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on March 14, 2014
The Xbox One is a pretty good system as it is so this is a pretty good deal. Just to make it clear, you get a controller, the standard $25 chat headset, the Kinect Sensor, the basic accessories, and Titanfall. Titanfall is similar to today's first person shooters except for that there are robots involved.

Comparison to Xbox 360:

Xbox one loads up much more quickly, and boots games very quickly.
The graphics are beautiful, but not a ridiculous amount better.
There is no more start menu. Instead you can freely navigate the main menu, even while in a game.
The system is sooo quiet
Kinect motion controls can be unresponsive and are not worth the effort
Kinect Voice Commands are pretty good and work most of the time.
Party chat has a different interface, but works in mostly the same way.

A major difference is that with a purchasable adapter, you can use any pair of headphones that you own to listen to game sound. It just plugs into your controller. If the headphones have a mic the you can also speak through them.

You cannot, unfortunately, talk cross platform. If am on the One and you are on the 360, we cannot talk through party chat or listen to each other's voice messages.

If you have any other question please feel free to contact me. I hope this helped.
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on June 10, 2014
*** Key: ✔-Positive ✖-Negative ⓘ-Informational/Neutral ***

Admittedly, I sat there at E3 2013 watching Microsoft and Sony's press conferences thinking Sony had it in the bag. But since buying both consoles at launch, I barely turn on my PS4. The Xbox One is superb.

✔ Beautiful, bright, and well-organized dashboard provides for an extremely pleasant experience every time you turn it on
✔ Seamless transition between gaming, apps (Hulu, Netflix, etc.), and cable TV changes the way you consume entertainment
✔ The voice commands have improved dramatically since launch. And trust me, it seems gimmicky at first... but you'll really appreciate the ability to turn the console on/off, raise/lower the volume, and switch between Hulu/Netflix/TV/Games when you lay down and realize you left the remote on the other side of the room.
✔ Graphics are beautiful; I can't tell the difference between Xbox One and PS4, but maybe I'm just not as perceptive as others
✔ Xbox live still feels like a much more cohesive and vibrant community than PSN, even in this next generation

✔ Feels even better than the already great Xbox 360 controller
✔ Battery lasts a long time, especially when you use a play and charge kit
✖ I own 4 controllers. 2 of them feel like the seams on the side are offset the slightest bit... As if they just don't come together as well as they should.

ⓘ Realistically, most blockbuster games nowadays are released on both xbox and playstation. The meaningful differences come with console exclusives, which are a matter of preference. I will say though that I am very excited for Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5.
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on June 15, 2014
If you have a family or housemates the Kinect is extremely useful for automatically knowing who is using the system and logging in all the appropriate people instantly. Automatic sign in with the Kinect works amazingly well and usually happens faster than your TV can even turn the screen on. The thing can spot me from the other side of the living room. The Kinect controls the power on/off for your TV as well as the volume of your speakers. If you plan to use the live-TV or have a complex entertainment center with external speakers, cable or other streaming devices running through the Xbox you should definitely get the Kinect version. Here's why: the Kinect has an amazing IR blaster built into it that can turn on/off all of your devices as well as control the volume, the playback controls and channel of what you're watching. So even if you don't have cable TV (let's assume you have a Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or Xbox 360) the Xbox One's Kinect will control playback on those devices (pause/play/rewind/fast forward) via controller, voice, gesture and Xbox SmartGlass. The free SmartGlass app turns your smartphone or tablet into a very powerful universal remote by using the Kinect to send IR signals to all of your devices.

In addition with Kinect you also have a slew of other options like Xbox "Record That" game DVR, Skype video calling, Twitch camera broadcasting, Bing universal search of store/app content, controller tracking to know which person is playing and holding the controller, and instant QR code scanning "Xbox use a code" to redeem DLC/points/subscriptions.

