Customer Reviews: Xerox Mobile Wi-fi Scanner
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on September 7, 2012
I went on a 2 week quest to find the perfect scanner for my mobile notary business. There were a few requirements. First, I need to be able to scan legal sized documents. Secondly, I need to be able to scan to my Android Phone or Tablet. Third, I need to do it fast and as easily as possible.

The first scanner I ordered was the Zerox Mobile Scanner. I unpacked it and saw that the documentation stated that the largest paper size it can scan it 85 x 11. I packed it up and sent it right back after I called Zerox customer service and was told that the instructions were correct and their web site incorrectly stated that it could scan legal size. I was not happy. Thankfully, Amazon took it back and refunded my money in full.

Then I tried one of those handheld wand things that wouldn't even scan at all.

Then I tried one of those scanners that you power with your usb on your tablet or computer. My tablet couldn't power it and I would need to use a powered USB HUB, which meant I had to have a power outlet anyway, so I returned that.

Then I got to Doxie Go. It actually worked out OK and would have been acceptable even though it wasn't able to scan to my Android devices as PDF files. I needed a thrid party app to convert them and group them into one PDF file that I could email out. It scans everythinng as a photo, rather than as a document like the ZMS can do. The converted (via 3rd party app) PDF document file came through looking like a photo of the document because it was. It was not bad, but it wasn't the professional PDF looking file I was hoping for. The Doxie Go was also a little slow transferring via Eye-Fi to my device.

I was miffed that the Zerox wasn't able to scan legal because I was exactly what I needed other than that. I called them again because I noticed they did not revise their web site to reflect the correct info about the maximum scan size. This time, I got a nice young man who informed me that it could scan legal sized documents, they just didn't change this on the instructions that came with it. Well DANG! So, I ordered another one.

Guess what? It DOES scan legal size and it does it beautifully. I paired the Eye-Fi to both my Android tablet and phone and I can switch back and forth between the two depending on which one I am using.

The scanned documents come out very good. Being able to scan several pages and have it appear almost instantly on my device as a clear, professional looking PDFfile is exactly what I needed.I found it to be pretty fast scanning documents. One thing that took a while to get the hang of was making a multipage PDF file. After the first page goes through, the light next to your scan setting will flash. You have to stick on the next page when it starts flashing. If you try to put it in too soon, you disrupt it and have to start over. If you don't stick in the next page within 10 seconds of the last one, it disrupts it and you have to start over. Once I got the hang of it, it worked well.

I can also attach the included cable directly to my phone and scan to it that way, but honestly the Eye-Fi transfer is so fast that I see no reason to use a cable.

Additionally, you can scan to an SD card or flash drive and transfer that way. But again, the speed of the Eye-fi transfer makes it the easiest, fastest way for me.

So, will I be returning the Doxie Go? No way. It scans such beautiful photos and works great for home use. I will use the ZMS for business and the Doxie Go for personal use. :)
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on December 9, 2013
I was looking for a low maintenance, low profile scanner that would help me reduce my paper clutter from receipts and mail. The scanner also had to make it easy to stay organized, otherwise I'd get tired of it. I eventually chose to go with the Xerox Mobile Scanner because of its price, it included Eye-Fi, it included software that automatically create searchable PDF files, and it did all that wirelessly. In this review I will compare the XMS to other scanners I was looking at. You will see my thought process and how I came to make a decision to choose the XMS. Then I will describe how I use the XMS to stay organized.


I was looking for a small, low profile scanner. At first I used my smartphone as a scanner because there was no extra expense involved and it's as low profile as a scanner gets. I realized that I didn't want pictures of a bunch of receipts and documents in my phone. I also got tired of the hassle of moving scans to my computer. I wanted something more automatic, wireless, and had more controllable features.

Then I looked at handheld scanners. They were definitely low profile, portable, and budget friendly. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one with wireless features I could accept. Some handheld scanners had WIFI, but to connect to it involved disconnecting from the network when transferring files wirelessly. Then I looked at handheld scanners with Bluetooth. Although they didn't involve disconnecting from a WIFI network, files could not be transferred automatically.

During my search for a scanner, I stumbled upon the Eye-Fi SD card. I saw that practically any scanner with an SD card slot could use it. I bought the 4gb Eye-Fi Connect X2 for about $30 and gave it a try. I was satisfied with its many wireless and automatic file transfer features.

