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Size: Only Bluetooth 2.0|Color: Black|Change
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on December 15, 2011
I purchased this headset as soon as it was available from Amazon. I have been using this headset daily since and it works and looks great. I have been using this headset for my Xbox 360 (party chats while gaming), my PS3 (also used for chatting while gaming) and I also have it synced to my Iphone 4 (used for listening to my music & calls). The style of it is nice and shiny (prone to fingerprints through) and feels comfortable (comes with different size ear pieces). I was constantly asking people about the sound quality on their end to make sure i came through clear and loud, which i did. On my end everyone sounded the same. The buttons on this headset feel nice and respond well and the ability to switch from bluetooth to xbox is done with a simple flick of a button. I was using it for my phone quite often until i have to admit I felt like a weirdo wearing it all the time in public (i never really been a fan of headsets for cell phones) and it does say xbox 360 on the side of it, wish it didn't but not a big deal and I really purchased this for my xbox and PS3. I also do own the original wireless headset and feel like both are great headsets. In my opinion if you are looking for a wireless headset this is the way to go. A couple more dollars than the original one but you can use it for everything. I rated this headset a 4 instead of a 5 because I have had some problems with it acting weired if I had wanted to run upstairs to grab something from the kitchen (I game in my basement) it would cut out or people wouldn't hear me, might be because i went out of range then back in? But after turning it off and on real quick that would solve the problem. Hope this review helps!
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on September 24, 2012
I am reading the other reviews and people are complaining about things that I have yet to encounter. Let me focus on what people are saying. As for it being uncomfortable, I actually find it to be very comfortable. I didnt bother switching the ear bud size because the one it came with fit perfect. The little loop that goes around your ear doesn't bother me at all. Ive been playing borderlands 2 for.... should I dare say... 5+ hours :o haha but it didnt bother me at all. Just like all other ear buds, if you do wear it for a long time your ear will get uncomfortable although mine hasn't... so keep that in mind. People are complaining about there not being a separate cable or attachment to switch to Bluetooth, people its on the freaking earpiece itself and literally takes less then a second to switch it to Bluetooth.... -____- I find that the volume is perfect, its crystal clear and I hear no buzzing noise whatsoever. Turning it up or down is easy and you can hear if its going up or down. The mute button is on the actual front side and you must push it in (towards your ear) It doesnt hurt at all, you dont need to push it hard, just a simple click. One thing that I absolutely love about the mute feature on this is that when you have your mic muted, it actually beeps every 3 minutes reminding you that its muted. With other mics I get so into the game I forget to un-mute and end up talking to myself for a while until i figure it out haha. Turning it on it a synch and switching from player 1-4 is super super easy, one press of the button and there you go, no switching controllers or signing out of accounts and re-signing back in. There is one things that I have come to notice that is a little off with the device and thats the fact that it will sometimes randomly get choppy. Its happened twice so far and its as easy as holding the power button and turning it back on (takes like 3 seconds for this process) Over all im incredibly pleased with this Xbox 360 wireless mic/Bluetooth!
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on December 17, 2011
After reading all the reviews on this item from various sites, I decided to buy it because there were mixed reviews. The xbox 360 Wireless headset with bluetooth is good or bad depending on your qualifications of being good. The good and bad reviews that I have read have completely different sides to the same thing. For example, the sound is great and the sound is horrible. This is what I dislike about reviews, because they are opinionated.

Before I used the product, I read the manual paper they gave. I also charged it before use because that is what it told me to do. Reading is fundamental.

I am not a professional reviewer so this is my opinion on what people should think about and expect to see when they purchase this product.

The Headset Overall
I think this is a good product and know that there are things that people will be very picky about. One thing is the sound. The sound is different than you are used to, of course. It's because it is a different type of headset. The sound is something you have to experience and see for yourself. It may take getting used to, but will work out if you believe in it. If all fails, return it.

People say there is a buzzing or slight static noise coming from the earpiece. There is, however, it is so slight, you could only hear it when you are in a quiet place. I walked into my garage and tested this, and there is that little, tiny static noise that people will hate this mic for. I, for one, do not notice the sound unless I really concentrate on it. That, you must also try for yourself. I don't think it's very troublesome because as I play my games, people are talking and communicating and when on bluetooth, the other persons phone will pick up their background noise therefore you hear it and that static will be replaced with the persons voice or background noise. Every once and a while, there is also a little small beep or something that makes it sound like it idled or disconnected and reconnected which is weird or is just the cutting out of other talkers.