For a hundred more you get a free game and a Kinect sensor. Even if you are not interested in any of the Kinect games (Fitness, Dancing, Music, Sports, Party, weird Japanese/Indie experimental games) it is still a good idea to get this version with Kinect. Down the line voice controlled services like Cortana (currently on Windows Phone) are coming to Xbox One and most likely VR games which will need Kinect. Most games also make use of the Kinect voice for menu navigation and controls. For a hundred more it is a good investment. I think the sensor will probably cost more to buy separately down the line. The original 360 Kinect launched at 149, the Kinect 2 for Windows costs 199. If you think you might want to have Kinect down the line you will end up paying more than just buying it now bundled.

Obviously everyone's funds are different and I'm not here to judge what you can afford right now, but it seems clear the Kinect version with a free game is without a doubt a better overall value given how much additional stuff you get.
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on March 13, 2014
It arrived on Titanfall's launch. It has a $500 console(Which runs you about $530+ if you buy in a store), comes with a $60 game($65 if you buy in a store), and ships it to you for $499, with no tax, in two days.

Edit: After having the console for a few days, I'd figure I'd update. First off, Titanfall is the most fun I've had in a FPS since maybe Halo 3. Love that it's an exclusive. Microsoft is packing a punch the old fashioned way, having games that only IT'S hardware has.(Like Nintendo and Sega in the 90's) It took me a longggggggg time to download it, but I have 2 mbps internet, so that's on me.

As for the console, except for a few little gripes, it's exceeded my expectations in all ways. It runs quiet, looks very sleek and glossy, and the Kinect is a very nice piece of technology. Not only is the video chat quality pretty good for when you're skyping, but it does stuff I didn't even know it could, like sign you into your gamertag when you walk into the room(Awesome)

I didn't really use the Kinect on 360, but it's a lot more of a viable product now. Voice command this time is not only more accurate, but it's more practical since this system was designed with Kinect in mind. Being able to just say "Xbox, go to Titanfall" at any moment(Since it's a digital copy) to go to your game is awesome. It's very much like using a Windows 8 computer, while you're switching between apps/desktop browser/etc. And it's dope how you can do something like watch Netflix or use Internet Explorer, while your game is loading or matchmaking, and you can go back to your game like you never left it after a few minutes.

Very happy with the One.
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on March 22, 2014
Best console ever. We use this for playing games, watching movies, and viewing pictures on our OneDrive (SkyDrive). Our family has stopped purchasing DVD's or Blu-rays and we purchase all of our movies via Xbox Video. This allows us to watch the movies on the Xbox, our surface, and our Windows Phone.

The Kinect is greatly improved from the 360 version. And the best thing isn't so much the motion detection, which does work perfect, but being able to talk to the system is the best part. We also have our Verizon FIOS cable TV running through the system and this works great as well.

Ans of course the gaming goes without saying.
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on May 13, 2014
I don't know how the console war will pan out for this generation, but as an owner of both a PS4 and an Xbox One, the Xbox is the clear winner in my house. The versatility of the machine is great, the tight integration of other devices makes this one a winner. The games are great, Xbox Live is much better than the PSN, and so far the kids play the Xbox One more than the PS4.

It is kind of hard to explain exactly why I like the Xbox over the PS4, but I do. My kids really wanted the PS4, and we bought it first, I bought the Xbox One a few weeks later, and while the PS4 hasn't been collecting dust, it has taken second place in our living room. I bought a year of PSN Plus, and shortly before buying the Xbox One had renewed our Xbox Live Gold, so it isn't like the PS4 has somehow been crippled or isn't being given a fair chance. In the end both consoles will get squeezed for everything they are worth in our house, the kids are pretty hard core gamers, and they don't exactly have a preference. They didn't seem to have a preference in the last generation either.
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on May 13, 2014
I knew when I ordered it I was going to like it but had no idea I would love it as much as I do. Graphics are awesome and voice commands ate very convenient. Everything whether its Netflix or ESPN or a game loads quick and runs smoothly. I dont think I will tire of it saying hi every time I walk into the room any time soon. Only con I really have found is how long it takes to initially install a game but even that isn't enough to make me deduct a star. Would definitely recommend thus to anyone
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on March 21, 2014
its a great system my only wish is that this combo had some with some kind of xbox one skin for titanfall but overall its SO worth it. it comes with everything you need to set up with the mic and all. Its not a physical disk just a code which was a little sad seeing as i like to have the disk but with the first month paid for when you get this package it again makes it a complete set up which was/is awesome. love the voice control!
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on May 13, 2014
I pre-ordered this so i missed out on the deals vendors had afterwards, but that doesn't matter cause i still think it was worth it. this is my second xbox one (the first being the day one edition i bought pre-release). I've gone all-digital so appreciated getting titanfall as a digital code.

