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on December 2, 2005
Yes, I would have to agree with other reviewers here, this item is on the expensive side. But I believe it is worth the price because Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter is easy to install and easy to set up. In short, it works and I don't mind paying extra for something that works as intended with no hassels.

To install, you simply insert the USB plug into the USB port on the backside of the Xbox 360. This Network adapter snaps into place so it never moves and the cable is just long enough preventing clutter. A very intelligent design.

Software set up was a breeze. In my situation, it was automatic after a few menu selections. I did have a concern that there would be a problem because I am using an Apple Airport. But, no problems at all.

Also, the range I receive is better than what others have mentioned here. I live in a two story house. My Airport (wireless hub) is located on the east side of the second floor, in a book case next to the outer wall. My Xbox 360 is located in an outer corner of the den on the first floor on the west side of the house. Basically, the signal is going from upstairs to downstairs and from one side of the house to the other. I was actually surprised that it worked without me having to rearrange either room.

So, yes it is expensive, but it works without any problems for me. So many things I buy make you almost jump thru hoops to get them to simply do what they are suppose to.
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I was using a basic Linksys wireless game adapter with my 360, and it worked fine. However, it needed to be connected to a PC for firmware updates (making it impossible for Mac users), and was generally more difficult to set up than the "official" adapter from Microsoft.

I ended up getting this adapter on sale, and setting it up was a snap. It gets decent throughput, and saves some energy over an external adapter, because it only uses power when you have the Xbox 360 on. It was also nice to see that this supports WPA networks.

If your time is valuable to you, this is probably worth the extra few dollars over similar products. You just snap it on, enter your network's password, and you're off.
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on November 21, 2006
My television is in a completely different part of my house from my high speed internet connection, so while I wasn't thrilled to dish out extra money for this adapter, I have to say it was completely worth it. Since I figured out how to set up my home wireless network and coordinate that with the 360, I get a very strong connection and have had no problems staying connected.

The only issue I had was that when I first set up the adapter I didn't known enough about wireless networks to have everything clicking together. At first the 360 would access Xbox Live, but was using other nearby wireless networks because I did not give the 360 the password ID to access my Linksys router. I live in center city Philadelphia, and by default the adapter was picking up and using whatever open wireless networks were available. The range must be good, because it would register about six or seven other networks of varying strengths.

Once I figured out that my Linksys router had a password code (I think it is a WEP number) I was able to punch the router's ID into the 360 and the 360 then automatically connected to the secure wireless router in my home. I have never had a single issue since. I don't think this delay in the optimal setup was anyone's fault but my own, since I was pretty ignorant of how wireless networks are set up but I have a feeling it may happen to others.

All in all, I think that having a secure wireless network at home is what will become standard in the next few years. This adapter works great, is small and disappears behind the console, reduces the clutter of wires, and allows you to keep your computer and high speed connection separate and distinct from your television area. It was definitely a worthy purchase.
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on September 18, 2006
Well, I must say after purchasing the Linksys WGA11B Wireless-B Game Adapter that while yes this adapter is overpriced, it does work and considering that I only got the Linksys adapter to work once and then it shut down in the middle of an update I must say the price looked worth it.

I can't vouch for your financial situations but after speading nearly 3 days trying to set up the Linksys when my wife finally said I should get this instead - this hooked up and connected instantly. No problems and I guess for the price it does look nice hooked in to the back of the Xbox. So you may not have as many problems as I do with the Linksys but if you have any questions or limited computer/networking ability this will be "worth" the price (only because nothing simplier does exist). So I would recommend this product if you want true plug-and-play which I don't believe the Linksys to be.

I'm sure plently of people are happy with the Linksys, it just didn't work for me. So think first to avoid paying for both. I would go back and never buy the Linksys if I could.
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on January 14, 2006
Like everyone has said. This product is great, it works and its so simple to setup and along with that its fast to setup. Someone else mentioned it having a low range, this is not the case. I was able to detect 3 other wireless networks around my neighborhood. This device may be $99.99, but if you have tried other means to get a wireless network going and it nothing has worked this is your best bet. The adapter fits into the lone USB port in the back of your 360 console, where just above or to the left of the USB port (depending on how you set your console up) the rest of the network adapter snaps into place and thats it. From there all you have to do is turn on your 360 and go to the guide menu. Go to the media section and click network settings. Select the wireless network option all the way at the bottom. Your adpater will now attempt to locate any wireless networks in range. Once it has finished that it will display a list of networks in the area. Do not get worried if you don't see your network on the list. This happened in my case and all you have to do is click the specify unlisted network. There you just have to enter you SSID, enter if it has a WEP code, if it does you have to select the kind of WEP it is (128-BIT or another one that I can't remember right now). Then just enter the WEP code. If your network does appear on the list just select it and enter the WEP code if needed. Once all of that has been entered choose the test Xbox Live Connection and if everything was entered properly, it will say you have connection to Xbox Live. It may so complicated, but really it only takes up to 2 mins. to get it all setup and checked. I am sure most of you know this already as well, but if you need to find the information needed for the wireless connection it can be found on the computer where your wireless modem is hooked up. I hope this helps all those seeking to buy this product, the price is high, but if you want no hassle what so ever then this product is perfect for you.
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on November 21, 2006
Overall, I am pretty happy with this unit. My only complaint is it is a little underpowered as far as grabbing my router signal. My laptop has 5 bars in the basement, but I can typically only get two on the Xbox 360 with this adapter. Because of this, it does drop its signal occasional with my Linksys WRT54GS Router. However, it is also about 50 ft. away (assuming a direct line) with two floors and several walls in the way. Still, using this unit was much better than figuring out how to hardwire my Xbox from two floors away.

