Customer Reviews: Xbox One Wireless Controller (Without 3.5 millimeter headset jack)
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on August 15, 2014
I was using an Xbox 360 controller with my PC games, but when I heard Microsoft finally released drivers for Xbox One controller support I decided to get one and try it out. Being that the 360 controller was already spectacular, I didn't think Microsoft could make a better one. This controller has better triggers, a huge d pad improvement which is helpful for fighting games, more accurate vibration, the home button is in a better spot, and it just looks cooler. If you have an Xbox One I would probably get the controller with rechargeable battery pack. For the PC though I just got the basic controller and a 15 foot USB to MicroUSB cord since there are no wireless dongles yet. It works exactly like the 360 controller with the menu and address buttons acting as the start and select. It works with every game that uses 360 controller support on PC and just shows up as a 360 controller. The only big con I have is without batteries plugged in it loses connection or gets stuck on one button sometimes. I put AA batteries in and the problem appears to have stopped and the controller has more weight for the vibration with the batteries in. For those wondering if they should upgrade from a 360 controller on PC? Unless you play a lot of fighting games I don't think there is enough improvement to justify the price to upgrade at the moment unless you're like me and just have to try it out.
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on November 26, 2013
When I heard that the one had a redesigned controller, I cringed. While I had never loved the 360 controller, I had grown very accustomed to it. I was very worried that this new controller would feel awkward in my hands.

I am glad to report that the new controller is different in good ways, and the same in all the right ways.

The new triggers and bumpers have a great feel and are slightly more ergonomic. The edge of the trigger has been eased where your finger wraps around making it a bit more comfortable for extended game sessions. The trigger has slightly less resistance than the old trigger, which I found acceptable, my son is not as big a fan. The sticks feel a bit more precise, but more than anything they feel the same which is a good thing in my book.

The most obvious change to the controller is the battery pack. The battery pack has been replaced with a AA battery compartment. No longer is there a wart on the backside of the controller, which makes it a bit more comfortable. The batteries are a bit more awkward to swap in a rush than a battery pack was, but it is still very manageable.

The new controller is very slightly heavier at 9 7/8 oz vs 9 1/2 oz.

The dpad is now recessed, but feels right.

The location of the X, back and start buttons is a little awkward if you are used to the old controller. Thankfully these are not often used in the heat of the moment and they are generally close enough to where they were to find them by feel.

Checkout my pictures to see the difference in the trigger.
review image
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on January 4, 2015
This is an awesome color. We have this and the green edition. My kids love the color on it. But we just got this at best buy yesterday for $64. It's a best buy exclusive color so that's the only place to get it. They had 40 of them on the shelf. You can also order it directly from best buy for $64. At that price it's great. $80 price gouging is horrible. Buy it from best buy and save yourself the money. But this is by far my favorite controller I have for my Xbox one.
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on December 4, 2013
I really enjoy the design and feel of the Xbox One controller. It has all the ease of use as the Xbox 360 controller, and feels about the same if not better in your hands. Its weird the first time you play a game that utilizes the rumble in the trigger and it goes off. Pretty cool.

Only thing that i had to get use to while utilizing the control is the LB and RB buttons have a complete different feel in order to hit them, but once you get use to it you will not have a problem.
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VINE VOICEon November 11, 2014
For some reason reviews for the "Armed Forces," "Call of Duty" controller, as well as the regular black controller + Play and Charge kit, and just the "Play and Charge" kit are all lumped together. This caused me some confusion as I thought the "Call of Duty" controller included the play and charge kit since those reviews dominate this particular controller.

It does not include the play and charge kit. But it is still a great-looking controller and as a dedicated Call of Duty fan for several years I am glad to have it for my Xbox One. The "Xbox One Limited Edition Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Wireless Controller" does include two AA batteries. And if you already have the play and charge kit, or are going to get one, it works with this controller.

Upon close inspection you might think some of the paint got chipped off the controller in transit - but this is intentional to give it a battle-tested look. I would also suggest checking to see if there is an update for the controller (I do this for all of my controllers from time to time). Here's how:

1) Connect the controller to the Xbox One via micro-USB cable (not included in the "Call of Duty" controller).
2) Connect to Xbox Live. (If you have a Stereo Headset Adapter, make sure that is also plugged into the controller, too).
3) Press "Menu" on your controller and select Settings. Then "System" and select "Controller Update."

The Call of Duty controller comes with a code for an in-game "Supply Drop" that you can redeem from your Xbox One or from the xbox website. You can acquire three different items from the Supply Drop (it's random):

»Weapon Loot
»Character Gear
*EXP Boost
*Orbital Care Package (must be used in your next match)
*Rapid Supply (decreases time until next supply drop)

You can also earn more Supply Drops during gameplay.
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on November 18, 2013
Ok, first, let me get one thing out of the way.
The xbox 360 controller was probably one of the best, if not the best, gaming pads I have ever had the privilege to use. Even after all these years on market, it never gets old.

Now, the X1 controller is, without a doubt, a new standard in the xbox's line-up of controllers. I have bought this one from gamestop and it's in my home, ready to be played with the xbox one, so this review is a summary of using the controller from all of the events that I have attended (xbox one tours, microsoft store xbox one events, e3, gamescom, etc.) so I have had a fairly lengthy time using the controller. The ergonomics are simply brilliant as the controller fits snugly in your hand and it is a bit smaller and tighter so all the buttons are more easily reachable.

