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on September 3, 2012
I felt buying an all-in-one was a good idea to save desk space and avoid multiple cords for multiple machines. This Xerox 3210 machine has a significant benefit over HP all-in-ones. It has a feeder separate from the paper drawer for feeding in envelopes. My old HP had two feeders/drawers but when it stopped working after a good long run, I found that in the interim, HP had eliminated the second feeder on all of its machines to save manufacturing costs. That's a deal breaker, at least for me. As the office machine stores' salespeople informed me at each place I looked, every time I wanted to print an envelope, I would have had to take all 8 1/2 x 11 paper out of the drawer, narrow the guides and then put in an envelope every time I wanted to print an envelope. Then when the envelope printing was done, I would have to put the stacked paper back in the drawer. Xerox solved that problem by building a machine with one drawer and an additional feeder. That the good news. The bad news is that the Xerox machine costs more to buy.

Unfortunately, since buying it 7/27/11, the Xerox machine has repeatedly jammed while printing from my computer, and has also repeatedly jammed while the automatic feeder is taking pages into the scanner. Although annoying, it's possible to lift the lid and pull the half scanned pages out and start the job over. With a small job, this is not so bad but with 8 or more pages, doing the entire job over is a pain. When the printer jams, that is more of a problem because unless you have a small child available, your hand can't go way back to grab (pinch) the jammed page with adequate strength to pull it out against the resistance of the rollers. If you accidentally tear the jammed page, you might need to buy special long handled needle nosed pliers to reach back in there. Alternatively, carry the machine to a repair location. The jams are too frequent to use this later alternative.

I use the Xerox 3210 in my home-office where I work nights and weekends. Unfortunately, Customer Support is limited to 7-7 ET Monday-Friday so buying this meant I effectively had very little ability to get support without waiting until the next day and then having the phone call conflict with my other work. Of course, I don't have the machine in front of me during the work day. In the Mid-West, Xerox has cleverly made it support available only from 6 - 6 (7-7 ET Monday-Friday). That's 4 - 4 on the West Coast. If Xerox offered additional late hours such as 7 pm - 1 am ET on Tuesday and Thursday, that would provide support until 10 pm on the West Coast. This would be better. And Saturday hours would definitely help make buying Xerox more attractive. But once you've bought this machine, you have no bargaining power. In any case, support is only good for one year and the problems are less during the first year and then escalate after that time. As with most customer support, the customer is forced to pay extra to spend his/her time trying to figure out via long distance howto fix the machine.

With a higher price than the competition, expected the Xerox product not to have these continual jam problems with each of two separate parts -- printing and scan feeder.

One additional feature is that the Xerox Scan to Computer software procedure is too complicated and slow. Fortunately, the machine has a USB port. Just stick in your flash drive, scan to it, pull it out, plug it into your computer and see the scan.

At $100+ for the high capacity (larger amount of toner) is expensive even if you buy at Amazon where it's cheaper than buying direct from Xerox or elsewhere. There is no comparison provided by Xerox inside or outside the box, but I presume that toner machines are cheaper per page than ink machines. I also presume the larger Xerox cartridge is cheaper per ounce of toner but Xerox chooses not to inform customers of the volume or weight it is selling in either of the two sizes of toner. You'd think as a marketing tool, Xerox would encourage customers to pop for the more expensive larger size by showing that it contained more for the money per ounce than the smaller size, but it doesn't do this -- apparently too big an operation to be aggressive or competitive. Just like it doesn't tell customers ahead of time the downsides to and added costs of its support and warranty after one year.

If you buy Xerox, be sure you have plenty of extra time and patience to un-jam then start the machine again. It doesn't happen every time but it's frequent enough to be annoying. Also, when your job prints with extra bland pages in between printed pages, you have to take the time to look through each job and remove the blank unprinted pages. Be careful trying to use them again by putting the pile of blank pages you accumulate back into the paper drawer. If they aren't perfectly straight, that will cause yet another type of jam.