I think microsoft's interpretation of a next gen console is more appealing to me than sony's (mind you i also own a ps4). i really love using the box without needing to use a controller or a remote. there are some bugs that need to be worked out but i am confident that microsoft will do so in quick order. i easily recommend this.
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on June 7, 2014
Graphics are amazing. Good. let's get that out of the way.

It's seven months since release and it's still a piece meal assemblage of disparate apps.

It wants to own my media - but it can't rip CDs. I can't play music in the background unless it's one of my snapped apps. It still doesn't have DLNA. It's media control is still pretty basic for TV & DVRs and lacks many DVR control features. The TV lacks numbers. It requires me to name all channels.

The Kinect is better and worse. Better resolution and detection - but audio detection and translation remains very very poor.

The new Xbox One media remote is also very poor (they really want you using Kinect). it's cute but again if you've used the very nice XBOX 360 remote you'll find it quite lacking. it's also not wireless (unfortunately also like the 360 media remote)

Unfortunately Microsoft, as usual, has a very narrow and myopic usage profile. if you like to do the things the exact way they planned then you will be very happy. Otherwise you'll find it very jarring and annoying to navigate.

Don't get me wrong - I like XBOX. That is the XBOX 360. The XBOX ONE still isn't as capable nor as seamless as the XBOX 360.

So if my son hadn't saved up to buy one then I'd have continued voting with my wallet and we'd be exclusively on XBOX 360.

So we have one. But it won't be getting much money or time from us until it has all the missing features (many mentioned above) and isn't so jarring to use.

Sorry Microsoft but I wish I hadn't bought this. If you don't like this review then please just write your own review.

I would have paid for an XBOX 360 MK 2. I.E. Major hardware upgrade but pretty much everything else the same. I need to see if the PS4 is what I really need; can't be worse than this.

I liked the near singularity of the "gaming box". As for PCs, when I got the 360 one still had to chase hardware on PCs, and I didn't want to do that. Esp for two kids and I each with their own PCs. So a "if it's a game for this box it will work" was a major draw. The other that most of my friends were on 360. So the social hook.

PCs have come a long way power wise, and chasing hardware isn't much of an issue, at least to play most games reasonably well. Other paradigms like STEAM are really disrupting the "game console" mode. That said, performance of Steam game ports varies widely, and I have had to juice up my two sons machines a bit. Mostly memory but an opportunistic hand-me-down for the other. Not like the old days but all the non-native code is still very inefficient. Works good enough most of the time.

I think the Steam type paradigm will ultimately win. Especially as with PCs and other devices - Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Prime/TV, Cable/SAT DVR, that (1) too many people want to be my exclusive, and (2) they all want $70-$100 or more per year if not month.

Anybody not worried about the lock-ins with the above should remember (do you?) Yahoo Music. Once a premier service it overnight turned off all the servers.

The PC type paradigm is the only things for the most part that can give us the autonomy. Roku to some extent isn't a lock in, but it also doesn't manage ownership of content, and that's a big part of this. But a Roku type device (so "standard with standard apps and deterministic performance) with some storage and maybe DRM could give us the deterministic behaviour of a box with the autonomy of a PC. (and naturally, PC versions of all the apps).

My son love the graphics, and is admittedly a console geek, but even he doesn't think we should make the ONE the centerpiece of the living. So yet another expensive toy to add to the selectable mix.
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