Later, I learned that the Eye-Fi card I bought wirelessly transferred only videos and pictures. It didn't do that for documents like PDFs. It was the Pro X2 that had that feature and its cheapest price was around $60. I decided to use the Eye-Fi card for my wife's Nikkon camera instead, which I set up to automatically transfer her pictures and videos to her Samsung tablet. My wife was very satisfied with the wireless, hassle free, file transfer process. Happy wife, happy life.

I liked Eye-Fi, so now I had to find a scanner that could use it. I compared the Visioneer Mobility, Doxie Go, and Xerox Mobile Scanner because they were all similar in size and claimed compatibility with Eye-Fi cards. I started at the top with Doxie Go. It had many great features, like 600 DPI scans, but I saw that it lacked the ability to automatically create multi-page scans. It was also priced the highest at around $180 WITHOUT an Eye-Fi card.

The cheapest was Visioneer Mobility at around $100. It had the ability to automatically create multi-page scans. It maxed out at 300 DPI scans, but I could live with the lower DPI. I'd mostly be scanning receipts and other documents, for which 300 DPI is sufficient. For pictures, I'd use my printer's scanner which has higher DPI. No biggie. What I didn't like about the Visioneer Mobility was its design for the SD card slot. The SD card sticks out of the back instead of completely inserting into the scanner. I wouldn't want an Eye-Fi card exposed like that.

Finally, there's the Xerox Mobile Scanner which I purchased on Black Friday for around $165 from Fry's Electronics who did a price match with Best Buy. The XMS comes with a custom 4gb Eye-Fi card that can wirelessly and automatically transfer pictures and PDF files. The XMS can automatically create multi-page scans. The XMS can automatically scan to black & white or colored documents. The XMS comes with useful scanning software... etc...


Here I will describe how I set up the XMS, Eye-Fi, Omnipage, and Evernote to organize searchable PDF files. When I scan a document with the XMS, it creates a PDF file which Eye-Fi automatically copies to my computer into my Scanned Documents folder. The XMS comes with the software Omnipage Professional 17 with which I created a workflow and batch job that monitors the Scanned Documents folder. When a file is placed into it, Omnipage automatically processes the file into a searchable PDF and places it into the Processed Documents folder. I use the Import Folder feature from Evernote, which is free software, to monitor the Processed Documents folder. When a file is placed into it, Evernote attaches the file to a note. The note, along with the PDF file, is fully searchable and the contents of each PDF file are readily visible from Evernote. Then from within Evernote, I manually organize the notes.

It takes some time to set up the XMS, Eye-Fi, Omnipage, and Evernote to work together, but when it's done, scanning and staying organized is a more pleasant experience. All I do is scan a document and then a couple of minutes later it's automatically in Evernote. If the setup I have doesn't work for you, Omnipage has other features you might like. Additionaly, the XMS came with the software Paperport 12, which I use to re-order pages in PDF files and to convert PDFs to JPG, and vice versa.

Of course, the setup could be simplified by subscribing to Evernote's premium service, which automatically makes all PDFs searchable. All you'd have to do is set up Eye-Fi to send scans directly to Evernote.

The scanner also includes Nuance PDF Converter Professional 7. I use it mainly to print directly to PDF. If the software is missing, contact Xerox for a free replacement copy.
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on May 7, 2012
Did not buy at Amazon but at Frys electronics. Scans are fast and have great detail even though it only scans at 300dpi. Must charge up via wall outlet or via USB on a computer. Instructions are very specific about not using it while plugged in. It states it can scan up to 300 times on one charge so it shouldn't be a problem. Have not tried the wireless option yet since I just scan with a USB flash disk in the device then move the flash disk to the computer to transfer the files. Also has the option to scan multiple pages to one file.
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on October 14, 2012
I had always wanted a reliable mobile scanner, for the past two years I was stuck using the "VuPoint" magic Wand. -Its crap and just sits in my draw. (Reason: When you try to scan something with it, its always, almost always impossible to get a straight scan, it always comes out crooked. With this scanner, because of the automatic feeder, you get a clear, straight scan always. Its the best mobile scanner I've owned. *I also like the option that I can scan many docs and make one big PDF file, for example, I had 10 documents I want to combine into one PDF file, with the scanner, I just continuously feed and it automatically makes one easy-to-use PDF file, Instead of having 10 separate files, I have 1 PDF file with the 10 docs I scanned. -Its amazing! Whats also amazing is with the "eyeFye" Wifi Card is that my scanned pics and docs automatically get sent to my computer.....its super easy! -Best scanner for me!
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on June 15, 2012
setup was breeze.this is a great portable scanner. it doesn't need to be hooked up to a PC at all.can be easily configured to store the documents in NAS with the EYE-FI card.