The mic has a weird feel to it. The earpiece is on your ear, and is a piece of plastic, but isn't a problem to me. The earpiece on the other hand, has a unique feel. I am using the smallest rubber piece because the others were quite big for my ear. The feel on your ear is different. There are little things that bother me when using it. One is the plastic piece that you connect to the headset. There was a little piece of plastic that was around the loop that poked my ear, so I filled it down slightly. Now when the earpiece is in your ear, it's not all the way in your ear. It is slightly in your ear. It feels like it is hanging a little bit, but when I shake my head it does not come off at all. Once again, you need to experience it for yourself to see if you like it or not. It may take a little getting used to.

The mute button is a pain too. When you press it, it pushes the earpiece and it kind of hurts. Really annoying.

[Update 4/6/12: The mute button can be pressed directly, which made it poke my ear, and indirectly, which doesn't hurt at all. Instead of pressing the center of the button, you can press lower or higher to mute or use the "action" button on bluethooth. Took me a while, but it makes a difference.]

Xbox 360 Chat is different in party chat and game chat. Different games have different chat in which the sound is slightly different, but this is for party chat.

Now for the mic. Since the mic is right next to your cheek, there are limits to what it picks up. For example, I tested what this headset picks up by joining my friends XBL party. I told him to repeat everything I said. In this experiment I found that it has a strange way of picking things up. When I whisper, the headset picks it up. Screaming will not be screaming, but rather talking loud and sounding like you are farther away from your headset because it's next to your cheek. When I speak in a moderately soft voice with no bass in my voice, it does not pick it up. That is what I dislike most about the headset, but only if I'm trying to talk soft due to people sleeping, which I don't anyways.

For the people on the other end, they hear you as softer than you were when you were using a wired basic Microsoft wired headset. You are heard like you are further away from your mic when people hear you, but it doesn't seem to bother people. When you talk though, there is feedback from the background. What I was told was that there was the sound of air after I spoke, but stopped within milliseconds when I stopped talking. That may be a setback because if you're playing loud music or you have a sound system, it may bother people.

Bluetooth is a great idea for this headset and might have some flaws in it as well

When speaking through the headset to another caller, you sound different, just like you were when on xbox. You sound further away, but they can still hear you fine. I haven't experienced much with the Bluetooth yet, but it is relatively the same as when you're on Xbox Live.

The sound quality is pretty good for me. I tested it on my voice mail, which I recommend everyone to do. The automated part is quite loud, but the voice message that a person left is on the slight soft side. In a call, the sound is good, if adjustment are needed, use the volume. I found that the volume is better at a medium to high volume for the best sound, but for the low volume, it may sound fuzzy.

I played music on the Xbox 360 headset with Bluetooth from my phone. It sounds the same as you were if you were using headphones or earphones to me. Just adjust the volume as necessary.


This mic cannot be judged on any one person or even in several reviews. I read reviews that are good and bad and I couldn't find a moderate review explaining why it is good or bad, so I decided to write one for myself to try and explain my experience. If you are reading this review, this is what I have experienced and if you decided to purchase this product, you may have a different experience when using it.

If you have any questions, just ask and I'll try to answer to the best of my abilities.

UPDATE 12/12/12: So it has been about a year now and the headset seems to be working just fine. I have noticed that if I walk far away enough from my Xbox, the mic would disconnect and sometimes the people in my party would hear a loud screeching noise. When that happens, they tell me and I turn my headset off and then on again.

I have switched to the new SLIM Xbox. When I did so, I noticed a static noise. This is the same static noise that I heard before when I walked into my garage or whatnot. The static noise is more noticeable now. It might be because I transferred from one system to another but I don't know. The static is more noticeable when you initially turn it on and no one is talking to you, but you forget about it during your gaming experience.

Battery life on this headset is still superb. I use it daily so it dies every day. I play on average about 9 hours a day on and off. After around 8 hours, the mic will make a single notification notifying you it is running low on battery power, having roughly 20-30 minutes left. After a certain amount of time, it begins to beep constantly. Maybe every 10 seconds, which is very annoying. That beep or noise is telling you that you need to charge it. I turn it off and charge it immediately because the sound is quite irritating. It takes about an hour or two to fully recharge again.

