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on July 11, 2012
Using this card has been great so far. I currently have it mounted on an Asus Sabertooth X79 motherboard inside an NZXT Switch 810 case. The temperatures on it while gaming are perfect and the burn-in test in FurMark ran without a problem, maxing at about 80C after around 20 minutes of 100% utilization. I did have some issues with a game where the display would randomly crash, though I couldn't find anything about it in the Event Viewer. I'm chalking it up to the design of the game, Metro 2033, as I haven't had issues with any others.

The initial card that was sent to me had the screws on the fan mountings all screwed up, so one of them was barely hanging on. Watch out for that. Returning it and receiving another one was suprisingly quick and easy, taking about 5 business days total.
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on August 21, 2012
This video card has been the perfect replacement for my radeon 6970 I am very happy to have purchased the XFX 7970 BE is a great card to have overclock factory is very fresh. games with high details luxury the fans are very quiet. noteworthy that here in Venezuela is tropical climate and the area where I live more or less some heat and still remains in the graph idle state approximately between 36 and 38 ° C and full load with some titles reaches 65 ° and I have no air conditioning. in short all recommend this product is what many players seek when purchasing a graph good price, excellent performance, super cool and quiet
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on June 1, 2012
I have a Asus Sabretooth X79+ Intel 3930k with 2 of these XFX 7970 in crossfire and it pumps 60+ fps on a Dell 27 Ultrasharp 2560*1440. I love the performance of these cards. I purchased card 1 from amazon, and card 2 from another vendor.
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on July 14, 2012
This thing is awesome. Unless you are running multiple monitors for games, you only need one. I installed it yesterday and played a little Crysis 2. At 1920*1080, with all the settings on extreme, it did get a little on the warm side. It just barely cracked the 65C mark. I have experienced hardly any frame rate issues at all (only a couple in the FFXIV benchmark) and the picture is amazing. I put it in the Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Full Tower Case with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 (RC-932-KKN5-GP) case with a big fan blowing on it keeping idle temps below 30C.

Just one of these cards performs considerably better than my older Xfire 5870 set up. Sure, the price is pretty high but it is worth the extra pennies if you enjoy smooth, crystal clear visuals like I do. It is not as big as other cards of this caliber either. It is just about the same length as a 5870. The cooling system is pretty sweet too. The aluminum on it makes it heavier but aluminum gets rid of heat very well.

I have not overclocked it yet because 1000/1425 is fast enough for what I do, but that does not mean I will not try eventually.

By the way, I paired this puppy with an i7 2600k and a somewhat older ASUS P8Z68 board so neither support this card's PCIe 3.0 capability. Soon I will be getting an i7 3930K and an ASUS X79 board. I just need to save a little more cash and I will be set.

One more thing: Personally, I like to use Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIV benchmark because I enjoy playing FFXIV. It scored 6500 in that (any score over 5000 is considered very high performance) with the older PCIe 2.0 setup I am using at the moment. Granted, the FFXIV benchmark scores your system as a whole, not just the GPU. To put it in perspective, my old Xfire 5870 rig scored 5600.

UPDATE 10/18/2012 ::

Well, this card ran well for the first couple months I had owned it; then, the problems started. I am not exactly sure how this happened, but overheating has become a serious issue. When I first installed the card, temps were within acceptable range (60-75 degrees) on various games. Temps progressively got higher and higher while playing FFXIV and every other game I own over these three months, and the games started to develop random artifacts on screen. These artifacts only lasted for a single frame and seemed to pop up about once every 15-20 seconds. It was noticeable and annoying. I tried uninstalling and re-installing drivers. I tried beta drivers. I even tried re-installing games. Nothing worked.

90+ degrees is unacceptable. So, I took the card out and opened it up to get a better look. The cooling system is actually ... pretty bad. The design does not allow for the heat sink to firmly mount to the processor (it is really an awful design). I tried using my own thermal paste, but to no avail, temps were still very high - too high. I also have the same case and fan set up as the day I installed it, and I used the same settings as well.

I am in the process of seeing what XFX will do for me, but I am not getting my hopes up. I have a strong feeling they won't replace my card because I took it upon myself to try and make it usable, but in light of my recent headaches, this card belongs in the trash can anyway; and, I do not want to own another one. I am a bit disheartened by this because I have owned several XFX cards over the last few years without problems. I just ordered the Gigabyte 7970, so hopefully I will have no issues with that card.

Ultimately, it does not matter how jaw dropping a graphics card is if it does not have a reasonable working life. If this happened to me two or three years down the road, I would not care all that much. Two or three months is a lifespan suitable to a small rodent, not a nice looking, shiny graphics card.

Do yourself a favor and avoid this product.
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on January 26, 2012
This card is simply Amazing! When you have two it's twice the insanity...
With no adjustment to voltage this card OC's to max CCC settings and at the same time remaining quiet and cool. Temps under full load OC'd are relatively low, never over 65C
After only 2 days of ownership I can see a vast improvement over my previous CF setup (Old running 2x MSI TwinFrozr 6950 2gbs PE/OC)
Some facts and in game observations...
BF3 - All sliders to max settings - 67fps - Dell 30" Monitor @2560x1600
Skyrim - Max settings - So visually stunning it will blow you away! Funny what a difference a few check boxes make...
And don't forget how unbelievably gorgeous these cards are. The new Double-Dissapation heat sink design, Ghost Thermal Technology and Silver/Black chrome finish make this by far one of the more attractive GPUs out there while delivering excellent cooling. **Putting your hand near the card during operation reveals "feeling" warmer air coming off the back section and rear of the card. To me that meant the cards design does a good job of pointing the hot air out of the case.
Bottom line: One of these will get you through most everything out there with a smile, BUT if you are running multiple monitors with high-res you may consider tossing a pair of these puppies in your rig. You won't be disappointed.
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on February 2, 2013
When I first got it, it played everything I could throw at it maxed out. No problems whatsoever.

