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on May 21, 2014
Comes with two lenses and the clip on attachment. Pic makes it look like 3 lenses but it's not.

This definitely made a difference in my ability to focus when I'm extremely close to my subject. I can focus in on my subject, then take the clip off and it won't focus at all. That's what proved it to me.

Just make sure you have good lighting. It really won't focus in without it. Also make sure you are right on top of your subject. It won't focus if you are further back. If you don't need to be right on top of your subject then use the camera without this lens. It actually looks better. However like I said you will not be able to focus using the phone's built-in lens if you are too close. That's why this lens is so handy.

I hope this review helps you. If it did please vote it up :)
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on March 31, 2014
The magnets don't stay in place very well so don't expect that you can keep them on your phone. You also have to put a small metal circle around the iPhone lens so that the magnetic lens will latch on so it looks a little funky. My biggest complaint is that you can see dark edges in every photo. It's worth it to buy the olliclip unless you're okay with cropping every photo
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on March 25, 2015
This is by no means a professional photographic lens kit, but it's a super-convenient way to take macro photos with nearly any cell-phone camera. I've got two other lens kits that use a mount that's the back half of a phone case, and they're not any better than this clip on device. The clamp is solid and stays where I put it. I haven't really used anything but the macro lens, but it works well. There is a sweet spot in the middle where everything is in focus, and there is rapid fall off of clarity as you get further off center. This is OK for me because it adds to the general vibe I'm going for with this lens, but be aware that you won't find edge-to-edge sharpness with this lens. The macro lens is basically like having a low-powered microscope in your pocket, so if you want to get a close look at things--even if you're not taking pictures--this would be a good option.
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on January 15, 2015
These lens are very fun to use and I really love how they actually work, despite my initial impressions of this apparatus. Don't expect, however, that with this you'll have perfect photos all the time. The camera operation does depend with the user as well, and the best advice is to learn how to use proper lighting to produce great photos (one major element in photo shooting).
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on March 13, 2014
The lens' work great, but they do *NOT* fit properly on an iPhone 3gs because of the curbed back. The description states that it will work, but I suspected that it would be an issue. I purchased anyway...

Because of the curved back on the 3gs, you will get dark edges around the perimeter of your pictures because the lens is not flat/straight in orientation to the camera. The lens also needs to be mounted flush against the phone body...not on the outside of a phone case/cover...this will also create dark edges around your photos.

That being said, these are a great deal and my teenaged son still loves them!
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on January 10, 2015
going to have to play around with this a bit to see if it really is going to be useful. as it stands I actually get a better macro picture without this lens, just using the macro setting on my phone. it doesn't fit snuggly to the phone camera either so there is a black ring around the photos. not impressed with it. I am glad I only bought an inexpensive one to try out these type products. I am thinking I will probably wind up not using it much.....if at all
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on September 10, 2015
Finally I got it, I've irdered the clip-on but guess what? Instead I got the crappy magnetic attachment thing with TWO lenses when in the descriptions it says THREE, but hey! There's a surprise, you did get three lens, you just have to unscrew the wide angle lens to get only the macro lens but still, some pretty tricky lie about the clip-on thing ah?, somehow this people have manage not to get busted by Amazon or Amazon doesn't care about this scam, it doesn't matter if it is for 4 bucks! It's a waste of money ordering something that you want and open the box and look to something completely different that you were expected, I'm not going for the trouble to return it so I have to use it anyway until it fall off and brake (which I think that's exactly what's going to happen ) that's for the seller, you are a liar mister.

