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on October 17, 2011
I just got this today, so understand that before reading the rest of the review. I have already set up the bluetooth for my phone, and have used this as a standard online headset. There is a switch which allows you to swap back and forth, which comes in real handy when you're in the middle of a battle, and you get a call from your invisible girlfriend. To set it up with your Xbox, there is the standard wireless connection button you would find on all wireless controllers, and the boot up sounds rock. There is no mandatory USB connection to make this work, despite reviews I found on other websites. There is a docking station to charge it, but it's not mandatory, as the headset itself plugs right into MOST cell phone chargers. The appearance of it is quite nice, and will go well with the Limited Edition 360 coming out Nov. 8th. You also receive a free Avatar item with the purchase. The code for both Male and Female white t-shirts comes in the packaging.

The overall sound quality was fairly good, though it got a bit grainy while using it in Bluetooth mode. Nothing too severe, but it's there. The loop around the ear can be switched to fit either your left or your right ear, though I prefer the right side, because the MW3 logo is right-side-up. It also comes with 3 different rubber disks to try and fit your specific sized ear hole. I have a fairly small hole in the side of my head, so I actually removed the rubber piece completely, to accommodate. Overall, I like this one better than the Halo Reach wireless headset, which I paid a similar price for. The 2 main things that sell me on this is the Bluetooth, and the micro USB charging capabilities. I hope this helps out, if you have any questions, post them as a comment, and I will respond.
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on November 9, 2011
This is my review of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Bluetooth Wireless Headset. For all Technical specs see products page, but you can get 30ft of range from Xbox with Mic on, and with Bluetooth you can go the same distance but from you phone. So basically anywhere, all other information in video, check the comments link for the Youtube in Depth Version, due to Amazon's video File Limit, Ask Question In Comments Section and I will Get back with you Thanks.
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on December 15, 2013
I'm an old-school gamer and i don't BS about reviews because i do so few of them. I was VERY dubious about this, at first, but lost all my reservations after using this headset. And, the people on the other end (i game with) are VERY verbal if there are problems.

I got nothing but compliments on this headset and it sounds VERY good to me.

Did i use it for my cell phone.....NO....i bought it for my 360 and to needlessly wear it out (batterwise) with two items is pointless.

Don't let it spook you but, when the 360 is turned off you will hear a "shhhht". That's the ear-piece disconnecting and it's normal.
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on December 27, 2012
It's possible that I have a flawed unit, but I do have some issues:
1) You have to speak somewhat loudly for the microphone to initiate, once it initiates, no one has a hard time hearing me, but I almost feel like I need to clap to start speaking.
2) The power button will stop working sometimes. I will take it off the charger, and it just won't turn on even though it's been sitting on charge for days. If I plug it back in, and remove it again, the power button is magically working.
3) There is an audible hum that you can hear when nothing is going on.

I still think this is a much better unit for the price than the included headphones. For one, I can actually hear other people, which is more than I cay for the included microsoft headphones. Secondly
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on April 10, 2015
Works well with both my xbox and my ps3. Two reasons why it is not higher rated are because it can be pretty uncomfortable after wearing for a bit and the mute function. It doesn't take too long before my ear starts to ache, more so than with other bluetooth headsets I have used. And this can be an issue if you want to play for even an hour. Also if you put it on mute, it will beep at you every minute or so until you un-mute it, forever. Very annoying as I like to keep my mic muted until I have something to say. This seems to actively encourage hearing everyone's background conversations. I much prefer to play without others hearing every noise I make. Overall though I still use it because it is a lot more convenient than a wired headset and works with both systems just fine.
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on August 28, 2013
I bought this headset because I was looking for something that would work with the ps3, xbox360, and my phone. This absolutely was what I needed. Those reviews where they complain about sound quality must have gotten a defective headset, because I tested it and can hear clearly. I have problems with earbuds hurting my ears and this one did not give me any problems.