The headset might be dying on me though. In some instances, I walk too far from my Xbox and does the disconnect thing and the headset won't reconnect. I try to sync it to my Xbox and it still doesn't work. I plug it in the charger and wait for it to fully charge again and turn it on. Then it starts to work, sometimes. To avoid this, just put your headset down if you are going to walk to a place that is too far from your Xbox or has walls that the signal cannot get across.

All in all, since the price dropped $30 since I bought this headset, I would definitely buy it again. I would have two, so if one runs out of batteries, I have a spare.

If you are looking to try it out, go for it. The worst that can happen is you going back and returning it.

UPDATE 5/10/2014: It has been a couple of years since I initially purchased this device. I have been using the Bluetooth more now since Illinois has a new law against handheld devices. I also discontinued the use as an Xbox 360 headset(Purchased an Xbox One. The Bluetooth on the device is good. I have no experience with other Bluetooth devices, but this one works well.

Today I used the Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth to listen to music. When listening, you should find a good balance between headset volume and mobile device volume. If they are both all the way up, in my experience, the sound quality is poor. The range the headset can be from the mobile device is fairly short. I walked about 10 feet out of my room with the wall in the way and the sound cut in and out.

I also used the headset in a Skype test call to see how it sounds on the Skype application. The sound quality of the Skype test call was fair, compared to using ear buds/headphones, but was acceptable. The sound from the mic was also fair, but not good. I called my friend on Skype using the Bluetooth headset and he said the sound was terrible, worse than the actual phone. The quality of sound from my friend was also poor. Skype calling with this headset is out of the question.
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on November 9, 2011
Love the fact that you can chat with your buddies on Xbox and switch over to receive calls from your phone. Battery life is excellent. Before I used it for the first time, I charged it for 2 hours and after that, I have been using it for two weeks now without charging. Of course it helps if you turn it off when you're not using it. It's also very easy to setup and sync with your devices just like any bluetooth. I have had many bluetooths before and have never used them as much as I use this one. Invest in one!
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on May 31, 2012
I purchased this almost three months ago, and I have been using it continously ever since. The rundown:

+ It can be recharged with micro-USB cables. These are really common nowadays, so you won't have any trouble finding a charge anywhere.
+ It comes with three pair of ear pads with different sizes. The medium ones come set up by default. I found these hurtful for my ears; I exchanged them easily for the smaller ones, and now I can I have the headset on my ear for 3+ hours without pain.
+ It can be used in the left of right ear.
+ It charges really fast (approximately 2 hours).
+ The speaker and the mic are great! Compared to the wired, original Xbox 360 headset, the sound is clearer and louder. I have checked with at least two people, and they say they hear me loud and clear. I have been playing with other players and communication flows seamlessly.
+ Bluetooth-compatible. I have tested it with HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet Computer and Unlocked Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 3G, Android International Smart Phone in Steel Gray, and setup is hassle-free, with superb sound/rec quality.
+ You can change between Bluetooth and Xbox 360 modes by just sliding a button.

- It is rather big when compared to modern Bluetooth headsets. It may make you look really geeky (cool, for some tastes) when using it with your phone. This also poses the hassle of transport and storage.
Unlocked Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 3G, Android International Smart Phone in Steel Gray's default Bluetooth drivers crash from time to time, for no apparent reason. You might want to try a newer version of Android OS.
- It tends to fail over distances that are less than 10 m away from the device it is paired with (in Bluetooth mode). This changes in different environments (with walls in between, inside the car, etc.). It even seems to readjust the signal when a distance of 1 m is reached sometimes, or there is a constant variation (of mm) in the distance (i.e., when one is walking).

For such a low price, you can't go wrong. Highly recommended!
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on November 3, 2014
I needed a Bluetooth headset for use with my phone, and I thought that getting a headset that was compatible with my Xbox would make things convenient. My brother owns this same headset and he likes it, but mine was no good at all.

It seems that a common problem with these wireless headsets when used with Xbox is a high-pitched noise experienced by other users when the wireless headset is muted. Another problem is that you practically have to shout into the microphone in order to be heard. When I tested this product on Xbox Live, I was informed that my voice sounded faint or distant, even though I had the microphone within a half-inch of my lips.
I had a difficult time when switching between Xbox and phone use, as the headset would not connect very quickly to either, and would not allow people to hear me. The high-pitched noise experienced by others was also present, but only on the Xbox side.

