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Edition: 120GB Elite Holiday 2009 BundleChange
Price:$208.99 - $499.99
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109 of 120 people found the following review helpful
on October 12, 2009
First of all, I'm a PS3 owner and have been nearly since it's launch. I really love the PS3 and think it's a great system. I had considered buying a 360 many times but kept passing over it after hearing of all the problems it had and just figured I didn't want to deal with the chances. Well after seeing this bundle with the new price cut and finding out this bundle is definitely the latest "Jasper" version I went ahead and purchased it. The two included games aren't exactly *amazing* but they're still pretty good and it's definitely a good deal to get both of them included for no added cost.

So far I've noticed the system does seem to run a good bit cooler than my brothers original launch model 360. I'm also really enjoy the new menu system for the 360. Or maybe I should say newer, I'm not sure when it came out, but I prefer it over the older "tabbed" style menu previously used. Overall I believe now is a great time to grab a 360. Since it has been out longer than the PS3 you do have access to more titles and more titles that are cheap. Some of the systems best games can easily be picked up for $29.99 now. The ability to use Netflix on the system is also really amazing. The menu system and the integration to the Xbox menu is top notch, it definitely doesn't feel like an after thought.

Thus far my only gripe with the system is how Microsoft uses it's point system for purchasing items. I much prefer just buying a game for say $6.99 from the Playstation Network than more or less being forced to buy considerably more points than you need to be able to grab one game. For example, you want to purchase a game that's 1200 points, guess what the smallest you can add is 1000 so you're then forced to jump up to 4000 points (which I believe equals twenty dollars) to be able to get the game. You're then left with odd point amounts and it's really just a pain! It seems pretty deliberate to grab more money out of consumers.
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34 of 40 people found the following review helpful
on October 24, 2009
This is one awesome holiday bundle!!! I got it early because my previous 360 rrod'd and m$ said it would be $100 to fix it. So I went with the elite because the jasper chip that causes more efficient running, less heat and noise overall ... I think. The two games are awesome, two that I wanted. I am 23 by the way, so for anyone that says 12 and under pfft, Lego series games are popular with everyone, and racing games are awesome. Pure is an off road extreme atv game where its all about the tricks you pull. Two very awesome games. I haven't played them yet, but I'm a serious gamer so I watch videos and stuf like that. Xbox Live is THE STANDARD for online gaming now. Unmatched by anything else. It requires a subscription to play, but its worth it!! 1 month ~ $8 (if they still make those), 3 month ~ $20, and 12 month (with bonus month sometimes!) cards ~ $50. Thats about all you need to know.

Oh so in the box is the following:
-Xbox 360 console with the 120 gb HDD
-One wireless controller
-One Xbox Live headset
-One ethernet cable (8 foot)
-AV cable
-Power brick + connector power cable
-2 AA batteries (for controller)
-Holiday edition Pure/ Lego Batman games! (comes in one case, 2 separate discs)
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77 of 95 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon November 19, 2009
I bought the 360 when it came out (stood in a long line and waited and waited to get it).

I'm likely one of the few who never had a problem with his 360 (doesn't mean I wasn't paranoid), but I never had a problem. I sold my launch console to grab the HDMI version (the falcon) and still wasn't that happy with it.

It was hot, made lots of sound, and I was always paranoid thinking (this might be the last game I ever get to play, better rush it).

It got so bad I started buying multi platform games for the ps3 (even though back then the ps3 version was inferior to the 360). Only using the 360 for netflix and forza.

That all changed when M$ came out with this model. It fixes everything.

No sound, (with this large harddrive, be sure to install all your games just to be "extra safe" my cousin's dvd drive has died twice (2 different consoles), and because of this I always recommend getting the bigger harddrive and installing (now that I have this elite, it's not a problem).

This guy is quite, does not make the temperature rise in the house, and most important, I can just sit back and play xbox now without the worry and fear that previous consumed me.

I will discuss xbox vs ps3 at the end before my final recommendation.


Xbox 360 Elite Holiday - Comes with 2 games (both can be throwaways I did not buy this for those games and never played them, but hey, they are 2 games you get for free).

Black Console (looks better in my room, black tv, black ps3, black tv stand, black speakers, black controller, may as well have a black console (got rid of my wii)).

Big Harddrive (you can go crazy on the marketplace, downloading demos, getting xbl games, and installing the games you get from amazon to HD and ensure they don't get scratched or spin like crazy making your room hotter (and the box get loud).