One other reason to buy this Xerox instead of HP is that HP won't operate unless you pay for colored ink - even if you don't want color. You have to pay for both color and black ink. Some of the color is used to print black. Sometimes it's hard to avoid having Internet pages print in only black and white (cheaper) than color and black and white. That HP problem doesn't exist with Xerox because it doesn't offer color in the all black toner. This saves a good deal of money on not having to buy color just to print black office letters. So this is a plus for Xerox -- and other laser printers that use toner instead of ink.

I would like to know what machines others have found that have these features
* separate feeders for envelopes and sheets
* use toner instead of ink
* all black printing
* are all-in-one machines
* more robust support
* External USB port for receiving scanned images
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First off, you can't go wrong with the xerox brand name. Xerox has been making copiers long before Brother, HP, and Cannon ever existed in the world of duplication. The 3210 all in one Fax, copier, scanner and printer is the perfect solution for the home office, that requires more than average amounts of printing. I have mine hooked up to the imac as a second printer. I use my HP printer, when color printing is reqiured, however, any bulk B&W involving the kids school work, or our own office work is easily handled by the 3210. The advantage here, is the fact that a good Toner drum will last for about 4000 plus pages of printing, which means you wont have to buy those ink jet cartridges everytime they run dry at 500 pages. The copier has been flawless for me, and the printer responds immediately to printing commands. The Fax is very simple to use, and works from either the document feeder, or the copier glass. The 3210, accepts your phone cable in to its fax port, and has a second jack that allows you to hook up a phone if you desire. The Xerox 3210 is their entry level office work horse, that has a very affordable price, while delivering quality that you would expect from a much more expensive edition. This is my second Xerox copier, as my first one lasted 0ver 17 years, which is all the proof I need to believe in the quality of their product.
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on May 2, 2011
This all in one printer was an aweful buy for our practice. It constantly jams and pulls multiple sheets of paper through at once. We have had it repaired once and that did not solve our problem. We have only had this machine for 11 months and we are replacing it!
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on January 31, 2013
Xerox touts this MFC as networkable... including Network Scan.
Warning to Mac Users: Network Scanning is Windows ONLY!

To scan on a Mac you have to connect it using a USB cable.
It may be possible to connect it to one "always on" Mac and share it using Mac OS X "printer and scan sharing" but so far that has not worked either.

Xerox includes Mac TWAIN drivers.. but no scan software. You have to use Image Capture or to scan to a Mac.
That wouldn't be bad except that both of those programs frequently crash while trying to scan --- especially if you're trying to do "custom size".
It mostly works OK if you scan a standard page size.
Don't know if the problem is with Apple's Image Capture software or something wrong with the TWAIN driver.

Xerox includes ONE program for the Mac - a utility to set the IP address of the printer.
That program is installed with totally wrong Permissions... you can't even open the XEROX folder that gets installed to see what's in the folder.
Even if you override the permissions the actual program still refuses to run --- the log says there is a "permissions error".
Total Crap software.

Also... the installation not only forces you to restart (which in some cases is reasonable, especially when installing drivers) it QUITS every program running on the computer... that is NEVER necessary on a Mac and shows a complete incompetence on the part of Xerox or whoever wrote the software. And it gives you no options. Either you let it quit every running program and immediately restart or you can't install anything.

In short... I wish I had bought something else.
The Network Scan (including scan from the Printer/scanner to a registered Windows computer works as advertised and reasonably ok.

But if you want to do network scans on a Mac --- buy something else.
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on October 29, 2012
I've had this Xerox 3210 for almost a year now and can now provide not only feedback but ideasto save costs on printing. Unlike HP which provides printer driver support much longer Xerox has a tendency to stop printer driver updates at a moment's whim and i suspect this will get worse each time they continue to downsize on a almost yearly basis. Windows 8 is just released and I would bet it will take almost a year before they have certified Windows 8 driver support.