i'm giving it only 4 stars because eye-fi card has it's shortcomings(no fault of xerox).some times scans appear instantly,some times you have to reebot the computer or the scanner for the scans to appear. you cannot blame xerox for it.the best option would be store it on a sd card or on a USB stick.

the biggest and the most irritating drawback of this scanner is, even when it's connected to the wall outlet, it doesn't stay on all the time. it goes to the sleep mode roughly 2 mins after no wake this thing back, you have to hold the power button down for about 3-5 seconds.when this sort of thing happens in battery mode, it makes sense but not when operating on A.C power. I primarily use this scanner for business purpose, so i would like to keep it on all the time. i called XEROX about it, they said, they are aware of the problem and might issue an update at some time.

overall, i'm satisfied with the product and definitely would recommend it to someone.
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on November 10, 2014
Super disappointed and feel deceived. Sold as a mobile product, but only uploads to iOS devices. Have an android you expect documents to be scanned directly to? That's not supported, and this is ONLY mentioned on page 4 of some PDF that Xerox knows no one will read until they've received the device and don't understand what's not working. This is false advertising and infuriating.
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on April 12, 2016
Scanning documents has truly never been easier. Dealing with my old scanner of the past has proven on many occasions to be a rage inducing experience. Between selectively choosing when to work (if at all), dealing with all sorts of wires, and taking forever to scan items, I never really had a good scanning experience until now.

This scanner is compact, incredibly easy to use, and quickly scans documents without having to deal with software or waiting for your computer to boot up. The scanner itself is battery operated and can be taken with you on the go, making it an asset for many professions and hobbies.

This package includes:

- The Xerox Scanner
- A carrying case
- A 4 GB SD card (this will hold roughly 1000 pictures. More or less depending on the quality/size)
- Charging cable/wall mount (includes options for different country wall plugs as well)
- Instructions
- Software CD

To begin using this scanner, make sure the battery is charged. Next, before you turn it on, place the SD card that came in the box inside your scanner. I have found that my scanner does not allow me to change scan settings unless the card is in, which means you will not be able to initially begin scanning without it.

Next, select the document you wish to scan. I usually choose pictures. Insert it all the way to the left, and the picture (or document) will automatically feed and scan in seconds. Once this is done, your pictures or documents are immediately stored on your SD card. If you own a MacBook Air like I do (or similar computer with an SD card slot) you can simply put the SD card into your computer and retrieve your pictures. They will be in the “DCIM” folder of the SD card. Quick and easy! If you grew up before smart phones and digital cameras like I did, this makes storing your memories through actual physical pictures incredibly easy. Think of how quickly your pictures could be destroyed in a fire or other disaster? A scanner like this allows you to have digital copies of all of your memories instantly, should anything go wrong.

The scan quality is 300 dpi. Although some may feel that this is a low number, I have found that the pictures that I scan look just as good as they do in person. I have attached a picture to demonstrate the scan quality. Be sure to check that out.

Although I have also tested the Wi-Fi feature, I find that it is much easier and quicker in my opinion to just transfer my files via SD card. While some may find the Wi-Fi feature useful, I feel as it is kind of a gimmick given the steps and software that need to be installed to use it. In short, it’s just easier to transfer your files via the SD card. The Wi-Fi feature is Not my cup of tea, but you may feel differently!

Overall, if you’re looking for a portable device to quickly and easily scan your documents and pictures, without having to deal with bulky printers, scanners, and wires, look no further. While the I feel Wi-Fi feature takes a bit more effort than it’s worth and could be more user friendly, you may feel differently about it. To conclude, I would highly recommend this scanner as I feel it is an asset to many professions and hobbies.