One of the best things about the new controller is the impulse triggers feature. Oh, man. These things are just great. They said that they integrated a whole bunch of tiny rumble parts so that when you shoot a weapon, drive a car, run in a game, etc.- whatever you do in a game will match the action to the rumble feedback for more realism. I tried this out with forza and man, this is a world of difference. This feature alone would warrant this controller 5 stars, but the improved grip on the thumbsticks, the more fluid trigger-to-button layout, and the removal of the battery pack bulge on the back add even more value to this controller.

Now, the last thing I have to mention. The D-pad has been finally fixed. It now rests in a depressed setting at the same location as the x360 controller, but now the D-pad is designed to work flawlessly with fighting games and other games that rely more on the D-pad. I tried this out with killer instinct at one of the events and it worked wonders. Huge, huge improvement over the xbox 360 D-pad (which was just awkward).

Overall, the Xbox One controller is brilliant, already piling more improvements and features on top of an already awesome xbox 360 controller.
The improved D-pad, innovative impulse-triggers feedback mechanism, insanely comfortable grip and ergonomics, and other tiny little things make the Xbox One controller a great new addition to the Xbox family of controllers.
Oh, and that sweet looking Xbox logo at the top looks slick as ever.

Hopefully, my impressions/review helped any of you guys and gals out.
Peace and game on.
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on July 21, 2014
Ive been using this controller on pc since the drivers were released. I use to use my ps4 controller but it had some support issues so ive been using the xb1 controller. First the bad i dont like the L1 or R1 buttons. They feel to stiff and sometimes pressing them feels akward. Second i dont like the d pad, its an improvement over the 360s but it clicks when u press a direction, its a little clunky in fighters. Now the good, it works with almost all the games i tried on pc, the support is a lot better than ps4 controller on pc. The controller is very comfortable, the triggers have a grove in them so its not hard on your trigger fingers after prolonged use. I personally like the ps4 controller better but some games just dont support it regardless if u use the ds4 tool or not. So that edges the ps4 controller on pc. I do prefer the controller to x360 one. But i used that one for 9 years so i was a little tired of it. So in closing i recommend it for pc gaming, or replacement for that rage throw. : ) enjoy. (Ps. I couldn't get the controller to work on ff7 but i think that game has crappy controller support) o and make sure u download the driver for it because its not plug and play like 360 controller.
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on June 6, 2015
I'm loving this controller. It feels slightly lighter than the old one, the trigger and shoulder buttons feel more responsive, and the D pad finally feels perfect. The material of the controller also feels less prone to sweaty hands causing you to constantly have to readjust your grip on it as well. (Oh, and the graphics are very nice looking to boot) Yes, it's not exactly cheap, but the extra cost compared to the default black one is justified IMHO.

We'll see how durable it is with normal to heavy use. But I always try to keep my fingers and hands as clean as possible before using it. *lesson learned from my 1st one that caused the face buttons to start sticking* I even keep a supply of alcohol wipes handy to wipe my fingers if I've recently eaten anything, I find that to be the best way to prevent any future sticky buttons.

If you're on a budget, go with the black controller. But if you can afford the $65, I'd most definitely recommend this controller.
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on July 18, 2016
Let me preface this by saying, I have had the same two Xbox 360 controllers for 6 years - without a single issue.

And in the first 18 months of owning Xbox Ones, I have gone through three of these controllers. The one that came with the first console developed right stick drift after the one year warranty ran out. Luckily I had bought a second unbundled controller (this one being reviewed). This controller had weak bumper parts that snapped after five weeks, which I had to replace. Then the right, left and up on D-pad stopped working. So it is still usable to a degree. Then the family acquired a second new console and the bundled controller on that one got left stick drift within 7 months and I just got that one replaced at the local Microsoft Store under its warranty.

Microsoft is well-aware of the "quality" issues with these controllers. And currently they care more about soaking you with fancy customizable exteriors than addressing the design flaws on the inside. Why? Because they get $60 a pop for a unit replacement over parts that cost a few bucks in a repair.

The D-Pad I can do nothing about. But stick module issues are so widespread that there are multiple tutorials and cottage industries focusing on repair the bad units over shilling out more of your hard-earned cash for a new one far too frequently.

If you must buy one of these, get the longest extended warranty you can because the manufacturer warranty for the non-bundled controller is 3 very short months. And these things will break.
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on December 16, 2014
$64.99 (usd) The light blue shown in the picture, seems a bit darker in person. I was very happy about that. Fantastic paint job aside, the controller is great, So much better than the old 360 controller. The D-pad has a nice click to it now and the thumbsticks are close to perfected. The only downside, the price fluctuates on amazon when best-buy is out of stock. Like the titanfall controller, this one may become outrageous sooner than later. So if the price is normal, or close to normal.. BUY IT! My local Wal*mart said they have stopped receiving the 'armed forces' version of this controller.. Since this color scheme is a best buy exclusive, you may wanna snatch it up asap if you really like it.
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