Secondly, the 3220 is a much more cost effective printer with it's duplexing capability. The 3210 can be fooled into duplexing but not automatically by feeding each printed sheet back into the printer a second time via the single sheet tray. Downside is the flimsy side guides do not allow the refed sheet to feed in reliably hence a almost certainty you will get creased duplex output.

Third...the OEM toner modules are so cost prohibitive it's almost highway robberty the prices Xerox charge for replacement toner cartridges. Suggestion is to purchased refilled non-oem toner modules from other amazon ink and toner resellers such as Better yet you can buy refill kits from [...] yourself and save incredible amounts of money for a few moments worth of work. I've been doing this for a while now and have gotten my costs down from 0.0125 center/sheet down to 0.005 cents per sheet. Typically refilling spent toner modules involves making a hole in the toner reclaim area, dumping the used toner out (otherwise you will eventually get "streaks" in your printed output because impacted waster toner backs up in the sump), making a second hole in the supply location of the spent toner module so you can refill with approximately 160 grams of fresh toner, and finally replacing the reset circuit board which contains a EEPROM which counts down before the printer eventually posts a "low toner" message on the LCD display. All this sounds laborous but is relatively for FREE instructions

Fourth....Xerox no longer makes nor manufacturers their own printers instead oem'ing offshore printers by just slapping their own logo or Xerox covers on a proven Samsung MLT-D209 design. Had Xerox copied and plagerized other people's work maybe they would not bee in the dire straits they are today! Don't want to jinx myself but I've gone thru 4 cases of paper (20,000 sheets of paper) and not one problem other than the ocassional paper jam which all devices like this eventually encounter.

Fifth....the 3210 supports only PCL5 unlike the 3220 which supports both PCL and Postcript level 3 which for programmers is a good tool to have when testing code. Be advised if you go with the 3220 you will have to add the additional printer RAM otherwise jobs routed to the 3220 with postscript drivers will print at a snail's pace. There you have it...hope everyone finds this of value

Update --> November 11, 2014
Have had this 3210 for some two years now and it's still performing flawlessly. Document feeder however has a tendency to jam original but if you separate each page as it is fed into the document feeder there is less chance for a document jam.
Been refilling empty toner cartridges when I start getting deletions. Pretty darn successful doing this the past two years but use caution refilling...too much toner will cause cleaner blade deletions. A toner refill kit purchased on eBay costs roughly $15-20 and will refill a spent toner cartridge a total of twice making it quite cost effective. Be sure and do the refilling outside as it is quite messy.
As expected Xerox only provides driver support for 2 versions of o/s. Windows 8.1 presently had no certified drivers and Windows 10 when it comes out will leave 3210 owners in the lurch. Scan to pc is a joy especially if you have Adobe Photoshop installed on your workstation
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on May 21, 2013
Love it! Has not disappoint me yet! I love the power setting options. Would recommended to anyone. Great product for the money.
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on April 22, 2014
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on March 2, 2014
Bought this to replace old technology laser printers. This machine is a piece of garbage. Every 5 sheets or so I get a sheet with a double image with toner all over it that is not fused. I hoped by getting a xerox it would be better, should have stayed with HP, never had a problem
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on May 31, 2014
I purchase these printers for the teachers and counselors at my school...........We are one of the largest Adult Ed Programs in the USA........I cannot say enough good things about these printer/copiers................Once U buy one, U will buy dozens.......Just don't print on paper that has been used on one side as it will make the rollers slick.........Use only clean paper.........This is the only review I have ever written......That's how good these printers are........
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on June 20, 2014
The Xerox supply cost is excessive, but even the generic supplies are expensive compared to HP laser supplies. Easily 30 second warm up from print button to print. Good quality, handy copier. Scanner is strange. It uses Xerox software and you are limited in the file outputs. I have owned it over a year and I have had no issues with it.
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