After a few days, that all changed. At first, I noticed some random artifacting, in games, but would go away when I restarted the games, no big deal right. Well, the artifacting started popping up in weird places, even over the facebook chat windows, go figure. This was tolerable, as restarting applications usually fixed it, even though it was annoying. Then the card started slowing down,(just started today) It wasnt overheating or anything, it just seemed to be throttling itself. I tested it using Furmark, and was getting 8FPS on their standard 1080p benchmark, and I also noticed it was reporting the correct core and memory speeds. Now the card doesnt do this all the time, and usually a system restart will fix it, but for a card that costs this much money, I fell like I have to return it.

Other thoughts: tested using the lastest AMD drivers 13.1. PSU is fine, 1.1KW, with plenty of power to the rails, more than enough to power one of these cards. Tested this card in another pc, with a different psu, and got the same results. I rated it 2 stars because I still have faith in XFX and their products and believe I just got a lemon card. I will most likely buy another one in a few days and will edit my review accordingly.
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on May 3, 2013
From pure gaming perspective, the GTX 670 is the better value which one can buy now for ~$370. This card I got for $370 AR runs a lot cooler and quieter than the EVGA GTX 670 FTW that I once owned. The EVGA card wasn't as stable too.

Crossfire motherboards are cheaper and more flexible to run than Nvidia's SLI. For example I can pair a HD 7950 and 7970 crossfire but you can't pair a GTX 680 + 670 in SLI.

In term of gaming performance you'll find that HD 7970 excel at games above 1920x1080. You'll see this card shines at the 2560x1440 resolution against Nvidia cards.

Then in professional graphics applications AMD butchers Nvidia so bad that it's not even a competition. That's why Nvidia came up with CUDA and not OpenCL. They simply could not compete with an Open API level against AMD.

This card is physically voltage locked so there's no way you can lower the voltage but it does come overclocked at 1000mhz so no complaints.
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on April 18, 2013
I am in love with this card. So far I've been able to max out Skyrim, SimCity, and the Final Fantasy XIV beta client. Operates quietly and renders polygons like know what. Great buy! Also loved getting the rebate back from XFX.
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on May 11, 2013
My third XFX ATI board. All have been trouble free. This thing is fast and gorgeous to behold with its aluminum shroud and red anodized metal trim. The copy I got had the updated firmware and thermal profile-- so all the early reviews about this thing being noisy don't apply to the later models. I have it running in a liquid cooled Corsair 800D enclosure right under my desk-- and I can't hear it. Even under some load with Bioshock cranking away on a Dell 2560x1600 30" panel I'm getting respectable frame rates and it's STILL quiet.

I got this bad boy for about $360.00 after a rebate. Plus a couple of free games. IMHO, this is a killer product at a really good price. Heck, get two and run them in crossfire mode for some truly insane goodness.
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on February 20, 2013
I had gotten one of these for a Christmas present and decided it would be nice to finally Crossfire like I've always wanted to do, so I picked up a second card from Amazon. I've never had a system this good in my life.

Upgrading from a single GTX 570 the difference is night and day. You don't realize how many games can actually use more than 2GB of video memory until you actively watch how much games like Hitman: Absolution and Crysis 3 are using. It makes me feel better about not taking the NVIDIA route I'm familiar with. Crossfire performance is amazing in games that can properly make use of it as well. Crossfire generally scales better than SLI, so for a system without a processor bottleneck the difference could be around 80 to 90% better than just one card. Battlefield 3 absolutely maxed out with 4X AA gets me around 80-90FPS.

With that being said, there's a few considerations to remember when buying this card:

1. Overclocking on these will probably return mixed results. The original cards (the one pictured inaccurately in the Amazon product page for the 7970BE) were a reference AMD design with one DVI. Those cards had a lot of overclocking headroom. With the double DVI models now shipping you might be able to push the cards to 7970 Ghz Edition speeds, but don't expect to max out the CCC sliders on every card. The cards you get from Amazon itself will almost certainly be the double DVI models. I've had three to play around with and I've been able to get a max OC of 1070/1500.

2. Heat is an issue in Crossfire. The heatsinks on the Double D models are designed to let out air inside the case more than outside, meaning if there's more intake fans in the case than there are exhaust these are going to overheat. This is actually manageable in my Cooler Master HAF XB case, but a top exhaust fan is absolutely mandatory. In my particular system the temperatures peak at around 85c in-game. I wouldn't recommend letting Furmark run very long with two of these.

3. Power consumption with two of these is something to take into consideration. My Kill-a-Watt meter measured 760 watt peak (I'll post my system below) in FurMark at stock speeds. A generic power supply isn't going to cut it. 850W would be my minimum.

4. Quality control issues affected my first card. The fan on the original single DVI model I had started to make a grinding noise after two weeks. It wasn't bumping against anything, so I had to RMA it through XFX (who has fantastic support in my experience). It seems to be a less-than-common, but more-likely-than-rare issue.

I would definitely recommend these cards if you're up to the task of making sure your system can handle them. Remember to register them on XFX's website for a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

My system for reference:

Cooler Master HAF XB Desktop-ATX Case (Two front Bitfenix Prodigy fans, two rear Corsair H80i fans, top Corsair 200mm exhaust)
ASUS Maximus V Formula
Intel Core i7-3770k @ 4.5GHz with Corsair H80i
2X XFX 7970 Black Edition
8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600
Corsair AX850 Power Supply
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