Quite (is this thing on?!) No sound, no loud as all fan, just quite, not even near as hot fun 360 gaming.


My heat bill may go up this year. Usually I just turn on my 360 and play call of duty, 30 minutes later you can take off your eskimo gear and put on your swimming trunks (even in 0 degree temperature) and still be hot. NOT SO with the new elite ;( Now when I play the temperature doesn't change! So if you use this instead of buying a heater for your house, buy an older model off the amazon marketplace.

Still no built in wifi (really?)

Comes with stand AV cables (you know, the ones that come with the ARCADE!)

Comes with 2 games you could care less about (last year's bundle wasn't much better either).

Xbox 360 VS PS3 (if you can choose only 1)

Xbox 360 PROs

Better Multi Platform Games
Most of the time better graphics (except for first part ps3 exclusives)
Better live interface (the xbox dashboard being far superior to the ps3 dashboard)
Better Remote (Half True) It's IR (which stinks as you have to be in line of sight) but the lights glow in the dark (you win some you loose some).

360 charge and play kit beats the free usb cable you get with the ps3 (it's just so small!)

Xbox 360 Cons

Not as good of an exclusive lineup of games (let's be honest)
Hardware failure rate (that I'm about 90% sure this model fixes)
You have to pay to go online.
You have to pay for everything with the 360 (they pull you in with the "low" price, and then make you pay pay pay. Want to play online? 50 a year, want wifi? 100, want HDMI cable, gimmie 60 and so on and so on (I would bring up the HD-DVD player, but that would be cruel, and yes I did buy that the day it came out!)

PS3 Pros

Better exclusive games (to be honest, the 360 has far more games, but the ps3 exclusives are generally very good and anyone who enjoys games should play them).

Cheaper (you may say they cost the same, but when you factor in what I wrote above (wifi, charge kit, xbox live service, and more) it does get up there (making it the most expensive).


Built in wifi, no need in buying a battery kit or a plug n play kit

Online is free

Netflix works without having to pay anything (other than your netflix fee) opposed to having to be a "gold" member like you do on xbox.

PS3 Cons

Lackluster multi platform support (on older games, not really the case now)

Not as many games

Bottomline? A 360 you can actually play, buy it and use and be safe in knowing that (it could!) last you a good 5 years or more. Something unheard of previously ;)
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28 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on October 9, 2009
I recently purchased the elite with the batman/pure holiday bundle. This is my first xbox. I have not used it a whole lot yet. I have had good luck with it so far though. Also, this is the newer Jasper unit. I know that has been a hot topic for a while so I wanted to let everyone know that the newer chips are in these bundles.
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25 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2009
The console is loud so be prepared. I looked it up online and that is normal. It was surprising though. Graphics are great. It comes with only 1 controller and you need to purchase a cable seperately to connect it to the TV. Those items seem like they should be included. It came with two games that are pretty family friendly. It needs an adapter to connect to wireless internet which I saw at target for another $100 which is too steep after shelling out $300 for the system.
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26 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on September 30, 2009
This is a good xbox 360 starter set for 12 and younger because it includes batman and pure which are two E games. Although, I don't really think this xbox 360 should have the title " elite ", because it doesn't include the hdmi, component or the audio cable in one big bundle like the 2008's bundle. Anyways, the console is a jasper so its much cooler and quiet, it's also not really vulnerable to rrod anymore.

xbox live is a little overprised but its not laggy, i recommend you to use a ethernet cable instead of the 70$ adapter if your router is close by. This set also includes a controller, but if you are going to buy this set than you should also buy a extra controller, because lego batman is all about coop and pure has multiplayer.

This also includes a 120 gb hardrive, which is huge. There is no need to buy a memory card because this might take your whole life to fill up. Also, the xbox store has alot of good demos, videos to download. The NXE dashboared is improved and easier to use and you can sign up for netflix if you have gold membership. If you have a hd tv its best to use a hdmi cable ,because the console can support resolutions of 1080p and support dolby digital.