The Bluetooth range on this headset is terrible. It seems that even the thinnest of materials interrupts the signal between the headset and the connected device. When the headset was in my ear and my phone was in my front pocket, the signal would become intermittent. I couldn't hear the person that I was on the phone with, and they couldn't hear me. In order to keep the connection strong, I would have to hold my phone chest-level, which defeats the purpose of a headset.

The headset is not designed to fit into your ear canal, but is instead designed to fit into the opening of your ear. I found that the headset was prone to falling out of my ear. The rubber that went around the speaker irritated my ear beyond belief and I would have to reach up and scratch the inside of my ear. The loop that fits around the outside of the ear was a little big for me and didn't hold on tightly enough for my taste.

I cannot recommend this product at all. It's uncomfortable, has spotty connectivity, and the microphone is awful. The microphone has no noise cancelling and I received frequent complaints about wind noise, even when there was no wind to speak of. The only good thing about this headset was the battery life (around 8 hours), which isn't even that great to begin with.

Save your money and use a wired headset for Xbox and a good Bluetooth headset for your phone. I recommend Jabra Play for your phone.
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on July 2, 2014
Excellent quality, genuine Microsoft piece. Literally could not be easier: turn on Xbox 360, turn on headset, connected! No feed back, no echo, no problems being heard by other players. Mic doesn't pic up background noise like conversations in room. And to top it all, slide switch to Bluetooth mode and use with your cell phone. Excellent battery life. last for days on one charge. Led lights clearly show if you are in Bluetooth mode (blue) or Xbox mode (green). If you are considering a new headset for chatting in game buy this one, you wont regret it.
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on January 4, 2015
If you have bought any kind of headset for the xbox that is bulky and looks like your child is about to take off in a helicopter and spent way too much money on it, then wonder why it didn't last long--you aren't alone. We bought two headsets before this one. Both were made by Turtlebeach. They both were terrible and not worth the money we spent on them.
This one, on the other hand, is WORTH THE MONEY!!!!!!! It is so small and fits on my son's ear very well. He hears people easily and visa versa. It was so easy to set up and tells you on the TV screen, when you are playing, if it's low on battery and needs to be plugged in. There is a different light on the headset that shows when it's being charged (when plugged in) and when it's fully charged.
Plus, I love that it is only on one ear! Now there is no excuse as to why he couldn't hear me :)
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on August 14, 2014
I found the sound quality to be inferior with this product, and people could not hear me very well when synced with my PC. I tried all the settings I could find, toggling boosts and so on and so forth.

Because of that, I can't really recommend this device, though it did easily pair with my PC XBox wireless controller attachment.

Maybe this is something someone would use with a console for the convenience of being able to switch to bluetooth and use it for a phone as well, but I just don't see that as being such a useful application.
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on May 9, 2016
Recently I bought two of these headsets one for my girlfriend and one for myself. I had had one of these headsets before and enjoyed it very much they had a good quality Pleasant sound and did not pick up all that much background noise. plus it had very easily accessible buttons and a handy instructions guide on how to use the headset for people who are not as experienced in technology. I also love that these headsets can be used on your cell phone or your Xbox and can freely switch between the two While either or the other is activated. which I found very handy while I was playing Xbox. it was nice to be able to freely switch between talking with my friends on Xbox Live and answering an important business call within seconds. the only thing that I can actually say about the headphones themselves that I don't like is the range is not all that great it starts to get pretty crappy once you get about 15 feet from your cell phone. however I have heard mixed opinions on that because other people who owned this headset say that they can go a little bit farther. but anyways the only reason I did not give this review a five star is because I don't know if it is the head phones themself or just the fact that I happen to get a dodgy pair. Butt I seem to be experiencing problems with Clarity while I'm on the Xbox or talking on my phone and my girlfriend's headset is experiencing the same issues and we both have different makes and models for our cell phones she has the new iPhone and I have the new Galaxy. so again I will mention that I don't know for sure if it has to do with the headsets make itself or just the fact that I got a dodgy set from the seller. but overall I would actually recommend these they are very handy and they have a very good battery life I use it while I'm at work or at home on my box and I enjoy it both ways I just wish it had a little better Clarity at times. hope this review help someone make a decision.
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