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Edition: 20GB ProChange
Price:$399.99 - $499.99
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on March 16, 2010

A checklist that should tell you exactly why you want this.

-This is a Microsoft refurbished console. That means it will be in 360 packaging with resealed cords, controllers, and headset (I'm tempted to say that my headset was brand new, and maybe even my cords, but I don't want to claim that without knowing. Regardless. There is something nice about not opening a clamshell sealed 360 that smells like lung cancer.) The condition is pristine. NO dirt or smudges. One sticker on the bottom that says refurbished. Mine left a bit of sticky when I took it off. Nail polish remover will get it off without pain if you are worried about that.

-It will come with the new power-brick that is vented, it also has the new Jasper chip. This means: Even though you are getting a refurbished console, it is technically more sound than a brand new 20 gig from Microsoft's original batches. Rest easy my friend. This console was not made to break. It's like it got a tune up. These two features paired together will fight overheating and RED RING OF DEATH.

-It does have HD

-Mine came with 2 controllers, which at the time wasn't advertised (so it was a nice surprise). Cross your fingers about that if it's not openly included.

-If you don't already know, because it has a hard drive you will be able to connect to Xboxlive out of the box, though for online play I would recommend buying a 12 month live subscription. You can easily find them online for 35ish dollars. If you pay more you didn't look hard enough. :)

Hope this helps in your decision.

As for my console it runs like a charm, for long periods (when I say this I mean as I waste my whole day away) without any heat at all- and I can really tell the difference because I had a 60gig a few years back- the difference is black and white as far as heat output. I took it on a road-trip (to update it back home) for over 30 hours in total in a backpack that I threw around (gingerly) as I used the bag day to day. Came back home and it was still fine. DO IT. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

Happy Buying
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on April 6, 2010
I purchased this setup from amazon, not a third party seller. Let me start by saying that this is a refurbished console by MICROSOFT, meaning that it comes with a one year warranty similar to buying a brand new system. When I got my package (with standard shipping it took 2 days!!) in the mail, everything was packaged very very nicely like I was buying a BRAND NEW system. The console itself looks brand new, NO SCRATCHES, NOTHING like that, it doesn't smell like cigarettes, and it works GREAT!!!! And YES it is a Jasper chipset, And YES it comes with HDMI port on the back. It comes with 2 BRAND NEW wireless controllers (they are NOT refurbished), 4 duracell batteries, HD component cables(NEW not refurbished), The new and improved power brick (brand new), and a brand new xbox live wired headset. The only things that came with this refurbished bundle that aren't brand new would be the console, and the 20 GB hard drive. Both of these things have stickers on them that read "refurbished". But seriously you can't even tell they aren't brand new! And you can tell everything else is brand new by the way it looks, and the stickers on the controllers etc. Seriously though, you won't be sorry that you bought this package! I will admit, at first I wasn't too thrilled with buying electronics that have been refurbished, as I would NEVER buy a gamestop refurbished unit! But this has been refurbished by MICROSOFT, so you know it has been repaired by the best, and in the process, they install the new jasper chip, which if you don't already know, makes the CPU run quieter and cooler, and supposedly prevents the dreaded red ring of death issue. Also you can see in the pictures that the console is an old pro unit by the chrome disk tray, but my console that came was an old arcade unit, because it has the all white disc tray..... But wrapping this up, im EXTREMELY happy with my purchase, It is such a better choice to get this rather than a brand new arcade system which is the same price, and I was EXTREMELY satisfied with!!! I ordered this bundle, as well as NBA 2K10 on a Saturday night, and it shipped out on Monday morning, and it literally got to my house Tuesday early afternoon!!! If your thinking about getting this, DO IT YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!
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on February 16, 2010
I bought this refurbished item just over a year ago, and it is still working perfectly. I have since begun to use it more and more, and it has not given me any problems or issues whatsoever. I would reccomend the refurbished product to anyone trying to get into an xbox and not needing more than a 20g harddrive. If you feel that you would need more storage space, the amount of memory would be the only thing holding someone back from being on this system 24/7. The item came with everything listed, reliable purchase, I'm very glad with my purchase.
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I purchased 5 of these systems new from various locations. They were for my grandsons and one for our home for use when they visited to play on. Within the first 15 months all five of them failed with the red ring of death. Microsoft extended the warranty and took them back for repair but sent me back someone else's Xbox that was refurbished. It also took about a month to send one in and get it back.

I basically sent in units in good physical shape and no scratches or damage and got back someone else's refurbished and damaged units. They all failed to within a short period of time! Being an engineer I took them apart and fixed them as they were now out of warranty. It took about an hour per unit to fix them and I got pretty good at it.

The problem is that the cooling design is extremely weak and poorly designed. I had to clean out the heat radiator and fans/fan housing and remove the heat sink from the CPU and GPU. I installed new spacers and improved the flow of cool air in the game case. I remounted the heat sinks using a new thermal interface material (a good one) and the units worked fine after that. I just don't understand how Microsoft can get away with selling junk like this. How many people have invested a small fortune in the game console and games to have the console fail and disappoint their family.

I still have two of the units working perfectly after many years but my disappointment in the product design and in Microsoft is very high!
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on August 8, 2010
I've recently purchased this as a cheap entry into XBOX. I was hoping to get a Jasper chip, but I did not (I got a refurbished Falcon). However, I had no problem whatsoever with overheating: after a long demanding gaming session the console feels just warm and seems to be clearing hot air ok. We'll see.
The DVD reader though is NOISY! But since this unit comes with a hard drive, you can just dump your game in and play there.
This refurb console seems to be dropping in price fast, since the launch of the slim X360 and Kinectic, so it is a bargain. It also comes with HDMI port and TWO wireless controllers, off the box. Great for having a brother or friend over!
All peripherals seem new, and the console itself looks and feels new, no smudges, no scratches at all. All in all, a great console that, for the time being, is giving me no problems
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on May 29, 2010
this system was so messed up that it could not be fixed.but thank u amazon for the fast refund and for all the buyers do not buy from third party sellers on amazon. just buy directly from amazon. from now on no more used products from third party sellers only buying brand new it might be costly but well worth it in the long run...
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on September 30, 2010
This Xbox starting freezing the first week I started using it. I would not recommend purchasing it to anyone.
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on October 21, 2010
When This product came it worked great...till last week...then it was red ring...I am not a happy person
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on September 7, 2013
Do not bother with this. Buy a used one from play and trade instead. Bought this for my son. It did not work and they would not refund or exchange.very unsatisfied
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on April 19, 2014
Bought from Amazon Warehouse Deals, and was super excited when I got it in the mail. Opened it up immediately to find out that it did not come with any controllers or an ethernet cable, so I went out and got my own, no big deal. Everybody said that buying from Amazon and not a third party seller was the way to go, and once I got my controllers I was pumped to start playing. I had it for just over a month when it got the red ring of death. It ended up being a big waste of money, and now I am stuck with two Xbox controllers. I would not recommend to anybody.
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