I think its best if you use it horizontally because the xbox can have more air intake, but if you plan to use vertically than i think you should buy a cooling stand. This console is definetely a good buy:)
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14 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on December 25, 2009
I purchased this holiday bundle when Amazon had it special for $275. I can't say that I am disappointed. While not perfect it is a far superior Xbox 360 than my 2007 model. The only complaint that I have is that the disk tray feels more cheap and fragile than my 2007 model. But other than that this newest elite is far superior in every way. The power brick is smaller, the system is way, and I mean WAY quieter. I cannot hear the console running over the noise of the tv even when I mute the sound. Thank God Microsoft has a black version of their console because the white was starting to annoy me. While the features in the newest elite bundle aren't what they used to be (data migration kit not included, no HDMI, or component/composite video cables included no longer) it still has everything you need to start playing right out of the box.

For those people complaining that the two bundled games only come in one game case here is what I have to say: All the bundles that have ever come included with 2 free games have always had one game case to share between them. Even the original xbox bundles were like that. Nothing has changed. Stop being a prince/princess of beggars and enjoy your 2 FREE games. It's like asking for water in a restaurant... you aren't paying for it so shut up and stop complaining when they include a lemon slice on the rim of the glass. You want something your way? Pay for it. Getting it for free? Suck it up.

Oh and any of you PS3 fanboys thinking that the PS3 and Xbox 360 are so very different and that the PS3 is better than the 360 go read the book "The Race For A New Game Machine" or interviews with David Shippie and Mickie Phipps. They will tell you that each system is superior to the other in certain ways... and that means in terms of CPU and GPU power and performance. The Xbox 360's GPU is superior to the PS3's but the PS3 CPU's are superior to the Xbox 360 (more threads because it has more CPU chips).

I personally own both systems and see the potential for the PS3 coming to fruition. It's a powerful console and online is free. Plus I'm a big fan of being able to upgrade the harddrive size myself. But the controller sucks and has always sucked. And the games that come out on both consoles always look and perform better on the Xbox 360 (the exception of course being Dragon Age: Origins in the looks department).

The 360 you have to pay for online and the interface is a bit too kid friendly for me (but that could be a good thing because PS3's XMB is very sterile). But the controller is superior and online service (costing $3/month thanks to Amazon) blows PSN out of the water. With downloads becoming more common the idea that Xbox 360 games with remain 7 GB in size or have multiple disks is quickly becoming an outdated way of thinking. But until then the 360 games will not live up to their full potential like PS3 games are allowed with 50 GB blu-ray discs. And that Red Ring Of Death problem? Never had it with my old console and I've played that thing many a time for 8-12 hours straight without breaks. And I don't see this new console with it's near silent performance and no heat creation as having any problems. But luckily Microsoft has a 3 year warranty for RROD and E74 errors so I'm covered. Thanks Sony 1 year warranty.

I hope you all enjoyed this review from someone that has both consoles and not just a single one spouting irrelevant garbage about the other without playing it first.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on November 15, 2009
I have owned about 3-4 xboxs in the past 3 years. I decided recently to sell my xbox 360 with the 60 gig hard drive to get the elite.

I was very happy to see the price drop to 299.99 with 2 bundled games. Although I was upset that they no longer included the HDMI cable. Its nice knowing that this system is the much looked for "jasper" chipset. I have been playing call of duty modern warfare ALOT! I played for about 8 hours the first day and my elite didn't even get warm.

I will say when playing a game, or watching a dvd the xbox runs very loud. It sounds like the system is working really hard, like a cheap dvd player from walmart. Which came as a surprise since my old 60 gig bundled system didn't have this problem

Overall If you are looking into making the switch, or have been wanting a 360 this is the best deal. You don't have to worry about "RROD" You get a 120gig which is plenty for downloading games, demos, movies, saving and so on. You also get 2 games. I haven't played legos batman, but I have played pure. Pure has amazing graphics and really shows the 360 graphics.

The only reasons its not 5 stars.
-Loud system when playing or watching movies
-No HDMI cable-regular AV cables are included
-No wifi Must by 99$ adapter-ripoff from MS

So I recommend making the switch.
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14 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on October 13, 2009
I bought this 360 Elite Holiday Bundle Console during the $50 mail in rebate promo from Amazon. This is my first time owning an Xbox. I also bought the new PS3 Slim back in August when the price dropped. So this review is more about the differences I've noticed so far between the two consoles. My previous console was a PS2 from 2002.

The Xbox is larger and louder than the PS3 Slim. I find it strange that it's larger since the Xbox doesn't have a built in in wifi connection like the PS3 and the Xbox has a huge power supply outside the console.

