Customer Reviews: Audiovox XM Snap XSN1V1 XM Satellite Radio Receiver with instant plugin
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on December 11, 2010
This is installed in two steps:

1) Install the antenna. This is the "hard" part. You can either put the antenna outside of the car and route inside or in the windshield/ back window. I have a four door and put the antenna on the back shelf behind the back passenger headrest and then just routed the wire. Recption has been A+ and no wires hanging out.

2) Install the unit -- This took me about 10 seconds to do. Just plug into the cigarette Lighter(2 seconds) and tune the FM Radio(8 seconds) to the right channel

Sound is excellent. I think SiriusXM figured out how to make the car electrical system a radio transmitter so the signal is super strong for my car radio to pick up on. So, no bleed over, no buzzing, no interference.

Unless you're looking for alot of bells and whistles.. this is as good as it gets and its CHEAP!!!!
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on March 12, 2011
The good:
Small footprint
Minimal wiring required as the antenna and aux out plug into the lighter adapter
Cleaner look when installed

The bad:
The display doesn't scroll like other XM/Sirius radios
Difficult to change channels using preset buttons
5 presets total
Menu has 2 options Audio level and ID

I had an old Sirius Sportster Replay and replaced it with the XM Snap. Having used a full sized unit in the past the things I miss are the full size display and more presets. The biggest issue with this radio I have found is that it is difficult to change the channel as the preset buttons require a firm press and the radio is only supported by the lighter adapter which allows for some movement of the radio. No complaints about the audio quality. You basically give up some functionality and usability for the small size and simple installation.
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on November 12, 2012
I'd like to clarify that I DID NOT purchase this radio from Amazon. Though I did want to provide a reveiw for other potential buyers.

I purchased this radio to replace another XM radio that I DID purchase from Amazon. Unfortunetly that radio stopped working and I had to return it. Because I had purchased it on Amazon(a third party in general), SiriusXM could not, or would not, send me a replacement for the defective radio. I had to either get it myself, or simply return the radio. I chose the latter. So please be aware of this when purchasing ANY XM or Sirius radio from a third party.

One thing you need to know about this radio is that it's as simple as you can get when it comes to XM radios. No fancy bells or whistles. If that's what you're looking for, then I highly suggest this radio. If not, then stop reading this review and keep looking.

If that is what you're looking for then you've found it. There are other XM radio car kit sets, like the one I had to return. This one though is by far so much more simple to install. It plugs right into the cigarette lighter for the power. It has the cord for the antennae(See not below), then the AUX input if you so choose(See Tip below). It's so much of a cleaner install than my other XM radio that I had to return.

The pictures and desription are pretty self explanitory. Five buttons for five presets. Two arrow buttons to change the catagory, and a knob to scroll through the station within a specific catagory.

The price of this radio just adds to the value. You get access to so many stations with simple and inexpensive device.

My only complaint so far is that when you use the scroll knob to browse other stations, it automatically swithces you to whatever station you might pause at. Minor inconvenience, but nothing major. I'm still very happy with the radio.

I would definitely recommend this radio.

I noticed in the description of this item that it says the Vehicle Magnetic Antenna cord is 22.5 feet long. It's no where near that length. It's closer to 8-10feet. I have a 2012 Honda Civic. I had enough cord to start at the middle top portion of my windshield, run the wire under the weather strip, to the side of the windshield toward the driver door, go into the car, over the steering wheel column, then to my radio. With about 4-5 inches to spare. That distance is NOT 22.5 feet. Just be aware of that if you plan to use this for a larger vehicle. Know the distance you will need.

I personally tried using the FM connection to listen to my radio. This and my previous radio both had background static that I could not ignore when I tried. So I opted to use the included AUX cable. I now have crystal clear radio. So I defintely recommend using the AUX cable for optimum sound quality.
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on September 26, 2011
I bought two of these satellite radios because the price was so good! I put one in my husband's F 150, and the other in my Toyota Highlander. I am a female senior citizen and this is our "starter" satellite experience. I was able to install the antenna wire neatly under the molding of the window, through the door hinge and under the carpet just exactly like the directions suggest. Plugging it into the power socket was a "Snap".

I have had rental cars with satellite radio and found all the "bells and whistles" on these units too complicated for my old brain. I like, and purposely chose this unit for its simplicity.