I received this product to test at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest review. As someone who uses customer reviews to guide my own purchases, I take reviewing products seriously. Please know that my rating of this product was in no way biased. I will be more than happy to try to answer any questions you may have about this product!
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on April 26, 2016
'For a couple of weeks, Paula and I have been testing and using new mobile color scanners. I choose the Xerox, and Paula picked a competitor. These two scanners are in the same great price range and offer the same general functions so wanted to know what made this one stand out. When I unboxed this sleek two-tone gray and silver scanner I liked the high tech modern look of little wireless beauty. After an 8 hour charge up of my removable rechargeable 3.7-volt lithium ion battery, I'm ready to go. This unit offers me 300 dpi scanning and the ability to scan to PC, Mac, Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and the cloud. In addition to the scanner the box included the following items a four GB Eye-Fi wireless card, a very nice padded carry case, user manual and bonus software DVD, recharging data cable and A/C wall adapter. Instructions for setup of the card is included in the PDF manual but would have been easier if they had also been included in quick start guide. But most importantly for a novice like me, free accessible tech support practically anywhere we travel. Having free support via telephone and email gives me a sense of security that help is nearby if I have problems. The Xerox XMobile Wi-Fi Scanner that we have been using has options to scan and send both color and black and white multi-page PDFs and JPG images. Since we travel for work, it is a nice convenience for me that I can scan and send up to 300 pages per charge. This scanner delivers what it claims and while both let us see what we scan as it is scanned with the Eye-Fi card that automatically sends scans to an Android or iOS phone or tablet by WiFi as it is scanned this scanner is sleeker and easier to use than the other one that uses a USB cable to do this.
Disclosure: This product was received for free/discounted however this in no way influenced this review. Only honest reviews are written regardless of whether a product is purchased at full price, at a discount, or received for free.
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I love this for scanning work documents and receipts (I tend to lose business lunch receipts, but not anymore!) ... and I have scanned a number of old photos for my BIG project. I plan to digitize all of our old family photos!

I charged the scanner with the provided charger for more than 8 hours.
I downloaded the software online (after having trouble with an installation disk in a similar situation, I now download installation disks ONLY online for the latest, non-glitchy software!) and got it to work right away. I'm really pleased with how easy it is to scan!

1) Lightweight scanner that can be charged for use on the road (I love this! I'll never forget to scan work papers and receipts immediately!) This is staying in my laptop bag!!!
2) Easy to use push button setting for photos, black and white or color scanning
3) Wireless use (comes with a 4GB Eye-Fi card) NOTE: I downloaded Eye-Fi, but it got hung up asking for 10 digit code with card (could not find that). I actually preferred to just take the card out and put it in my laptop when I was done scanning. I easily copied the images into a folder on my computer. I have work folders setup now for receipts. My tax advisor will LOVE this!
4) Take it ON THE GO! Cordless! I will be taking this to visit family. I'm scanning ALL THE OLD PICS! Even my grandmother's photo albums!
5) Rechargeable battery (can get over 300 scans per charge)
6) Mobile device compatible (I did not use this feature, preferring to use the 4 GB card to transfer)

NOTE: You can just use ANY type of SD card or a thumb drive to scan images. It doesn't have to use the provided Eye-Fi card. If I can get that Eye-Fi to work, I'll test it out. It doesn't impact my use of the machine though.

1) The machine automatically shuts off to conserve the battery after just a couple of minutes. This can be annoying if you want to keep it ON.
2) The Eye-Fi 4GB (provided) did not have the 10 digit code on a card. The number on the small plastic case was not accepted by the log-in (not 10 digit). I can still use the machine though, and it's easy to pop the card out and insert into a laptop or desktop.
3) For the old black and white photos, the scans look beautiful! Newer, glossy modern color digital images don't look as good. It scans 300 dpi, not higher like 600 dpi like you'd get with a large scanner. It's portable though, and main benefit is that it's easy to use.

I would imagine that most people will be using this for documents for business or personal (get rid of all that paperwork and digitize it!) NOT images. I think if the Eye-Fi wireless piece was more user friendly, it would definitely be a 5 star scanner. I am not the most tech savvy person around, so it's most likely my own user error causing me trouble. I got hung up at the ask request for a 10 digit code to proceed for Eye-Fi. Ah well. It works for what I'm using it for! I'm taking it a business networking lunch I am coordinating. I am manning the registration table. I will be scanning in business cards for a directory of attendees!!! It's perfect for on-the-go solutions to MY problem which is losing stuff like business cards and receipts!

I was totally satisfied with how the black and white images turned out. I will be taking this handy scanner with me to capture ALL the family photos from relatives! I want to make the best digital photo album ever as a gift for my in-laws Wedding Anniversary. I can accomplish this!

I was very happy to receive this Mobile scanner at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. I'll post pics :)
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on January 7, 2015
Purchased for an office and it would not even scan a perfectly flat piece of paper without fighting with it for ten minutes, and if it had a wrinkle in it, forget it, it would not scan. I do not recommend for any office or personal purpose.
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