This is for the product, it's seem cheap, cause it's cheap, so don't get any hopes up! You'll receive it in a half white half transparent zip bag, with two lenses, that's right, only two, each one whit a plastic cap for the front of the lens and a magnetic little metal cap for the back of it,in the same bag you'll find the "instructions" , I don't know if it's English/Russian or a bad translation of the English on one side, the other side is somekind of Asian writing, I think Japanese (I'm no expert, barely can write this review in English) but with some drawings explaining what you have to do to make it work, dont have to be an engeneer to do it, the tricky part is this, you actually will get three lens, only that two of them are screw together, the macro lens is screw to the wide angle lens, a surprise after look the two things and wonder how I've got ripped off, basically that's it, that's what you'll get, the quality of the image it's average if you don't pay attention to the corners that obviously will be blackened for the size of the lens and the sensor of the camera, I don't know the term in English but in Spanish it's called "viñeta" , you don't event have that letter in your alphabet XD , anyway, that's what causes this effect and it's supposed to happen on the fish eye lens, but not so much on the wide angle, but it's doesn't work that way, you still can see a bit of the black corners on both lens, even if you adjust them very well and precise,even both of the lens work as they are meant to, they both have a lack of optical quality,but they do make the shot range larger, you can see the difference if you open your camera app, see the corners and make some kind of mark with something in the shot, like a wall or a fence or anything that you can put on the side of the screen, then put the lens on and you'll see that the object is now full size or you can see it completely or even can see what's next to it, but again, this is a very cheap kit, it do much of the work for me in video, I use a lot iMovie,in video you get a bit less sensor size so the shot on your screen when you put it in video instead of photo, run a little smaller, you can see less in the frame, this is a great help because the black corners won't show in video mode most of the time, but again, the magnet is very delicate so you have to be careful cause it'll move at any touch or bump,but will stay put if you just only grab your phone away from it... Haven't tried at full movements yet but I'm sure it'll stick.

So, the seller is a liar and the product is cheap but it'll do fine with the proper care, thanks Amazon for the service and letting me write what I think about this product, hope to help someone and save you a lot of frustration or even encourage to buy it, if you get what you brought of course, not what they wanted to send you! LoL

In the photos you can see:
1. A normal photo with an iPhone 5s.
2. A photo with the "fish eye lens 180 degrees" (says on the side of it) .
3. A photo with the "0.67x wide" (also says in the side of it) .
4. A normal photo of a watch.
5. A photo of the same watch with the macro lens.
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on June 27, 2014
For under $8 I can't complain. But it's terribly cheap. My kit came with fish eye lens & a macro lens but was missing the wide lens. It also came with two sets of instructions and mounting magnets. Let's take this piece by piece.
The mounting kit came with two iPhone flash-friendly magnets (per kit), & one complete circle ring that is not compatible with the iPhone flash. It also came with a key chain/dog tag type thing that is supposed to be a "hand strap." It's pointless.
The instructions were broken English and hard to understand.(example: "4. It should be grateful to use the phone if the camera lens at the center, on the direct absorption in the Ring to use. (see chart 4)" um, what?)
The iPhone compatible magnets didn't even have adhesive on them & they aren't correctly polarized to keep the lens centered, they always slide around a little. Although the magnets IN the lenses stick to each other VERY well!
The fish eye lens is decent. It adds quite a bit of a vignette to the photo & there's a faint circle in the center of the photos as well, but it doesn't lose clarity and isn't absolutely horrible.
The macro lens is a lie. It doesn't increase clarity of small up-close shots. It doesn't do anything. It's pointless.
I wish I could comment on the quality of the wide lens, but seeing as how it wasn't included in my kit I cannot.
All in all, save your money and splurge for an Olloclip. For reals.
I will be contacting the seller of this and demanding a refund.
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on August 12, 2014
Works a charm to make up for the one real weakness that the S5 camera has (close-up focusing). I haven't really used the wide lens but it looks nice so far. The macro is a huge help and a must-have if you do ANY photos for products at all with your phone (and what small business doesn't?)
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on August 10, 2015
First, this is two lenses, not three. And they screw together.

The wide lense gives a wide shot, but on my galaxy s5 it creates a slight circle around the edges of the shot, like a fisheye lens would.

This gets 5 stars because of the price. If this were an expensive item Id give it 3.5/5. But its $4 and does its job. What more do you want?
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