Setup was a breeze. I plugged it in (it snaps nicely into the back of the 360 and plugs into the nearby USB using a short cord), went to the network setting on the 360, selected the wireless slot, found my network, and typed in my WPA key for my router. Done. It took all of 5 minutes start to finish.

Until buying this, I just dragged a 100' ethernet cable down the steps and through doorways anytime I wanted to connect to XBox Live. What a pain! This is not a perfect solution if you have a lot of space and stuff between your router and Xbox 360, but is fine for my needs, which mostly includes downloading from XBox Marketplace, and occasional online play. If you are an avid XBox Live player, and you setup is like mine, you might want to consider a hardwire solution. You may ocassionally lose your signal in the middle of a game.
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on November 25, 2006
I thought it would be helpful to let people know that this unit is not the only way to get online wirelessly with 360. The reason you should buy this product is that it will be guaranteed to be compatible and easy to set up. If you have experience setting up wireless networks and want to go a cheaper route, you should buy a wireless bridge. Amazon has them for less than fifty bucks. I used a wireless bridge with my PS2 and just plugged it into my 360, no additional setup required (bridges store WEP data).
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on January 7, 2007
I have a D-Link DI-524 revision E 5.1 Firmware. For some reason or another, the wireless adapter refuses to connect to the DI-524 E. I don't see any entries on the router. It seems that the Wireless Adapter can easily find the network, but I cannot successfully connect. I've tried using WPA and WEP, but with no success. I ended up giving up and returning the adapter. The DI-524 is on the compatibility list, but only for certain firmwares [which means, certain revision]. The latest revision of the DI-524 doesn't seem to be compatible with the XBOX 360 Wireless Adapter. I even have a Zonet wireless adapter for my laptop, and it connected to the router fine. I would suggest reading the fine print carefully about what routers are compatible to the wireless adapter. Having a newer firmware doesn't necessarily guarantee compatibility.
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on January 3, 2006
IT Has NEVER lost connection and has a very long distance. This product is great if you live in a big house (1750+ sq. ft.) and you don't want to mess around with wires. 5 Stars
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on April 23, 2007
A lot of people don't seem to understand this, and aren't setup correctly to get the most out of their xbox360 wireless adapter. Yes, it supports 802.11 a, b, and g. But the important part is that it supports DUAL MODE (i.e. bonded) A and G. That means that if you have a dual-mode a/g wireless access point, you are using 2 wireless bands, the 2.4GHz band (used by B and G), AND the 5GHz band (used by A). B and G both suffer lots of interference from microwave ovens, bluetooth, and lots of other things. A however does not suffer from such interference. A's theoretical rate is 54Mbps as is G's. In reality in a best case you might get 26ish mbps for each band. A decent HD video stream can take a steady 20mbps (assuming WMV or AVC/H.264/MPEG-4Part2, etc) or half that for MPEG-2. Dual band A/G allows the wireless network to bond the effective 26ish Mbps in each band for an actual realistic 50+Mbps assuming best case, and half this band isn't subject to local interference. If you are using a plain old 802.11g router and want to more than double your performance, get a dual-band a/g instead. Another nice part about the A channel is that not a lot of people use it, so you aren't probably competing w/ other local access points.

Oh... BTW... If you are running 802.11g and you have even a single 802.11b device on your network, your whole network will suffer greatly, so get rid of it. 802.11b is obsolete and will bring your whole network speed down.

Also, if you are using Windows Media Center and you have Windows Vista on the PC, that version of Media Center has a very simple Network Performance Monitor that allows you to adjust your network in realtime, and it will tell you using a graph whether you reach acceptable levels for SD and HD video streaming.
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