The PS3 uses bluetooth for wireless accessories the xbox uses standard infared like a tv remote, which I like better since it allows me to use my universal remote with the xbox.

Netflix viewing on my xbox is very nice. The quality definitely isn't blu-ray, or even that of an up converting standard dvd player but good enough that it doesn't bug me. What does bug me is the lack of 5.1 audio. But I would think that's more Netflix's doing than Microsoft's. Currently, the only option I've found for watching Netflix through a PS3 is installing media server software on your computer and running the app on your computer and connecting to your PS3. Too much work for me, and I don't like installing anything I don't have to on my computer.

I like that the xbox comes with a headset, unlike the PS3. It seems to be such an integral part of the online gaming experience that it should come standard. I'll say the same for a second controller. It's just a shame that both units only come with one controller.

I was surprised and a little put off when I got the xbox and found that it did not come with the same AV cables that my friend got with his just 6 months ago or so. This unit does not come with the Component HD AV Cable ( Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable ) but instead comes with a standard definition AV component cable (yellow/video red/right audio white/left audio). There's no option in the box for tos link (light pipe) audio out. Which isn't a problem for people with HDMI equipped surround sound systems. But I have an older surround sound system that does not have HDMI ports, so I had to buy a Audio Cable Adapter for Microsoft xbox 360 (RCA Audio Cable Adaptor for Microsoft xBox 360). The PS3 comes with both an HDMI port AND tos link audio port.

I've used Windows Media Player (ugh) to share media on my PC with both my xbox and PS3. This was easily done and I have no problems with pics or music on either console. I do however have problems with playing videos taken on my point and shoot digital camera on the xbox. The xbox errors when trying to play any of them giving me a codec error. The PS3 plays these fine. Maybe there's an easy fix, but I'm miffed that there's any problem.

The menus are laid out differently and I think the PS3 did a better job. The xbox doesn't quite segment all the material in a concise way to me. I do a lot of searching through the menus regularly just trying to find what I'm looking for. I also hear lots of chatter when playing games like.. "how do you do that? Where is that at". The xbox also has the marketing in full gear. Makes me wish I had a Tivo for my xbox so I could fast forward through the frakkin commercials.

Pay to play. Being from Chicago, I'm pretty familiar with the idea. I'm no too fond of it. Specially when you can do it for free with the PS3 and have no more or less of an experience. But 2 things really get me about xbox live. This bundle comes with a free month membership. But there is no membership card in the box, there is no code on the xbox manual, and Amazon doesn't send you a code electronically. Instead, when you go through the setup of your xbox, you eventually get to a screen that gives you the following options: sign up for 1 month, 3 months, or 12 months (all at cost to you) or select no thanks. What? Where's my free month? Select no thanks and you get a free one month. I felt this to be a little dirty handed. Trick you into buying without using your free 1 month. My other gripe is, if you don't have a xbox live membership then you can't chat on headphones. I have a membership, my wife does not. She can sign on as a guest and play online with me, but cannot use headphones with a guest account. Sucky.

In all, I really enjoy playing on both systems. While the xbox has more games (for now anyway) and has a better system for connecting with friends online, the PS3 has a better menu layout and less commercial/marketing junk. I prefer the PS3 for 1 player games (Dead Space) but the xbox is great for gaming online with friends (Halo).
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9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon October 30, 2009
This is the third 360 I've owned, and by far the one I'm most pleased with.

First, it's quiter than the ones I've dealt with before. It makes a bit of noise but not nearly as much.

Second, gotta love that black finish! I was always worried with my older systems about leaving smudges on the white control pad. No problem there now!

Third, the 120GB hard drive that comes with it is pretty sweet. I was thinking about waiting until next week to get the 250GB drive, but I think 120 is more than enough, considering that I don't download tons of things onto there.

Fourth, the HDMI port! I connected up a cable to my brand new HDTV and, oh, my goodness, does it look great!

Last, the included games. Previously they bundled "Lego Indiana Jones" and "Kung Fu Panda". In this case you get "Lego Batman", which is a better game, and "Pure", which is much better than "Kung Fu Panda". I don't care for racing games, so I probably won't play it much, but at least I might play it more than once, which wasn't the case with KFP.

Overall this is quite a good buy! You get the system, two games and a good sized hard drive for only $50 more than a system with half the drive space and no games. Really, there's no reason not to buy this system if you're after a 360!
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