We live way out in the middle of nowhere with no radio reception, so satellite is just right for us. We have many open FM channels from which to choose and the reception is very good.

We have been using the radios for about a month, and so far they are very satisfactory. And, folks, I think the "Snap" is ever so cute in my car. How's that for high-tech?
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on December 23, 2010
When you've been around long enough you learn that everything represents some sort of compromise.... There are few if any clear wins.

The XM Snap! provides an easy, minimal way to get XM going in your car. It is seeming the "best" solution for this in my wife's 2008 Lexus RX350 w/Nav. There were other "better" ways, e.g. $300 (aftermarket) -> $700 (dealer) bits that integrate w/the head unit, but that's wwaayyy too much to spend for XM radio (esp considering $12/mo).

If you look at reviews elsewhere for this radio you'll see that experience varies WRT its FM transmitter. In our area there are only a few "empty" FM freqs & there is a bit of hiss/static using this (and this method is a bit light in bass) but my wife is not picky. May buy & use a cassette adapter someday. The pluses are many for this small, convenient way to go.

+ low purchase price + promotions. great UI for its minimal size (category arrow buttons, presets, knob w/push scan)
+ if lighter location & FM work well for you, just run antenna wire & plug 'er in. (does have audio & FM out jacks btw)
+ small, easy to stow, nice twisting/angling abilities
- antenna wire shorter than my other XM radios, probably could not neatly make it (tucked in, etc.) from front->top rear hatch location that I did w/other radios. antenna wire also has large right-angle plug & large magnet/choke plastic barrel that make routing harder. Took a while to neatly run wire from front of sunroof & down passenger door mouldings, but no wire is visible.
- only 5 presets, but necessary for small size I guess.
- FM transmitter seems weaker & w/slightly attenuated bass compared to my other Delphi XM SkyFis

But again a nice, simple, small solution if it suites your needs. We're happy with it.
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on February 5, 2013
Got this as a amazon deal and can't say enough about it. Simple set up (no complicated tie in) and great sound. You can literally be up and running in less than 10 minutes. Because it's powered by a cigarette lighter, placement may run from ideal to less than thrilling - that's about it's only downside. FM hookup can be challenging finding a decent blank channel but the unit does have a mini stereo out so you can hook in direct with a cassette tape adaptor or line in if your radio has one. Hard to beat for the price and ease of install.
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on May 19, 2011
Great product very easy to use, easy to install. It's great to transport from car to car, has less wiring. One tiny tiny problem though is the screen is a little small, compared to the other devices. overall great product and would highly recommend it if you don't wanna spend a lot money.
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on August 4, 2012
Dealer cost for official Sirius installion my new Mazda CX5: $500 plus (I'm not joking)...
XM Snap-in cost: about $29. (It may have been a "special deal", but I checked, it was $29).

I looked at every alternative I could find, starting with the dealer option (pricey, but admittedly nice, built into the dash and connected to the NAV unit display), Sirius standalone add-on's like the Stratus & Starmate (a lot more than $29) ... and then this. For $29 I thought "why not take a chance?" and I'm glad I did.

As I've installed it the unit sits low on the dash, out in front of the storage bin with the display head to the left of the dash. Under some circumstances I can brush it with my leg, but that's rare - it could happen when getting in or out of the vehicle. If I spent a moment I could probably adjust the flexible XM Snap arm to bring it more inline with the dash - the fact that I haven't done that suggests it's working OK as is :)

With some effort all of the wires can be hidden in the CX5. Removing a panel on the lower-left passenger side footwell and the rear of the center console from the back seat and fishing the AUX IN wire through with a 4 foot long stiff wire, the AUX IN plug taped to it's end once it's pushed through from the console to passenger compartment. Mazda intelligently left an opening in the console just ahead of the AUX IN for the wire and left some "slack" in the plastic behind the power socket in the dash allowing the wire/plug to be pushed out from inside the dash, bending the dash slightly to let it through. (Some Mazda engineer was thinking *this* out carefully).