It does feel a bit flimsy when it is in but overall stays in place.

The base did get a bit scuffed up in shipping but not a big deal for me. Just bad microsoft packaging. Maybe that is why mine was a bit cheaper.
review image review image
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on February 19, 2012
Bought this bluetooth headset to use for XBox 360 and iPhone 4.

Synched this headset up with both Xbox 360 and iPhone 4 very quickly and easily.

Sound is clear. Headset is comfortable. Easy to use.

Price was great. Shipping was quick and done well from the seller.

I may be purchasing another; you can synch several to the xbox 360 and easy to switch to answering calls on the iPhone.
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on March 18, 2014
I'm used to the crappy xbox wired headsets. I would always end up breaking them or the cords would rip. They were also very uncomfortable. Item arrived charged but still charged it. The dock Mack's it awesome and has a green light that flashes but when charged is solid. The dock can also be detached for use with a micro usb cable. Then most delicate part would be the ear hook. I did drop this onto tile floor and it survived. Now functionality. My friends say I'm quieter but that's because they all scream but they have now started to queit down. When you recieve a phone call you can easily switch over and answer it. The answer and end button is on the outside and is kinda like an apple mouse where the whole thing clicks. The sound clarity is very good and at my friends house I was one floor down and about 40 feet away and sounded perfect on both ways of conversation on xbox mode. Bluetooth made has a little less range unless I have and iPhone problem. Battery time is around the 8 hours it advertises. O and for the it picks up to much. My friends think they are standing by niagra falls when I'm taking a piss. I should probably hit the mute button. And one thing I forgot. When you get a call and you are already in bluetooth made it has its own ringtone.. Idk about xbox mode. And the loud boom people complain about when you turn it off is suppose to be there. It makes the noise, little white noise, then silence.
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on November 30, 2012
I bought this a few weeks ago and have used it quite a bit. The sound quality is good and I don't get any complaints from fellow online players about it crackling/making weird noises or cutting out(as sometimes happens with crappy or old headsets). The battery life is described as being 8 hours of talk time and that is about right. Mine has been lasting a little bit more than that (almost 10 hours), but it will likely go down as time goes on.

The only 2 issues I have with it are minor and won't be an issue for all potential users. The ear piece hurts my ear after a while. It does come with different size ear gels so that you can have a better fit, but I guess I just have abnormally small ears :) It doesn't hurt enough for me to stop playing, but enough for me to briefly whine about it.
The other issue is the connecting to my Xbox. I have 2 Xbox's and it always connects to the other one, even though I've never used it with that one. All I have to do is press the find connection button on the Xbox I want it to connect to, and press the same find connection button on the headset to fix the issue. So it's an easy problem to solve, but with my other bluetooth headset (an "Xbox 360 Wireless Headset Communicator" from 2006) this is never an issue. It just remembers which Xbox it belongs to and links in automatically. For this reason, I deducted a star.

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and will purchase another one when the price goes down to around $25.
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on January 1, 2015
This is the 1st wireless mic I bought for the Xbox 360. I hadn't bought the original model because I'd heard stories about the battery dying after a few months. I had read good reviews about the 2nd version and then this Call of Duty version came out and included a charging dock. The dock is actually pretty nice, it has rubber feet, it weighted, and you can just drop the headset into it. The audio on the headset itself is good, I could hear everyone else just fine. The problem with this headset is the mic, nobody can hear you unless you speak very loudly, not yelling loud but louder than normal speaking volume. Before this I was using the original wired headset that came with the old white 360s and had the mute button at the end of the cord.
After reading some online forums I see that other people are complaining about the mic too, but not just this headset, all of the newer Microsoft headsets. Even people who have switched from the old wired mic to the new wired mic with the in-line mute button have noticed that you have to speak louder with the new headsets. The popular theory is that Microsoft switched to a less sensitive mic because the old one picked up lots of background noise.
I ended up returning this and buying the older model wireless headset and haven't had an issues.
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