hope was replaced with emptiness and fear.

X-Com also has Multiplayer, where you take a squad into battle and fight against other players! Each soldier, creature, or good piece of gear in your squad costs points. So if the battle limit is 500, you can bring a bunch of weak guys or a couple of powerful guys. Each move is timed, so the battles move pretty fast.

Why should I play this?
I loved the original X-Com from the 1990's, and like many gamers it is one of my favorite games of all time. Last year's X-Com Enemy Unknown was a short but streamlined version of the original. X-Com Enemy Within adds a TON of new content and is better in just about every way over its predecessor. It also seems 30-40% longer. Definitely buy this instead of X-Com Enemy Unknown!

If you already finished X-Com Enemy Unknown, well you know the story, but X-Com Enemy Within is so much better on every level, it is really worth picking up and playing again! You can buy this as a standalone game and it doesn't require X-Com Enemy Unknown to play.

It should take about 24-40 hours to get through the campaign on Normal Mode and longer if you play a harder difficulty Level. Because so many factors of X-Com are random, you can replay it over and over and over and it's always fun.

Note: X-Com is best enjoyed when you name your soldiers after your friends and let them know if they saved the world or died horrible deaths along the way!
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5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME upgrade to the original Xcom Enemy Unknown., August 12, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
Xcom Enemy Unknown was awesome all by itself as one of the best strategy games available anywhere on any system. This is the full game with all the addons and features and it has improved the game experience more than I ever expected! What an amazing and full gaming experience this is with all the new features. I could not ask for a better game, this is really one of the top ten games I've ever played in my life. The difficulty level has been adjusted from the original (which was slightly too difficult at normal setting and way too difficult on hard setting) to JUST RIGHT. The added customization featuers are fun, the ability to give medals to soldiers of your choice which help to further customize them is perfect and adds more to the soldiers that I am already too attched to. The addition of Cybernetic enhancements and Gene Modifications just takes the whole experience over the top. Every soldier now has the potential to be completely unique. I was surprised and very happy with the additional storyline missions, which I am not going to spoil for you, but which I will say are AWESOME and a great addition to an already stellar game.

If you played the original and you liked it, you will want, dare I say NEED this version, or all the upgrades for the original. This, being a stand-alone disc would be your best bet for a fully fantastic gaming experience.
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5.0 out of 5 stars XCOM: Enemy Within, June 2, 2014
Kevster54 (Evansville, IN, US) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
As a fan of turn-based strategy games I was thrilled at the strategy and fun of XCOM's first game and was hoping they would make another game in the series. When I saw XCOM:ENEMY WITHIN I was just hoping it was as good as the first XCOM. After playing this game for 3 weeks I must admit they outdid themselves. It has many more options and they are not just fillin options just for the sake of having more options. The new options are great, adding a deeper level of strategy to the game. The AI seems to be smarter and when you let the enemy flank you, you will pay the price. I very much enjoy the second wave options you get once you win the first time. The second wave options add EVEN more strategy to the point you are calculating the AI's moves on every move you make, especially after you get slaughtered a few times. I am sure I will be playing this game a lot over the coming months and I can only hope that in 4-6 months they put out another in the series. Best strategy game I have ever played, even better than the Civilization series. if you like calculating every move like a game of Chess get this game!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Makes crack seem non-addictive, December 2, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
One of the better strategy and simulation games for consoles I've ever seen. Very deep customization and extremely challenging missions/difficulties. Well worth the price paid. A true must-own for any strategy nut.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Great game, save corruption, December 30, 2013
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This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
So -- it's an amazing game, but it has a bad habit of corrupting its save files. Without that issue, I'd give it five stars.

Given how often it occurs, the dev team must have known about it prior to shipping.
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best turn based squad-level strategy games you can play, August 1, 2014
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This review is from: XCOM: Enemy Within (Video Game)
I really like turn based squad level games, this is a very good game if you like controlling 4-6 person team in a varying battlefield with aliens trying to kill you. This is the kind of game a perosn would like if he/she had played with plastic army men as a kid (me included). The action is not a fast paced arcade shooter, rather you need to search out your enemies keeping in mind things like cover from weapons fire, and even things like open flames that can hurt your team members. Its most enjoyable for the kind of person that likes to take his/her time and plan out strategic movement. There is also a prequal to this game called XCOM: Enemy Unknown which is just as entertaining for the patient gamer. You start out with a 4 man team armed with conventional firearms and progress up to energy weapons through research and developement from examining alien technology. At the same time you need to fight off alien assaults and keep the world from spirling into chaos by deploying satelites and bases with interceptors that can track and shoot down a good range of alien ships ranging from one room saucers to multi tiered battelships. Its detailed enough to make it interesting but not demanding all of your attention all the time. There is downloadable content that gives it good replay value.
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XCOM: Enemy Within
XCOM: Enemy Within by 2K (Xbox 360)
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