I began with the antenna sitting up on the center of the dashboard against the windsheild, but moved on (when I found this was all going to work) to routing the antenna out through the dash behind the glove compartment, under the door molding (it pops off, goes back on right over the wire), up to the corner of the windshield (outside now - at the passenger side between the fender and inner structure of the door), up a channel that surrounds the windshield - to the top, center windshield - where I affixed it to the roof just behind the windshield molding wth the included double-sided tape. To keep the antenna wire in this channel I wrapped a few turns of black electrical tape around it at 5 or 6 locations - for a "press fit" to hold it in the channel. It's held for several months now - it may be all that's needed long-term.

The reception was good when the antenna was located in the dash, but is better now that it's located outside. It is at least as good as the Sirius reception in the factory install of my Merecedes SLK.
review image
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on February 28, 2012
i wish there was a dim feature on this device. the blue illumination around the dial, and for the right and left arrows, seems very distracting at night. even if you point it away from you it still seems to shine in your eyes. i had to cover the illumination with some pinstripe vinyl i had laying around to reduce this issue. the display area for the artest is fine, not overly bright but bright enough to see it during the day and night.

audio quality is great, 5 pre-sets work fine with the easy dial i can find any station effortlessly, quick display response shows station information quickly, no load times to wait to see which stations your scrolling threw. i wish the dial's push button would toggle threw the artist/station. instead the unit automatically switches from station info to artist and song info every 15 second. and the press button on the dial seems to do a useless "preview" feature where it scrolls threw each station giving you a 10 second preview of each station. over all a great product for the price. if your looking for a quick and easy xm radio that requires no 3m adhesive installation, this is perfect.

the antenna cord is entirely to short its about 1/3 the size of the normal units. it left me JUST enough to rout it under my floor mat. threw my door seal strip and up to the center of my roof. i have a tiny mazda 2, and i barley had enough to rout the wire and tuck and hide it all the way to the center of the roof!

if this is an issue with you just call and complain and they will send you out a longer one.

lastly , if you hate calling xm radio customer service, you can call their NY head quarters and once you reach the operator say you would like to speak to a customer service representative "at this location" or else they'll transfer you to the 800# queue
212-584-5100 <xm radio hq in new york
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on July 26, 2013
This is a great, cheap XM tuner. Routing the antenna cable is the hardest part, and that's only if you don't want wire everywhere. I took the time to route mine through weather stripping and under the dash. Took me about 30 minutes.

The tuner itself seems to be of good quality and feels sturdy. It's very pretty, the blue and white lighting look great. They're very easy to read in the day and night, and I don't find the light to be overwhelming at all at night. The tuner is very basic, having 5 preset stations, two buttons, and a rotational wheel. The two buttons are left and right to select a genre/category, and the wheel is to select specific stations within a genre/category. Overall, it's insanely simple to use and you have to be pretty dumb to not understand it.

The antenna itself gets decent reception. I live in southern Pennsylvania so everywhere I drive is pretty hill and mountain filled. The only time it cuts out is when I'm near large buildings on both sides, or when I'm down in a valley. Pretty much there has to be some sort of thick wall (hills, buildings, etc) on both sides of the car for it to cut out. Thankfully XM have it so that when you lose signal, instead of hearing static, it silences the radio until reception returns.

I use the AUX input in my car, and audio sounds incredible. If anything, it's a little too bass filled. I have my subwoofer turned down (via my Sony head unit) to +6/7, instead of +10 that it's usually at. Not a huge deal.

The only con I can think of with the device is how short the stick it rests on is. I drive a small 5 speed economy car (Saturn SL2 to be exact) and the tuner and stick that it sits on are always in the way of something. If I have the tuner moved to the left to avoid hitting it whilst shifting into 1st, my knee hits it (and often changes the category). If I have it turned to the right to avoid my knee, I hit it in 1st. I find myself leaning it towards the left while in city/town driving and when I hit highways I push it to the right. Not a huge deal. However, no matter which side it is leaning towards, it is always in the way of my A/C controls. I have to reach behind it to change from cold - warm, which obviously isn't a huge deal because that is usually stationary dependent on the season. This of course could be considered a defect of my car for only having one 12V outlet and Saturn putting it in front of the radio and A/C controls and to the left of the shifter.

So all in all, for the amount I paid for one in great great condition used, and the cheap price of XM's music only plan, I'm more than happy with this tuner and would recommend it to anyone.
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